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This next one has no real backstory behind it, it's just I kind of had the idea to give Surge his own solo adventure to show what his life was like before Worlds Collide. Honestly, this episode could really take place in anywhere the series before that episode.


135. Surge Alone


The episode opens in a desert, as we see a bunch of aliens mining into the ground using pickaxes. Surge is seen with them, as he is chained by the legs and hands. Three hooded figures are seen watching them from the distance, holding laser guns, as one is using their binoculars. They zoom in on the prisoners, and notice Surge mining next to a tall, blue alien.


"There he is, with the rebel leader..." one of them said.


Two guards wearing black armor and gold helmets are seen monitoring the aliens.


"Mine faster, you slackers!" a guard yelled, cracking a whip, as the prisoners kept mining into rocks faster.


Surge kept mining, not saying a word, as he saw another guard approached the two.


"Hey, you two goons, be on the lookout for any rebels." the guard said.


"We're on it, chief," a guard replied.


"Keep you talking you silly guards, before you know it, I'll be free..." Surge said to himself, as he was looking around, and looked at the chains holding his arms and legs. He then looked at a giant green alien next to him, which had a giant mouth. Surge then punches the monster's back, as it turns around.


"Gwuh?!" the monster asked, as it began to hiss and growl at Surge.


Surge taunts it, as it charges at him, but Surge grabs its mouth, as he wraps the chain around its tooth and breaks it in half. Surge then punches the beast in the face, as it collapses to the ground.


"You're free?" the alien chained to Surge's leg asked.


"That's right, and I suggest you come with me if you want to live," Surge offered, as the alien nodded.


Surge then jumped on top of an alien's head, as he kept hopping and stepping on the creatures' heads, and the alien who was chained to him followed along. 


"Hey, how did they get loose?!" a guard asked, as his staff began showing an electricity surge at the top.


Surge then hopped off the last prisoner with his friend, as Surge's giant body smashed into the guard and he went flying to the ground, dropping his staff. The other two guards tried to attack Surge and the prisoner, but laser guns fired at them, knocking them unconscious to the ground. 


"My allies!" the prisoner said, as the hooded figures from earlier appeared.


"Wait...you three are..." Surge was saying, as he had a flashback.


Surge is seen inside some space club, and he is sitting alone a table. Three hooded figures approach him.


"What do you want?" Surge asked.


"We are of the planet Dusturia, and we have heard of you, Surge. We know you are the number 1 bounty hunter in the galaxy, and we want to offer you a task," one of them said.


"Go on," Surge replied.


"Our planet is ruled by a fierce dictator, King Donpolion. We have formed an undercover rebel team to take him down, and we figured we could use a bounty hunter's assistance." another explained.


"What's in it for me?" Surge asked.


"You will get all of the King's fortune, he has much gold stashed in his palace," the third replied.


"Okay then, when do you want me there?" Surge asked.


"Disguise yourself as a prisoner when you get the chance, and you will find us from there..." one of them said, as the three left, as the flashback ended.


"Yes, it is us," a hooded figure said, as the three took down their hoods to reveal aliens resembling the prisoner Surge was with. 


"My name is Rush, the rebel leader," Rush said, as Surge pulled out a laser gun, and shot it at the chain between their legs, breaking them free. 


The other prisoners then cheered in freedom, as they dropped their tools and began running off, but fell due to the chains attaching them. Surge pulled out his gun and fired several lasers, breaking their chains off, as they ran free.


"You had your weapons this whole time?" one of the hooded aliens asked.


"Yeah, but I wanted to do things the complicated way. While they were escorting a bunch of prisoners to the desert to mine, I broke one free and took their place," Surge explained.


"Excellent, I am glad you accepted our offer. Come with us," Rush said, as the five walked off through the plains.


"Are you fine with walking? It's a long way," one of the rebels asked to Surge.


Surge then pressed a button on his arm, and it made his white motorbike come flying there, as Surge hopped on.


"I already have that covered," Surge said, as he rode off.


As Surge was riding off in the plains with the rebels leading the way, he had another flashback from a long time ago.


Surge is seen with Mava, Hielo, Lizallus and Zapic in an unknown area. He just got off his bike and confronted the four.


"You've become the #1 bounty hunter in the galaxy, ahead all of us. But do you even care about us anymore?" Zapic asked.


"I've told you all, we were never a team. I have no friends, I work alone. We worked well together, that was all we had in common." Surge replied.


"Nice being friends with you too," Mava said bitterly.


"You have let power and greed corrupt you, and you are blinding yourself to reality," Hielo said.


"No. I have unbiased, and do what I must do. You are all too kind and care too much for others not worth your time. I earned my position fair and square, and I have a mission to accomplish," Surge said.


"Will you even fulfill it? Will you just abandon your employers like you are abandoning us?" Lizallus asked.


"Maybe, maybe not. Like I said, I play by own rules," Surge replied, getting on his bike.


"Whatever, you'll just be a loner then. Fine by me," Mava said.


"If you all want to stand in my way, I have no problem eliminating you." Surge warned angrily.


"Let's just go guys, there's no getting through to him," Zapic said, as Surge rode off on his bike. The four looked at him in the distance, as the flashback ended.


Surge kept riding through the Dusturia plains, and the rebels told him to stop.


"We've made it to our base!" a rebel said, as they approached near a cave. Surge got off his bike, as he walked in with the other four.


They saw a few other rebels there, as machines, weapons and other things were in the cave. A few giant gray alien moths were also seen being tamed by the rebels, flying around, as they were chained by the legs. Rush grabbed a laser gun.


"What is your plan?" Surge asked.


"First, we must take out the guards on the outside of the palace. Then we'll fly over his palace using these moths and break in. We can handle his guards with your help, so this should be a piece of cake," Rush explained.


"That's it?" Surge asked.


"Yeah, unless the guards overwhelm us, but I have heard you are a powerful warrior," Rush replied.


"I promise you, your people will have freedom," Surge said, as the rebels cheered.


"Thank you Surge!" the rebels said.


"First we'll do a quick sweep of the city to look out for guards, so we can take out the ones guarding the outside of the palace. That way we won't be caught. Take this, we'll disguise ourselves," Rush said, as he handed Surge a cloak. "We'll launch a signal to send the moth raid when the guards are taken out."


Surge and Rush walked out of cave, as they noticed the city in the distance. Surge rode his bike toward the city, as he and Rush walked in wearing their cloaks. There were tons of markets, aliens walking around, small sand houses, and a giant palace in the distance.


"Alright, there's the king palace over there. We just need to take out those guards surrounding it, as you can see on the turrets," Rush said, as Surge looked through his visor and saw tons of guards.


They walked through the city, as two guards were seen hanging up a "Wanted" poster, which had pictures of Rush and Surge on them. The two didn't notice however. As they kept walking, a merchant is seen looking at Surge and Rush and then compared them to the poster.


"Hmm.....uh....AAAHH!" the merchant yelled.


The merchant walked out of his stand, and he approached the two guards. He pointed to Surge and Rush walking toward the palace, and pointed to the poster. Rush looked behind and saw the guards staring at them.


"This isn't good, I think our identities have been compromised!" Rush said.


The guards then held up their electric staffs and started chasing them, as Surge tore off his cloak and fired lasers at them, which the guards deflected with their staffs. Rush pulled out a laser gun and shot blasts at them, as they both fell unconscious to the ground.


Suddenly, more guards ran out of the palace, charging toward them.


"Come at us!" Surge taunted, as he pulled out a plasma sword.


The guards charged, as Surge sent out a giant wave from his plasma sword that paralyzed all of them, as they fell to the ground.


"HELP!! I CAN'T GET UP!" they yelled.


Surge and Rush then stormed into the palace, as a bunch of guards came charging at them again. Rush fired more lasers and Surge paralyzed them, as the guards smashed into pottery or other rare artifacts, as they all were knocked out.


"These guards are weak, what took you so long to strike?" Surge asked.


"Those are the normal ranking guards, there's also the elite ones, which imprisoned me," Rush warned, as they walked up the stairs on one side.


They walked out onto the palace walls, and noticed a guard on lookout.


"Dang, those guys took a serious beating. I hope the rebels didn't break in...and they aren't right behind me. Nah, that'd be silly..." the guard said, as he turned around and saw Surge and Rush. "AAAAH!!!"


Surge then pushed him off the wall, as he fell into the lake surrounding the palace. A ton of other guards rushed toward them, as they tried attacking them with their electric staffs, but they had no effect on Surge's armor.


"What?! What magic is this?!" a guard asked, trying to stab Surge.


"It's not magic, it's called power," Surge said, as he punched the guard in the face and he fell into the lake.


"Stop them!" another guard yelled, but Rush did several moves on him, knocking his helmet off and broke his staff in half. He then pushed him over the wall, as he fell into the lake.


Surge and Rush then knocked the last two guards respectively into the lake, as the guards who were paraylzed started getting back up.


"I forgot to mention, my paralysis does not last very long, but this should scare them," Surge said, as he fired multiple lasers at the guards, as they screamed.


"AAAAHHHHH, HELP, REBELS!" they yelled, dropping their helmets and staffs, as they ran for it, running in different directions away from the palace.


"Haha, take that, you powerless buffoons!" Rush said, laughing.


"This Rush...he reminds me of myself. Young, confident, and plays by his own game," Surge said, thinking to himself.


"Now, let's go take down Donpolion, but watch out, the elite guards are there," Rush warned, as they ran back into the palace, heading for the throne room. They ran down a hallway, and noticed two guards in front of a large golden door around the corner.


"I hear there's rebels loose in here, be ready to take them down," one guard said to another.


"I don't know, it sounds like the others got a huge beating..." the other replied.


"Don't be a coward, we can handle them!" the guard said.


"You sure?" Rush asked, as he shot two lasers at both, as they fell to the ground.


"Uh....my body can't move...." the guard said.


"I told you so..." the other said, as Surge used his plasma sword to slice open the golden door. They bursted into the throne room, as a tiny alien was seen on a golden throne wearing a crown, which looked like a golden orb.


"So, the rebels have arrived, eh?" Donpolion asked.


"That's the King? I can barely see him," Surge taunted.


"He may be small, but he has a giant ego," Rush said.


"That I may, but I will not let the rebel leader stop me here! ELITE GUARDS, FINISH THEM!" Donpolion yelled, as a bunch of guards popped out of the shadows, resembling ninjas. They wore black armor and had bigger staffs, which had electric currents on both ends.


Rush then fired a flare blast through the roof, as it launched a signal into the sky. The rebels saw it from the cave, as they got their moths ready. They broke them free, as the rebels hopped onto the moths, and they flew toward the palace.


"The others won't help you now, SEIZE THEM!" Donpolion commanded, as the Elite Guards charged at both of them.


The Elite Guards jumped up and tried stabbing their staffs into Surge, but they had no effect.


"What? His armor is resistant to us!" An Elite Guard said, as Surge punched him in the face and sent him flying through the window.




Rush fired lasers at them, but they deflected the blasts with their staffs and tried attacking him with both ends of their sticks. He grabbed an Elite Guard, but from behind one stabbed him in the back, as he fell to the ground. Surge then threw aside two guards and paralyzed the other with his plasma sword, as he helped him get up.


"Why did you help me? Why didn't you just finish Donpolion?" Rush asked, firing more lasers at the Elite Guards, but they kept dodging.


"I thought you wanted me to help, you know, as a friend...I think that's what a friend is," Surge said, confused.


"Friend? You're just a bounty hunter, you don't have friends, I'm a low life compared to you, especially for #1. I just needed you to help me take care of these clowns," Rush said, as he punched an Elite Guard in the face, knocking him out.


From the roof, the other rebels crashed in from the moths, as they helped fight off the remaining Elite Guards.


"THIS IS A DISASTER! ONE OF YOU GUARDS STAB THEM OR SOMETHING!" Donpolion yelled, freaking out on his throne.


Surge knocked another guard out and tossed him against a wall, as the three remaining guards ganged up on Rush and began shocking him.


"Go on without me, take the treasure in that room as your pay, there's probably some stuff worth it in there! I am not worth your time, I can handle this all from here by myself," Rush said, as Surge felt reminded me of himself.


"If you say so..." Surge said, somewhat disappointed, as he ran up ahead for the treasure room.


"AHAHA, THAT'S RIGHT, KILL THE REBEL LEADER!" Donpolion said, laughing, but Rush just endured the electric shocks, as he kicked a guard's helmet off and sent him flying into another, as he broke their staffs in half.


Surge then approached Donpolion.


"Who the heck are you?! Why are you with those rebels?" Donpolion asked.


"I'm Surge, the #1 bounty hunter in the galaxy," Surge said, as he took Donpolion's golden orb crown, and pushed him off his throne. He put the crown on his head, and then went into the treasure room.


"HEY, MY HAT, I MEAN MY CROWN! STOP HIM, SOMEONE!" Donpolion yelled, trying to get up, and he saw all his Elite Guards had been defeated. "Oh....this isn't good..."


"Now, it's time you go back to school," Rush said, as he picked up Donpolion and shook him, as tons of gold and other treasures fell out, and the rebels took it all.


"This isn't fair! This is unjust, I say! You will pay for this! I'm your King!" Donpolion whined.


"Not anymore, your crown is gone," Rush said.


"Aw man..." Donpolion said.


Surge was seen in the treasure room. He looked at the sea of treasure, which had piles of gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, and other treasures.


"Wow....I guess this was worth it. Who needs a friend when you have all this?" Surge asked, as he began taking the piles of treasure. "I bet Rush would've loved to see me....take all of this."


He then thought of the other bounty hunters, as he kept taking the treasure. He had part of the same flashback from earlier.


"Will you even fulfill it? Will you just abandon your employers like you are abandoning us?" Lizallus asked.


"Maybe, maybe not. Like I said, I play by own rules," Surge replied, getting on his bike.


"Whatever, you'll just be a loner then. Fine by me," Mava said.


Surge then shrugged it off, as he pressed a button on his arm, and his bike went smashing into the treasure room. He began storing all the treasure in containers on his bike.


"No room for the rest. I suppose I can leave the rest for Rush and his friends," Surge said, getting on his bike. He then rode his hover bike upward, bursting a hole through the ceiling and landed on the roof.


"Now how am I going to get off this dusty land, my bike isn't programmed to fly through high altitudes," Surge thought, as he then saw a space moth sitting on the roof.


Surge is then seen sitting on top of the moth, as his bike and treasure were stored inside of its mouth. He then flew off Dusturia and went into space, as Rush and the rebels left the palace, carrying tons of treasure, and looked up at the moth.


"I'll miss that guy," a rebel said.


"Me too. But anyways, onward with our treasure! We will be rich!" Rush said, as the rebels headed off.


Surge is seen on top of the moth, as it flew through space.


"HAHA, I'M RICH! I bet those guys are jealous of me now, I don't need friends!" Surge yelled, as he was looking at the two golden cups in his hands. He laughed a bit more, and then stopped


"But at what cost..." He said again, as he sighed. He then tapped both golden cups together and the moth kept flying.



-Character Debuts: Rush, King Donpolion, Rebels, Guards, Alien Moths, and Elite Guards

-Area Debuts: Dusturia, City and the King's Palace

-Takes Place: Anywhere in the series before "Worlds Collide"

-Seventh episode to not have any Undersea Force members at all.

-We learn more of why Surge and the other bounty hunters grew apart.


Only two episodes left, and they'll both take place after the series finale.

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Well, here it is folks. Even though Endgame is the series finale, you can consider this a series finale-finale, or a bonus finale. As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  

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136. Nightmare in Red


Darsun is seen sleeping in her room in the Council Building, as she begins to have a dream.




Darsun is seen in a strange hallway, surrounded by red curtains. She kept walking forward and approached a room with a couch.


"Not this place again..." Darsun said.


A strange Blue Sentient walks out of a red curtain and begins dancing.


"Darsun...your time....has come," the Sentient said in a strange pattern.


Suddenly, a red mist formed in the room, as the Sentient panicked and hid behind a couch. The lights flickered on and off, as a strange monster formed from the mist with two horns.


"What do you want from me?!" Darsun asked, as the creature roared and chased after her, as she ran down the hallway. She hit a dead end, as the creature approached her and roared.


"No...not again! Go away!" Darsun yelled in her sleep, as she panicked.


Princeton then opened the door, to see Darsun freaking out.


"Darsun, is everything okay?" Princeton asked, waking her up.


"Yeah...I had that dream again. This is the third night in a row. I think it is time to regroup the Undersea Force, I need help..." Darsun said.


The gang is seen hanging out at the Krusty Krab.


"Man, this reminds me of the day we were at the Krusty Krab and first met Darsun," Laneld said, reminiscing.


"Just with PJ and Kane now," Dash added.


Suddenly, Darsun contacted all seven of them.


"Hello everyone, I know we haven't spoken much since Malvor's defeat, but I have a new mission for you. Please get here soon," Darsun said, as she ended it.


"Oh boy, do we have a new enemy to face?" Nora wondered.


"I hope so, I've been meaning to pulverize someone," Dash said, getting up.


The gang was seen at the Council Building, and they saw Darsun in the lab. 


"Jeez, are you okay Darsun? You look like you haven't slept in days," Zelleo asked.


"That's because I haven't. I cannot sleep anymore, my dreams have been invaded," Darsun replied, grabbing random objects.


"What do you mean? Are they nightmares?" Kane asked.


"I don't know, because it's happened for three nights in a row now. I wake up in some strange hallway with curtains, and see this odd Blue Sentient in a room. Then I get chased by a red mist creature of some sort, and my dreams end there," Darsun said.


"Weird...it's as if maybe the dream is trying to tell you something?" Nathan wondered.


"I don't know, I just can't figure it out. I'm trying to figure out who the Blue Sentient is I keep seeing in my dreams, that could give us a clue," Darsun said, looking through Sentient books about dreams and dimensions.


"Well whatever is going on, we'll do our best to help you," PJ said.


Laneld then picked up a book mentioning "The Dreams and Dimensions Beyond Reality" by a Sentient named "Professor Duros". 


"Hey, this guy looks cool," Laneld said, showing a picture of Duros in "About the Author".


"Wait....that is him! That is the Sentient I keep seeing in my dreams!" Darsun said.


"Looks like he might have some answers, does it say where he lives?" Nathan asked to Laneld.


"Yup, it has all his contact info, and it says he he's a recluse who hates outsiders." Laneld said, reading his entry.


"Well, we're going to make him like us outsiders," Dash said.


"You can come with us, Darsun, you need answers," Nathan offered.


"Yes, I can come. I just need to come with someone in their vehicle," Darsun replied.


"The Crusher has room," Zelleo replied, as the eight headed off to Duros' house.


The seven vehicles then parked outside a large mansion in the outskirts of Senato City, as they got out.


"It's been a while since we used our weapons and vehicles, too bad my ice sword is gone though..." Nathan said.


They approached a large gate, and noticed a button on the side next to a speaker. Kane pressed it.


"Hello, is anyone home?" Kane asked.


"No! Go away! Nobody is home, nobody!" a voice replied.


"Uh, hello? Clearly someone is home, since you just answered," Nora said.


"Bah! I need to stop doing that. Well, go away anyways!" the voice replied.


"No, we need answers. Our friend keeps seeing you in her dreams, and we want to know what it means," Nathan spoke.


"What?! Fine, I'll let you in," the voice answered, as the gates opened. The eight walked into the mansion.


They walked inside, and entered into a large foyer. Professor Duros waited for them, who wore glasses and a blue sweater.


"Alright Miss Darsun, is it REALLY me you're seeing in your dreams? Is it ACTUALLY me?" Duros asked.


"Yes, the Sentient I saw looked exactly like you," Darsun said.


"Hmmm.... seems like you have found it. This is it, the discovery I've been waiting for..." Duros said.


"What discovery?" PJ asked.


"I have theorized for years that there is a dimension beyond time, space and reality, a hidden zone called the Dream Zone. Supposedly, it contains a split personality of everyone in the universe, living or dead, and it contains another side of said person, either "good" or "bad", not shown to reality." Duros explained.


"That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, that is scientifically impossible," Zelleo argued.


"I don't know, he might know what he is talking about, and he's our only hope to figure out this mystery," Nathan said.


Duros then opened a room, as they gasped. There were tons of poorly drawn pictures hanging up of what resembled Korax.


