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Gone Sledding

Jjs Goodman

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A brand new minigame for Snowcember Ball 2021. Grab a sled and go sledding down a snow covered mountain at EXTREME speeds! Your outcomes will be marked by how far you sled, reaching certain checkpoints. Here are your potential outcomes:

  • Wipeout
  • Checkpoint 1: 50 doubloons
  • Checkpoint 2: 100 doubloons
  • Checkpoint 3: 200 doubloons
  • Checkpoint 4: 300 doubloons
  • Checkpoint 5: 400 doubloons
  • Checkpoint 6: 500 doubloons
  • Checkpoint 7: 600 doubloons
  • Finish Line: Tree Star Pin

Just say "I'd like to go sledding" or something else indicating that. You can only do this once every 24 hours.

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8 hours ago, Orlando Bloom said:

Fun Lol GIF by Justin Gammon You know what's even MORE impressive than this kid sledding using a giant waffle? The fact that he's even able to FIND a waffle that BIG in the FIRST place!

Whoa, you reached the finish line, giving you the Tree Star Pin! Try again in 16 hours!

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12 hours ago, DarknessDG said:



You reached checkpoint 4, giving you 400 dbs! Try again in 12 hours!

7 hours ago, Orlando Bloom said:

Snow Sledding GIF by AshleyBlanchette Behold one of the RAREST sights in nature: The elusive, Pink-Furred, Sledding Squirrel!

You reached checkpoint 7, giving you 600 dbs! Try again in 17 hours!

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