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Spin-Off Festival 11

Jjs Goodman

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The Spin-Off Festival returns for its last rodeo.


(Credit to Kieran for the logo)

The 11th and final edition will run from May 27th, 2022 to June 19th, 2022. Yes, you read correctly: this is going to be the final one we do on SBC. As fun as it’s been, there’s admittedly no point in keeping an event based around a section of the site few people use anymore. (Of course we can still do the carnival theme, just without the spin-off elements.) Still, I want this old tradition to go out with one last hurrah. If you don't write or read any of SBC's writings, that's okay. You don't have to read or make any to participate in this event. Here's a run-down of games and features to expect:

  • Cards Against Humanity: Every Friday night at 7pm EDT during the event, there will be a CAH game, and with more cards for our new SBC pack!
  • SpongeBob Pictionary: Three Pictionary games will count for the event, on Saturday nights at 7pm EDT. The first will be a spin-offs/lits themed game, the second will be a mixed game, the third will be books, and the last will be SpongeBob Season 6.
  • Among Us: Every Saturday night at 8pm EDT after Pictionary, we'll be hosting more Amogus games.
  • Jackbox: Every Monday night at 7pm EDT, a Jackbox game will be held on Discord.
  • The Ultimate Spin-Off Kahoot: On June 15th, there will be a spin-off/literature Kahoot. See who truly knows the most about them!
  • One-Shot Glory: Our annual writing contest for the event. If you want to submit a short, unique one-shot story to flex your writing talents, then this is the contest for you!
  • Festival Word Count: This competition returns for the last time. Whoever has the highest accumulated word count from submitted works during the event will be crowned the Festival King or Queen. They will receive several glorious prizes in addition to the title. The previous Festival Kings was OMJ, will a new ruler usurp him this time around?
  • SOF Tickets & Prize Store: SOF Tickets will be returning for the final time. These are a temporary sub-currency, similar to Doubloons. You'll be able to earn these from winning games during the festival and through several other methods. You can use these to buy special prizes at the Prize Store, where there will be prizes, new and old, awaiting for you. Anyone who posts a writing during the event gets 500 Tickets.
  • Festival Minigames: Your favorite minigames to rack tickets in from will return.
  • Turntable Music Parties: Two turntable parties will be held at the start and end of the event on May 27th and June 17th respectively. Whoever attends get free SOF Tickets!

Like last year, this won't have a huge focus on the game aspect, as we want to relax and give focus to the writing side if anyone wants to write something special for the last festival. That said, if you're not into writing side, there will still be a decent amount of games to play. We hope everyone has fun and that this serves as a good send-off to the festival!

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