"What the...why do you have pictures of my brother?" Darsun asked.


"I don't know, it must have been what my subconscious drew while I was sleeping. Perhaps my good side in this Dream Zone made me draw all of these," Duros said.


"Now that I think about it....the creature I saw did resemble Korax." Darsun said.


"Could he be back?" Nora asked.


"The only way is for you kids to go inside your friend's mind. I can help you join minds into the Dream Zone using hypnosis. However, I must warn you, you only have an hour to do this. When time is almost up, you must give this item to my other half," Duros said, handing Darsun a golden talisman.


"I still think this is ridiculous," Zelleo said.


As Darsun held onto the talisman, suddenly, she began to act glow, as her body began to go static and suddenly exploded. Everyone in the room screamed.


"Okay, what the...." Everyone was saying, when suddenly Darsun reformed.


"Are you okay Darsun? What just happened?" Nora asked.


"My name is Darsun. I came from an ancient civilization known as Blue Sentients. We were an ancient race of aliens that lived on a planet named Senato. But...our entire civilization was wiped out.." Darsun said, reciting the exact same lines from the first episode.


"Ummm...." everyone was saying.


Nathan then touched her, as her body faded away again, and then reformed.


"Well, Blue Sentients represent water, so I can inhabit the settings of this ocean to fit in. It's more complicated that it looks. It requires lots of magic." Darsun said, reciting the exact same lines from the second episode.


"It's like Darsun's history is being reset..." Zelleo said.


Nora then touched her again, as she faded away and reformed.


"It is the Vobi 4.0 or Vobias Communication Center, an ultimate vehicle the Sentients made on Senato," Darsun said, reciting the exact same lines from episode ten.


"It appears she resets herself whenever we interrupt a memory," Kane said.


"Whatever is going on with your friend, it appears you don't have much time. Stand in the center and I will send you into the Dream Zone, while the leader can hold onto this talisman now," Duros said, giving it to Nathan. 


"Will we meet Darsun on the other side?" Nathan asked, taking it.


"Possibly, it seems she may already be there due to this strange phenomenon," Duros said, as Darsun kept reciting quotes from older episodes. All seven then sat down in the center, as Duros made a large spinning hypnotism device appear above them.


"I am still having a tough time reading it...but it seems like it may have been written by a Blue Sentient," Darsun said, reciting the exact same lines from episode sixteen. 


"Whatever gets us away from this weirdness," Dash said, as all seven started to fall asleep. 


"Good luck, and remember, you only have an hour," Duros said, setting a timer, as Darsun kept acting odd.




The Undersea Force appeared in the same hallway Darsun was, as red curtains surrounded it.


"This place gives me the creeps already..." Laneld said.


"We can't give up, Darsun's life is at stake here," Nathan said, as they walked through an entrance and arrived at the sitting room.


Duros' other personality appeared, as he danced and greeted them.


"Hello...Undersea...Force," he said in a weird voice.


"That must be Duros' other half we give the talisman to when time is almost up," PJ said.


They then walked down the room, as they noticed Darsun.


"Darsun! Is that really you?" Kane asked.


"There you all are. I was mysteriously teleported here after I was given the talisman, I don't know what is going on," Darusn explained.


"Your other self at Duros' house is resetting your history, or something like that," Laneld said.


"Let's try to explore this supposed Dream Zone to find answers, or that Korax monster Darsun mentioned," Zelleo suggested.


They kept walking, as they noticed a room filled with tons of frozen people, including Korax, Bishop, Drake, Terramos, Aquamos, Flareamos, Skyamos, Kuri, Kordon, Krosis, Kyton, Weaver, Dr. Rick, and other random Sentients and Bikini Bottomites.


"What the...now this is a nightmare," Dash said.


"What are all of them doing here?" Nora wondered.


"Duros mentioned this place contained everyone from the universe who have a different side not shown to the public. I guess these all relate to us," Kane said.


"What happens if we try interacting with one?" Nora asked, as Laneld accidentally touched Korax.


"Whoops..." Laneld said.


"You buffoon!" Dash said, when Korax started to move.


"Sister?" Korax asked.


"Brother?" Darsun asked.


"It has been a long time, what brings you to the Dream Zone?" Korax asked.


"I don't know, I've been haunted by nightmares the past three nights. A creature resembling you keeps chasing me," Darsun said.


"That is not me, but I know who it is. It's-" Korax was saying, when the room flashed black, as Korax froze again. They then saw the shadow of the red mist creature against the wall.


"Looks like we got company!" Nathan said.


The creature then appeared before them, as it growled and swung its hands at them. All eight dodged as they tried to attack, but they didn't have their weapons.


"Oh no, looks like our weapons didn't transfer to this place!" PJ said, as they began to make a run for it.


They then approached an intersection, as it contained three hallways to go down. The gang split up, as Nathan went with Darsun, Nora went with Laneld and Dash, and Zelleo went with PJ and Kane. The creature then ran to the intersection and growled, as it vanished into a dark vortex. 


Back at Duros' house, he looked at the timer, which said 40 minutes remained.


"What are those kids doing in there, having a party? I knew this was a terrible idea!" Duros said.


"Yes..which is why you won the battle...but the war is far from over." Darsun said, reciting the exact same lines from episode twenty-eight.


"Ugh, and I don't feel like hearing more flashbacks from this!" Duros said, annoyed.


Back in the Dream Zone, Nora, Laneld and Dash wound up in an old version of Senato, to when it was destroyed.


"Why are we here, of all times?" Dash wondered.


Suddenly, the Korax creature appeared, as it growled and slammed its arm into the ground, as the three made a run for it.


"How did it follow us?!" Nora asked.


"No time to think, just hit it!" Dash said, as he punched the beast in the face, as it growled and disappeared in a black vortex.


"Huh, that was easy," Laneld said.


Suddenly, the old Senato ground began to open up an entrance of some sort, as a bunch of golden stairs appeared into the ground.


"I officially do not understand what is going on anymore...but I guess we have to go down there," Nora said, as the three headed down.


PJ, Kane and Zelleo are seen at the Grand Reef Desert, to when their base was still there.


"Ah, the old base. But why are we here?" PJ wondered.


Suddenly, the Korax beast appeared from a vortex, as it growled and blasted fire balls at them, as they scattered.


"What does this thing want from us?!" Kane asked, as PJ then punched it in the face, as it screamed and stood there flailing its arms. It then disappeared in a vortex, as their base vanished and it opened a set of golden stairs leading underground.


"I don't know how any of this is possible, but I think we're supposed to go down there," Zelleo said, as the three headed down the stairs.


Nathan and Darsun are then seen ending up in space, as they see Nathan's dragon form battling against the Titans' dragon forms from Astral Plane.


"Why are we here, of all times?" Nathan wondered, as a flashback showed from Sawkus' sacrifice.


"Yeah, it's a little too late for a deal like that to work. Sawkus, I know you keep balance, but that comet is coming, and multi-task with the comet, Malvor and his lackeys. If you can destroy that comet, nobody can have it," Nathan said.


"Hmm...you're right. How am I keeping balance if I am letting Malvor take it? Nathan, you were always a great leader." Sawkus said, as he rode off onto his bike and headed toward the comet.


"Farewell, Sawkus," Nathan said, as he launched a beam of fire at Skyamos, but he deflected it with his wings.


"What is that fool doing?" Aquamos asked, shooting a beam of ice at Nathan, but he dodged and it got zapped into the triangle of electricity.


Sawkus then charged at an extremely fast speed toward the comet, which was coming closer to the machine. He pulled out his hammer, and stood up. He then jumped up and clashed into the comet, causing a giant explosion, as Terramos almost shot a beam of rock fire at Nathan, but the explosion blasted him aside.


"There has to be a reason for this..." Darsun said, thinking.


Suddenly, the Korax beast appeared from a vortex once again, as it fired fire balls from its mouth at the two of them.


Darsun then punched it in the face and made it disappear into a vortex with a water blast. Suddenly, the same set of golden stairs appeared where the comet was, leading from Nathan and Darsun.


"I guess we have to follow this...maybe our answer is on the other side. Still, why did I have to witness that again?" Nathan wondered, as they kept walking.


Nathan and Darsun ended up in a strange gold room, as a wall appeared and separated both of them.


"Darsun, are you there?" Nathan asked, but had no reply.


"Nathan, where are you?" Darsun asked, as she kept walking.


Nathan was confused, but kept following a path, when he saw a statue resembling Sawkus.


"That's strange...why would a statue of Sawkus be here?" Nathan wondered.


"Psst, Nathan....it's me," the statue said.


"Sawkus, what's going on? Why are we here?" Nathan asked.


"Nathan, I am about to be brought back to life thanks to you. I set up this backup plan in case I was ever killed," Sawkus explained.


"Wait, so you were the Korax creature?" Nathan asked.


"Yes, I formed it to give a credible threat and bring you all here. Now hold on, here comes you," Sawkus said.


"Wait, what?" Nathan asked, as he opened a door and Nathan went behind it, as did the Sawkus statue. Another Sawkus statue appeared, as another Nathan appeared.


"That's strange...why would a statue of Sawkus be here?" Nathan wondered.


"Psst, Nathan....it's me," the statue said.


"Sawkus, what's going on? Why are we here?" Nathan asked.


"Nathan, I am about to be brought back to life thanks to you. I set up this backup plan in case I was ever killed," Sawkus explained.


"Wait, so you were the Korax creature?" Nathan asked.


"Yes, I formed it to give a credible threat and bring you all here. Now hold on, here comes you," Sawkus said.


"Wait, what?" Nathan asked, as he opened a door and Nathan went behind it, as did the Sawkus statue.


The original Nathan and Sawkus were seen in another area, as they heard what happened.


"This is hurting my head..." Nathan said.


"Sorry, couldn't let you see yourself. Anyways, we're in a time paradox. Your friends have defeated the Korax creature in their respective dimensions, and they are all lurking in this room somewhere. Follow me," Sawkus said, as the statue slid down a hall, and Nathan followed.


Darsun kept walking, as she noticed a Sawkus statue.


"Darsun, it is me," the statue said.


"Sawkus? How is this possible?" Darsun asked.


"I'll explain more, but hold on, go through this door," the Sawkus statue said, opening it up, as it slid through with Darsun. Another Sawkus statue appeared, and another Darsun appeared.


"Darsun, it is me," the statue said.


"Sawkus? How is this possible?" Darsun asked.


"I'll explain more, but hold on, go through this door," the Sawkus statue said, opening it up, as it slid through with Darsun. 


"I....don't understand," the original Darsun said, as she then appeared in another room. At the end of it was a sarcophagus resembling Sawkus.


"Alright, let me explain what is going on before your head explodes. I was the one who made the Korax creature appear to gather the Undersea Force here. I messed with your dreams and the talisman to get you here. One of your alternate incarnations will sleep in here forever to keep me alive. I set up a very convoluted plan to keep myself alive a long time ago if I was ever destroyed," Sawkus explained.


"This is going to take a while to process..." Darsun said.


The other Darsun appeared, as the normal Darsun and Sawkus hid. She walked inside the sarcophagus, as it closed. Suddenly, another Nathan appeared, as it walked up the sarcophagus. The normal Nathan was seen with the normal Sawkus statue.


"Just go up to that Nathan and tap him, you'll receive a special gift from me," the Sawkus statue said, as they looked into the room.


"I'm a bit confused, but alright. Is this breaking the laws of time and space?" Nathan asked.


"More or less," the statue replied.


The other Nathan was seen walking up to the sarcophagus when the other Undersea Force members appeared from different entrances. Nathan walked up and tapped the other Nathan, as it turned around.


"WAAAHHHHHH!!!" the other Nathan yelled, as it exploded and turned into a red sword resembling Nathan's outfit. It glowed and levitated itself into Nathan's hand.


"Whoa, you made this for me? Thanks Sawkus," Nathan said, swinging it.


"Yup, Nathan sword," the Sawkus statue replied, as it exploded. Sawkus then appeared in his normal form in front of all eight.


"Okay....CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Laneld asked.


"...What he said," Dash said.


"Sawkus, you're alive?" Zelleo asked.


"Yes, I set up this crazy dream zone as a backup plan if I was ever killed. I invaded Darsun's dream to get you all here," Sawkus said.


"Wow....that's genius, yet scientifically impossible," Kane said.


"This was a very confusing adventure for all of us, but I am grateful you went to all this trouble to get yourself back...even though I missed three nights of sleep," Darsun said.


"No problem, it was destiny. Now then, it's time you all went home. Give that talisman to the Sentient, you are running out of time," Sawkus said, as he made them appear back in the sitting room.


Duros was seen back inside his house, as the counter had 5 minutes left.


"Thank you all..I knew you could do it. But never attack me like that again," Darsun said, reciting lines from episode fifty-two.


"Come on Nathan, give my other half the talisman! TIME'S UP!" Duros yelled, as he yelled into the sleeping Nathan, and they heard it in the Dream Zone.


"Alright, it's time to go guys," Nathan said.


"Wait...hold on, let me check on something," Darsun said, as she ran off into the room with the frozen characters. She tapped on the Korax one.


"Hey uh, whatever happened between us, I just want you to know, I don't really hate you. You're still family to me, and the only relative I ever knew," Darsun said.


"Sister, that means so much to me. Even though I no longer exist physically, I want you to know, you did the right thing in stopping me. Growing up with you was the best part of my life, one I couldn't show," Korax said, as Darsun felt happy she cleared the air. She ran back into the sitting room, as Nathan handed the talisman to the other Duros.


"Going home!" the other Duros said, as all eight held hands and glowed. They then woke up in Duros' house.


Darsun then went back to normal, as she stopped processing older memories.


"You kids did it, I feel happy again for some reason!" Duros said, as he began dancing.


"Yeah, and we got a friend back today, along with a cool new sword," Nathan said, swinging it around.


"All of that hurt my head, I think I need to rest..." Dash said.


"I think we all do," Nora said, as they walked out of the mansion and headed back to the base.


"I'm going to probably need a day or two to process all that. Still, I can't believe Sawkus went to all that trouble for us," PJ said.


"So now what?" Nora asked.


"I guess you can all return home, thank you for assisting me again," Darsun said.


"No problem, at least I got this sword out of it," Nathan said.


"Now, it is time I get some well earned sleep," Darsun said, going back to bed at long last.



-Character Debuts: Professor Duros

-Area Debuts: Dream Zone and Professor Duros' House

-Takes Place: One month after Season 5 finale, same time as the OPF three-parter

-Darsun makes amends with Korax (or at least his good side).

-Darsun's other form references lines from "The Force Assembles (Part 1)", "The Force Assembles (Part 2)", "Robot Rampage", "Zone Runners", "Plight of the Red Sentients (Part 2)", and "Unite & Strike!".




Sawkus is revived thanks to a convoluted plan and Nathan gains a new sword (the Nathan Sword) to replace the Blade of Ice, which he lost in Endgame.


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Great episode! I liked all the references to the things in the past seasons that we got, and I thought Sawkus' plan was seriously wacky :P . It was nice though, to see a zone again. I also liked the Darsun-Korax scene at the end where they buried the hatchet; it was a good final close to everything with Korax, the show's most central villain. And now I guess...there's one more left.


.....I'm not ready for this again :( :( :(:P.

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Well, here it is folks. Even though Endgame is the series finale, you can consider this a series finale-finale, or a bonus finale. As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end.


137. Destiny


Darsun is seen in the Council Building getting some rest after the events of the previous episode.


"Ugh, glad that's over. Now, I'm going to get a long period of sleep," Darsun said, going into her room.


As she is sleeping, she suddenly had a strange vision.


"Oh no...not again," Darsun's voice said.


An image of Sawkus then appeared, as they were seen over Viva.


"Sawkus? What is the meaning of this?" Darsun asked.

"Darsun, your time has come. I was revived to give you the message of the Space Creators. They await for you on Viva," Sawkus said.

"Why? What could they want with me?" Darsun asked.


"I cannot say, you must go there yourself to find the answer to that," Sawkus replied, as the dream ended and Darsun woke up. She then looked out the window at the stars.


Darsun is then seen at the Viva docks, as she wore a backpack with tons of materials. She walked up the mountain to the Lap of the Gods. She looked below at the village, as she kept walking upward and noticed the palace had been repaired. She then walked toward the entrance, as both doors opened up for her. She walked into the throne room, to see the Space Creators sitting on their thrones, along with The Ancient One, who was now on a new sixth throne and wearing brown armor.


"Hello, honorable Creators," Darsun said, bowing.


"I see you received Sawkus' message," Vurous said.


"Welcome, Darsun. It is an honor to have you here," The Ancient One said.


"Today is an important day. Your time has come..." Cassius was saying.

"Why was I brought here?" Darsun asked.


"You will be going through a series of trials. We are judging you, Darsun," Heath said, as she gasped in shock.


"We are judging to see if you are worthy to join the ranks among us," Tujo said.


"You mean...you want to test if I am worthy of becoming a God?" Darsun asked.


"Yes," all six said at once.


"I'm honored, but....why me? I still have a home back on Senato, and friends-" Darsun replied.


"Save the questions for later. First, you shall complete six trials. Then, we will further explain what this is about," Sira said.


"Come with us," Cassius said, as the six floated off their thrones and went out the doors, as Darsun followed.


"I shall be your first trial, so be prepared," Tujo said, as he teleported himself and Darsun to the weapons room.


An amulet then magically appeared around Darsun's, similar to the ones from the Undersea Force.

"This will allow you to channel your power. You will need a weapon for these trials, so this shall be a starting point. Put your hand into the dragon's mouth," Tujo said, as the fire lit up in the dragon statue's mouth.


Darsun closed her eyes, as she reached in and pulled out an aquatic ring.


"You have received the Ring of Mystery," Tujo said, as Darsun held onto it.


"While it looks nice, this doesn't look like a weapon. How does it work?" Darsun asked.


"You will find that out soon enough. It is time to begin the first trial," Tujo said, as he opened a stone door and both walked into it. The door closed behind them, as they entered a large, empty chamber filled with statues.


Tujo clapped his hands together, as the five statues began to move and came to life, as they growled.


"You must use only your weapon, and nothing else, to defeat these creatures. Begin," Tujo said, as he disappeared.


"But wait...oh, never mind. I hope this ring has a use..." Darsun said, holding it, as the first golem charged after her, and it was glowing red, resembling fire.


The creature roared fire at her, as she dodged and slid around. It was about to smash its fist at her, but she then looked through the ring, as it glowed with her amulet. It then blasted a ray of water onto its arm, as it melted into a pile of ash, as the beast growled.


"Interesting...it's as if the ring did what I wanted it to, using water as the weakness to fire," Darsun thought to herself, as she looked into it and blasted another beam of water, as the creature melted into ash. 


The second golem, which glowed blue, resembling the element of water, attacked, as it coughed up water from its mouth, flooding the room.


"This is just like when I helped the guardians fight the Ancient Titans, I just need to think of the opposite elements to defeat them," Darsun said, as she looked into the ring and thought of an earth attack, as the ring formed a bunch of rocks, as they fired at the golem and began to swallow it in a dirt cloud, as the beast collapsed.


The next golem then attacked, which glowed gray, resembling the element of metal. It made a bunch of iron balls appear, as it fired them across the room, and they rolled around. Darsun hopped off of one and thought of a fire attack into the ring, as it shot a flamethrower at the golem, as it melted into liquid. The next golem attacked, which glowed brown and represented earth, as it made the room shake, and it made pillars rise up from the ground. Darsun dodged them, as she thought of a sky attack and the ring blew a heavy wind of gust at the golem, as it shattered apart.


"Just one more...and I know the only way to defeat wind, is by using it against itself!" Darsun said, as the last golem attacked, glowing white and representing air. She then thought of the attack, as she made the ring fire a blast of wind that circled around the golem, as it spun itself apart and collapsed.


"Excellent, you have passed the first trial. Rest up and be prepared for Heath's trial," Tujo said, appearing.


Darsun was then seen with Heath on a cliff, as the same five golems appeared from the previous trial.


"Wait, I'm doing the same trial again?" Darsun asked.


"No. This time, you must fight them without your weapon, and only your strength," Heath said, as the ring disappeared from Darsun's hand.


