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SBC's Surfing Summer

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(Credit to Kieran for the poster)

Ah, the summer. A season for vacationing, relaxation and fun. All three of these elements will be combined into a brand new SBC forum event: SBC's Surfing Summer! As the name implies, this is a summer and tropical vacation themed event. SBC's Surfing Summer will start June 9th and end June 26th. Sit back on the beach, crack open a nice drink and enjoy this relaxing event. Here's what games and activities will be held throughout the month:

  • Cards Against Humanity: A CAH game will be held every Friday night during the event!
  • Turntable Parties: A turntable party will be held every Friday night during the event! Jam out to any summer or tropical themed songs if you wish. Prizes will be raffled at each party again.
  • SpongeBob Pictionary: The Pictionary games on June 10th and 17th will be a part of the event. The June 17th game will be SpongeBob vacation and beach episodes themed.
  • Discord Activities: A Discord Activity will be held every Saturday night during the event!
  • Jackbox: A Jackbox game will be held every Monday night on Discord during the event!
  • Double Game Pack: Play in a mix of two different games on June 20th!
  • Kahoot: One Kahoot will be held during the event on June 21st.
  • Episode Screening: A screening of several vacation SpongeBob themed episodes will be held June 24th!
  • Minigames: Play in two forum minigames to win buried treasures washed up on the beach.

There will also be two beautiful summer themed skins during the event designed by sbl and Katie. We hope everyone has a fun time! :gogo:

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