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What’s your favorite Music Genre?

President Squidward


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  1. 1. What’s your go to music genre?

    • Pop
    • Hip Hop
    • Rock/Alternative/Indie (they all connect even if alt/indie are more than rock lol)
    • Electronic
    • Jazz
    • Classical
    • Country
    • Metal
    • Reggae
    • Other

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  • Poll closed on 11/10/2022 at 08:00 AM

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What up Spongebobbies, on this week’s poll for the sb community… we ask, what’s your go to music genre? Are you into what happens with pop music? Do you like to rock n roll or go deeper with alternative music? Are you a classical artist? Do you love the flows and beats of Hip Hop? Raving? All of the above? Tell us what you like here!

I feel I can enjoy all of these choices so this is a toughie. I have definitely loved a song from each choice here. 😛

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Growing up in the 00's, I listened to a lot of emo music. My mom and brother were both going through their emo phase lol. In high school in the 10's, I listened to swedish edm. Now I listen to literally everything except country and hip hop. My go-to is dance-pop. I chose other haha. 

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If you need a general answer: pop, rock, and hip-hop. Though I can always expand my thoughts:

  • Although I don't mind new pop music, I always find myself more fascinated with pop from the '80s and '90s. I grew up listening to a lot of it (as well as some 2000s stuff) when I was a child and I still have some good attachment to a whole chunk of those songs. 'Course, I also enjoy the 2000s and early 2010s throwbacks if they're any good.
  • Same can be said for my opinion on rock. I listened to a lot of rock back then whether it was Led Zeppelin or 3 Doors Down. I never became a lot aware of the indie scene until 2010 when I began listening to SiriusXM's The Spectrum.
  • And I chose hip-hop too but my opinion is in Hawkbit's thread on it. But if we're talking about a genre that fathered hip-hop I really like the most, it's funk. A lot of great music from the '70s came from that genre. Also, I like disco to an extent. In all honesty, every genre has had a lot of good music.
  • 'Cept bro-country. Fuck you, Luke Bryan.
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I try to be paint my own taste as musically diverse, but I only checkmarked the first three (Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop), while my main taste tends to lean towards alternative, although I would consider it a separate style though I'm aware it gets boxed in with the rock umbrella.

I do also show some liking towards jazz, electronic, classical, and reggae, but I haven't delved into either of them deep enough to consider them as favorites. I've listened to country during a good chunk of my childhood, I like Chris Stapleton, I like Maren Morris, I like Johnny Cash, I like The Dixie Chicks, I like a few others I haven't named, but it's not a genre that I listen to a lot of the time, and of course, despite being a rock guy, I don't listen to metal.

'Other' depends on what else could be referred to. I've listened to a fair amount of punk (most of it being on the pop punk side though, lol), funk, disco, and folk to check a box on those. If you don't consider synthpop or new wave a subcategory of pop and rock, then I would also check a box on those. Most blues music I have listened to I have liked, though I've gotten little into it. Could say the same for ska. Latin pop is a mixed bag for me, but I know there's better stuff out there that I haven't discovered yet. R&B is another mixed bag for me, but I can refer to some of the classics from that genre. I like the Japanese music scene though I've also experienced little of it and I so intend to broaden it in the future. K-Pop, I couldn't care less. I'm not religious so I don't listen to Christian music. I don't listen to adult contemporary, because, of course, no one really likes that one.

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