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(credit to sbnator20 for the banner)

Plot: One day in the deep blue sea, a mysterious spacecraft crashed nearby Bikini Bottom in an old desert. Inside, it contained a sentient being from another galaxy, known as Darsun. Five long-time friends investigate and come too close. The sentient then gives them all a mysterious power...of the Undersea Force! Watch as they fight Rark, Vandalators, and jump through Zones in the adventures of the Undersea Force!

1. Episodes


Season 1 - Storm Racers
1. The Force Assembles (Part 1)
2. The Force Assembles (Part 2)
3. One Way Back
4. The Vandalators
5. Muck Zone
6. Gameball
7. Krumb, My Man
8. Deep Thunder
9. Frozen Tracks
10. Robot Rampage
11. Treasure Hunt
12. Computer Trapped
13. The New Recruit
14. The Lone Ranger
15. Driver Down
16. Zone Runners
17. Swarm
18. Scrapyard Dog
19. Gladiator Match
20. Dark Fields
21. The Duelist
22. Artifact Intelligence
23. Time Out!
24. Double Trouble
25. Evil Alliance (Part 1)
26. Evil Alliance (Part 2)

Season 2 - Storm Racers: Fusion
27. Plight of the Red Sentients (Part 1)
28. Plight of the Red Sentients (Part 2)
29. A Terror in the Deep
30. Uprisings
31. Team Undersea Force
32. The Crimson King
33. Divide and Conquer
34. Lost and Found!
35. Heart of Ice
36. King of the Kornadomos
37. Native Squid
38. The Dragon's Mouth
39. Stone Cold Guardian
40. The Shadow Zone
41. Hunt for the Magmagrox
42. Curse of Snatilla (Part 1)
43. Birth of the Blades (Part 2)
44. Soul Survivor
45. Legacy
46. Shadow Warriors
47. Blast from the Past
48. Recipe for Disaster
49. Better Off Red
50. The Omega Code
51. Rumble in the Jungle (Part 1)
52. Unite & Strike! (Part 2)

Season 3 - Storm Racers: Recharged
53. Darkness Descending (Part 1)
54. Darkness Descending (Part 2)
55. Cold Alliance
56. To Catch An Alien
57. Dino Disaster
58. Panic in Bikini Bottom
59. Iron Wedge
60. Burning Fury
61. The Ultimate Warrior
62. Hacking Cymtrax
63. There Is No "I" In Team
64. Maze of Doom!
65. Battle World Part I: The Brawl Begins
66. Battle World Part II: Chaos Commences
67. Battle World Part III: Treachery Brewing
68. Battle World Part IV: Minds Collide
69. Kordon On The Run
70. Time Travails
71. Super Sponge
72. Team Undersea Force Redux
73. 20 Years
74. The Real World (Part 1)
75. The Real World (Part 2)
76. Bishop's Gambit
77. Exodus (Part 1)
78. Exodus (Part 2)

Season 4 - Storm Racers: Mutation
79. Cousin Simon
80. Ancient Clash
81. The Mermaid Hunter
82. Crimson Brew
83. Lord of the Bugs
84. All Hallows' Fools
85. Bad Day
86. Lesson of the Master
87. Dragons Burning
88. Aliens Among Us
89. Viva la Vida
90. A Christmas Story
91. Death Match
92. The Ancient One
93. Scion of Revenge (Part 1)
94. Prodigal Leader (Part 2)
95. Outbreak
96. Draxus
97. A Unique Mind
98. The Dinosaur King (Part 1)
99. The Dinosaur King (Part 2)
100. Senato
101. Ultimate Exposure
102. Epitaph
103. Good Genes (Part 1)
104. Good Genes (Part 2)

Season 5 - Storm Racers: Legends
105. Spacial Quest
106. Real Magic
107. The Legend of the Dark One
108. Worlds Beyond Sight
109. The Beginning of the End
110. Draxus II
111. The Wrath of Scareclam
112. Gravity Mission
113. Dark Siege (Part 1)
114. Dark Siege (Part 2)
115. Betty & Jack Investigations
116. Worlds Collide
117. Society of Darkness
118. The Purge
119. Enemy of My Enemy
120. Fall
121. Deal with the Devils
122. Astral Plane
123. Endgame (Part 1)
124. Endgame (Part 2)

Season 6 - Storm Racers: The Lost Missions
125. The Unknown

126. Conspiracy

127. Orders

128. The Blue Wave

129. The Forgotten

130. Evergreen

131. Day of the Snakes (Part 1)

132. Day of the Snakes (Part 2)

133. Gold Blood

134. Missing in Action

135. Surge Alone

136. Nightmare in Red

137. Destiny

2. Shorts


You cannot purchase shorts anymore, but here is what was available:

Season 1 - Storm Racers Shorts
1. Skodwarde's Adventure: Skodwarde meets the Undersea Force.

