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Your SpongeBob Spinoff ideas

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You're given an oppurtunity from Nickelodeon to make a SpongeBob spinoff. What character would you use for it? What would the concept be with said characters? Would it be story based or would it be more of a comedic tone like the original show or other spinoffs? I'm interested to know what you would make for a spinoff. I'm sure they would be superior to Kamp Koral and the Patrick Star show. XD

I honestly don't think I need to point out my (obvious, but impossible) dream spinoff idea, but for the new members who don't know about my silly hobbies, I'd try to pull off a Squidward crossover spinoff with Wunschpunsch. Would take a lot of difficult writing to make it work, how Squidward gets to that show's world, how he'd breathe, if the other SpongeBob characters would get involved at one point later in the series, if Bikini Bottom will be a setting too, etc. but the interactions between Squidward and the wizards, their pets (Maurizio and Jacob) and Maggot, among others would be quality af. My goal would be to continue the story potential of the original Wunschpunsch series as well as keeping the animation, artstyle, humor, and timeline of the show the same, but more refined (I'd still have it take place in the early 21st century, so some year in the early 00s). I'd also experiment with the show with some scenes or off shoot shorts with older film techniques. It'd be a very dedicated project since I love these characters so much, and such an abstract concept could work, but would take a lot of effort in everything so it doesn't feel lazy or awful.

Besides that, I have no non-crossover spinoff ideas with Squidward or anyone else. I have creative vision but not creative execution or brainstorming at the moment. 

Also @Dreaded Patrickand @That Excited SpongeKidI thinkna Creature from the Krusty Krab spinoff would be great, that game had such a creative concept and was fun even though I never finished it. 

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Yeah most of my ideas for spin-offs involve a lot of ideas from Creature from the Krusty Krab and a little bit from other games like Lights Camera Pants and Employee of the Month

I think my ideal for a spin-off would be one that focuses on areas beyond Bikini Bottom or on characters that aren't just Spongebob or Patrick


Like the ideas of a Squidward or Sandy spinoff sounds like cool ideas to me because those two have interesting stuff going for them like Sandy doing more marine biologist stuff or hanging out with the Gal Pals more

And then the idea with Squidward having something beyond him being fodder to Spongebob and Patrick's shenanigans or being at the Krusty Krab also sounds nice. There's a lot that can be done with that


3 hours ago, President Squidward said:

I thinkna Creature from the Krusty Krab spinoff would be great, that game had such a creative concept and was fun even though I never finished it. 

Yeye! There was a lot of wild ideas that went into CFKK that I would have loved to see actually as a special or a spin-off like especially all that was related to Starfishman 

I would definitely watch a tv show based on the goofiness of Patrick as a super hero. I think it would still definitely be a comedy of course but one with a lot more action-ny fun attached to it with maybe even a tiny bit of story... Maybe even with a bit of use of the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy villains since there's a lot of room for potential there with some of them even without it being exactly about MM and BB with newer super heroes taking on the duties of defending the sea from evil... Or at least attempting it 

OR one based entirely on Diesel Dreaming where its all about hot rods and racing complete with the wild style and everything....  Which honestly to me sounds like the potential for something VERY WEIRD BUT KINDA EXPERIMENTAL AND COOL? With the way how animation is nowadays I could picture it either 2d or 3d doing pseudo-2d... Do I think it could hold up alone as a full show? Probably not... But I think it would still be an interesting watch.

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2 hours ago, Danny DeVito said:

I want a spin-off where I can guest star, don't care what it is

I'll look into my potential upcoming "Total Cartoon" and "Power Rangers Multiverse Force" episode ideas, and I'll see if I can SQUEEZE you in somewhere.

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