All five attacked at once, as Darsun made the fire golem shoot fire at the metal golem, melting it. She then made the water golem melt the fire golem, as she dodged the water beam. She then hopped on top of the earth golem, as it made the ground shake. She then jumped onto the water golem, as it fired a rock blast at it, destroying it. She then made the sky golem attack the earth golem, making it crumble apart. Finally, she ran around the air golem, as it blew winds of gust, but she dodged them and hopped around the golem, as it spun itself apart. She hopped down to the ground, as all of them were destroyed.


"Excellent work, Darsun. You truly have strength on your own. Be prepared for Sira's trial," Heath said, as the ring appeared in her hand again.


Darsun was then seen in the throne room with Sira.


"For your next trial, I will disguise myself in this room, and you must find where I am. It sounds simple, but remember I am the Goddess of Stealth, so I have many surprises in store..." Sira said, as she disappeared.


Darsun then looked around as confusion, as she walked around the throne room. She then saw Sira hiding behind a pillar, as Darsun looked at her, but it turned out to be a stone soldier in disguise, as Darsun was surprised. It stood still, as Darsun kept searching. She then looked through her ring for an answer, as it gave a sense to her, as she saw a vision of the ceiling and what appeared to be Sira hiding on top of a pillar. Darsun then climbed up the pillar, as she found Sira.


"Good work, be prepared for Vurous' trial," Sira said, as they both appeared on the floor.


Darsun was then seen with Vurous on a cliff looking out at another cliff, and the bridge was taken out on both sides.


"For your next trial, you will need to go into deep thought. I have a problem for you. The bridge to the other side is taken out, and you cannot cross. On this cliff are four objects: a dragon head from a statue, a plank, a boulder, a lever, and sword. You must use these somehow to get across the bridge, but one of them may not have any purpose at all. You have 5 minutes to figure this riddle out," Vurous said.


"Hmm...how will I use these," Darsun said, meditating. She then looked through her ring, as it showed some catapult with the dragon head. "That's it."


She then moved the dragon head forward, and then noticed it had a wire on the back. She hooked it up to a lever, as she mounted it into a slot on the dragon head. She then put the boulder in the mouth, as she got on top of it. She then grabbed the sword.


"Have you figured it out?" Vurous asked.

"Yes. I needed to make a catapult out of these. The object that had no meaning was the plank." Darsun replied.


"Correct. You shall meet Cassius on the other side," Vurous said, as Darsun used the sword to cut the wire, and the mouth shot the boulder out to the other cliff, as Darsun hung on and landed safely. 


She then walked further and noticed a garden, as she saw Cassius meditating.


"Welcome, you are reaching the end, Darsun. For your fifth trial, there is a hidden entrance to your next trial in this garden. However, it is not visible in this plain. You must travel to the spirit plane by meditation, and find this entrance," Cassius explained.


Darsun then began to meditate, as her body glowed and so did her amulet. She closed her eyes and then opened them, as she noticed the garden looked different. It was glowing, as Darsun walked forward and noticed a glowing portal in place of a walkway. She was about to walk in, but heard Cassius' voice.


"Ah, but which one? Take a look," Cassius' voice said, as Darsun noticed more glowing doors in the garden.


Darsun looked into her ring, as it showed the door to the left. Darsun walked through that portal, as she then appeared in a cavern. She walked ahead and saw The Ancient One sitting on a mat, with mystical items around him.

"Welcome Darsun, to your final trial. I have become the God of Wisdom when I ascended to a higher plane. For your final trial, you must follow me through this cavern to reach your destination. There will be three parts to this, so technically you have three more trials. But that should not be an issue!" The Ancient One said, as he began floating on his mat, as Darsun followed him.


"Three more trials left? I can probably handle them," Darsun said.


"Are you sure?" The Ancient One asked back, as Darsun felt hesitant.


They then arrived at an intersection, and three different tunnels were waiting for them.


"Now then, for the first part, you must go through the right tunnel. If you go through the wrong one, you will be subject to many deadly traps," The Ancient One said.


Darsun meditated into her ring, but it gave no clear answer.


"What? The ring isn't working..." Darsun said.


"Sometimes, weapons cannot do all your problem solving. You must use your own heart," The Ancient One said.


Darsun then thought to herself, as she went through the right tunnel. Nothing attacked her, as she approached the other side, and noticed a giant treasure room.


"Wise choice, following your heart led you into the right path. Now then, for this part, you must find three keys hidden in the treasure pile. But watch out, there are sneaky shadow ghosts lurking around, and it has traps rigged if you step on the wrong tile! Now go," The Ancient One said, as Darsun walked into the treasure pile.


As soon as she stepped on a tile, a bunch of spears came shooting out of the wall, but she used her ring to deflect them all by making a water shield. She dug through a pile of treasure and found a bronze key, but she heard a shrieking noise. A bunch of shadow ghosts came flying out of the treasures and they swarmed around Darsun. Darsun looked into her ring, as she shined a light on them and they all disappeared. She kept digging through the piles, as she found a silver key. She stepped back and hit another tile, as spears came flying out of the ground, but she dodged them all. She searched for the last key, but more ghosts came flying her way. She looked into the ring and made it shine blue again, as all the ghosts were destroyed from the light. She found the last key, a gold key, at the top of the pile, as she went walking back to The Ancient One.


"Excellent work. Now, follow me for the last trial," The Ancient One said, as he floated to behind the treasure pile, and it took them to a seal. "Put all three keys in the seal."


Darsun put the keys in the slots, as the gate opened up. They walked into the next room, as the only thing there was a strange mirror. 


"What is the final trial?" Darsun asked.

"Look into the mirror," The Ancient One said, as Darsun did so.


She kept looking, and saw an image of the Undersea Force members and Drake.


"This shall show you their futures..." The Ancient One said.


The mirror began showing several images. The first showed Laneld racing at a stadium, as he became a professional racer. PJ is seen in a snowboarding competition, who has become a pro snowboarder. Zelleo and Kane are then seen as famous scientists, who are doing research. Dash is seen teaching a class of students karate, following in Master Towaius' footsteps. Drake is seen leading the OPF, as Bishop has retired. Finally, Nathan is seen as a famous racer like Laneld, and he gets married to Nora.


"Why are you showing me this?" Darsun asked.


"Because, this is the final trial. Your decision. Will you join our ranks and let your friends have futures? Or will you just stay a normal Sentient?" The Ancient One asked.


"Does it matter though? Can't I still be friends with them as a goddess? You're suggesting I abandon everything I worked for on Senato, and my bonds with the guardians, just to be a goddess? Why can't I have both?" Darsun asked.


"Would you be able to meet them if you did both?" The Ancient One asked.


"Well, I may not see them much anymore, but our bonds still exist. We'll never grow apart. It was our destiny we meet and stopped evil forces like Korax and Malvor. That was why you judged me, to know my destiny, and theirs." Darsun answered.


"...You have passed the final trial," The Ancient One said, as Darsun's body started glowing, as did The Ancient One's. Both of them then appeared in the throne room, in front of the other five Space Creators.


"You have made a wise choice, Darsun. You do not want to abandon your friends, or all your hard work in restoring your civilization," Cassius spoke.


"You have made a bold choice, and you flawlessly passed all of the trials. You meet the requirements to join our ranks," Vurous said.

"But...you have a choice. Do you really want to?" Heath asked to her.


"You have a choice, we only judged you to see if you were fit. The final decision is up to you," Sira said.


"You can still see your friends. Nobody said you had to sit on a throne for eternity, but we have nobody left in our lives to care for. You can be different from us." Tujo said.


"I accept then. I am honored, great ones," Darsun said.


Her body began to glow, as purple armor resembling the Space Creators' appeared around her body.


"You have become the God of Destiny," Sira said.


"Thank you. Can I say some things to my guardians? I'd like them to know about this," Darsun said.

"Go ahead," Cassius said.


The Undersea Force was seen at the Krusty Krab, when they saw a shooting star crash into the desert, similar to how Darsun's space craft crashed in the very first episode.


"Huh....deja vu," Laneld said.


"What was that?!" several fish inside asked, as the seven ran off to the desert. 


"This is just like when we first met Darsun..." Zelleo said.


Darsun emerged out of a small pit, wearing her new armor.


"Whoa...Darsun, what brings you here?" Nathan asked.


"Also, what's with the get-up?" Dash asked.

"I wanted to tell you all that I have become a Space Creator, I have ascended to a higher plane of existence like The Ancient One. I wanted to let you all know I shall mostly be at Viva from now on, helping the Space Creators. But that does not mean I have abandoned you and Senato. Senato will live on, and I have seen your futures. I do not want to interfere with them, but that does not mean you need to stop being together. We've had a special bond, it was destiny we all met," Darsun explained.


"Wow, that meant a lot. Thanks Darsun," Nora replied.


"You're right, nobody ever said we had to stop the Undersea Force just because we stopped all the bad guys. More could resurge one day," Kane said.


"And we'll all be there together when they do," PJ added.


"Yes. Now, farewell for now, guardians. I'll be on Viva if you ever need me," Darsun said, as she teleported away.


"Farewell, Darsun," they all said.


"So now what, guys?" Laneld asked.

"Well, we still have our vehicles," Nora suggested.


All seven vehicles are seen racing through the Grand Reef Desert. Drake then approaches them in the Shadow Striker.


"Having a race without me?" Drake asked.


All eight then kept racing through the desert, as they drove off into the sunset.



-Takes Place: One month after Endgame, same time as the OPF three-parter and Nightmare in Red

-Darsun becomes the God of Destiny, while The Ancient One becomes the God of Wisdom.

-Darsun gains the Ring of Mystery.

-We learn the Undersea Force's futures. Nathan gets married to Nora and becomes a famous racer, Zelleo and Kane become famous scientists, Dash becomes a karate teacher, Laneld becomes a famous racer like Nathan, PJ becomes a famous snowboarder, and Drake becomes the OPF leader.

-The ending scene is similar to how "Senato" ended.


That's all, folks.

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Wow Jjs, once again you have made me over emotional about a fictional piece of work on a SpongeBob forum :P . Just like the first series finale, this just sent me over a cliff.


First, I'd like to say that I enjoyed Darsun's challenges which determined whether she'd become a Goddess. Making her the God of Destiny was a great choice, and it really does represent what she's been about since day one. As she said, it was destiny that she met the UF members. With their help, not only has the universe been saved numerous times, but Senato was rightfully rebuilt.


I liked that the team's futures were revealed. It seems like they're all gonna do big things :) . And wow, NathanXNora confirmed :P . I need to think of some ship names for them....Nathora...Norathan? Lol, nevermind.


But overall, I think this show had a wonderful ending and it's been such a joyous ride. Also, if this is truly your final act for S/O's, I want to commend you for doing such a great job :D.

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After six years, this thread temporarily returns for a special occasion. To celebrate this spin-off's tenth anniversary, here is Storm Racers: Reunion, a special mini movie which I'll be posting in four parts.

Storm Racers: Reunion Part I

Bikini Bottom is shown, the sunlight shining across its landscape. It had changed over the years, with many people and places leaving and joining. It was different, but yet, still the same in many ways. However, the absences of a certain group was one notable missing piece of the puzzle. Today marks ten years since the Undersea Force first formed and had their life changing encounter with Darsun in the desert outskirts past the city. Their final battle against Malvor was nearly eight years ago now, which marked the denouement of their time together as a team. Months later, Darsun passed a set of trials allowing her to ascend into a Space Creator, taking up the position of God of Destiny. The group saw her very little after that, as she moved onto a new part of her life and did not have much time to interact with them anymore, but tried to find time to stay in touch where she could. The group as a whole had not been in the same area together for a few years now. Senato and the galaxy had seen mostly peace since Malvor’s defeat, so their protection were not needed. While Senato was busy being self-sufficient now, the group’s stories continued onward as they grew older. Thanks to a tip from Sawkus, Nathan went on a globetrotting expedition to find the remains of Malvor’s essence throughout the universe, which led to him teaming up with quite a motley group of magical wielders. After that was taken care of, he continued his professional racing career, while trying to balance his relationship with Nora. Nora had gone exploring the world thanks to the various places Nathan goes for his races. Dash took over Master Towaius’s old academy and reopened the building, slowly forming his own new karate academy. Laneld continued his own racing career, and became a world famous celebrity, which took him to many places. Zelleo and Kane continued their separate paths on the science field, aiming to become esteemed scientists and scholars. Zelleo got degree in astronomy, and now has been aiming to share his work with the rest of the world by meeting with different professors in various universities around the world. Kane went on his own drifter path once more. He would sometimes check in on Senato for research purposes and to see how everyone was doing, but it never felt the same without the whole group there. PJ continued his snowboarder career, still meeting Nathan and Nora from time to time. Drake continued to lead the Ocean Protection Force after Bishop’s retirement, who was essentially the only member left in Bikini Bottom now on a regular basis. He felt content that he would be able to watch over their hometown, so both Senato and Bikini Bottom were in safe hands. Overall, the Undersea Force’s lives had changed a lot in the past ten years since they first met Darsun, and now they have felt more distant than before due to how their lives have evolved. Today was a special today because it marked exactly ten years since the group first met her, a time that feels like it flew by to all of them.

A familiar red boat-mobile is shown ripping through the Grand Reef Desert, sand blowing all over from its path and onto the boat’s red coat. It is the Splitvire, Nathan’s signature vehicle he used during his time on the Undersea Force. His hand is shown on the steering wheel, and he looks out at the mirrors, not caring about the sand in his way. He had learned by now to balance out distractions. He turns the wheel, making the boat do a quick turn once he realizes he found what he is looking for. The Splitvire then comes to a stop at a familiar crater spot, its imprint still in tact. Nathan steps out, having gotten taler and now sporting a beard. He looks at the crater spot where Darsun crashed in her spacecraft a decade ago. He reminisces to a flashback of that fateful day…

As they all continued eating their meals, a strange light began coming toward the ocean. It hit the sea floor, and smashed in a nearby desert.

"What in Neptune's name?!" yelled Mr. Krabs.

"I knew it, aliens do exist!" Patrick yelled.

"ALIENS ARE GOING TO RULE THE WORLD!" SpongeBob yelled, and customers began panicking.

"They better take you two first," Squidward laughed.

The five rushed outside the Krusty Krab as soon as possible. It landed in the Bikini Bottom desert, near an old military base.

"We should investigate that, who knows what intelligent lifeforms could be there!" Zelleo said.

"That is, if you know, aliens do exist. They're just superstition," Dash said.

"Still, it's worth a look," Zelleo said. "I could find something interesting."

"Bah, fine, but as long as whatever is there doesn't try to eat us," Laneld said.

"I never believed in the supernatural myself...but after what we saw, it would change the world forever," Nathan said to himself again, and they came to a sandy pit with a strange blue glowing spaceship.

"What is that?" asked Zelleo as he looked toward it.

"It looks like a...UFO?!" Laneld panicked.

Nathan smiles to himself, as part of him had fond nostalgic memories for those early days. It was still hard to believe that seemed so long ago now. He had liked to take the Splitvire for a ride out in this desert here and there. Perhaps part of him was hoping on the off chance Darsun or the others would appear here again. He had remembered today was the tenth anniversary of their adventure’s beginning, but was not so sure if anyone else did. He was not mad at them though, he knew they all had their own lives now, but part of him still longed to see them again. Nathan looks at where their first base once stood, now, just another forgotten spot in the desert sea. He imagines it briefly in its place again, and then the memory is gone thanks to the blowing sand winds. It makes him think back to simpler times, when they were hopping through Senato’s broken zones and fighting the Vandalators and Rark. None of them ever predicted their initial adventures would eventually evolve to fight ancient cosmic gods and the government. But that was part of the thrill, never knowing for certain where the road you’re taking leads.

This reminds him of a particular conversation they had, one that helped influence his future. He then reminisces to another flashback to ten years prior, during their early days of the Undersea Force adventures, and during the time when they still had the desert base.

The Undersea Force are shown lounging around in the base early in the morning, at the time of when the group only consisted of the original five: Nathan, Nora, Zelleo, Laneld, and Dash.

“Any zones detected yet? I could use some robots or vandals to beat up, I’m in that mood.” Dash asked eagerly to Darsun, who is at the computers, looking.

“No, nothing yet. I will let you know when there is. Enjoy the time off for now.” Darsun replied.

“I’m not complaining about the time off, that zone can take its sweet time to appear!” Laneld said, lazily slouching back on a couch.

“Of course, you jump at any opportunity to not do work.” Nora teased, as the rest of the crew chuckles at this.

“Hey, I have done plenty of work so far for the team! I am the absolute most contributive member! For example, I…got us breakfast? Yeah, I did!” Laneld said awkwardly, seeing several breakfast bags from the Krusty Krab on a table nearby and wondering where they came from, all while still trying to make a lie out of it.

“Uh…Nathan got that for us just a few moments ago. Sorry to bust your story.” Zelleo corrected.

Laneld sighs defeated and Nora smiles.

“Yep, it’s true. It was meant to be a surprise but it’s out of the bag now I guess. I figured we could all use a warm up meal to start the day.” Nathan said, as he begins opening the bags. 

The group looks to see he got them the Krusty Krab breakfast pancakes.

“Mmm…good choice.” Laneld said, as he quickly grabs a set of pancakes and begins dining in.

“Hey Darsun, do you want breakfast?” Nora called to her.

“Would she even like our food?” Zelleo asked.

“Uh…good question.” Nora replied, feeling embarrassed, as Darsun turns around.

“Depends on what you are having. What is that delicacy?” Darsun asked, now looking at the pancakes with fascination and uncertainty.

“That’s what we call pancakes down here.” Dash said.

“…Pancakes? Never heard of it.” Darsun asked, trying to pronounce “pancakes” in an unfamiliar manner.

“Try some of mine, on the house.” Laneld offered, holding some of his out in a rare act of generosity, which surprises even him. “Although if this poisons you I am not responsible.”

“I’ll survive.” Darsun replied, taking to take the taste test.

Laneld puts one of his pancakes on a plate, along with a fork, handing it to Darsun. She looks slightly confused, not knowing what the fork is for.

“I don’t know if you have them where you’re from, but you use the fork.” Dash pointed out to her.

“Oh, I see. Sorry, I am not used to how Earth cuisines work, let alone its ocean’s cuisines.” Darsun replied.

Darsun picks up the fork and takes a bite out of the pancake. She gives it a few seconds, and the group awaits her reaction in suspense. She surprisingly enjoys it. 

“This is not bad. Not as great as the delicacies on Senato, but still fine.” Darsun recalled.

“And you’re still standing alive, I consider it a success!” Laneld replied.

The group, now with Darsun, eats the pancakes together.

“That cashier at the Krusty Krab isn’t exactly the friendliest, but their food never fails to disappoint.” Nora said, enjoying the breakfast.

“We’ve been a team for only a month now, and it makes me wonder: how long do you guys think we’ll plan on doing this?” Dash wondered.

“I don’t know. I guess it depends how many zones we have to find.” Nathan replied, as the group looks to Darsun.

“There are many out there. I cannot give a proper estimate but it could take years, and that depends on when the portals want to appear.” Darsun replied.

“So basically indefinitely. I don’t mind though, gives me a job of some kind.” Nora replied.

“I do…no offense, but I don’t want to be stuck hunting magic portals forever! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have a normal life I’d like to still live.” Laneld replied.

“Rude.” Nora replied.

“No, Laneld is right, surprisingly. I know you all still have your own lives, and I do not want to take those away from you for long. This makes me wonder one question, though. What do you all plan to do when you grow up?” Darsun asked curiously.

The group are taken aback by this, and think it over. 

“I haven’t really given it much thought, admittedly.” Nathan replied, taking time to think about it.

“I’m not really sure either, but I know I want to explore the world.” Nora replied.

“Well I know one thing, I’m becoming a professional racer! No doubt about it!” Laneld said with confidence.

“Maybe open my own dojo, just like my master’s.” Dash thought.

“I know I want to become a science professor, what field, I don’t know exactly yet. Although with how we’re going into space for these adventures, that could be interesting…” Zelleo pondered.

“That would be an interesting path. There is much to discover out in the galaxies that the Earth people have barely scratched the surface of knowing.” Darsun said.

“Much like how eighty percent of our ocean is unexplored by the land. Maybe the ocean and space have more in common than we think, both unexplored enigmas to certain groups.” Zelleo said eloquently, impressing the group with that analogy.

