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* ALAN MOORE WORLD *: Joe Bennett: Supreme Artist


So, ever since I gave the rights to Power Rangers: Multiverse Force to @4EverGreen(since I admitted to having become disinterested in it), I intended to stop doing lits and likely just leave altogether to focus on other things. That, unfortunately, hasn't exactly panned out the way I hoped it would. Thankfully, however, I've decided to throw my hat back into the ring with a series based on one of my favorite comic books, Supreme; more specifically Alan Moore's run, which transformed the character from a dark and edgy Superman ripoff into a loving tribute to the Man of Steel's Silver Age incarnation and overall the history of comics in general...with a decidedly metafictional flavor to it.

With that in mind, the plot concerns comic book shop clerk and freelance artist Ethan Crane, who is having a rather pressing issue as of late: he has no idea who he is aside from the basics - he's married to his beautiful (and very English) wife Emily, he lives in the shining retrofuturistic city of Omegalopolis, he spends eight hours a day working at Dazzle Comics alongside Diana Dane and Billy Friday...and not much else. However, Ethan quickly learns that he, as well as the world, are the latest "revisions" in an ever-changing story and Ethan turns out to be more than just an ordinary guy: he's the hero known as Supreme. Now having to balance his ordinary life with his newfound one as the Man of Majesty and protector of Omegalopolis, Ethan finds there's far more than it seems...

Expect the first episode, "Whatever Happened to The Man of Majesty?", real soon.

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