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Candy Contest Scoreboard

Jjs Goodman

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During Octerror Fest 2022, each game and activity will award you pieces of candy. Whoever comes in 1st place at a main game will receive 20 pieces of candy, while 2nd and 3rd places will receive 15 and 10 pieces respectively. You can also be awarded 5 pieces of candy by minigames and turntable raffles. Whoever has the most candy gathered by the end of the event will receive 4,000 doubloons, a Candy King/Queen badge and 500 experience points.


Fa: 160

Winter: 100

SOF: 90

ExKizuna: 85

Dman: 85

Mythix: 60

Fred: 50

Slug: 45

Prez: 30

Steel: 30

Carotte: 20

DarknessDG: 20

Appy: 20

OMJ: 20

SBManiac: 10

Krystalite: 10

SpongeKid: 10

4EverGreen: 10


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