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Kamp Koral Season 1 Part 4 Discussion (Episodes 20-26)

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for anyone out there who still cares

20a - Helter Shelter: SpongeBob, Sandy and Patrick are split up in separate cabins.

20b - Reveille Revolution: Squidward has to earn back his "Reveille" duties.

21b - Prickly Pests: A mischievous camp prank goes terribly wrong.

22a - Are You Smarter Than a Smart Cabin?: In an effort to avoid doing chores, Sandy invents a "Smart Cabin."

22b - Deep Sea Despot: Mr. Krabs leaves Squidward in charge as Camp Master.

23a - Regi-Hilled: Narlene and Nobby teach Regigille all about backwoods living.

23b - The Perfect Camper: The Trawler cabin creates the perfect camper to compete in the Camp Summer Games.

24a - Eye of the Hotdog: Craig Mammalton learns what it's like to not be the best at something.

24b - Patrick Takes the Cake: Patrick and a cake hide out in the wilderness.

25a - The Taste of Defeat: Plankton discovers competition in Narlene's backwoods restaurant.

25b - Scaredy Squirrel: Sandy spends a night in the Trawler cabin.

26a - Hat's Off to Space: The Dinghies travel to outer space.

26b - In a Nut's Shell: After discovering his empty shell, Narlene and Nobby disguise themselves as Camp Master Krabs.

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Episodes 22B and 24A were the best episode segments of this batch of episodes. All the other episode segments were pretty much "So Okay, It's Average" as far as I'm concerned.

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