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Congratulations, Chum Buddies!

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After a chilly month with multiple ties, Snowcember Ball reaches its end. The team competition could've gone either way with multiple ties that created much suspense, but in the end, the Chum Buddies clutched the win with 16 points! The Krusty Krew come in 2nd with 13 and the Solos in 3rd with 6. This marks the Buddies' second Snowcember Ball win and 5th win overall. The Buddies all receive 1,000 doubloons and 50 experience points as their prizes. Better luck in the green month, Krew.

MVP Statistics:

Chum Buddies:

1: @Santa's Little Helper with 6 wins! 🏆

2: @Holly Jolly Molly with 5 wins!

Krusty Krew:

1: @Fa with 8 wins! 🏆

2: @Merry Dmas with 5 wins!


1: @WinterArcaninewith 2 wins! 🏆

Event Win Statistics:

  • Cards Against Humanity: Solos (2/3 wins)
  • SpongeBob Pictionary: Tie (1 win per team)
  • Among Us: Tie (1 win per team)
  • Jackbox: Krusty Krew (2/3 wins)
  • Christmas Trivia: Chum Buddies (5/10 wins)
  • Snowman Hunt: Chum Buddies (3 hunters)
  • Advent Calendar: Chum Buddies (3 completers)

See you in March for the first team event of 2022.

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