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November 2022 Premieres

Jjs Goodman

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(lmao nick pulled everything)

SpongeBob SquarePants:

Friday, November 18th:

7:00pm EDT: Abandon Twits (280A): The Krusty Krew builds a boat for their penny-pinching captain.

7:15pm EDT: Wallhalla (280B): SpongeBob discovers a crazed castaway living in his walls.

Friday, November 25th:

7:00pm EDT: Welcome to Binary Bottom (279A): In an alternate reality, Bikini Bottom is inhabited entirely by robots.

7:00pm EDT: You're Going to Pay...Phone (279B): Mr. Krabs installs a cursed payphone in the Krusty Krab.

7:00pm EDT: A Skin Wrinkle in Time (279C): GrandPat travels through time to get home.

The Patrick Star Show:

Friday, November 4th:

7:00pm EDT: The Uncredible Journey (15A): Tinkle, Ouchie, and Pinkeye must venture back home together after being taken away by mistake.

7:15pm EDT: Host-a-Palooza (15B): Patrick gets injured, so his family members take turns hosting the show.

Friday, November 11th:

7:00pm EDT:  Backpay Payback (16A): Granny Tentacles helps Squidward collect his paper delivery money from Cecil.

7:15pm EDT: House Hunting (16B): The Star family house runs away from home.

Friday, November 25th:

7:30pm EDT: Shrinking Stars (14A): The Star family finds themselves getting smaller and smaller.

Kamp Koral:

Friday, November 25th:

7:45pm EDT: Switch Glitch (21B): An accident causes Patrick and Karen to switch bodies.

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9 minutes ago, NegiSpongie said:

Is it true that the SpongeBob Tidal Zone crossovers that were scheduled to air on the 25th were pulled as well?

Appears to be the case now, yes. I feel bad for the crew who were under the assumption it'd be airing this year. Glad to see Nick's scheduling capabilities are still incompetent and fickle.

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