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All Hail Plankton!


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Greetings, malefactors! After six years of being denied, I have FINALLY been able to take over your website again. :evil:My Chum Buddies were unable to secure another win, so I've had enough of them and am taking matters into my own hands. Don't worry, your foolish admins are safe and sound... for now. Special thanks to @sbl for the beautiful skin, who I shall spare from any further hard labor or torture! Here are my immediate decrees:

  • Krabs is banned from both the forum and Discord.
  • "All hail Plankton!" must be at the end of every post of yours or you're going to the gulag.
  • You must eat only Chum Bucket food from here on out.
  • Be sure to pray to my self portraits.
  • All of your doubloon accounts are frozen as I do not believe in wealth.

My regime is not without its positives though, as we shall be holding two festivities! The first shall be a turntable party held tonight at 7pm EST! You must play songs and clips related to me or you shall be vaporized. The second will be a Pictionary game dedicated to me tomorrow night. If you draw me incorrectly, you'll also be vaporized. Fun! If you have any questions, don't ask at all.

This is also the last time I’ll ever take over the site, so enjoy this while it lasts, peasants! All hail Plankton.

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Alas, my time has come. The former regime has reinstalled itself. I'm honored I was given one last chance to take over this pitiful website though, but it's time I set my sights on something grander. I'll try to hopefully remember you all in therapy.

And yes, Eugene can (sadly) be unbanned, who I'll continue to troll until our teams disband.

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