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Late Night Lunacy

Jjs Goodman

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Back in June, we had Loyal Customers vote on what theme they wanted for our annual August event. The winning entry was a Dreams & Night themed event based around episodes such as Sleepy Time and Dream Hoppers, which is now reality!


(Credit to Kieran for the logo)

Late Night Lunacy (credit to @JCM for coining the name) will last from August 19th to 31st. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful night view with the community. This won't be a huge event after the intense Teams Mania and will be more of a breather event to close out our summer. There will still be a few activities to play in. Aesthetic wise, we'll have a beautiful nighttime scenery and a few new iFish items to admire. Here's a rundown of what the event has:

  • Cards Against Humanity: On both Friday nights during the event, have a sleepover and play CAH with friends!
  • Turntable Parties: On both Friday nights after CAH, relax and jam out with the perfect late night music! Just try to keep the noise down.
  • Kahoot: There will be one trivia game held during the event!
  • Among Us: There will be one Among Us game held during the event!
  • Dream Story Contest: Submit your wildest dreams for our most unique story contest to date. The best part of it is: the entries don't have to make any sense like dreams themselves!
  • Discord Sleepover Party: On the final night of the event, we'll have a sleepover party on Discord, where special prizes will be raffled off!
  • Minigames: There will be two dream related minigames to play in!

Be sure to get a good night's sleep in preparation. 😴 (PSA: also please don't intrude into other people's dreams)

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