“Wherever our missions go, I will never take your futures away from you. I promise you that. Senato doesn’t have much for me to come back to, but you still do in your oceans. You still have lives to life at your age and promising futures ahead, even if you don’t fully realize it yet.” Darsun replied, at first sadly due to the bitter memories Senato left behind, but then in a tone that changes to optimistically knowing the group had a chance to make everything better. She believed in them.

“Didn’t expect breakfast to get this deep…” Dash said awkwardly, and then goes back to eating pancakes.

“My apologies if this disrupted the tone.” Darsun replied, feeling embarrassed.

“No, it's fine. We kind of needed this talk because the future is always uncertain, and it never hurts to acknowledge it now.” Nathan replied, as this conversation has made him think about his future more than before.

“Yeah, perhaps stepping back and planning ahead isn’t so bad. That said, my racing career is still set in stone, I’m already imagining my speeches to my adoring fans…” Laneld replied, fantasizing. 

“Well that’s the most planning you’ll do in a lifetime.” Dash replied teasingly, and Laneld tries to hit him, but Dash avoids.

“Intently discussing our futures over pancakes. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Nora replied.

They all then let out a laugh, even Darsun, turning back to the cheerful mood from before. They continue eating.

“I owe you all a thank you for letting me into your breakfast. It’s made me almost feel at home again.” Darsun replied.

“No problem, you’re welcome to join us for breakfast, lunch, and dinner anytime. We’re not just friends, we’re a family.” Nathan replied.

The group feels closer with Darsun now after this and realizing they’ll still have plenty of time to plan their futures.

Nathan just wished their futures had come later rather than sooner. He had wondered how Darsun was doing, as he had not seen her in years due to her duties as the God of Destiny. He hoped she was doing well, wherever she is now.

On Viva, Darsun is seen meditating with the other Space Creators in a garden, wearing her special armor. Cassius, Vurous, Heath, Sira, Tujo and The Ancient One are all by her side. Darsun’s meditation is then interrupted by something unpleasant. She has a vision of an unfamiliar silhouetted group of marauders attacking Senato. Several other flashes appear, and she cannot tell the order of events they occur in: the Undersea Force fighting with the marauders, the marauders on an unfamiliar space ship, and an ominous purple glow to end it off. This makes her eyes shoot open. She looks around with tension, but trying to keep a calm mind. The other Space Creators look at her concerned, knowing something is wrong.

“What have you seen, Darsun? I sense your soul’s discomfort.” Cassius asked.

“There is a disturbance in the galaxy. I am not sure how to describe it, but if I interpreted it correctly, I fear a new enemy may be on the rise.” Darsun replied.

“Did you get a clear glimpse of what the enemy looked like?” Tujo asked.

“No, the vision was too clouded. The most I could make out was they resembled a group of raiders.” Darsun explained.

“With all due respect, how would a petty group do raiders be an intergalactic threat?” Heath wondered.

“That is what we need to find out.” Sira replied.

“Whatever this threat may be, they clearly are posing a threat to the galaxy’s destiny, given why only Darsun had this premonition.” Vurous deduced. 

“This means we must not underestimate them at face value. Darsun, I believe it is time for you to see some old friends.” The Ancient One said, stroking his beard and then nodding her.

The other Space Creators give silent nods as well, giving their signs of approval. Darsun knew what she had to do. It was time to reunite the Undersea Force together after so many years apart for an important new mission, which may have the fate of the galaxy at stake. Darsun waves her hand and several magical portals appear before her, showing the current locations of every Undersea Force member. She then holds out the Ring of Mystery, making magical blue symbols glow from it. Ever since she first met them, Darsun knew this group had a special bond that would never fade away unlike any she’s seen before. She reminisces back to the day she first met them.

"My name is Darsun. I came from an ancient civilization known as Blue Sentients. We were an ancient race of aliens that lived on a planet named Senato. But...our entire civilization was wiped out.."

"If this is real...interesting," Zelleo said.

"So...are you done with with this bunch of nonsense, because I have better things to do!" said Laneld.

"I can assure you this is all real," she said.

"Okay, this is just odd. A ship crashes to the ocean and you come out and say all of this nonsense," said Dash.

"Guys, hold on...remember that psychic wave she launched at us?" Nathan said. "Maybe she could be alien."

"I am from this ancient civilization...I don't care if you don't believe me. My civilization was well wiped out...but..." She hesitated.

"What is it?" asked Nora.

"I can't say...but let's say since you five found me...I have a special surprise for you. I'd rather let you get used to me first."

"This is a great tradition we Sentients give to noble people like you. You have five have a great bond between each other, I can sense it in your auras…" Darsun explained.

"Yes, we've been friends for years," Nathan said.

She then teleports away, going off to find every member. 

Nathan is seen still looking at the empty base spot in the Grand Reef Desert, wondering where the time had gone. He then hears a teleportation noise from behind him, and sees a glowing flash. A magical blue portal similar to the Storm Fields they used to enter appears, and Darsun walks out of it, wearing spiritual robes. Nathan is shocked. Did she actually remember what today was?

“Nathan, I know it’s been a while. I’ll explain more later, but I need your help. That is if you wish to.” Darsun offered.

“Of course. It’s so good to see you again. Can I take the Splitvire for old time’s sake?” Nathan asked.

“Of course. You’ll need it.” Darsun replied.

He hops back into the Splitvire by instinct, still taken aback this is happening. He hoped this wasn’t a desert mirage. Darsun teleports them away, as sand blows everywhere.

A luxurious cruise is seen sailing through the island archipelago of Enhalas. It was once known as a lawless pirate haven long ago and largely unexplored by the rest of the ocean. Times have changed since, as the area is a popular tourist attraction now for its islands and sunken treasures. Laneld is seen throwing a party on board the cruise, wearing a fancy tropical purple outfit and gold sunglasses. He had amassed quite the wealth over the past eight years due to his racing career, and spent that money hosting parties such as this. Land goes onto a stage and grabs a microphone, looking at the party goers before him.

“I dedicate this all to my favorite fans!” Laneld yelled out to the crowd, who cheer.

He throws out a handful of cash, as the crowd eagerly dashes toward the flying money, trying to grab what they can. Laneld makes his way out of the rabid crowd and heads into a cabin. He takes a sigh of relief. As much as he loved his fans, they could get overwhelming at times, and they did not have the same bond he had with the friends he’s known since childhood. He then turns to see Darsun, who has been waiting for him inside. Laneld drops his drink, the glass shattering on the floor. 

“I did not have that on the schedule for today…” Laneld said, taking off his sunglasses to make sure it’s really her and not him hallucinating.

“Hello Laneld. Long time no see. We need your help.” Darsun replied.

“Must be some serious space happenings I wager if you had to fetch me here…how did you get here, by the way?” Laneld wondered, confused.

“I have been learning a few tricks in my time as a Space Creator. Yes, the situation is serious. That is if you are still up for it-“ Darsun was saying.

“Of course I am! Just because I’m a celebrity doesn’t mean I’ll forget you guys!” Laneld replied, and then calls someone on his purple phone, “Yeah, that 4pm appointment is going to have to be delayed, sorry. I’ve got more important matters.” 

Darsun smiles, proud of how Laneld has matured over the years.

“Do you have the Sonicwave nearby?” Darsun asked.

“I was just about to ask that, I see we’re on the same page! Yes, I do, but not on the boat.” Laneld replied.

“No worries. Tell me where to go.” Darsun replied, ready to teleport them.

Laneld and Darsun are seen outside of a large garage. Laneld presses a button on his keys, making the door open. The shiny Sonicwave is shown inside, kept clean as ever thanks to Laneld’s work. Nathan and him were the only two members that still regularly used their vehicles in the sea, the rest of the team’s were safely in storage on Senato.

“Well girl, looks like we’re going back to space.” Laneld said, eagerly hopping in.

Nora is seen by herself hiking up a forest path, enjoying the sights. It felt good for her to clear her mind and see the world like this. She holds out a camera, taking pictures of what she can around her. She has taken up a hobby of photography lately, wanting to catalog her adventures to cherish the memories forever. She realized how little photo archives existed of her adventures with the Undersea Force, and it disappointed her how little of their history was saved, so she wants to amend that. As she keeps walking, she stops in her tracks upon seeing Darsun in front of her. Nora looks around shocked, making sure nobody else is near. 

“Hello Nora. I need your help. It’s urgent.” Darsun said to her.

Dash is seen at a dojo, once belonging to his master Towaius. He has been using it for his classes in his honor ever since he took up the career of becoming a professional sensei. He wanted to continue passing his wisdom on to future generations. He dismisses a class after an illuminating day of lessons, wishing them a great day. He liked his students, but some were quicker learners than others to say the least. He is then speaking to someone on the phone.

“Yeah, I’ve heard about this dojo in Posidonia Fields, they could make a good partner. I’ll give them a visit sometime.” Dash was saying, as the conversation continues on. 

Dash walks down a hallway, still on the phone.

“I appreciate the enthusiasm but…” Dash was saying, then stops when he sees Darsun come out of a door. “I’ll call you back.”

At a university in another oceanic country, Zelleo is seen acting as a professor’s assistant, who is mentoring him. 

“Alright, I have to go to a meeting, so can you do me a favor and file these folders?” The professor asked Zelleo.

“Of course, sir.” Zelleo replied, getting to work immediately.

“Thank you.” The professor replied, heading off.

Zelleo gets to work at once. As he works, Darsun quietly enters through the door.

“Back already? Did it get cancelled-“ Zelleo was asking, turning his head.

He drops a folder in shock upon seeing Darsun. He knew what this meant.

Kane is seen in a lab wearing safety clothing. He is mixing chemicals together for an experiment. He then hears a knocking on the door, and opens it to see Darsun, surprised.

“Well I’ll be. Been a few years but I see you’re doing fine. If y’all weren’t aware, I kept a close eye on Senato when I could.” Kane said to her.

“I knew, and I thank you for that. Now I need your help again.” Darsun replied.

A snowy mountain is shown, with PJ and several other snowboarders racing down it. It’s a close call, but PJ is first to make it to the finish line in the end. The audience cheers for him, as he takes his trophy. PJ goes into a cabin, where Darsun is waiting for him.

“Wow, you also came to see me win, eh? I’m honored. But seriously, I take it things aren’t looking good in the galaxy.” PJ said.

“Yes, and I’m getting the team back together. Are you in?” Darsun asked.

“You didn’t even need to ask.” PJ replied, ready.

The Ocean Protection Force headquarters is seen in Bikini Bottom, which had grown larger. The organization had received a major overhaul under Drake’s leadership, managing to cleanse out most of its corruption and issues. The group had worked a lot closer with the International Police in recent years, who had their own restructuring thanks to their current leader named Colress who took over a few years ago. They had worked together to help investigate a bunch of strange magical occurrences happening the country of Posidonia. As agents are walking around the building, Drake is in the command room alone. Darsun then appears through a portal in the room, nearly making him fall out of his chair.

“A heads up would’ve been nice…but nice to see you again.” Drake said, still shaken.

“Apologies, but it's an urgent matter. Do you have any time to spare?” Darsun asked.

“Melissa, I’m going to be away for a bit to deal with a private matter. Take my calls.” Drake said to his secretary on comms. 

Darsun had reassembled the team and was ready to return to Senato with them. If there was anywhere that would have a lead on a potential threat, it would be her home. 

Senato, much like Bikini Bottom, had its own fair share of changes over the years. It had become a member of the intergalactic group called the Galactic Alliance, a government formed to make sure no large scale threats such as Korax or Malvor ever emerge again. The galaxy had seen genuine peace under their rule, with only a few small skirmishes that were handled with ease. Several peacekeeper soldiers were stationed on the planet as a deal with their membership, who helped watch over Senato alongside the natives. Many other aliens began to immigrate to Senato, wanting to check out its new locations that were constructed in the intervening years. Many cities and landmarks began to flourish over the once barren planet, with highly advanced roads being built to connect them together. Cymtrax, Krumb and the rest of the Rark continued to reside in their mechanical kingdom, which had become a tourist attraction for those fascinated in technology. The Galactic Alliance had also borrowed Rarks for security, so Cymtrax was in close contact with them in case anything happened to the robots. The Vandalators had all moved off planet years ago to explore the galaxy, leaving their jungle behind as a popular adventurers’ spot. The Senato Council had seen a retooling over the years under its current leader, Jiros, a blue sentient friend of Daksas who he trusted to lead after he retired. The other members currently consisted of: Princeton, Daxon, Kufon, and Kuri. Kuri may have appeared as a shocking choice to many on Senato after her history with Korax, but she worked hard to atone for her errors and help the planet. Princeton received his own promotion to a seat after his impressive technological work on the planet. 

Darsun and the Undersea Force are seen outside of the council building, reunited after so long. They look at each other for a few moments, unsure how to start a conversation. 

“So…it’s been some time since we’ve all been in one area. If you guys didn’t know, today marks ten years since we first met Darsun.” Nathan reminded to them.

“I remembered.” Nora replied.

“As did I.” Zelleo replied.

“I’d never forget.” Dash replied.

“I definitely did not forget!” Laneld reassured.

“I wasn’t there.” Drake said awkwardly, as Kane and PJ also shrug, but are still happy to be a part of the anniversary.

“Yes, I could never forget that day given it changed my life forever. There are not enough words to show my gratitude to you all.” Darsun added.

“Still though, hard to believe it’s been ten years already. It felt like they went by in a flash.” Kane said.

“It did for me given my perception of time.” Darsun replied.

“Oh, I see now. Darsun got us together for a surprise anniversary party? I’m flattered!” Laned said, ready for another party.

“No, this reunion is merely coincidental timing. There is a potential threat rising which we must discuss with the council.” Darsun explained.

Jiros then walks down the building’s stairs, surprised to see them here.

“Darsun, the Undersea Force…it’s my pleasure to see you! To what do I owe the honor?” Jiros greeted to them.

“I will explain once we’re inside, but first, do you still have the Vobi’s key?” Darsun asked him.

“Of course, I’ve kept it with me at all times.” Jiros replied, taking it out of his pocket.

He guides them around to the council’s storage room, taking them inside. The Vobi is seen inside. Jiros presses a button on the key, making the Vobi’s belly open, showing their vehicles inside: Grangler, Slashwind, Crusher, Bolt Blaster, Ice Shredder and Shadow Striker. The workers at the building had kept the vehicles in good shape over the years, awaiting the day for them to be used by their owners again.

“Nice to see you again, old friend.” Dash said to the Slashwind, trying out its controls and seeing it’s still in shape.

The group remembers back to when they first got these vehicles, and their first mission together with them.


 "This is your first mission! Good luck!" Darsun said to them. 

They all got into their boats raised on stages. There were five pathways. They each got into their own and went off. 

They came out of the bunker and were driving off throughout the desert into Bikini Bottom.

"Woo hoo hoo!" said Dash as he performed stunts on his fast bike. He then turned it into a spinning blade.

"Awesome! This is so cool! I don't even have my boating license yet!" he said.

"Don't get too overconfident," Nora warned.

They raced into the streets, and fish gazed at them.

While inspecting their vehicles, the group takes time to catch up and talk about what they have been up to over the years, letting out laughs of joy they have not heard in a while. They give each other handshakes to reaffirm they are still friends no matter how far apart they may be.  The reunited team then heads into the council building, ready to discuss their mission.

Meanwhile, on the planet Dusturia, a large, populous, bustling city is shown in the middle of the vast desert. Once only a small, poor village ruled by a dictator, it had now flourished into a beautiful wonder of the galaxy to be thanks to the work of their current king, Hadar. He looks out from the balcony at a beautiful sunset, which is then interrupted by screams from below, startling him.

In the city streets, civilians are running in panic. Several steel hover bikes are zooming around, attacking anyone and anything, being rode by the same marauders Darsun saw in her vision. Painted on their bikes is their symbol, three daggers in the shape of lightning strikes. The members are various different alien species. Their helmets have steel horns mounted onto the sides, making them resemble space vikings of sorts. Various assortments of weapons are attached to their steel armor, some likely stolen from previous victims. Their plasma guns fire away at once, firing their shots upon the civilians and buildings. The civilians take cover and run, with debris flying everywhere through their panicked paths. 

“Who are these guys!?” one of the residents asked.

“I hear they call themselves the Vihil. They’re a nasty group of criminals and anarchists that take what they want with no regards to life.” another resident said, and jumps out of the way from a plasma shot.

The hover bikes keep speeding onward, smashing through market stands without a care. It becomes clear that their real target is the palace Hadar is at, as he sees their vehicles approaching closer.

“Guards, stop those barbarians!”  Hadar ordered at once, as his guards rush out.

They point their spears in formation, giving a warning for them to slow down. Surprisingly, the hover bikes all come to an abrupt stop outside the palace. The leader of the Vihil steps forward, with their tattered brown cape waving from the wind. A steel mask covers their enigmatic face, and a sense of dread feels the air.

“King Hadar asks you marauders to leave Dusturia at once, or we will use force.” A guard ordered.

There is no reply from any of them. After seconds of intense waiting, the Vihil then begin firing their plasma guns at once, as the guards try to deflect them. Several are shot down by the blasts. Other grunts then jump off their bikes and begin to attack the guards in hand to hand combat with their weapons. The grunts are able to overpower the guards. 

The Vihil leader faces off against a guard, clashing his staff against the guard’s spear. He breaks the spear in half, startling the guard. He then tries to punch the leader, but the leader’s staff smashes right through the guards helmet, shattering metal pieces off of it. He then hits him in the chest, knocking them to the sandy ground. The leader points their staff right at the guard’s face.

“Who…are you…” the guard asked, terrified, trying to put his hands in the way.

“I am Pax, the Augur of the Vihil.” Pax replied calmly. 

Pax then strikes his staff right through the guard, finishing him. His grunts have finished off the others. He then gives a hand signal, ordering them to storm the palace and take the king. They storm the building, fighting their way through several more guards. Hadar looks at the throne room door’s worried, wondering on the outcome. The doors then fly open from the hover bikes, which barge in. Hadar tries to run, but a plasma blast hits the ground in front of him, making him fall to the floor. Pax approaches him.

“Please…I beg you, take anything you want, I have plenty of riches.” Hadar said in fear, pointing to his treasure room.

“We have no need for it. Do not panic, we do not plan to kill you. You will make a fine addition to our collection.” Pax replied smugly.

Hadar is seen tied up and thrown onto the back of a hover bike, being sent off. The hover bikes head for a gray, rusty space ship waiting at a cliff, which the Vihil used to enter the planet. They take him on board.

A dark room is shown, lit by the dimmest of lights. Hadar’s blindfold is taken off, and he looks at several prison cells before him. They had taken him to their ship’s prison.

“You will not get away with this for long. My army and the Galatic Alliance will come looking for you.” Hadar warned.

“I’m counting on it.” Pax replied contently.

Pax holds out an ominous glowing artifact, radiating a dark purple glow. 

“What…is that thing…?” Hadar asked curiously.

“I appreciate your curiosity. This artifact is something that will help us change the galaxy forever.” Pax replied ominously.

Hadar its thrown into one of the cells. Pax continues to stare at his mysterious artifact, as the purple light continues to shine throughout the prison room.

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It's nice to see Storm Racers were reunited again as it's been 10 years since they first met Dersun. I'm glad to read this series for old time's sake.  Pax seems interesting new villain as I wonder what was this thing, and why  he wants to collets the prisoners. Overall, great way to start of mini-series. reunion special.


Final Grade: A+

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Storm Racers Reunion: Part II

The Vihil’s ship is shown flying through a cold, dark pocket of space. Dusturia is left behind in chaos in its wake. Pax exits the prisoner room, and puts his mysterious artifact away. Several grunts are left behind to watch over the prisoners and make sure they don’t try to escape. They stalk around the cells, giving intense glares to the prisoners, who look back in fear. Hadar wants to say something, but knows it’s not worth it. He looks out from his cell, recognizing a few of the prisoners, noting them as Galactic Alliance senators. 

“Why doesn’t he just kill us already…” a prisoner moaned, unable to deal with this torture any loner.

“Because hostages are always good incentive for ransom. Plus, you’re all very special people, and the Augur has no intention of ridding you. As long as he wants you alive, you live.” the grunt said.

