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Artificial Intelligence ruined the SpongeBob theme



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  1. 1. Who rewrote the SpongeBob theme the best?

    • children's music artist (spongebob squooot)
    • Limp Bizkit (asbestos lunchbox squarepants)
    • Nirvana (spongebob squarcker)
    • Nena (southern balkan dance)
    • lo-fi artist (bongbob squepen)
    • Nicki Minaj (bongboff squarepants)

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For some reason, the Children's Artist and Nena mash-up versions sounded like someone with Tourette's Syndrome trying to sing the theme song; and while 'Nirvana' sounded less like Nirvana and more like someone like Harry Belafonte trying to do Nirvana, that version still sounded the best to me.

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