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Kassandra's Prize Store

Jjs Goodman

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Welcome to Kassandra's shop of magic and mystery... for those on a budget. Spend your Cosmic Jelly here if you dare.


jellypantsbadge.png JellyPants Badge - 1,500 Cosmic Jelly

Image1.jpeg The Gaming Community Skin - 1,000 Cosmic Jelly

Screen_Shot_2023-02-17_at_4.27.07_PM.png JellyPants Collectable - 600 Cosmic Jelly

cc8119f5-2e69-4be0-8f4e-168c9f52b8af-med Flying Pizza Collectable - 500 Cosmic Jelly

61bf3bc3-43bb-443f-9ba6-ec6fefc168fd-med Karate King Collectable - 400 Cosmic Jelly

f5ac1366-3797-4103-9c86-b94abf064a60-med Spring Cleaning Collectable - 300 Cosmic Jelly

bubbleking.png Bubble King Collectable - 200 Cosmic Jelly

100 Experience Points - 100 Cosmic Jelly

Let me know in this thread or on Discord if you want to buy anything.

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