Each of the prisoners they had apprehended were either an important official of a planetary government or a monarch ruler in Hadar’s case. The Vihil do not believe in any governments, so they sought to rip them to pieces by capturing several key figures, but knew killing them right away would be too easy and make martyrs out of them, so Pax wanted them alive for a long game. He did not specify many details to the rest of the group about this plan, but they believed in him, as he was their Augur.

“That said however, that doesn’t mean you’ll be alive with sunshines and rainbows. If you tick us off enough…” the grunt continued, as he holds out a remote.

The grunt presses a button on the remote, as it makes an electric pulse charge through each cell, letting out a quick but painful shock to every prisoner. Hadar growls in pain until the charge stops. Smoke blows off of him from the shock. He tries to stand up despite the pain. He holds his hands onto the jail cells, regaining breath. He shoots an annoyed glare to the grunts, who laugh.

Pax walks down the hallway, heading for the ship’s control station. Pax then walks inside of the room, where several grunts are piloting the ship. He has a clear view of space from the windows.

“We are en route to Slithra.” a pilot reported to Pax, revealing their next destination.

“Good.” Pax replied, not needing to say anything further, and heads out of the room.

He then walks down a murky, darkly lit hallway, hardly visible to the normal eye. He heads to a steel door, which opens after he enters a number combination on the panel. The door slides open, revealing an eerie room, which was his personal quarters. Pictures of Malvor, Korax’s team, Slitter-O, the Rark and Vandalators are hung on the wall, connecting them to pictures of planets and stolen official galactic documents detailing their past crimes. This was not a shrine, but a record of their histories. Pax had been studying them for unknown reasons. Right next to them, was another section showing Darsun, the Undersea Force and their galactic allies such as Sawkus, Ranet and the Space Creators. He had been gathering meticulous records on their own adventures over the years, trying to find their weaknesses and understand their philosophies. Elsewhere in the room showed strange artifacts and artwork lined up on a shelf, perhaps talismans from wherever Pax came from, and he hold onto them as memories. Pax revealed next to nothing about his history to the group, and the little he did let slip was enough to keep their mouths shut. His past was not something he liked to reminisce over, given the scars it left on him which transformed him into what he is today. But in some ways, he was thankful for what happened as it helped him see the galaxy had a serious problem that needed to be ripped out from the roots. 

He walks toward the dingy bed in the room’s corner, which had no sheets. He grabs on the mattress with his hands, lifting it up. Under it shows: an old helmet that doesn’t fit him, a letter, a pistol, and a picture, its contents obscured by the shadows. He holds up the picture, looking nostalgic over it. 

“I’ll make you proud. You will be avenged. The day is near.” Pax said to the picture ominously, determined in his goal.

He puts the picture back and closes the mattress. He was ready to visit Slithra, as he leaves his room.

At the Senato council building, the Undersea Force walk up the steps and enter. Before they can enter though, Jiros stops them, holding out his arm. Several red lights are beamed at the group from the walls, scanning them all to make sure they are say who they are. The lights go green, giving the clear.

“Lifeforms are all cleared. They may proceed.” the security system spoke from a speaker.

“What was that? Fascinating tech.” Zelleo inquired curiously.

“New extra security precautions, thank Princeton for them. Prevents any unwanted visitors from entering, since there’s always a chance people may not be who they claim to be.” Jiros explained, opening the doors.

“A good idea given we’ve had a run-in with a shapeshifter enemy before.” Kane recalled, thinking of Branton Jack.

“The OPF could use a system like that.” Drake said, keeping the thought in the back of his head.

“If Princeton has time, we can ask him to make one for you guys too. He loves to build things so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.” Zelleo said.

They enter inside the building. In the foyer is a statue of a blue sentient and red sentient holding the planet, symbolizing how united the sentients are in recent times. The team is escorted down the hallway through by Jiros, as they check out the new layout and decorations it has received over the years. Many paintings of unique landmarks on Senato are shown framed on the walls to add a sense of history, world outlook and culture to the building. Several alien employees in the building look at them in admiration, surprised to see the legendary heroes are back on Senato.

“Nice digs, this place looks prettier than I remembered!” Laneld said, impressed.

“Princeton and his design team have been hard a work over the years improving this place so it’s the best shining beacon of Senato that it can be.” Jiros explained.

Nathan looks around at how excited the team is to be back together again. Seeing the team reunited and ready to go on a mission like the old days warmed his heart. He thinks back to how alone he felt at times without the team in their years apart.

Nathan is shown traversing through a kelp jungle, searching for any of Malvor’s energy cores. He slashes through vines with his sword, and heads through the path. He holds out a scanner, which indicates the core is nearby, and it keeps showing several echo waves pointing him toward its direction. He keeps walking, jumping over roots spreading over the ground, and heads east. He then reaches a cliff, with the scanner pointing to the other side of it. He looks around for a way across, and sees a broken bridge, the planks completely missing. There goes that option. He looks down below to see a rushing stream of water. He turns around to see a large kelp vine hanging from a tree, and gets an idea.

He pulls on the vine, and then cuts it off with his sword. He ties the kelp vine to one of the broken bridge poles on his side. He was going to attempt throwing the other end to form a bridge of his own, but realized he wouldn’t be able to tightrope walk it. He didn’t have that controlled of reflexes. He then grabs the loose end and jumps over the cliff, holding onto the vine and swinging toward the other side. He makes it, but not before the bridge pole snaps off, losing his balance. As if by instinct, he quickly jams his sword into the other cliff’s side, allowing him to hang on. The vine and bridge pole go falling below.

“Sure wish the others were here, they’re missing out on the fun…” Nathan said to himself, holding onto the sword and looking at intense stream below.

He climbs up, finally reaching this side. While he was doing a favor to the galaxy by containing these remaining essences of Malvor, he felt slightly empty going on this hunt without the rest of his team. The scanner indicates he’s closer, and he heads further through the trees. He then reaches a clearing, seeing the ominous black and red core floating over a fallen log. Nathan carefully approaches it and holds out a capsule device. He catches the core with it, locking it away safely.

“That’s another one down. I’ve only got a few more to go.” Nathan reported on a communicator to Sawkus. 

The team reaches the end of the hall, seeing two doors leading into the council’s prestigious meeting room. Jiros opens them, letting them inside the meeting room where the other members await. Around the council table, Kuri, Princeton, Daxon and Kufon are shown sitting in their seats. The center seat is reserved for Jiros, who sits down in it. The council looks at Darsun and the Undersea Force, curious to hear what they have to say.

“It’s been a while since we’ve met like this. Pleased to see you’re all doing well.” Kufon started.

“It’s such an honor to see you all again, old friends. Feels like it’s been an eternity.” Princeton said, happy.

“Indeed. Their bonds transcends time and space itself.” Kuri spoke, also pleased to see them again.

“I see someone got quite the promotion.” Dash said to Nora, taking note of Kuri now on the council, which he was not aware of.

“I’m surprised too, but she deserves it after the growth she’s shown to us.” Nora said, thinking back to how they started off as bitter enemies, but had a change of heart near the end of their journey.

“Darsun has come to us because she has a vision of a troubling threat brewing.” Jiros explained to the other members.

“What kind of threat?” Daxon asked curiously.

“My vision was faint, but they appeared to be a type of marauders. It may not seem significant on surface level, but as the God of Destiny, their presence puts the galaxy’s destiny on a dark path, and we must investigate.” Darsun said.

“She’s a god now, so yeah, totally trust her opinion.” Laneld vouched, and the council stares at him awkwardly. “Just making sure there’s no doubt.”

“I may know of a group fitting this description. According to Galactic Alliance records, they call themselves the Vihil.” Jiros said, pulling up hologram records of their activities over the past few years, shining from the center of the table.

“The Vi what now?” Drake asked.

“Vihil, like vile. Clever name, I guess.” Nora replied.

“How long they have actually existed is a mystery, but they began to grow attention about three years ago when they pulled off a successful bank raid on Gaxus 8. Nobody’s ever found that loot.” Jiros continued.

“I know of them. A group of anarchists that plunder worlds for riches and to topple their leaderships. They were seen as a small group of nuisances at first, nothing more and had not achieved much of note.” Kuri explained.

“Until now, it seems. Word is just coming in that they captured the king of Dusturia in a well coordinated strike. The Galactic Alliance is currently scrambling to pursue them.” Princeton said, reading a breaking galactic report on his tablet and showing it to the room.

“This is what one of my visions showed, it’s all clear now. It is them.” Darsun realized.

“I cannot believe this…” Daxon said, shocked.

“How did such an allegedly small group capture the king of a planet?” PJ asked.

“Perhaps they have a bigger reach than they let on.” Nathan speculated.

“Possible. A crafty enemy knows how to appear harmless to normal eyes, while having more sinister actions happening beneath the surface.” Kuri replied.

“That’s what you all need to find out. The council officially gives you our blessing to investigate this matter.” Jiros decreed, as the other members nod in approval.

“Where do you suggest we start looking for them? They could be anywhere in the galaxy.” Kane inquired.

“Honestly, I have no idea. They’re like ghosts. They come and go, leaving almost no traces behind. Even these records have little to say.” Jiros replied, reading further through their records.

“Hmm…is there any evidence of their activity on Senato that you guys know of?” Nora suggested.

“Not that we would know of, but I can’t rule it out. It’s a big planet, and they could be hiding anywhere.” Kufon replied.

“Maybe we could check the badlands? If there’s anything creepy and suspicious on the run, my instinct is that they could be hiding there.” Dash suggested.

“Good idea, Dash. It cannot hurt to look.” Darsun replied.

Suddenly, they hear footsteps behind them. Cymtrax and Krumb are being escorted by two guards.

“Dang, everyone is coming back today.” PJ said.

Krumb waves to Laneld, who waves back, remembering their friendship.

“Greetings all. I apologize to intrude on the reunion, but we heard the Undersea Force was back, and just intercepted a report about the disaster at Dusturia which you appear to be discussing. Given you also mentioned the badlands, I may have a lead that will interest you all.” Cymtrax explained.

“Jeez, just eavesdrop on all of our conversations, why don’t ya. Just kidding, you’re good man, or robot.” Laneld said.

"A few days ago, several of our patrol Rarks were doing a routine security patrol in that area, when they oddly went offline through inexplicable circumstances. I sent out sentries to find them, but they turned up nothing. Make of it what you will.” Cymtrax continued.

“Someone definitely doesn’t want something to be found out there.” Drake said.

“Sounds like Dash’s hunch is right.” Nathan said, proud.

“Yes!” Dash yelled, clapping his hands together victoriously.

“Thanks for the lead, Cymtrax.” Zelleo said to him.

“I hope this knowledge puts you on the right path. Now, we have to head back and interact with the Galactic Alliance, who I’m sure will need more help from the Rark to find this group.” Cymtrax said.

“Good luck, brave warriors.” Krumb said to them, as him and Cymtrax exit the building.

They get back into their vehicles and head off to the Rark’s home. 

“If we find anything, we’ll let you know immediately.” Nathan promised the council.

“Just be careful out there. The badlands still have that name for a reason even if most of Senato is peaceful right now.” Jiros warned.

The team exits the building too and heads back to storage to get their vehicles now that they know where to go. They enter inside the Vobi, looking at their vehicles again. 

“Are you going with us?” Nora asked Darsun.

“Yes, I have not seen much action in a long time either, and this is a good opportunity to show what I have learned in my time as a Space Creator.” Darsun said.

“Those portal tricks you did were pretty cool, it’s like you’re a wizard now.” PJ said.

“Wait, whose vehicle will you take?” Drake asked, seeing there wasn’t much room.

“The Crusher has plenty of room.” Zelleo offered again.

“Not necessary anymore, I’ll make my own ride.” Darsun said, as the group is curious to see how she’ll do that.

“Oh hey, the charge guns are in here.” Dash said, finding them in a box and handing each member their own. 

“These were my favorite weapon to use of them all, honestly.” Kane said, aiming his for practice.

“And here’s the fuser.” PJ said, finding it in another box.

“Those gave us some wild vehicle combinations.” Nathan recalled.

“Hey, whatever happened to those magical weapons we got from Viva?” Laneld asked, looking around for those.

“I returned them to the Space Creators for safe keeping. If you ever want to use them again, they’ll be waiting there.” Darsun promised.

“Bummer Nate lost his ice blade though.” Dash recalled.

“It’s fine, I was more than the weapon, and I got this sword as compensation.” Nathan said, holding out his current special “Nathan sword” from Sawkus.

Nathan stares at the sword, seeing the reflection of himself on the hilt. He reminisces back to the bizarre circumstances of how he got it…

The other Darsun appeared, as the normal Darsun and Sawkus hid. She walked inside the sarcophagus, as it closed. Suddenly, another Nathan appeared, as it walked up the sarcophagus. The normal Nathan was seen with the normal Sawkus statue.

"Just go up to that Nathan and tap him, you'll receive a special gift from me," the Sawkus statue said, as they looked into the room.

"I'm a bit confused, but alright. Is this breaking the laws of time and space?" Nathan asked.

"More or less," the statue replied.

The other Nathan was seen walking up to the sarcophagus when the other Undersea Force members appeared from different entrances. Nathan walked up and tapped the other Nathan, as it turned around. 

"WAAAHHHHHH!!!" the other Nathan yelled, as it exploded and turned into a red sword resembling Nathan's outfit. It glowed and levitated itself into Nathan's hand.

"Whoa, you made this for me? Thanks Sawkus," Nathan said, swinging it.

"Yup, Nathan sword," the Sawkus statue replied, as it exploded. Sawkus then appeared in his normal form in front of all eight.

It was certainly unlike any other adventure they had. The fact Nathan wielded a sword that was made from an alternate version of himself should’ve shaken him up more, but he tried not to think over it less his sanity slip. It was also his coolest looking sword yet, so he had no reason to complain about it. He had not gotten to use it much it since, but hoped whatever they were going to do now, he’d finally put it to good use.

Everyone continues to get their vehicles ready. Dash is adjusting the Slashwind’s handle bars, and looks over to Zelleo inspecting the Crusher’s engine. 

“Heh, Zelleo. Out of all of our names, yours is still probably the weirdest, and that says something with a literal alien in our group.” Dash said.

Zelleo laughs, and this takes him back to their time as children.

Nathan, Nora, Laneld, Dash and Zelleo are shown as children at a playground, having a fun time. Dash kicks a ball over to Zelleo, who is too busy looking at a shiny yellow boat mobile nearby, wishing he had one like it. 

“Watch out!” Nora yelled to him.

It’s too late, as the ball hits Zelleo in the head.

“Ouch!” Zelleo yelled.

“Pay attention, Zell!” Dash yelled, annoyed, as he picks up the ball.

“Sorry, that boat distracted me. It looks really cool. I want one like that someday.” Zelleo said.

“It does look pretty cool.” Nathan said.

“How did you even get a name like Zelleo anyways? It’s bugging me!” Laneld asked Dash.

“It’s a really weird story. My mom really liked the color yellow, and my dad thought it would be cool to add a “z” to the color. And that’s how I got my name.” Zelleo revealed.

“That’s…the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” Dash replied.

The kids all have a good laugh over this.

Drake looks over the Shadow Striker.

“I didn’t get to use this too much since I joined late in your adventures, but hopefully this makes up for it.” Drake said.

The Undersea Force all get into their vehicles. With the exceptions of Nathan and Laneld, the others take their time adjusting to using these vehicles again after so long.

“Remember when we first only used these to ride through zones? Good times.” Laneld reminisced, reclining the Sonicwave’s seat.

He thinks back to the first zone mission they ever went on, when they first encountered Natcher from the Vandalators.

They enter the Mountain Zone. The sky was red and it was very sandy.

"Where is the key?" asked Nora as she drove the Grangler.

"Perhaps in a rock?" Zelleo said, pointing to a strange one.

She crushed into a huge rock with her wheel claw. Dash flew up on his bike and sliced open a floating rock. Nothing inside. Laneld launched a sonic boom from his boat, but it didn't effect the rocks.

"Oh come on!" Laneld yelled.

While they enjoyed smashing rocks, someone began watching over them...

"He he he," said the figure, a crab named Natcher.

He jumps into a red vehicle with a role cage made of bones.

"I will not fail Lord Argoron!" said Natcher. He rolls down where the group is and attacked with spears.

"What the?" said Laneld as he dodged the spear and shot a sonic wave.

"Gwah!" said Natcher.

"Who in Neptune's name are you?" asked Nathan.

"Who are you, is what I should be asking! You won't get the Universe Key!" Natcher said.

“You actually miss the zones? That’s surprising given how you complained every time we went to one.” Nora taunted to Laneld, interrupting his reminiscing. 

“Hey now, I’ve grown and the nostalgia has gotten to me, alright? Besides, there were some really cool ones, like…that tropical island one, the ancient ruin one where we took that green guy, the mesmerizing clock one, that maze…okay maybe not that one…” Laneld replied, trying to think of zones he liked.

“I’ve missed you two’s banter.” Dash said, smirking.

“Speaking of zones, it’s still kind of sad we never got to finish our mission of restoring Senato with all of the keys.” PJ pointed out.

“Stupid genie…” Dash said, thinking back to the whole event with Draconoche leading to the erasure of zones.

“I have made peace with it. Senato has managed to flourish into something even better than it was before without the missing pieces.” Darsun said contently.

“I like her enlightened optimism.” Nora said.

The group drives their vehicles out of the Vobi and storage. Darsun casts a spell, forming a blue diamond around her. She uses it to hover around like a vehicle, going rather fast, surprising the team.

“Simple, but effective.” Darsun said to them.

“Seriously, we’ve missed some wicked wizard tricks from her.” Laneld said.

“Don’t expect it to beat an actual vehicle though!” Dash said.

“We’ll see.” Darsun said, smiling.

The eight vehicles, along with Darsun, race off toward the badlands. Darsun gets ahead of some of them with her diamond, making them jealous, as they try to now turn this into a race. Nathan laughed, as this was the most fun they’ve had in a long time. It was good to be back.

Meanwhile, Slithra is shown. The planet had seen its own transformations over the years since the tyranny of Slitter-O was put to an end. King Dagnas had moved the planet in a prosperous new direction, shaking off the toxins that infected the planet’s history under the corrupt lineage of Slitter-O’s. The Vihil’s speeders are shown racing through the planet’s outskirts, near the walled city. Four snake guards are at the entrance, as several Vihil grunts hide behind a rock. One of them throws a metal ball, which rolls onto the ground near the four guards, beeping.

“What the…” one of the guards was saying.

The ball detonates, releasing a knockout gas, making the guards cough and fall to the ground. The Vihil come out of hiding and hop onto their speeders, smashing right through the gates. Pax follows behind with other grunts, as they repeat what they did at Dusturia, ravaging through the city. However, Pax decides to do a different tactic this time, knowing how well trained Slithra’s guards are compared to Dusturia. He orders half of the group to go the other way to distract the city guards, while his group will raid the palace. This half does so, speeding away through the city and throwing bombs everywhere, catching the guards’ attention. Pax’s group races toward the palace, as one guard tries to stop them, but he just runs right into them, sending them smashing against the wall. 

The grunts fire their laser guns at more guards outside the palace doors, taking them down. The speeders burst through the palace, reaching the throne room where Dagnas is. 

“Guards, seize these intruders!” Dagnas ordered, as he lets out a state of emergency ordering all civilians to stay indoors.

His guards fight off the grunts, clashing their staffs. Pax sits back and watches intently, taking notes of the guards’ fighting styles. Dagnas’s guards are overpowered through dirty tactics, as another knockout ball is thrown, taking the remaining guards down.

“I have a lot more guards ready to take you savages down.” Dagnas warned.

“I prepared for that. I regret to inform they will be preoccupied.” Pax replied, as the rest of the guards are dividing themselves to chase the Vihil members racing through the city streets. 

This was what Pax had wanted to accomplish with his tactic earlier. Dagnas tries to run, but Pax sets his gun to stun, shooting Dagnas and making him fall to the floor. A grunt then ties Dagnas up, and he still tries to resist, whacking the grunt aside with his tail. He is able to get up, trying to get out of the rope.

“Take that, fiends! You’ll never get away with this, I have powerful friends-“ Dagnas was saying.

“Grimace, shut him up.” Pax ordered to one of the grunts.

Grimace knocks Dagnas out with his staff, silencing him for now. He tightens the rope around him.

“Boss, we found something you may wanna see in the dungeon.” one of the grunts said.

