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SBC's Christmas Gift: New Ranks & Badges

Jjs Goodman

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Merry Christmas SBC! For this year’s present, we have an expansion of the Achievements system, continuing off of what we introduced last year. We’ve added two new ranks and two new badges for you to work towards.

New Ranks:

badges_superhero.pngSuperhero: 25000 points

badges_god.png Legendary: 40000 points 

Credit to @Patty Rose for making these images. There will be no more new ranks added after these, so Legendary is the true final level to strive for now.

New Badges:

statusupdatebadge.png.4e02b28d15089c073f Status Updater: Make 100 status updates (also gives you 50 experience points)

sodadrinkinghat.png.b8c6103d2a7a50a90e25 #1 Soda Drinking Hat: Receive 10,000 reactions (also gives you 1000 experience points, matches the reputation level of the same name)


For an unrelated gift, for those who haven't seen it yet, JCM has also added an Interviews page to the homepage. We will also have a Discord party later tonight where more presents will be given out, alongside a SpongeBob episode screening! :christmas2:

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