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Ghost Catchers

Dr. Eggman

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Want a job that pays some good money? Then here's a returning mini game from past Octerror Fests. There’s many ghosts loose across SBC, and we need helpful workers to catch those creepy varmints! Using something resembling the Poltergust 4000, you will suck up those ghosts. Here are the possible outcomes, which will be randomly generated:

  • Miss
  • White Ghost - 25 doubloons
  • Black Ghost - 50 doubloons
  • Blue Ghost - 100 doubloons
  • Red Ghost - 200 doubloons
  • Green Ghost - 300 doubloons
  • Pink Ghost - 400 doubloons
  • Purple Ghost - 500 doubloons
  • Orange Ghost - 600 doubloons
  • Brown Ghost - 700 doubloons 
  • Silver Ghost - 800 doubloons 
  • Gold Ghost - Jack O' Lantern Collectable Pin

Post something saying that you want to catch the ghosts, or something else clever, have fun with it. You can only do this game once every 24 hours.

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5 hours ago, Dracula Phineas said:

time to ghost hunt

You caught a white ghost, giving you 25 dbs! Try again in 19 hours!

4 hours ago, 4EverGreen said:

GIF by Ghostbusters Need I EXPLAIN the reference?!

You caught a blue ghost, giving you 100 dbs! Try again in 20 hours!

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