Pax and Grimace both go down to investigate. They find only two occupants in a dungeon cell: The former king Slitter-O and his brother Slitor. They have grown long beards and are in unhealthy shapes due to them being down here for eight years.

“You…came to free us? Finally, my reign of terror resumes!“ Slitter-O cheered delightfully.

“Ah, Slitter-O and Slitor. I’d say it’s an honor, but we know that’s not true. How the mighty fall…” Pax taunted, scoffing at their pathetic states.

“Watch who you’re talking to bud, we’re royalty.” Slitor snapped back, but Slitter-O slaps him in the face.

“I was gonna say that! But yes, what he said! Who do you think you are!?” Slitter-O replied angrily.

“There’s a problem with that sentence. You were royalty…which is of no use to me.” Pax said, puzzling the brothers.

Pax then shoots Slitter-O right through the chest, making him collapse to the ground, dead. Slitor is about to attack in retaliation, when Pax quickly shoots him too, and he collapses next to his brother.

“Ya done did the galaxy a favor boss, nobody will miss either of ‘em.” Grimace said.

“Correct.” Pax said, as they walk out of the dungeon.

The speeders race back to the ship. Dagnas is thrown into another prison cell. Dagnas starts to regain consciousness, and looks around at his settings, feeling his head. Hadras sees this, shocked. How powerful were this group to now capture two kings?

Back on Senato, the team races through the badlands, avoiding cracked spots in the ground. A monster shoots its tentacles up from a broken spot, which the group all avoids.

“Yep, it’s not the badlands without something trying to kill us!” Laneld recalled.

“Cymtrax didn’t exactly provide a spot where his friends went missing, so we’re searching a needle in a haystack right now.” Drake said.

“I have a solution. Let me change the Crusher’s frequency to scan for lifeforms nearby.” Zelleo said, doing so.

“You can always rely on Zelleo!” Dash said, as he does a trick with the Slashwind.

“No need to show off!” Nora said to him.

“I’ve detected several lifeforms. Follow my lead.” Zelleo said, taking lead, as they all follow him.

Their vehicles come to a misty, secluded spot of the badlands. They park their vehicles out of sight to not draw attention, and Darsun makes her diamond disappear.

“Creepy…definitely the place.” Nathan said.

They walk through a passage and have a feeling someone is watching them. Nora looks around, but sees nobody. They come out of the passage, and see a decently sized steel outpost tower right before them. It is in the center of a mountain, with walking paths carved out around it for easy access. They quickly crouch behind the rocks and pull out binoculars, allowing them to zoom in on the outpost. They see several Vihil grunts walking around, carefully on the lookout, with their speeder bikes parked on the side.

“Those must be the Vihil.” Kane realized.

"So they're active on Senato, right under our noses." Nora said.

"This is an old communication station that they have commandeered." Darsun realized.

"Since Cymtrax didn't report any other lost Rark, I presume they set up shop here not too long ago." Zelleo theorized.

“Why do they look like vikings?” PJ wondered.

“That’s aliens for you, no offense Darsun.” Laneld replied.

“You recognize any of this? Do their outfits mean anything?” Nathan asks Darsun.

“It is unlike anything I’ve seen before. This is a large galaxy, so this could be related to a culture I am not aware of.” Darsun suspected.

"Can't you just teleport inside of there?" Laneld asked her.

"That is not how my powers work. That only worked because of our bond together." Darsun replied.

"We don't need a shortcut in, we can handle these guys." Dash said confidently.

“What are you doing here?” a frightening voice asked from behind, startling them all.

They all turn to see a Vihil grunt pointing a rifle at them. They quickly move, as they shoot at the rocks, crumbs falling off from the last blasts. Darsun then concentrates, making herself glow blue and sending a mystical blast, knocking the grunt back. They drop a communicator, and the grunt is about to grab it so they can call for backup. That is until Drake is quicker and shoots at it with a gun, destroying it, which angers the grunt. The grunt fires their gun back, sending out more laser blasts as the team tries to avoid. Nathan deflects the blasts with his sword, and Zelleo shoots his charge gun at the grunt, who makes it out of the way in time. One laser blast heads for Kane, who cannot dodge in time, but Darsun puts a blue mystical shield right in his way, protecting him as the blast bounces against the shield.

“Consider that my favor for your protection of Senato.” Darsun said to Kane.

“No need to repay me, but I appreciate i5.” Kane replied, as it fades away and he blasts at the grunt with his charge gun, disarming the gun out of his hand.

PJ then stomps on the gun with his foot, preventing the grunt from further using it, angering him further. Dash then sends a swift kick right to the grunt, knocking him out as he falls to the dirt ground. The helmet falls off to reveal an ordinary alien underneath, not from Senato.

“Any others?” PJ asked, looking around.

“Not in this area, no.” Nora replied

The team looks around the exterior carefully for any other Vihil members. They see three grunts outside the outpost entrance, looking around. 

“Who wants to snipe them?” Nathan asked.

Zelleo, Nora, and Laneld hold up their charge guns, aiming from behind the rocks. They fire away, each shot knocking out a grunt. Nora looks around for more with her binoculars to be sure no others are seen around.

“Perfect shots. The coast is clear.” Nora said, giving a hand signal, ordering them to move forward.

The team rushes forward, climbing up onto the path. They then carefully sneak into the outpost entrance, wondering what awaits them inside, all while holding onto their weapons closely.

The Vihil are seen back on their ship, as it flies away from Slithra and back into the cold space.

“Where to next, sir?” a grunt asked.

“Senato. I believe it’s time we check in on our outpost there.” Pax said, smiling intently, knowing what awaits him there. 

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I thought Part II was great, and I liked seeing how the gangrelived on riding their vehicle for old time's sake. while Pax's evil plan seems interesting on getting old enmeies to recruit  and oof Sitters brothere were killed as Pax plans to strike Senato next. Overall, it's nice to see them back in action.


Final Grade: A+

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Storm Racers Reunion: Part III

The Undersea Force carefully heads down the dark outpost hallway, one step at a time.

“Hold on.” Darsun warned to everyone, stopping them from going forward.

She waves one of her hands, letting out a mystical blue glow, which reveals several red lasers acting as a security system down the rest of the hall. 

“How did you know?” Nora asked, surprised.

“My powers have given me heightened senses and reflexes. I can tell when something is amiss on our destiny paths forward.” Darsun retorted.

“That’s the easy part, now how do we actually turn them off? We can’t exactly do ninja flips through them.” Drake asked, trying to search for a way through them, to no avail.

“If we were younger, we could pull it off.” Laneld said disappointed, also unable to find a way to squeeze through the lasers.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this.” Zelleo reassured, looking at a port on one of the walls.

Zelleo pulls out a tablet and a wire. He connects the wire to the port and tablet. The screen loads, then gives a notice saying he is successfully in the station’s system. He then begins to enter in functions on the tablet. After a minute, he is able to hack in, disarming the security system and making the lasers disappear.

“Way to go man, you haven’t lost your touch!” Dash said, giving Zelleo a pat on the back.

“Don’t give me all the credit though, since Kane helped me design this tablet’s capabilities years ago.” Zelleo said modestly.

“I learned from the mentor.” Kane replied.

While both were seen as the science members of the team, Kane felt Zelleo was the true genius of the two, as he knew more than he ever could. He was on the team before him, and thus was honored to learn under him. This reminds him of one odd point when Zelleo was even jealous of him once, which he still finds hard to believe. Zelleo’s work was so much better than his at the time and he wishes his work could’ve been anywhere near that caliber. He thinks back to when he was kidnapped by the Omega Code and the team rescued him.

"Thank goodness you guys saved me, Cymtrax got hacked it seems," Kane said. "Zelleo, we need your help."

"My help? But you are the smart one," Zelleo said.

"The truth is, I feel I learned more from you," Kane said.

"It doesn't matter which of you is smarter, you both have great knowledge," Nathan said, and Laneld smiled at Zelleo.

"I know, I just felt I haven't been appreciated well ever since Kane came along," Zelleo said.

"I'm sorry if we've been ignoring you, I guess having two brains on the team can be confusing," PJ laughed.

He just chalked this up to them being young and envious. Both have grown a lot since then, and is glad they were able to both find their places on the team as the “smart guys.” Kane then thinks back to the first time he encountered the Undersea Force because of this.

"Look bud, I don't know whose side you are on, but that key is ours," Nathan said, getting out of the Splitvire.

The fish hops out of the old and rusty boat. It has an odd device on the engine.

"Well, I don't know about that partner. You might be one of them Rarks," said the fish.

"So, you're against them too? We're the Undersea Force," Nathan said. "And you are?"

"Name's Kane," Kane replied. "Kane Boltmen. Been fighting these guys for a while."

"Do you know about the Vandals?" Nathan asked.

"Sure do pal. I'll guess I'll tell you my story, since you seem trustworthy....for now," Kane said.

"The Undersea Force is trustworthy," Nora said. 

"Whoa, that's some high-tech stuff on your boat," Zelleo said, fascinated.

This reminds him of how his southern accent used to be more prominent, which he was slightly embarrassed about now and tuned down over the years. Kane in his early days was a loner, but ever since joining the Undersea Force, felt like he belonged somewhere. He was happy to have a true friend group that took him to places he had interest in ever since he was a kid. The thoughts of what awaited in space and the concept of other dimensions always fascinated Kane. This lead to him building many experiments to access those otherworldly places, which culminated in that fateful day his boat transported him to a zone.

Kane is seen working on his boat in a garage, while music plays on a radio nearby. Today, if all went well, would be a big day. He looks through his toolkit, and adjusts the special device on top of his boat’s motor. He had purchased parts for this online, and had hoped when combined together, would make his dreams come true of allowing a vehicle to transport anywhere he wanted, even perhaps to another planet or dimension. He had read reports of mysterious portals appearing in Bikini Bottom by onlookers, and hoped it was a sign of something. He puts the finishing touches on the device, and starts the boat up. He hoped this would work, and hops into the driver’s seat, fastening his beats. He crossed his heart and hoped to Neptune this would give him a result. If it failed, then he’d do better next time. 

The boat zooms out of the garage, rushing down the roads. He keeps driving for a while, reading a long highway road. He presses down on the pedal harder, trying to reach the required speed for the device to potentially activate. It goes faster, and he sees the device on the hood beginning to emit something. He gasps, hoping this it. He presses several buttons on his controls, which sends extra power to the device. It flashes more, and as he goes faster, the vehicle is surrounded by electrical waves. 

“It’s working!” Kane yelled joyfully.

However, his sensation then turns to fear, not knowing where this would take him. Perhaps he got caught up too much in the moment and didn’t fully think this through. It’s too late to stop now however, as the device shoots out a shock wave in front of the boat, forming a portal. The boat is pulled into it, vanishing from the road, as silence fills the air. Another boat races by, oblivious to the anomaly that just occurred. 

A Farm Zone is shown, with dry fields covering the plains, and a destroyed farmhouse seen nearby. The portal appears, throwing Kane’s boat out of it. Kane quickly hits the break, making it come to a quick halt as he is thrown forward slightly. He looks at his mirrors, seeing the farm fields. He then gets out of his boat and looks around, surprised it worked. He knew wherever he was, he was not on Earth anymore. He then sees several vehicles race by in the distance, belonging to the Rark. Chasing after them was vehicles belonging to the Vandalators, who were fighting each other to get the key of this zone. Spears are thrown from the Vandalators, and the Rarks fire with lasers back. Kane had no idea what was happening, but was curious to find out. He gets back into his boat and chases after both of them, thus beginning his zone adventures.

The team reaches the end of the hall, and another darker hallway is before them. Suddenly, four glowing blue lights are seen through the darkness, as if they are looking at the team, startling them. Out of the shadows, two junky Rarks walk forward. They are the two Rarks that went missing, now reprogrammed to servethe Vihil as security drones.

“INTRUDERS ON PREMISES. PROTOCOL: TERMINATE ON SIGHT.” the Rarks both spoke, holding laser guns and opening up gun cannons on their shoulders. 

“Well, now we know what happened to those Rarks Cymtrax lost!” Nathan said, holding his sword tight.

The Rarks open fire in the cramped hallway, as the team tries to avoid. Darsun quickly makes another mystical blue shield surround them, as the laser blasts bounce off of it. While that distracts the Rark, the team runs around to attack back. Nathan deflects a laser blast with his sword, one hitting a Rark back in the leg. Laneld runs forward and slashes his sword right through the damaged Rark, slashing its body from the legs, and it falls over. 

“That’s a thrill I haven’t had in years! No offense to Cymtrax and Krumb though.” Laneld said, pumped, and quickly avoids a blast from the other Rark.

Dash tries to use his charge gun, but realizes they are in the dark with little light.

“Right…dangit.” Dash sighed.

He then reaches into a bag for his karate school, holding out a throwing star. He quickly throws it at the Rark’s gun shoulder, jamming it. With it distracted, Kane then runs forward and decapitates the Rark with his sword, as the body falls over. He holds the head in his hand, as its eye lights slowly go off. He then tosses it aside, creeped out.

“Poor things.” PJ said, feeling some pity for them, knowing they did not choose this destiny path.

“We can give a tip to Cymtrax so he can fix them up, at least.” Nathan suggested.

“I am sure he’d appreciate that.” Darsun replied.

“No matter how many times our enemies rebuild and reprogram these robots, we’ll always shred them.” Nora said.

“I’d say Cymtrax should invest in stronger armor, but then that gives our next enemy an advantage for when they steal them.” Zelleo joked.

“Seriously, can’t these bad guys make their own robots? Plagiarism gets you nowhere.” Laneld added.

They carefully go down the darker hallway, when a ceiling tile above them opens up. A turret gun appears, and it begins firing away, bullets ricocheting against the walls. As if by instinct, Nora quickly jumps up with astute timing and slashes the gun off with her sword. The remains fall to the ground, shooting out sparks, and Nora crushes it with her foot. The team looks at her amazed.

“When did you learn that move? Seems like something my school would teach, which you know, has plenty of room for more students.” Dash jested to Nora, impressed.

“Just because we’ve been apart, doesn’t mean I stopped learning to fight. Anyways, I’ll gladly be sure to sign up for sensei Dash’s courses when this is done.” Nora joked.

“Alright, any other failures of death traps this place wants to shoot out while we’re energized? Come on, we got all day! Anything?” PJ asked, his voice echoing down the empty halls.

“Hopefully they saved the best for last.” Drake said, pointing to an ominous door at the end of the hall.

“This is it.” Nathan said, ready to face whatever is on the other side of the door.

“Anyone inside of there?” Kane asked to Zelleo, who looks at his scanner.

“I’m detecting exactly twelve lifeforms. Yep, they saved the ambush for last.” Zelleo replied.

“And there’s…one, two…eight of us! I’m sure we can handle them, if the few we fought so far were any indicator.” Laneld thought.

“Wow, how far does this group’s reach go? For a supposed small group, that’s a lot more mooks than I expected.” Dash said curiously.

“On the other hand, the fact they needed to recycle Rarks makes me think they still aren’t as big as we may fear.” Drake said, getting out his OPF gun.

“Or the rest of the forces are somewhere else.” Darsun suggested, which worries them at the thought.

They step forward, as the door automatically opens for them. They walk inside of the room, completely in the dark. They shine lights around, trying to look for anything.

“Appears they planned on us coming.” Kane noted curiously.

“Well I’m honored they prepared a surprise party for us.” Laneld said.

“We know you guys are in here, so there’s no point in these games.” Nathan called out, still holding onto his sword tight.

Darsun then glows, forming a blue light in her hands. She makes it float around the room, trying to illuminate it. They wait around for a few seconds for any Vihil to reveal themselves, not finding anything from the search. Suddenly, the lights in the room start to turn back on one by one. As more of the room illuminates, the team gets their weapons ready and stands tensely, knowing someone is waiting for them. Darsun recalls her light, and holds it in her hands, ready to blast it at the enemy. The room is revealed, as they see the communication tower in the center of the room surrounded by a balcony. Tons of crates containing weapons and gems are scattered about next to pieces of machinery. The team looks to see they are surrounded by a dozen Vihil grunts, aiming their weapons.

“Just like good old times.” Laneld reminisced. 

“Let’s show them what this reunited team can do!” Nathan declared.

The Vihil grunts attack, and the Undersea Force fights back.

Meanwhile, the Vihil ship is seen flying through space, heading for Senato. Pax is in the control room, looking out at the windows contently. He knew that his chaos at Dusturia and Slithra was galaxy wide news by now, which was exactly what he planned. He knew it’d finally bring the Undersea Force out of hiding and reunite them so he could personally destroy them in one foul swoop.

“We’re on the galaxy news, sir.” A grunt reported, tuning their signal’s frequency.

“This just in: The terrorist group known as the Vihil have now kidnapped King Dagnas of Slithra. His forces are scrambling to find him. Former king Slitter-O and his brother Slitor were also found murdered at the palace. The group previously already captured King Hadar of Dusturia. These events have shaken the galaxy, wondering how such events could transpire in an era of peace. If you have any information on the Vihil, please tell the Galactic Alliance.” The reporter on the signal said, as the grunt ends it.

“They can call us terrorists all they want, it only gives us the attention.” Pax replied, scoffing off the broadcast and knowing it plays into his hands.

Pax enjoyed the publicity the organization would get from this. He holds out his purple glowing artifact, still radiating its ominousness. He gets the sense their ship is being followed from behind, and is prepared to deal with it as he sees fit. As the ship keeps going on, they see piles of debris orbiting through space. One of the pieces of debris is an old Confederacy battle ship, ruined but still recognizable…especially to Pax. Seeing it triggers a painful memory in him.

Years ago, a quiet planet called Jetuno is shown. It is known for its fascinating ancient sites, and is a valuable asset to several planets due to its natural resources in minerals, fuel and food. There was also a mysterious, powerful artifact deep in one of the planet’s many temples known as the Tears of Chaos. Many treasure hunters tried to find, but never had any luck, as it would never appear to anyone. Nobody could figure it out, and Jetuno’s secretive nature made it even more challenging. All of this meant it was eyed on by several galactic armies, but none of them were successful in establishing a foothold there. Pax’s father, Pixtus, had lead the Vihil there to fight off any invaders. The Vihil group had originated from Jetuno’s history, first being found by one of Pixtus’s ancestors, and he continued on the legacy to defend the planet from unwanted outsiders. Pax had hoped one day to be like his father, fighting to defend his planet’s honor. 

One day, all of that would change, when several red Confederacy ships appeared over the planet, startling the civilians. They had wanted Jetuno’s resources, and weren’t taking no for an answer, so they invaded. A young Pax and his friends were obliviously playing inside a house, unaware of the chaos going on outside. Pixtus fought back valiantly with the Vihil, but in the end, they were no match for the Confederacy, which used weaponry and technology unlike anything they’ve seen before. Confederate soldiers are seen opening fire on both the Vihil and civilians, the latter who try to run for cover. Pixtus is seen surrounded by several soldiers, aiming their guns at him. His wife, Kira is then forced out of the house by the soldiers.

“Tell us where the artifact is, along with the rest of your forces and we’ll let you live.” A soldier demanded.

“Don’t do it!” Kira begged to Pixtus.

Pax then hears the chaos outside and looks out of a window, seeing his parents. He quickly runs out of the house, as do his friends, who wonder where their parents are. Pixtus refuses to tell him either piece of information, so the soldier executes both him and Kira with his gun. Pax sees the soldier kill his parents right before him, taking a look at his face. It was one he’d never forget. The soldier looks over and smiles smugly at Pax, possibly knowing he was their child. His squadron then receives an order to move out of the area, so they head off. Pax does not have much of a response other than emptiness and anger. He approaches his parents’ bodies. He sees his father’s helmet and pistol on the ground, which he takes. He then heads into their wrecked house, seeing a letter left on the table, alongside a family photo. Pax sees the letter is addressed to him from his father, as a final goodbye before what he knew would happen. These, along with his father’s helmet and pistol, are what he has under his mattress today. He kept them, along with the letter and picture, as reminders and mementos of the day everything changed. While he was broken by their deaths, he still was proud of his father for not giving in to these invaders, even in the bitter end. Pax vowed to continue his father’s legacy, turning him into what he is today. 

