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SBC Christmas Gift: New Badges & Achievements Guide

Jjs Goodman

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Ho ho ho, merry Christmas SBC! :donkey:For this year’s Christmas present, as part of our current achievements system, we’ve added 4 brand new badges and redesigned the level ranks on your profile to fit the SpongeBob theme (courtesy of Patty for those). You may have already encountered the new badges by now, but they are: Voting Machine, Bran Flakes, Enchanted Tiki and Jellyfish Hunter. I'll explain later in the thread how to obtain them.

For those not aware, we updated to IPS 4.6 back in late September which comes with their own new achievements system. Certain actions on the community will award you points using automated rules which will level up your rank. For veteran users, this may remind you of Tv.com's (rip) emblems and also a mix of vBulletin Experience. We also used this new feature as an opportunity reboot our badge system. However, I know a few users have had questions on how exactly this system works and how you earn points. I decided to wait until we had new badges to introduce before explaining in-depth. Now that we have those, here's a comprehensive guide on how to get points and what new badges you can obtain through this system.

How to Earn Experience Points:

  • Winning games such as SpongeBob Pictionary, Among Us, Kahoot, Jackbox and Cards Against Humanity gives you 300 experience points. Smaller games such as scavenger hunts or side quests may reward you 100 or 200 points.
  • Becoming Featured Employee gives you 200 points.
  • Winning in the Golden Community Awards gives you 200 points.
  • Following a content item gives you 2 points
  • Following a member gives you and them 2 points each
  • Following 50 members gives you and the last member followed 20 points
  • Joining 10 clubs gives you 5 points
  • Making a piece of content (whether post, status, or a private message) gives you 1 point
  • Reaching a post milestone give you certain amounts of points:
    • Reaching 10 posts gives you 5 points
    • Reaching 25 posts gives you 10 points
    • Reaching 50 posts gives you 15 points
    • Reaching 75 posts gives you 15 points
    • Reaching 100 posts gives you 20 points
    • Reaching 200 posts gives you 25 points
    • Reaching 300 posts gives you 30 points
    • Reaching 400 posts gives you 40 points
    • Reaching 500 posts gives you 50 points
    • Reaching 600 posts gives you 60 points
    • Reaching 700 posts gives you 70 points
    • Reaching 800 posts gives you 80 points
    • Reaching 900 posts gives you 90 points
    • Reaching 1,000 posts gives you 100 points
    • Reaching 2,000 posts gives you 200 points
    • Reaching 3,000 posts gives you 300 points
    • Reaching 4,000 posts gives you 400 points
    • Reaching 5,000 posts gives you 500 points
    • Reaching 6,000 posts gives you 600 points
    • Reaching 7,000 posts gives you 700 points
    • Reaching 8,000 posts gives you 800 points
    • Reaching 9,000 posts gives you 900 points
    • Reaching 10,000 posts gives you 1000 points
    • Reaching 15,000 posts gives you 1500 points
    • Reaching 20,000 posts gives you 2000 points
  • Giving a reaction gives you and the user 1 point each
  • Having 50 reactions gives you 25 points
  • Having 100 reactions gives you 50 points
  • Voting in 50 polls gives you 25 points
  • Voting in 100 polls gives you 50 points
  • Being on the site for 1 year gives you 50 points
  • Being on the site for 5 years gives you 100 points
  • Being on the site for 10 years gives you 1000 points


votingmachine.png.21308161b8b7360e4b206d Voting Machine: Vote in 100 polls (New!)

branflakes.png.ac86ad058943c3f43cbf4d58e Bran Flakes: Reach 100 posts (New!)

enchantedtiki.png.be1b395c7896fb4e66c677 Enchanted Tiki: Reach 1,000 posts (New!)

jellyfishhunter.png.033dbb34825fb2ab9f9f Jellyfish Hunter: Reach 10,000 posts (New!)

1year.png.e3dd9bc9ef4439bf271540426fd2ba One Year Anniversary: Be on the site for a year

5years.png.0bc354685b38ea1bc92d80a23eeed Five Year Anniversary: Be on the site for five years

10years.png.a9ad7d75b89b1d2ee9e47e5c8892 Ten Year Anniversary: Be on the site for ten years


badges_newbie.png.e6b8a4b80f8edf6e9d27e6 Newbie (0 points)

badges_jollygoodrookie.png.9ecc2168bd295 Jolly Good Rookie (40 points)

badges_apprentice.png.fe95f59f04b60fc8b6 Apprentice (90 points)

badges_explorer.png.7cd5d0cc8ef5ee426dcb Explorer (185 points)

badges_contributor.png.7e3d3d2d6c0cda2f1 Contributor (250 points)

badges_enthuasist.png.744f61f2cbb625c611 Enthusiast (400 points)

badges_collaborator.png.f75018e2d02168eb Collaborator (800 points)

badges_communityregular.png.afd055926e4d Community Regular (1300 points)

badges_risingstar.png.77b6b2287a40c0d221 Rising Star (1950 points)

badges_proficient.png.c07e3acf2961db0582 Proficient (2600 points)

badges_experienced.png.6f1eddde63500beaa Experienced (3900 points)

badges_mentor.png.ea68e0328c309ff94d5d45 Mentor (5200 points)

badges_veteran.png.b141297858044fe6ae55b Veteran (9100 points)

badges_grandmaster.png.444140eae5c8b6777 Grand Master (15000 points)


Since this system is still fresh and subject to change at any time, expect more new badges and ways to earn more points to come in the future! We hope you have a great holiday season.

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