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SBC's Top 20 SpongeBob Songs of All-Time

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For several years, we've been collectively voting for the best and worst episodes of SpongeBob. This year around, we thought we could do something different, and I've been attached to host a countdown for the top-voted SpongeBob songs by us.

-What you can vote for:
Music originally composed for the SB series or originally made for the franchise as a whole, so songs from The Best Day Ever Album, the SB movie soundtrack, and the broadway musical, they count. I'll also count SB video game tracks too if you're looking to add some variety to your list before submitting.
-What you can't vote for:
Music used for the series but isn't originally made for it. Consider songs like "Livin' in the Sunlight, Lovin' in the Moonlight," "Ocean Man," and "Sweet Victory." Those will not be counted.

We don't know how many submissions we'll receive, and this isn't intended to be such a big project, so this year will be fairly light. This will be a top 20 countdown and you'll just have to send me a top ten (through SBC PMs or Discord DMs, whichever is the best method for you). There's no deadline set for this project at the moment, but submissions shall start now.

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To make the eligibility for production music feel less like a headache for anyone who wants to vote for background music tracks, I'll refer to you guys some articles from the SB wiki on the series' original music composers, so if you need to know what I will count in terms of original production music, see the ones I've listed below:

Jeremy Wakefield
Nicolas Carr
Sage Guyton
Barry Anthony Trop

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Just dropping in for a monthly update. One month in and I've seen a few submissions to date. So far, I've gotten three. There's still no set deadline, but depending on how this pans out after one more month, expect there to be one soon. 

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