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Our Flag Means Death


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Discuss the latest hit from HBO Max here.

I binge watched first season of this show in 2 days and I'm gonna say that IT'S ABOUT DAMN FREAKING TIME.

This show accomplished something many many shows failed to do so. Have its main characters have queer romance. I have seen and heard of shows that queerbaited their audience time and time with making the characters very close friends that show affection to each other and yet they are never made queer and it only got worse when crew of those shows claimed they never queerbaited their audience and they are wrong and it always pissed me off. This show pulls the exact shtick other shows are doing. Have Stede and Edward show affection towards each other and enjoy their company. Even characters talking about how much these characters love and care for each other. And their romance legit became canon and it was so well-written and sweet. Other shows' and movies crew didn't care to make their main characters queer to alienate their audience (*coughcoughconservative*) and then we have seen that the show became very popular with queer romance that it is going up against Marvel's Moon Knight. This proved other shows had no excuse to queerbait their audience. And it's not just that it's a queer show. It's an amazing pirate show with great drama and humor that i laughed a lot. I loved these characters, their messiness and how their story continues. And aside from main characters, many of these characters are queer too. Now I do enjoy shows like Eastsiders but knowing this show is both adventure comedy show with good budget and it's a show with queer characters, I actually managed to find what I was looking for in my entire life. I loved this show, so fucking much. I really hope HBO Max renews the show. It's too much of a hit and it already has a following fanbase.

Anyway, please check out this show if you want a queer show with adventure, action and comedy.

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