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Warner Bros. Discovery Drama Megathread

Steel Sponge

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This has been a big topic of interest on the Discord server, so I figured it would be fitting that I create a thread for this on the forums as well. Long explanation short, Warner Bros. and Discovery have recently merged and the results have been disastrous with the news of employees being laid off left and right, the current CEO David Zaslav cancelling production on several HBO Max originals including Batgirl last month, and now, just recently in a move made by the Discovery fraction of the company, HBO Max removing nearly 40 titles from their service (most of which are animated and aren’t available to watch anywhere else without resorting to piracy) without letting any of the people who have worked on said shows know beforehand. In addition to this, Cartoon Network’s social media have removed tweets and videos regarding the shows that have been removed from HBO Max, with most people calling it erasure on WBD’s part. WBD’s reasoning for this action was to cut taxes and royalty costs before merging the HBO Max and Discovery+ services into one, and even though they said this damage was temporary and reassured that they weren’t financially writing off the removed titles permanently, the damage had already been dealt, with just about everyone all across the board destroying them on social media – former subscribers to HBO Max, animators, artists, directors, writers, actors, animation Twitter, internet & media preservationists, and as well as former and current employees of WBD among others.

There’s some other important information I may be missing, and as well as some new information being passed around as we speak, this is to the best of my understanding what is going on with WBD right now, and it's a very ugly look. Feel free to discuss your feelings on the matter while it’s still ongoing.

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Obligatory It keeps getting worse post:


EDIT: Take this news with a grain of salt. Some sources are claiming the existing footage got deleted, but now some sources claim that there was a translation error and that it actually means the film crew have lost access to it.

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On 8/25/2022 at 12:10 PM, WhoBibbles said:

Losing 20 billion while trying to steal 3 billion is the most comical thing ever. Never change Zaslav

he deserves it tbh

edit: oops I double posted, didn't mean to do that. sorry

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Double posted
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Bump, as WBD are now being put on blast for cancelling the upcoming Coyote vs. Acme movie for a tax write-off:


It's been saved, however, as the movie is now being shopped to other firms, but for a lot of people, including those in the entertainment industry, this move was the straw that broke the camel's back.

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