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SWYAD: Technology Edition

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Per @SpongeOddFan's Overlord suggestion, here's our 45th SWYAD theme: Technology! Change your username and avatar to anything tech related, such as a phone, computer, website, character and more. This will last from May 12th to May 19th. A Cards Against Humanity game and turntable party will both be held May 12th. You have until May 12th to sign up through here or Discord. If you miss the deadline to sign up, that's okay, as anyone can join in late.


Prez --> Stadia

Jjs --> Mr. Robot

JCM --> HAL 9000

Ex --> Technus

Carotte --> Michaelsoft Binbows

sbl --> Bing

dman --> Google Toilet Paper

SBManiac --> iMac G3


Steel --> Mr. Electric

Who --> Bender Rodriguez

4Ever --> Nintendo Switch

Rebel --> Roxanne Wolf

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