Pax went into hiding with friends and Vihil members over the years, staying out of the Confederacy’s sights. However, the Confederacy had never got what they were truly after: the Tear of Chaos. They wanted to harness its power to use for a planet conquering weapon, but like others, never were able to find it, no matter how many people they interrogated or sent. Once they had drained all of the resources they needed from Jetuno, they left it a shell of its former self and moved on. Pax vowed vengeance on the Confederacy, and certainly never forgot the soldier who murdered his parents. Filled with immense pain, Pax was able to find the Tear of Chaos after an expedition, as it responded to his pain, deeming him worthy as the one to wield it. This is the very artifact he has in the present. Pax spent the intervening years gathering the resources he could and restarting his father’s work on the Vihil. He called in as many surviving members as he could, who managed to recruit more aliens over time thanks to anti-galactic government sentiments. They spent the years biding their time, gathering what resources they could, and waiting in the shadows for their time to strike. They heard about the Undersea Force’s exploits in saving Senato, which put them on his radar as he silently studied them. When word came out about threats such as Korax and Malvor’s defeats at their hands, part of Pax had a tough time believing it and waited until official confirmation. Once he knew they were gone, he put their grand scale plans into motion over the past eight years. Their robbery on Gaxus 8 helped them get necessary funding for resources.

Several years ago, Pax was able to track down the soldier that killed his parents, finding him in retirement on the tropical planet Cinder. Pax is wearing a cloak, and still has his mask concealing his face. He knocks on the apartment door. The soldier answers the door, and looks confused.

“Hello? May I help you?” The soldier asked annoyed.

Pax then holds out the Tear of Chaos, shining its purple light onto the soldier. 

“Uh…I don’t want anything you’re selling, sorry-“ the soldier was saying, about to close the door, but Pax stops it from closing.

Pax says nothing and now walks inside the apartment, closing the door behind. The soldier starts to get worried. Pax punches him in the face, sending him to the floor. He then holds out the Tear of Chaos, as it shoots purple power at the soldier, making him yell out in pain. The energy infests the soldier, breaking apart his body, as Pax watches, smiling. He went straight to the point, no speech or reason, only abruptly ending this life like he abruptly took away his parents. His body is turned to ash by the power, as if he never existed. Pax then walks out of the apartment, heading off into the night. Pax knew there was more work to be done, but was content finding closure there. They Vihil continued to hunt down any pockets of the Confederacy they could find over the years until their disbandment. The Confederacy no longer existed, but Pax uses them as a prime example of what any galactic power could do when left unchecked, thus believing every army and government, no matter how “good” they claimed to be, must be equally purged. He would send this message out by ending the Undersea Force and Senato once and for all.

Suddenly, an alert is heard across the ship. A silver Galactic Alliance ship is trailing them from behind. Pax had counted on this. A hologram appears on their screen showing several Alliance soldiers in their cockpit.

“Surrender now, we know who you are. We do not want to use force, but will if you don’t cooperate.” A soldier ordered.

“Hello there, I am the Augur of the Vihil. You may want to hold fire. I have two kings and several senators in our brig. It would be a shame if they were killed in the crossfire. If you try to attack us, this will befall them.” Pax said coldly to the crew.

The Alliance soldiers see a hologram on their end, showing Dagnas, Hadar and the senators in the brig. A grunt presses the shock button again, which sends an electrical jolt to all of their cells, hurting them. 

“I hope that speaks for itself. Pleasure doing negotiations.” Pax replied smugly.

The Galactic Alliance crew show signs of annoyance, knowing Pax is unfortunately right. They cannot pursue him or they risk the prisoners’s lives, just as Pax planned. The Alliance soldiers are in their ship deliberating on what to do now, when Pax suddenly gives a signal, as the ship turns around. It begins to open fire on the Alliance ship, who are hesitant to fire back given his threats, putting them in a tight spot. Pax then slams his staff down onto the floor, and the Tear of Chaos is floating on top of it. He presses it, which makes it unleash a purple energy wave across the ship. It is powered into one of the gun cannons, which blasts a powerful purple laser beam to the enemy ship. 

“ABANDON SHIP!” The captain ordered, cutting his losses, as the soldiers on board try their best to make it to the escape pods.

The Galactic Alliance ship is then ripped to pieces by the supercharged laser blast. A cosmic purple explosion is left behind, with only a few pieces of debris barely flying away. Only a few escape pods barely made it out of the chaos.

“All hail the Augur!” The grunts cheered, giving Pax a standing ovation for their successful outcome.

“Always believe in the path of the Augur!” Another grunt said.

The ship turns back around and makes its way for Senato to finish things. The ship later enters Senato’s orbit, seeing the planet and its two moons. Pax looked forward to meeting the Undersea Force face to face.

Back at the comms tower, the Undersea Force are intensely fighting off the Vihil grunts. Darsun shoots a blue mystical blast at two grunts, knocking them to the floor. A grunt is swinging their staff at Nora, who avoids the swings, and punches back at the grunt. She then grabs the staff with her reflexes right before it strikes her, and yanks it out of the grunt’s hand. She sends the grunt flying into several barrels with the staff, shattering their helmet. She then shatters another grunt from behind her’s helmet, and uses it to send them flying into machinery. 

“Seriously, you should be in my classes.” Dash suggested, as he blocks a grunt’s punches, and fights back.

He sends a throwing star at their gun, disabling it, and then knocks them out. Drake fires his OPF gun at a grunt, who is firing their own laser gun back. A blast shoots Drake in the armor, but he walks it off. He shoots the gun out of their hand, and then grunt tries to run, but he throws his charge gun right at their feet, making the fall to the floor. Kane gets punched by a grunt, and he tries to avoid. He then sees open wires on a panel nearby and tricks the grunt into attacking him. They smash their staff down, but he gets out of the way in time. The staff strikes the panel, and an electrical current runs through the staff, electrocuting the grunt. They fall to the ground with smoke blowing off of them.

“Gruh…” the grunt moaned.

“Clever thinking, I might try that.” Zelleo said to Kane, as he fights off his own grunt.

Zelleo then busts open another panel and grabs the wires, wrapping them around the grunt’s arm. He then presses a button, making them shock the grunt, who falls to the ground as well. Laneld slashes his sword right through another grunt’s plasma gun, disabling it, and punches them in the face. Nathan and PJ are surrounded by the last group of Vihil. 

“Time for a tag team. I’ll go for the guy on the left, you get the middle two.” Nathan suggested, as PJ nods.

PJ grabs the two grunts, smashing their helmets against each other and knocking both out. Nathan has the last grunt, and uses his sword to slash right through their staff, breaking it in half. He then kicks them in the chest, sending them smashing against crates. Nathan and PJ give each other a high five.

“Our combo always does it!” PJ said, proud.

As close as the group was, Nathan and PJ had a special bond going back farther than the rest, as he was the first true friend he ever had, despite their living distances. PJ reminisces to when he first met Nathan as a child.

Nathan’s parents, Jack and Betty, had taken him up north to a ski resort in the the Bikini Bottom Tundra for a vacation. They brought snow gear and were ready for a week of fun. As Nathan holds his sled, he bumps into a young PJ, dropping his sled in the snow.

“I’m so sorry.” Nathan said to him, trying to pick it up.

“It’s okay. I’m PJ Walton, my parents are shop owners here. What’s your name?” PJ asked.

“Nathan Deeler.” Nathan replied.

“Wanna go sledding? There’s a great hill to go down.” PJ replied.

“Sure, let me see if my parents are okay with it though.” Nathan replied.

He gets their permission and the two are seen happily sledding down the hill, starting their friendship.

PJ then recalls when Nathan visited to recruit him years later for their mission to the Ice Zone, and in turn, bringing him into the Undersea Force.

"He's named PJ Walton, professional sledder and the "King of Ice", as I'd like to call him," Nathan said, headed to a hut covered in snow.

Nathan knocked on the door, and PJ answers it.

"NATE!" PJ said, as he and Nathan hugged each other.

"It's been so long, buddy," Nathan said.

"Eh, what did you come here for?" pJ asked.

"Well, we need your help in an "icy situation," Nathan said. "You have a boat?'

"Sure do!" PJ said, revealing a rusty boat covered in snow.

"It'll do, let's go!" Nathan said.

They take him back to their base, escorting him inside.

"WOW! This place is so fancy..warm...and so much high-tech!" PJ said.

Darsun appears before PJ.

"WOW! AN ALIEN!" PJ shouted.

"Well, sorta," Dash said.

"Welcome to the Undersea Force, PJ," Darsun said.

He was glad to see how far their friendship survived, and how he was finally able to connect to Nathan’s other friends. 

The Vihil grunts are all defeated, lying on the ground in pain. 

“Like I said, no problem.” Laneld said, stretching his shoulders.

Zelleo then checks the comm tower’s logs, trying to decipher them.

“We have a problem. According to the transmission logs, the Vihil kidnapped Dagnas at Slithra and blew up a Galactic Alliance ship.” Zelleo revealed, worrying them.

“Were these grunts bottom of the barrel fodder then, because kidnapping two kings and blowing up a space ship are…quite the feats for a supposedly small group.” Drake said worried, then hearing one grunt on the ground laughing, and he kicks him in the face.

“It gets even worse: the leader, or the “Augur”, is coming to Senato at this moment with the rest of his forces.” Zelleo translated.

“Are they invading?” PJ asked nervously.

“All of this happens while we’re here…something is amiss. They wanted us to be on Senato.” Darsun said, putting the pieces together.

“So this was a distraction…” Kane said, finally realizing they fell into Pax’s trap.

“They’ve been playing us like puppets the whole time.” Dash said.

They all rush out of the outpost. The team looks up at the sky to see the Vihil space ship descending down.

“Here they are!” Nora yelled.

Several pods fall down to the surface. Vihil speeders race out of them, heading for the city. The group sees this with their binoculars.

“They’re going for the council.” Nathan realized, knowing they’re targeting planetary leaders.

“Let’s show them what our vehicles can do. This will teach them to mess with the galaxy!” Laneld said boldly.

The Undersea Force all gets into their vehicles, ready to stop the Vihil once and for all.

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Part III was great, i really liked Pax's backstory which was interesting, and how he turnsinto villain as he wants to vows revenage after his parents wee killed which exolans why. Nora has been getting more improved as she's been getting new things to fight as Dash suggested her to join his class which is funny. the fight squence was great, too. Can't wait for final part.

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Storm Racers Reunion: Part IV

The Undersea Force’s vehicles race after the Vihil speeders, which are leaving intense smoke trails in their ravenous paths towards the council. 

“Let’s show them what our vehicles can do together.” Nora said ecstatically.

The vehicles all catch up to the Vihil speeders in the badlands, a grand total of sixteen. The grunts look back at this annoyed, but are prepared to fight. Some of them hold out laser guns and begin firing away. The Undersea Force evades the blasts, with several hitting their vehicles, but they press onward, undeterred. 

“Is that the best you punks got?” Dash taunted, as he races closer towards one.

The grunt next to him then holds out a grenade, and smiles. Dash realizes he spoke too soon. The grunt then tosses the grenade, but Dash swerves out of the way, as it detonates in the air, with smoke flying everywhere. The group does not let this get in their way. Another grunt sends a grenade flying at the Splitvire, but Nathan quickly swerves out of its path. It flies into several rocks and detonates, causing them to fall apart. The rocks tumble across the plains, as the vehicles all try to avoid. One Vihil grunt gets struck by one, causing them to tumble off their speeder, as it is crushed under the rock. Nathan presses a button, making the Splitvire quickly open its front, unleashing its blades which rip through the falling rocks. Two of the rocks go flying toward the Bolt Blaster, as Kane tries to move. Nora then gets in the way with the Grangler and saves him by crushing the rocks.

“Thanks for that.” Kane said to her, waving from his window.

“Don’t mention it.” Nora replied.

A laser blast hits the Grangler’s windshield, and she sees the grunt it came from zoom by, so she gives chase. Darsun makes her diamond disappear right before the grunt’s eyes, baffling them. She then reappears above, shooting a mystical blue energy blast at the grunt’s speeder, breaking it in two and causing the grunt to tumble over the dirt ground. Darsun floats down, stopping the grunt from going any further. The grunt then reaches for a dagger on their back, but Darsun senses it in advance, so she sends another blue mystical blast at their face, knocking them to the ground out cold. 

“Don’t mess with her.” Nathan said impressed, seeing this from nearby.

He is right next to a speeder, as he tries to strike it with the Splitvire’s blades. The grunt throws another grenade, but Nathan is able to do a swift spin just in time. One of the Splitvire’s tires bounces against the grenade, sending it a new direction, right for another speeder. It explodes, taking out that one. The grunt who originally threw it is stunned, when Nathan slashes their speeder’s front off with the Splitvire blades, making them collapse to the ground.

Nora is still chasing the speeder that blasted her, when another speeder comes to its aid. She then uses the Grangler to get between two speeders and ram into both. They then both press a button on their controls, which makes spinning spikes appear on the sides, as they try to pop the Grangler’s tires. She carefully evades, and then gets behind both. The Grangler raises one of its tires and strikes the back of a speeder, which launches the grunt into the air, yelling. They land onto the Grangler’s windshield, and Nora uses the tire arm to whack them off. The other speeder floors it and tries to escape, but the other grunt lands on the speeder, making them weave around uncontrollably. As the grunt tries to regain control, the Grangler uses the distraction to give one last strike, sending the speeder flying into the air, as both grunts hit the ground out cold. The speeder lands and explodes in the distance. Nora smiles to herself. This will teach them not to damage the Grangler.

Zelleo uses the Crusher to chase after two more speeders, who shoot lasers at it from behind, but they do not damage the exterior, frustrating them. They then try to do what they did to the Grangler, as they make spinning spikes appear on the speeder sides and get closer to the Crusher’s tires. Zelleo sees this on his scanner and reacts accordingly. As they get closer, the Crusher releases an electric jolt at both of their spikes, burning them off. The grunts are startled by this and then hold out their staffs, trying to strike at the tires with them now. Zelleo then presses a button on the controls, which makes the Crusher fire missiles at the speeders, blowing them out of his way. The grunts go tumbling across the ground, and the Crusher comes toward them. They panic and run out of the way. Zelleo then opens a door in the controls, and shoots his Charge Gun at the two grunts, knocking them out.

Laneld uses the Sonicwave to send two sonic charges at a grunt, who avoids one but gets hit by the other, as the sound effects echo through their helmet, annoying them. This causes them to lose focus for a split second and smash right into a boulder.

“Yes, we still got it, babe!” Laneld cheered, pumping his fist.

Kane uses the Bolt Blaster to shoot an electric ball at a speeder, frying it and making it cease to function. The speeder comes to a stop and breaks down. The grunt then makes a run for it, but Kane sends another electric ball at them, knocking them to the ground, with smoke coming off of them.

Dash uses the Slashwind to go faster, as it zooms right in front of the grunt, not getting out of their sight.

“Out of the way!” The grunt yelled angrily, trying to see past Dash.

The Slashwind hovers up, flying out of the way. The grunt can finally see now…only to see a dead end right in their way, and it’s too late to make a proper turn out of there, causing them to panic. As they mess around with the controls in a hurry, the speeder goes flying straight into the rock, exploding and taking another out.

Two speeders are trying desperately to outrun the Ice Shredder, not wanting to be sucked under it. PJ then makes the Ice Shredder release an icy mist at two speeders in front of him, obscuring their views. The two of them crash right into each other, falling to the ground. 

Drake is in the Shadow Striker, surrounded by two Vihil grunts, smashing their staffs against the vehicle and leaving dents.

“You guys are paying for those damages!” Drake said annoyed.

He does a quick turn, ramming into one of the speeders, but they hold on. Drake then reflects on how far he’s come, thinking back to when he worked under Bishop and antagonized the Undersea Force. 

"It's all ready, I have hacked into the ship's systems," Dr. Rick said. 

"Sir, there are life forms on board," Commander Drake said, worried.

"Fire away anyways," Bishop ordered.

Dr. Rick activates a button, and from the building, three missiles launched from it. They go flying out of the ocean surface, and into space. Unaware that the Undersea Force had survived, the agents view the explosion on screen.

"The ship is destroyed. No survivors," Drake said to Bishop, and he smiles.

Bishop used to be ruthless in hunting down the Undersea Force, as he wanted to purge any connections to alien threats. He was glad both groups were eventually able to find common ground and make amends. He then thinks about how he was recruited into the team, originally to go undercover on Bishop’s request. Despite their hostility towards each other at first, Drake was eventually welcomed warmly into the group.

"Well...I guess that's that. The rest of your OPF friends can clean up the rest. We're going to have to regroup and figure this out. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of these things," Nathan said.

The Undersea Force are back at the Vobi with Drake, and they explained what happened.

"Mutations, you say? Interesting...and welcome to the team?" Kane said oddly at Drake.

"Welcome to the team, I guess...?" PJ said, as everyone was confused.

"Yeah...I wasn't really planning to become a full crew member, but I guess if you want me to.." Drake said. "So...this is Senato, huh?"

 "I'm not sure what to think of this...I'll have to meditate on this new crew member," Darsun said.


"Welcome to the team," Darsun said, handing Drake an honorary Undersea Force badge.

"I don't know whether to be flattered or scared," Drake said, feeling incredibly embarrassed.

 "A little bit of both," Nora said.

"I appreciate it, but why? Aren't you guys...suspicious? I did try killing you once, haha..." Drake said.

"I have concluded that you are distraught, you need somewhere to go after your demotion on your organization. I sense in your heart that you want to change," Darsun said.


Darsun gives Drake a new Undersea Force armor, sword, and shield, which are all colored black. A black vehicle is also parked on a pad for Drake.

 "Wow, I don't know what to say, thanks," Drake said.

"You get to name your vehicle," Laneld said. "Mine has the best name, but you're welcome to try to top it."

"Cool...uh, I'll call it....the Shadow Striker!" Drake said.

Darsun and the team believed in him, even if he did not believe in himself, which helped put him on the right path. He eventually forgot about his real objective, which caused him and Bishop to have a brief falling out, but they eventually reconciled when trying to stop Delmec. In turn, this helped both teams become close allies, putting a rest to their needless tension. He was glad to be serving two forces to help the universe in the long term. 

Drake then makes the Shadow Striker open up blasters on the sides, which fire black laser beams at the two speeders, making them zoom around in a hurry. The blasts are too fast, like shadows in the wind, as they hit the grunts in their helmets, sending them flying off their bikes. The blasts finish off both speeders, as Drake is happy. The vehicles regroup together, riding on. They all look to see one speeder remains, nearly making it out of the badlands. 

“How about a good old fusion to finish this one off?” Nora suggested to the group.

“Oooh, I’ve missed the fancy fusions.” Laneld reminisced. 

“I’m up for it.” Nathan said.

“Haven’t used the Razor Claw in ages, so sure.” Nora replied.

“Seems appropriate the lovebirds get the finishing blow.” Dash noted, as Nathan and Nora smile at each other after hearing that.

“Yeah, go for it.” Zelleo encouraged.

Nathan activates the fuser, as the Splitvire and Grangler both enter it, fusing together to form the Razor Claw. Nathan and Nora are shown in the controls together. The Razor Claw approaches the last speeder, as the grunt looks behind. They then quickly turn their speeder around, wanting to face them head on. The speeder has two flamethrowers installed in the front, which blast out fire at the Razor Claw.

“Whoa!” Nathan and Nora yelled, avoiding the flame blasts.

They keep avoiding flame blasts, and fire lasers back from the Razor Claw, which the speeder swiftly evades.

“Well, this guy is definitely a cut above the rest, I’ll give him that.” Nathan said.

Nora then sees the grunt takes a break from blasting the flamethrowers for a bit to prevent the speeder from overheating.

“But those flamethrowers might just be his undoing if we time it right. He can’t keep using them forever or the bike will overheat.” Nora realized, having an idea of where to strike.

The grunt shoots more flames, as the Razor Claw tries to strike at the speeder with the razor wheels. The grunt then puts a pause on both of the flamethrowers for a brief moment to stop it from overheating again. Using that interval of time, the blades strike right through one of the flamethrowers, causing it to leak. The grunt gasps, and the speeder explodes, thus taking out the last Vihil grunt on Senato. Nora gives Nathan a kiss on the cheek, as the fusion ends. The group is happy they have protected the planet and council for now. Their vehicles all come to a stop and Darsun makes her diamond disappear.

“Now what?” Drake asked, as Darsun looks at the Vihil ship still in the sky.

