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Cosmic Jelly Scavenger Hunt

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Here's an easy way to get some Cosmic Jelly. I've hidden six pieces of it around the forum. Whoever finds them all will receive: 300 Cosmic Jelly, 500 Doubloons and 200 experience points. Here's hints on where each piece is located:

Jelly 1: SpongeBob’s latest gaming adventure. 

Jelly 2: An episode that had a dedicated Wishworld in the Cosmic Shake. 

Jelly 3: Smash but with a Nickelodeon skin. 

Jelly 4: A 2020 game with a rather chaotic launch. 

Jelly 5: An exciting guessing game. 

Jelly 6: An appropriately named elder. 

You may ask for 2 additional hints per piece. PM or DM me on Discord all six pieces when you find them. You have until March 25th at 8pm EDT to find them all.




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