2. Spinning Out: Laneld goes out for a midnight trip, but he gets a flat tire.

3. Seek and Destroy: Cymtrax makes a new device which he thinks will help him get the Universe Keys.

4. There He Goes: Dash has a runaway boat bike!

5. Sunder and Spark: The Crusher begins to act strange.

6. Birthday Bash: The gang goes out to find an artifact for Darsun's birthday.

7. Delivery Dilemma: Mr. Krabs asks Nathan to deliver a meal to a customer for him when he sees him driving late at night.

8. Base Invasion: The gang fears a ghost is hiding in the base.

9. Vandal Attack: The gang heads to Senato where they discover the Vandalators are having a sacred ritual.

10. The Past and The Present: Darsun tells the gang more about her past and family.

Season 2 - Storm Racers: Fusion
11. Red Storm Rising: The Undersea Force learn the war with the Red Sentients is not over, while Darsun explains more of their past.

12. Secret Alliance: We learn how Squidstrictor allied with the Red Sentients.

13. The True Crimson King: We learn who the true Crimson King was.

14. Ice Games: When PJ and Nathan have a race down the Ice Zone mountain, the Red Sentients interrupt.

15. Sawkus Delivery: A typical day of what Sawkus' role in the universe is.16

16. Mr. Wolf: When scavaging the Zones for Blue Sentient artifacts, the gang comes to the Junkyard Zone again, and have another nice encounter with the Guard Wolf.

17. Robot Experiment: Kane makes a robot test dummy for the base.

18. Grand Ceremony: We see a flashback of an old Senato celebration with the Red Sentients and Blue Sentients.

19. Blazing Race: Dash tries to race against Kyton on Senato, while trying obtain a Blue Sentient artifact.

20. Warrior Fire: We see Kyton and Krosis trying to free Kuri's energy signal from the Undersea Force.

3. Characters + Vehicles


Notes: † means deceased; * means they are in an indefinite condition
Warning: I would advise against reading this section first if you don't want to be spoiled with character deaths.

Undersea Force
Nathan (Vehicle = Splitvire | Color = Red)
Nora (Vehicle = Grangler | Color = Green)
Laneld (Vehicle = Sonicwave | Color = Purple)
Dash (Vehicle = Slashwind | Color = Yellow)
Zelleo (Vehicle = Crusher | Color = Blue)
Kane (Vehicle = Bolt Blaster | Color = Orange)
PJ (Vehicle = Ice Shredder | Color = White)
Drake (Vehicle = Shadow Striker | Color = Black)

Vehicle Fusions
Sky Slicer (Splitvire + Slashwind)
Grangler Communication Center (Grangler + Vobias Communication Center)
CrushClaw (Grangler + Crusher)
SonicSlash (Splitvire + Sonicwave)
ShockBlade (Splitvire + Bolt Blaster)
Glacier Cutter (Splitvire + Ice Shredder)
Crushvire (Splitvire + Crusher)
Razor Claw (Splitvire + Grangler)
SmashBolt (Bolt Blaster + Crusher)
Sonic Sky (Sonicwave + Slashwind)
Breeze Slicer (Ice Shredder + Slashwind)
Sonic Crash (Grangler + Sonicwave)
Thunder Bolt (Bolt Blaster + Slashwind)
Hydrovire (Splitvire + Hydro Splash)
ShadowSplitter (Splitvire + Shadow Striker)
Torch Wave (Oceanic Wave + Torch Flame)

Thunder Glacier (Bolt Blaster + Ice Shredder)


Ancient Titans
Malvor †
Terramos †
Flareamos †
Aquamos †
Skyamos †

Blue Sentients
Darsun (Vehicle = Vobias Communication Center)
Master Daksas (Vehicle = Hydro Splash)
Dul (Vehicle = Aqua Wheel) †
Dr. Skylander †
Daxon (Vehicle = River Run)
Princeton (Vehicle = Oceanic Wave)
Draxus †
Draxus Clone †

