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June 2023 Premieres

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SpongeBob SquarePants:

Monday, June 19th:

1:00pm EST: Ride Patrick Ride (285B): SpongeBob teaches Patrick how to ride a bike.

Tuesday, June 20th:

1:00pm EST: Hot Crossed Nuts (286A): Sandy's homemade snack becomes a hit at the Krusty Krab.

Wednesday, June 21st:

1:00pm EST: Sir Urchin and Snail Fail (286B): SpongeBob and Patrick's favorite comedy duo has a falling out on live television.

Thursday, June 22nd:

1:00pm EST: Friendiversary (287A): SpongeBob celebrates the anniversary of his friendship with Squidward, but the latter does not.

Monday, June 26th:

1:00pm EST: Mandatory Music (287B): Squidward's lack of talent lands him in a court-ordered music class.

Tuesday, June 27th:

1:00pm EST: Arbor Day Disarray (282A): Sandy gives her friends special saltwater trees, but they need more attention than they expected.

Wednesday, June 28th:

1:00pm EST: Ain't That the Tooth (282B): SpongeBob and Patrick mistake a burglar for the tooth fairy.

Thursday, June 29th:

1:00pm EST: Dopey Dick (288A): Squidward joins a crew of sailors hunting down the great white jellyfish.

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