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Octerror Fest 2022

Jjs Goodman

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Be prepared for a scare, it's that time of the season again! 👻


Octerror Fest 2022 will last from October 14th to October 31st. Teams may be gone, but there will still be a sense of competition to this year's. This year will have a new feature called The Candy Competition, where each game and activity during the event rewards you with pieces of candy. Whoever has the most pieces of candy gathered by the end of the month will be crowned the King/Queen of Halloween and receive grand prizes! Here’s a guide to what key frightening activities await you at the event...

  • Stop What You Are Doing - Halloween Edition: For the 41st SWYAD, get into costume for any Halloween theme you wish. Reserve a name in this thread or via Discord if you haven't already.
  • The End of iFish: This will be the final event to have iFish available. iFish was first introduced at Octerror Fest 2012, so we're laying the feature to rest by bringing it full circle. Not many features can say they had a decade long run. We'll give you one last chance to design your character for the last costume contest. You'll be able to preserve your character as a memory afterwards.
  • Cards Against Humanity: A scary card game will occur every Friday night at 7pm EST!
  • SBC Music Monster Mash Fridays: Jam out to your favorite Halloween songs every Friday night at 8pm EST, and win sweet treats from raffles!
  • SpongeBob Pictionary: Pictionary will have spooky games every Saturday night at 7pm EST! One theme will be about The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes.
  • Jackbox: Trivia Murder Party: On Monday nights at 7pm EST, play in the terrifying and challenging Jackbox game that is Murder Party Trivia, hosted by dman on Discord!
  • Halloween Trivia Contest: Returning from last year, in this six part contest, you'll compete against other users on Kahoot to see who knows the most about Halloween. One of the themes will be iFish to say farewell. Whoever has the most points by the end will be the Halloween nerd. The games will occur Tuesday-Thursday nights on both weeks.
  • Other Activities: You'll be hunting for pumpkins instead of candy for this year's hunt, sharpen your writing utensils for another Scary Story Contest, there will be scary jigsaw puzzles to solve on October 22nd, and one game of the thriller murder mystery Among Us will be held October 29th!
  • Octerror Minigames: Past Octerror minigames return, and there will be a new one known as Graveyard Dig!

On the aesthetic side, both the forums and Discord will receive fantastic Halloween makeovers. There will be two new delicious and scary skins designed by Kieran and I. We hope people have fun with this Octerror Fest.

SWYAD Reservations:

Jjs —> Tommy Wiseau Joker

SOF —> Scratch

WhoBob —> Ramiel

Dman —> Dhar Mann

SpongeKid —> That Spooky SpongeKid

Ex —> Mechakara

Sbl —> Doot Doot

Fa —> Killer Clown Car

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