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The Seaweed Medley-Eating Couple Who Were Forced to Flee Their Home After a Vicious Break-in


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"More seaweed medley, dear?"

Any passerby may see this affectionate quote as the sign of a healthy relationship, one that may soon be tested after the aftershock of a surprise home invasion. But the average passerby is ignorant—uninformed to the struggles this couple had undergone and would continue to undergo well after the horrifying incident which would mar their lives.


Incidentally enough, she'd actually known the assailant before—he was a boorish and obnoxious presence at the mandatory boating classes she'd been forced to take after her fateful DUI incident, a crash that had resulted in the death of an eight year-old lamppost. Was this something the masked man had gotten wind of, and wanted to strike fear and contempt in her heard as payback for the wretched deed she'd committed that evening? Fortunately, there was one man who'd continued to support her afterward, and that was the one licking his lips at the sight of her home cooking.


He worked as a referee. It kept the lights on, yes, but it was never the kind of job he wanted. Half the time he kept getting mistaken for a burglar, and everyone else seemed to hate him for apparently giving one team extra favors. He craved care and recognition, but could never seem to have it within his reach. That is, until he met a sweet orange-finned girl who wore no clothes for some reason. But she was willing to give him her all.


Regardless of their struggles, they'd stayed throughout the years, bearing the knowledge that literally no one else would take them. Just recently, they were attacked by a rabid crab with a stamp. Mild struggle was something they could never escape, yet it brought them closer together.

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