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Festival Word Count

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This thread will be used to track who has the highest word count of written material during SOF11. This will also include any submissions for One-Shot Glory, our story contest. We'll keep a careful eye on new episodes posted in the Spin-Off/Lit forum and add their word count to the scoreboard below. The overall winner by the end of the event receives the following prizes: Festival King/Queen badge2,000 SOF Tickets10,000 doubloons, 500 experience points and Spin-Off Festival Ticket Pin (if you didn't get it from the Prize Store). May the best writer win!

Word Count Scoreboard:

4EverGreen: 45,676

Steel: 8,608

JCM: 7,386

OWM: 233

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Congratulations to @4EverGreen, who is crowned this year's and last Festival King! He put forth a lot of work with his writing and it paid off, that word count is nothing to scoff at. (which is the highest word count anyone has achieved from the three times we've done this) Wear that crown proud, true believer.

Thanks to anyone who contributed to this festival, and a special thank you to everyone who's written works on SBC over the years. 

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