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283a. Ma and Pa's Big Hurrah

Jjs Goodman

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Don't get me wrong, I am GLAD Spongebob's parents FINALLY have a "Day In The Limelight" episode, but WHY did it take until the 13th season for it to FINALLY happen?! Also, why does the voice of Spongebob's Mother sound DIFFERENT in this episode than it has in previous episodes. While it's not TOTALLY unusual for a character's voice to change, it would be NICE if it was given justification now and then. Anyways, we see that living in products made of food apparently runs in the family, as Spongebob's Mother and Father live in a Retirement Avocado Condo (or as it's called, an "AvoCONDO!") Their Avocado ends up rotting, and they need to grow a new one from the seed that's left over. Meanwhile, they're going to stay at Spongebob's house for the first time. Now, the main problem I had with this story, is that both sides (Spongebob and his parents), failed to communicate! First off, Spongebob should've TALKED to his parents in ADVANCE, and ASKED them what they wanted to do, not just ASSUME they would want to do boring adult activities! Second, if Spongebob was UNABLE to talk to his parents in advance and decided to make a list of the adult activities he ASSUMED his parents would want to do, his parents should've calmly talked it over with Spongebob about what they wanted to do, and NOT just sneak off and basically SCAM Spongebob into doing stuff he didn't WILLINGLY want to participate in, like throwing toilet paper over Squidward's house and being the ONLY one blamed for it, masked wrestling against PATRICK of all characters, who mostly wanted the peanuts that Patrick (who thankfully, didn't realize was Spongebob despite the rather flimsy disguise) thought that Spongebob had, and Spongebob ended up going through a WILD roller skate ride through Bikini Bottom and Glove World! (Although at least now we know that Bikini Bottom has a skating rink!) After such a wild night, Spongebob is so THOROUGHLY mentally broken, he decides to show his parents something REALLY wild, and puts a bunch of shaken up soda bottles, on what looks like his old Quickster costume! This ends up breaking his OWN Pineapple house, and he falls asleep! And the kicker? His parents seem rather HAPPY that Spongebob isn't really mature yet, and hope he DOESN'T become mature for a LONG time! Maybe it's just me, but I think this episode would've worked better if Spongebob's parents had gotten in trouble for putting Spongebob through all that trauma! I'd rank this episode a disappointing 4.4 out of 10 at best!

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