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283b. Yellow Pavement

Jjs Goodman

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While I HAVE heard of Mr. Krabs calling Mrs. Puff 'Poppy' in the past before, I always thought that was more of an affectionate nickname. BESIDES, she DID state in "No Free Rides" that she HAS previously started a NEW Boating School with a NEW name at least ONCE before, so the name change thing isn't without basis. While the educational driving parody has already been done before, at least they justify this NEW version with Mrs. Puff saying it was a court order! Poor Squidward though, I sure hope Mrs. Puff PAID him well, because after all the injuries Spongebob intentionally and unintentionally caused him throughout this episode, Squidward will NEED the money to pay for all his medical bills! Glad to see that the writers STILL remember that Patrick CAN drive a car and has a driver's license, and the "Slow Kids Playing" gag is probably the LONGEST 'Overly Long Gag' this series has had yet! Mercifully for the viewers, the film projector BREAKS before we can find out what happens after the GIGANTIC, burly fish gets his fins on Squidward! Spongebob, than decides to provide his OWN ending, in what is probably the most "And Her Code Name Was, Mary Sue" story this series has had yet! As he shows Squidward and Mrs. Puff loving Spongebob for getting his driver's license, and all the great things he can do while driving; which, BARRING any unforeseen developments; will most likely probably NEVER happen! While this episode segment is a real improvement over "Ma And Pa's Big Hurrah", I AM getting rather tired of Spongebob always failing to get his Driver's License. It's not like THAT new development would end the series. Besides, we could USE some different story ideas! Anyways, I guess I'd give this episode segment a 7.7 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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