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Q1 2022 Announcements (3/32/2022) (april fools dudes)

Steel Sponge

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As I know everyone is aware, our honorable overlord Plankton has taken over SBC and it pains me to say that I no longer have the funding that keeps me writing my spin-offs for a free-to-use website. This means that some things are going change for my content moving forward. But for one moment, let's push aside the negatives and move on to the positives. After thinking hard about it, I've come to terms with the best new idea that I could ever endorse in my 12 years of being an SBC member...

Introducing... SteelNFTs!:

SteelNFTs is a new personal feature that I will be implementing in the near future. What is it and how does it work, you all ask? Well, if you know what NFTs are, then you'd already be familiar with the concept of my own brand of these units of data. Starting next months, NFTs of my spin-offs, lits, seahorse radish, and the newly established Crypto Chemist NFT image collection (with over 900000 guaranteed totally unique images to collect) will be readily available for purchase.

These NFTs are the only NFTs that can be purchased with my signature form of cryptocurrency: Steelcoins. With permission from Plankton himself, a new feature has been programmed where one newly earned doubloon in your bank can be converted into SC500 through my work-in-progress Doubloons to Steelcoin Converter!

And that's not all! The original Steel Sponge Wordpress blog will be retired immediately, as my new personal website will be replaced with a crypto information site by yours truly, with new research and sales information on Steelcoins to be posted every month. www.steelcoineconomyclass.gov will be launched the same month.

It's been a honor for me make this announcement to make up for the lack of news that I've had to share. I hope you're all pleased with this announcement, although something feels off all of a sudden. Oh yeah, I just remembered that I hate NFTs and crypto, so it turns out that I won't be committed to this project at all.

Oh well...I hope my announcements for the next quarter on April 22nd will salvage it, but that depends on if the mighty ruler himself would allow it.

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