Dysiofa †

Professor Duros


Red Sentients
Korax (Vehicle = Scorcher) †
Kyton (Vehicle = Blaze Wheel)
Kuri (Vehicle = Magler)
Kordon/Kahzar (Vehicle = Burner) †
Krosis (Vehicle = Flarer)
General Krodor †
Kygox (Vehicle = Torch Flame)
Kufon (Vehicle = Ember Burn)
Kosar †

Argoron (Vehicle = SharkSlammer) (Leader of Shark Tribe)
Natcher (Vehicle = Scalab) (Leader of Crab Tribe)
Crink (Vehicle = Chomper Slaughter) (Leader of Anglerfish Tribe)
Straus (Vehicle = Stinger) (Leader of Stingray Tribe)
Squidstrictor (Vehicle = Tentacle Strangler) (Leader of Squid Tribe)
Shadowclaw (Vehicle = Shadow Slammer) (Shark Tribe Grunt/Undersea Force Agent)
Shark Tribe Grunts
Crab Tribe Grunts
Anglerfish Tribe Grunts
Stingray Tribe Grunts

Cymtrax (Vehicle = Slyius)
Krumb (Vehicle = Axdrill)
Zythen (Vehicle = Zypor) †
Blue Rark Grunts
Red Rark Grunts
Green Rark Grunts (aka The Omega Code)
Purple Rark Grunts
Rark Scouters
Axos-90 †
Impostor Undersea Force †
Iron Weed †
Wood Slammer †
Stealth Rarks
Elite Rarks
Pilot Rark †

Ocean Protection Force
Stevenson Bishop
Dr. Praxton Rick
Predator Bots
Giant Predator Bot
Scouter Bot
The Exterminator †
Weaver/Scareclam †
Alien Super Soldiers
Lane Disslow/Slade Wilson/Injustice †

Delmec †
Raphael †

Doctor Aidas



Bounty Hunters
Lizallus Truxatos

Space Creators

Bikini Bottom/Other Ocean Places
Mr. Krabs
Bikini Bottomites
Master Towaius †
Jack Deeler (Vehicle = Hotrodder 2.0)
Betty Deeler
Johnson's Wife
Johnson's Son
Construction Workers
Perch Perkins
Arnold B. Johnson †
Dark Ice
Sharlan (Vehicle = Slayer TX900)
Shark Mafia
The Ancient One
Ice Yetis
Stone Golem
Dr. Rick's Mom †
Shark Driver
Tablar †

Alternate Universe Characters
SpongeBob (Team SpongeBob version)
Pearl (Team SpongeBob version)
Patrick (Team SpongeBob version)
The Shocker (Vehicle = Metal Monger)
Super Sponge (Vehicle = Sponge-mobile)
Super Star
Evil Eye
Evil Eye's Arm Gadget
Mayor Krabs
Larry the Lobster (Team SpongeBob version)
Princess Mindy (Team SpongeBob version)
Alternate Future Nathan †
Alternate Future Dash †
Alternate Future Nora
Alternate Future Laneld †
Alternate Future Korax †
Alternate Future Kuri †
Alternate Future Kordon †
Alternate Future Kyton †
Alternate Future Dr. Rick †
Korax's Robot Army
Commander Robot †

Snake Demons
Ghost Demons
Gargoyle Demons
Sand Sentries
Crab Demons
Ice Demons

Serpent Devil

Alien Beings
Gratix †
Crump †
Sawkus (Vehicle = Stone Grinder)
Shadow Warriors (Vehicles = Shadow Speeders)
Snake General
Snake Guards
Weapon Dealer
Ultimate Warrior
The Daimyo
Draco †
Samurai Guards
Lord Timeostasis
Salvati Undero †
Zaxo †
Roin Guards
Roin Wizard
Draconoche †
Stone Soldiers
Branton Jack
The Commander †
Confederate Soldiers
Captain Goto †
Confederate Tactical Robot
Eclipsed Sun
Dargnath Ninjas

Ondis (Vehicle = Excalibus) †

Evergreen †



King Donpolion


Alien Creatures
Guard Wolf
Waspbit Queen
Electriosis Eels
Guard Robots
Treegorn Queen
Squid Creature
Mining Robots
Ice Golems
Mutated Plants
Tentacle Monster
Alien Spiders
Sentient Mermaids
Sentient Wolves
Mutated Sentients †