“We need to get on board their ship to end this.” Darsun said, having a vision.

“But how?” Nora asked.

“These guys came down in those pod things, right? We could take those back.” PJ remembered.

“Good idea.” Kane replied, as the group sees them nearby the cliffs.

They then see all of the destroyed speeder bikes and knocked out grunts behind them. One of the grunts is crawling across the ground, still fighting. They try to get up and shoot their laser gun, but Drake quickly blasts them with his Charge Gun, knocking them down. 

“That’s all of ‘em for real now.” Drake said.

As they walk towards the pods, Pax is seen in the control room of the Vihil space ship. The hologram screens show all of their grunts defeated and the Undersea Force running to the pods. Pax is not deterred by this, as he can still capture the council of five once the Undersea Force are taken care of.

“Sir, should we intercept them?” Grimace asked Pax.

“No. Let them come to us.” Pax replied calmly, as he is glad they are coming to him to enact the final stage of his plan. “Send a team to fight them when they board, but let me capture the blue sentient Darsun.”

“Very well.” Grimace replied.

The Undersea Force gets into the pods.

“So how do these work-“ Laneld was asking.

Zelleo presses one of the buttons, which quickly launches the pod he’s in with Laneld, Kane and Dash to the ship like the speed of light.

“I just saw my life flash before my eyes!” Laneld panicked, wondering what just happened.

“These aliens continue to fascinate me with their capabilities.” Kane noted.

Their pods all launch back to the ship. They exit them, entering the ship’s cargo bay. 

“Here we are. Into the heart of the enemy.” Nathan said.

Zelleo then holds out his tablet and hooks it up to a console on the wall. He downloads the ship’s layout from there.

“Alright, now we know where we’re going. Never go into the enemy base blind.” Zelleo said, showing them the map.

“Good call.” Nora said.

“They have to have the kidnapped kings on board, right? Any idea where they’re being held?” Drake asked.

“Not sure on that yet, but we’ll find them.” Zelleo said.

“Should we split up, you know, divide and conquer?” Laneld asked.

“Let’s stick together since we don’t entirely know what we’re in for.” Nathan replied, as Laneld understands.

They carefully exit the cargo bay, and look both ways down the dreary halls for any Vihil grunts. 

“Watch the right.” Darsun warned, sensing grunts approaching from that way.

The group hides, as the grunts pass by, relieving them. They come out of hiding, heading down that hall. They reach a hallway, but Darsun falls behind, feeling her head because has a terrible sense.

“Oh no, it’s a trap-“ Darsun realized.

Pax then hits her from behind with his staff, charged with the Tear of Chaos’s power. It stuns her, knocking her out, as Pax drags her away. The group turns to see she’s gone.

“Hey, where’s…” PJ was asking.

Before they can search for Darsun, a group of grunts, led by Grimace, surround them. 

The Undersea Force fights back.

Meanwhile, Darsun’s vision begins to return and she is shown restrained in his quarters, held by machinery and cuffs. She looks around the room, seeing Pax’s pictures of her, the Undersea Force and enemies on the walls, creeping her out. Pax then looks directly at her. He takes off his mask, showing his alien face, with cold teal eyes. Darsun tries to break cast a spell, but the restraints prevent her from focusing properly, along with the Tear of Chaos.

“Don’t waste your energy. I must say, it is an honor to meet you Darsun, the God of Destiny. What a remarkable evolution. The fact I even caught you is quite an accomplishment. Sorry about that, by the way. This little buddy is pretty helpful at blocking your foresight.” Pax explained, holding out the Tear of Chaos, as its purple glow reflects across the room.

Darsun is stunned, realizing that is what has been messing with her visions.

“This may look bad, but I promise, I’m no common villain. I want us to reach an understanding, find common ground, as you will.” Pax said, showing the Tear of Chaos closer to Darsun.

Instead of hurting her though, Darsun sees memories inside of the cube. She witnesses Pax’s entire wife, showing the Confederacy killing his parents and conquering his home, then his recent attacks using the rebooted Vihil. Darsun is stunned by this, realizing the pain Pax has gone through, and transforming him into this.

“I see now who you are, Pax. I sympathize with your plight, I truly do, but this is not the way to resolve it.” Darsun pleaded.

“As long as any form of galactic power exists, chaos will be inevitable. Survival of the fittest dictates someone will always screw someone over. The Galactic Alliance is seen as “beacons of hope” now, but at what cost from what came before? And how long will it be until the power corrupts them and they ruin another poor, innocent planet? You see…we’re more alike than you think. Both of us lost our planets, even if yours returned, and assembled a group around restoring it, did we not?” Pax noted introspectively.

Darsun thinks this over. It was an interesting perspective, but she realizes his fatal flaw.

“That is true, but what separates us is that I found a new family to bond with, while your Vihil are merely just tools for a means to an end. You have no true attachment to them.” Darsun explained.

Pax says nothing, and calmly puts his mask back on.

“It’s true, you got me. But I do appreciate you took the time to see my perspective. For what it’s worth Darsun, I truly am sorry for what I’m about to do to your planet. But the galaxy must see this message.” Pax said, as this worries Darsun.

“What are you doing?” Darsun asked, but Pax ignores her and walks out of the room, shutting the door behind.

Darsun’s vision becomes clearer, as she sees a haunting image of a purple laser blast striking Senato, knowing she must move quickly. She calms herself and begins to meditate, trying to find a way out of the restraints.

Back in the hallway, the Undersea Force fights Grimace’s group in the cramped hallway. Grimace holds out his laser gun, but Nathan grabs him, stopping him from firing, and punches him in the face, knocking him out. Dash kicks a grunt in the face and sends them flying against a door, knocking them out. Laneld and Drake get struck multiple times by a grunt’s staff, but are able to endure the pain. They both work together slash their swords through the grunt’s staff, breaking it into pieces, and punching them. The group is able to overpower the rest, making it out of the hallway.

“Alright, let’s try to see where they took Darsun.” Nathan said, as they run around a corner.

More grunts appear, firing their guns, and the Undersea Force responds by shooting back with their charge guns. Zelleo then presses a button on the wall, closing off the hallway and stopping the rest of the blasts.

“If I’m reading the layout correctly, the control room is this way. We could commandeer that, which will give us an advantage.” Zelleo suggested.

The team agrees and heads down the hallway. They carefully approach the control room door, and it automatically opens. They go inside, to see Pax standing in the middle of the room, looking out the windows, his back turned against them. A few grunts are at the controls, not even flinching at the intrusion.

“Welcome, Undersea Force. It is an honor to meet you, face to face.” Pax replied, turning around.

He then slams his staff down, with the Tear of Chaos on top. He lets purple energy flow around the room.

“So you’re the head honcho behind these clowns.” Dash said, pointing his sword to Pax.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Pax warned.

“Why not?” Nora asked.

“Watch this: Fire.” Pax ordered to his grunts.

The ship begins to charge up a blast, and Pax fuels it with the purple energy like he did before. A cannon opens from the front, and the super charged purple laser blast strikes at a spot in the Senato badlands, creating a mushroom cloud in the distance. Jiros, Kuri, Princeton, Kufon and Daxon see this from outside the council building, along with the ship in the sky, worried on what’s happening. Several other aliens in the city see this from the distance as well, scared.

“…What was that?” Laneld asked, terrified.

“What I’ll keep doing to Senato if you don’t surrender right now.” Pax bargained.

The group looks at each other grimly, as they know they are at a standstill. They do not want to put innocent lives at risk.

“We won’t attack if you tell us where Darsun is.” Nathan bargained.

“You know I’m not one to make friendly deals. But I promise she is safe.” Pax replied smugly.

Darsun is seen in Pax’s room, who has meditated. She takes a deep breath and then her eyes glow blue. She lats out a spiritual energy blast from within, destroying the restraints around her. Two guards outside hear this and rush in, pointing their guns. Darsun quickly sends them flying away with two mystical blasts, as she floats out of the room. From her meditation, she had a vision of where the prisoners are being held, and has the room remembered for the Undersea Force to know.

Pax and the Undersea Force are still at a quiet standstill, with nobody moving. Pax is about to give the order to fire again, when Darsun bursts into the room with her powers, sending the door flying at a grunt, knocking them out of the chair. Pax is somewhat surprised she escaped, but knew he shouldn’t have underestimated a Space Creator. She sends another blast at Pax, knocking him against the controls, electrocuting them and preventing another shot.

“Never mind, she can take care of herself.” Nora said, relieved. 

“Zelleo, the prisoners are in this room.” Darsun said, highlighting the room on his layout with a blue spot. 

“Wow, thanks.” Zelleo replied.

“Seriously, you should’ve gone on more missions with us back in the day.” Laneld said, impressed.

“Now go, release them. I will handle him. Do not worry about me.” Darsun said determined, waving her hands and making them glow, ready to continue attacking.

“Alright. We believe in you, Darsun.” Nathan said encouragingly to her.

The Undersea Force understands and rushes out of the room. Pax stands up, smiles and walks forward. He then holds out the Tear of Chaos, as the purple energy from it enters Pax’s body and gives him a boost. 

“I’ve studied your entire history and every enemy you’ve ever faced. I am honored to be the last one.” Pax decreed boldly, with his eyes glowing purple.

Darsun shoots a blue mystical blast at him, and Pax counters with purple energy from his hand. The Undersea Force rushes down the hall, shooting at more incoming grunts.

“This way!” Zelleo ordered to the team, reading the layout of the ships, as they make their way through the chaos.

They see the brig being guarded by two grunts, as the team blasts their charge guns, knocking both out. Nora kicks down the door, startling the one guard inside and prisoners. The guard fires their laser gun, but Laneld goes to the front and deflects the blasts with his sword. He then slashes his sword right through the gun, making the guard panic and raise their hands.

“Uh…truce-“ the guard begged.

Laneld knocks out the guard and he drops his remote. 

“Way to go man, you haven’t lost your fighting spirit!” Dash said, giving Laneld a hi-five. 

“The fate of the galaxy being on the line does that to a guy.” Laneld shrugged.

Laneld picks up the remote and wonders which button releases them.

“Not the bottom one, that will electrocute us.” Hadar called out to them.

Laneld presses the top one, as all of the cells are opened, freeing the prisoners.

“Thank you all so much!” Dagnas said

The group escorts Dagnas, Hadar and the senators to safety, getting them out of the room and rushing down the halls. Grimmace then appears from a corner with two grunts, the same ones they fought earlier, who are ready for round two. They fire their guns at once, as the team deflects the blasts with their swords. Drake fires his OPF gun at a grunt, knocking them back, and Dash grabs the other grunt’s staff. He swings it at the grunt’s helmet, smashing their helmet to pieces and falling to the floor. He then swings it at Grimmace, who catches it, and Dash smiles.

“What’s so funny-“ Grimmace was asking.

The distraction allows Nora to kick him in the stomach and uppercut him in the jaw.  He goes flying right through through a storage closet door, knocking him out. 

“Nice combo.” Dash said, still impressed with Nora’s fighting.

The group makes their way back to the cargo bay, as they guide the senators, Hadar and Dagnas into the escape pods.

“What about Darsun?” Kane asked.

“She told us to go.” Nathan replied, respecting her wishes.

“With her wizard powers, I’m sure she can handle the guy.” PJ said hopefully.

“She’ll see us again, she promised.” Nora replied.

The group gets into the escape pods, as they launch back to Senato. They look at the ship from the pods, seeing blue and purple flashes from the control room.

In the control room, Darsun and Pax continue their fight. Darsun jumps into the air, sending another blue blast, which Pax counters with a purple blast, making the room shake. The grunts panic, as the blasts strike at the control panels, breaking them apart. They storm out of the room, not wanting to be caught in the crossfire. Several other grunts storm out of the ship, heading for the remaining escape pods. Darsun makes several portals appear across the room, as she jumps through one. She jumps out of another from behind Pax, knocking him down with a blue blast. This angers him, as his eyes glow purple. He lets out a powerful blast across the room, destroying all of the portals and throwing Darsun against the windows. She hovers out of them, trying to make it through Pax’s force. She sends another blast, but Pax counters with his own, knocking both back again. Darsun walks forward, charging both of her hands to end this. Pax rushes forward using his power and grabs her by the neck, about to infect her with the purple essence like he did to the Confederate soldier. Darsun remains calm, meditating and channeling her inner energy.

“There is no way to kill me without killing yourself.” Pax claimed smugly to Darsun, as the purple energy begins to flow through her body.

“Are you certain?” Darsun asked, confusing Pax.

She grabs onto his arm, as the room shakes more. She then lets out her inner energy blast, startling Pax, and enduring the purple energy. Darsun’s blue energy and Pax’s purple energy collide together, creating a cosmic light that engulfs the entire ship. The ship then explodes, with debris flying everywhere. Pax’s fractured helmet is seen adrift in space. The aliens look up at the explosion from below, cheering that the Vihil threat is vanquished. Galactic Alliance soldiers and sentient guards are seen arresting the remaining Vihil grunts in the badlands, along with the ones who escaped from the ship, taking them into custody. The team’s escape pods land near the council building, as the Undersea Force and former prisoners get out. They look at the explosion in the sky.

“Darsun really did it.” Nathan said.

“But…where is she?” Dash asked, trying to look for her.

They hoped this didn’t mean what they thought. Darsun is shown floating in space, out cold. Suddenly, a blue light shines inside of her, awakening her and making her survive. As they keep looking, the blue light illuminates the sky, surprising them. Darsun descends down before them, making the team cheer. The council approaches, along with a few Galactic Alliance soldiers.

“I knew she’d be okay, she’s a god now!” Laneld said happily.

“I was out for a little bit, but yes, I’m much better now.” Darsun said, feeling her head.

“We kept everyone in the city is safe. They were a little panicked by that blast, but we guided them to safety.” a Galactic Alliance soldier reported to them.

“Thank you for your brave work.” Darsun replied.

“No, thank you all for what you did above.” Daxon replied.

“So…is their leader gone?” PJ asked.

“Yes, Pax is no more. But…I feel sorry for him. It’s a shame hew as too far gone to listen to reason.” Darsun replied regrettably, as this makes everyone curious.

“You feel pity for him, but why? He was a monster.” Kufon asked, not understanding.

“I heard his story, and what happened to his planet put him on this dark destiny path. He became consumed by fear, hatred and suffering. I too could have ended up like him had I not been guided by the right people. That is why I sympathize with him, not because of his actions today, but the person he could’ve become if guided by the right people. The galaxy needs to do better to prevent another broken soul from going down that path.” Darsun realized. 

Perhaps Pax and her did truly have more in common than they thought. He also reminded her of Korax in some ways, as she knew Korax had the potential to be good if she was put on the right path. Everyone thinks this over, realizing she’s right.

“I know where she is coming from, for I once went down this path and I had nobody else to help me.” Kuri agreed, thinking back to when she served under Korax.

“Even if the galaxy may be peaceful now, she’s right we shouldn’t get complacent. We need to make sure everyone on Senato truly is happy.” Princeton replied.

“We’ll make sure another group like the Vihil never emerges and work harder to help all planets in need. We’ll get to it right away.” the Galactic Alliance soldier promised to her, saluting and heads off.

“That was really wise of you Darsun to still empathize with the enemy after everything. You truly deserve to be a Space Creator.” Nathan said, proud.

“Yeah, not even I could have that type of temperament to empathize even after what the Vihil did.” Nora replied.

“Thank you all. None of this would’ve been possible without your help either.” Darsun replied.

“I guess we’re going back home now, right?” Kane asked.

“I don’t know, we could stay a little longer. It’s not everyday now we get to see Senato again.” Nathan replied, as the group agrees, wanting to give the planet they fought so hard for a show of respect.

“Indeed. Before you all leave, we’re having a party tonight to celebrate the Vihil’s defeat. You’re all invited as special guests. The choice is yours, of course.” Jiros offered.

“That would be nice.” Nora thought.

“I’m burnt out of underwater parties but a space one would be cool.” Laneld said.

With the exception of Nathan and Laneld, everyone else's vehicles are stored back into the Vobi. Later at night, the celebration is shown at an arena. The Undersea Force are enjoying themselves at a special table, along with Darsun. Various aliens and sentients attend, asking the fabled heroes for their autographs. Cymtrax and Krumb also attend. The two thank the group for finding their last Rarks, which they were able to save from the outpost and reprogram. Several games and festivities are held throughout the night, along with exquisite melas being served. Jiros gives a special speech, thanking the Undersea Force and Darsun for their work. 

Eventually, the night comes to a close, as everyone begins to leave. The team all looks at each other, realizing this is it. Back to their normal lives now.

“I guess this is goodbye again.” Nathan realized sadly.

“Yeah, I have work overseas. It was fun to do this again while it lasted, it really was.” Zelleo replied.

“Yes. I must return to Viva and continue my duties. It truly was wonderful being with you all again.” Darsun replied.

The group thinks back to when Darsun became the God of Destiny eight years prior and the words she parted on them before she left.

The Undersea Force was seen at the Krusty Krab, when they saw a shooting star crash into the desert, similar to how Darsun's space craft crashed in the very first episode.

"Huh....deja vu," Laneld said.

"What was that?!" several fish inside asked, as the seven ran off to the desert. 

"This is just like when we first met Darsun..." Zelleo said. 

Darsun emerged out of a small pit, wearing her new armor.

"Whoa...Darsun, what brings you here?" Nathan asked.

"Also, what's with the get-up?" Dash asked.

"I wanted to tell you all that I have become a Space Creator, I have ascended to a higher plane of existence like The Ancient One. I wanted to let you all know I shall mostly be at Viva from now on, helping the Space Creators. But that does not mean I have abandoned you and Senato. Senato will live on, and I have seen your futures. I do not want to interfere with them, but that does not mean you need to stop being together. We've had a special bond, it was destiny we all met," Darsun explained.

“At least nothing stops us from still finding ways to see each other here and there.” Dash said optimistically

“No matter how far apart we are from each other, we’ll always be a team.” Nathan said proudly.

Darsun creates multiple portals in front of them.

“These will take you back to where you belong. Do not be sad. We’ll see each other again. I promise.” Darsun explained to them.

Everyone gives each other a handshake and hug before parting ways again. They all go through their portals, taking them back to where they were before. As Nathan and Nora arrive back in Bikini Bottom, the two get an idea to write a special letter to everyone. They hope it will act as a kind way to recap their time and cement their bonds together, regardless of distance.

A montage shows the team all returning to their lives before today. Nathan and Nora are hiking up a mountain, wanting to explore together and hoping everyone else got their letter. Zelleo continues aiding the professor at the university. PJ continues snowboarding and pays his parents a visit again in the Bikini Bottom Tundra ski village, who are proud of how far he’s come. Dash continues to run his dojo, and following Darsun’s wisdom, begins to empathize with his flawed students more, trying to help them move past their faults. Nora even pays him a guest visit one day, taking up his advice to be a teacher for a day. Laneld continues his racing career, continuing to make adoring fans across the seas. Drake continues leading the Ocean Protection Force. Kane continues to occasionally look after Senato in his spare time, and continues his science experiments. 

Eventually, one by one, the group all receives Nathan and Nora’s letter to them. They read it, and are genuinely happy upon reading them. Sawkus delivers Darsun her letter on Viva, surprising her. Darsun reads it, and is visibly moved by the letter, as a tear of joy falls down one of her cheeks. Later on, Nathan and Nora are shown taking a joy ride in the Splitvire, riding across the Grand Reef Desert. They hold hands and ride off into the sunset.


That's all, folks (again), for real this time. It was nice revisiting these characters, recontextualize certain aspects, and giving the spin-off a retrospective trip down memory lane with this mini movie. It's still unreal to me how ancient 2011 feels now, and how far this spin-off came from where it was then, especially given I didn't have much faith in it at first. I didn't even really need to do this, honestly, but given how much this work meant to be in the early 2010s, I felt it fit to give one final capstone to celebrate 10 years.

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that was great finale (again), and it was great way to end min0movie event to celebrate 10 year anniversary of Storm Racers. Really liked fight scenes between UF and Pax's minions. I'm also like final battle between Darsun and Pax in that scene the team istill got it since they last fight. it's one of my favoritte spin-off series since i started reading in 2011. Truly one of best finale i've read. Thank you for 10 years of fun, exciting and action series.


Finale Grade: A+

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