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It's happening!

For the first time in almost four years, SBC is opening up a new moderator position. @spongebobhater, the longest serving mod in site history, has decided to hang up his hat after six years of service. He'll retire on November 11th, the same day on which he was promoted. We debated on whether to fill his position or not, but given how rarely SBC staff changes anymore, we figured we’d offer this rare opportunity to join the ranks.

It's clear to see that site culture and activity have changed a lot in recent years. We've become more tight-knit and less focused on the rigid responsibilities that once defined the mod position. Due to this, we'll be judging through a different set of standards when choosing a new moderator compared to before. If you're interested, simply message a staff member and we’ll give you a Google Form to fill out.

The deadline to apply is November 10th at 11:59 pm EST. We aim to give everyone as much time as possible, and for us staff to make the right choice. We'll be announcing the new moderator the next day. Good luck!


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