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February 2023 Premieres

Jjs Goodman

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SpongeBob SquarePants:

Friday, February 3rd:

7:00pm EST: Karen for Spot (281B): Karen looks after Spot while Plankton goes out of town.

The Patrick Star Show:

Friday, February 10th:

7:00pm EST: The Uncredible Journey (15A): Tinkle, Ouchie, and Pinkeye must venture back home together after being taken away by mistake.

Friday, February 17th:

7:00pm EST: Host-a-Palooza (15B): Patrick gets injured, so his family members take turns hosting the show.

Friday, February 24th:

7:00pm EST:  Backpay Payback (16A): Granny Tentacles helps Squidward collect his paper delivery money from Cecil.

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