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Squidward spinoff question

What would be a Squidward spinoff you'd like to see?  

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  1. 1. What would be a Squidward spinoff you'd like to see?

    • Squidward spinoff focusing on his past (maybe his high school days with Squilliam, or how he got to where he is now)
    • Squidward spinoff focusing on him going on an adventure
    • Squidward spinoff that is music/art-related
    • the cringe Squnschpunsch option because I unironically would want that

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I'm bored and I know this is going to happen eventually, but what would you like to see happen with Squidward, as the other SpongeBob spinoffs seem to be the same ol' same ol' in tone, only thing different is the concepts. It's something that doesn't add anything worthy to the SpongeBob universe, or is entertaining to many. So, to shake it up for future spinoffs, which Squidward will eventually get one, what would you want to see the SpongeBob crew do with him?

I just want something that does something cool and interesting with Squidward, makes him a happier and better character, or develops his character with his negative traits, idk I'm desperate for some good Squidward content since I love the character so much I get bored not being able to enjoy current SpongeBob much due to not liking a lot about it.

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