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SBC Goes Prehistoric

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Welcome to S.B.C., our prehistoric themed event! For the next two days, the community has gone back in time to the age of cavemen. This has been a very highly requested event theme for years and while we wanted to get to it eventually, we never felt it was the right time...until now. Yep, that time was none other than an innocuous April 1st B.C. Here is what activities you can partake in during this massive event:

  • Speak like a caveman.  No Squog fwee fwee!
  • Play in the Stare at Fire minigame and hope you win something cool!
  • B.C. Bowling: Between now and the end of April 2nd, whoever gets the high score in his game will get a prize! Send your scores either here, on Discord or to me in private,
  • Turntable Party: Join us for a turntable party beginning at 7pm EDT! Jam out to your favorite ancient caveman melodies.

And that’s it. As you can see, this event is jam packed with lots of content, we went all out giving you an authentic prehistoric experience. As they say somewhere, sometimes less is more. This event will go down in history as one of the events of all time. Here’s what the critics are saying:

“Talla Foo!” - SpongeGar

“It’s fine, I guess lol.” - JCM

“The people have been begging for a prehistoric event for years and it’s time we gave them what they want.” - OWM

“Don’t like it? You’ll be…alone. Alone. ALONE! Alone…alone? Alone. ALONE.” - sbl

“This was only the next natural step for SBC’s events. They have truly blown me away with the creativity on display here.” - Joe Biden

“Ugh is a brilliantly crafted episode that I’m glad to see SBC is giving the respect it deserves.” - Keanu Reeves

“It has a little something for everyone. 8/10” - IGN


(April Fools.)

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