Magma Beast 

Alien Moths




4. Zones


Season 1 - Storm Racers Zones
Mountain Zone (Episode 3)
Steel Platform Zone (Episode 4)
Swamp Zone (Episode 5)
Stadium Zone (Episode 6)
Bouncing Ball Zone (Episode 7)
Factory Zone (Episode 8)
Ice Zone (Episode 9)
Destroyed City Zone (Episode 10)
Tropical Island Zone (Episode 11)
Cyber Highway Zone (Episode 12)
Laser Field Zone (Episode 13)
Canyon Zone (Episode 14)
Moving Platform Zone (Episode 15)
Desert Zone (Episode 16)
Hive Zone (Episode 17)
Junkyard Zone (Episode 18)
Arena Zone (Episode 19)
Crystal Zone (Episode 20)
Ancient Ruin Zone (Episode 22)
Crater Zone (Episode 23)
Forest Zone (Episode 24)
Mining Zone (Episode 25)

Season 2 - Storm Racers: Fusion Zones
War Field Zone (Episode 28)
Pyramid Zone (Episode 33)
Box Zone (Episode 33)
Rocky Zone (Episode 34)
Plant Zone (Episode 35)
Misty Mountain Zone (Episode 39)
Magma Zone (Episode 40)
Shadow Zone (Episode 40)
Clockwork Gear Zone (Episode 45)
Floating Crystal Zone (Episode 46)
Intersecting Field Zone (Episode 46)
Trench Zone (Episode 49)

Season 3 - Storm Racers: Recharged Zones
Grassland Zone (Episode 56)
Glacier Zone (Episode 57)
Sky Barrier Zone (Episode 59)
Temple Zone (Episode 63)
Maze Zone (Episode 64)
Tunnel Zone (Episode 70)
Ancient Land Zone (Episode 70)

Season 4 - Storm Racers: Mutation Zones
Landform Zone (Episode 80)
Ocean Zone (Episode 81)
Tropical Jungle Zone (Episode 83)
Electricity Zone (Episode 86)
Kingdom Zone (Episode 89)
Dark Forest Zone (Episode 98)
Floating Island Zone (Episode 100)

Season 5 - Storm Racers: Legends Zones
Abandoned Town Zone (Episode 115)


Season 6 - Storm Racers: The Lost Missions Zones

Ironworks Zone (Episode 128)

Valley Zone (Episode 129)

Dream Zone (Episode 136)

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Well, here it is folks. Even though Endgame is the series finale, you can consider this a series finale-finale, or a bonus finale. As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  

Here we go...   123. Endgame (Part 1)   Malvor and the Ancient Titans are looking out at the

Next up is a two-parter, which was going to be in Season 5, but obviously couldn't fit. No real other backstory behind it, other than it shows Slitter-O and Slithra's ultimate fate. This takes

And now...

Storm Racers Season 1!

1. The Force Assembles (Part 1)

Ah, the ocean..a truly magnificent place. We cut to the Krusty Krab, and see five teenage fish at a table.

"My name's Nathan Deeler," the protagonist, Nathan said to himself. "We're a tight gang. The brainiac over there is Zelleo, I don't know where his name came from. The goofy one is Laneld, a fish of royal descent. Over there is the tough one, Dash. Finally, we have Nora, the female of the gang. She has a kind heart, but can be rough. We've been together as long as I can remember. For some reason though, I feel there's more to us than meets the eye..."

"I still cannot get over your name, Zelleo," said Dash, laughing.

"Exactly, who names someone Zelleo?" Laneld said.

"Buzz off.." Zelleo replied. "At least appreciate my intelligence!"

"Guys, stop." Nora said. "You're acting like brats."

"She's right guys," said Nathan. "Not that you don't every single day."

"Enough of that lollygagging, now eat yer meals!" Mr. Krabs said.

"Oh yeah, that's the weird crustacean owner of the Krusty Krab," Nathan continued narrating to himself. "Bikini Bottom is a pretty weird landmark. We're all talking fish...it's pretty awkward at first, but you'll get the hang of it."

As they all continued eating their meals, a strange light began coming toward the ocean. It hit the sea floor, and smashed in a nearby desert.

"What in Neptune's name?!" yelled Mr. Krabs.

"I knew it, aliens do exist!" Patrick yelled.

"ALIENS ARE GOING TO RULE THE WORLD!" SpongeBob yelled, and customers began panicking.

"They better take you two first," Squidward laughed.

The five rushed outside the Krusty Krab as soon as possible. It landed in the Bikini Bottom desert, near an old military base.

"We should investigate that, who knows what intelligent lifeforms could be there!" Zelleo said.

"That is, if you know, aliens do exist. They're just superstition," Dash said.

"Still, it's worth a look," Zelleo said. "I could find something interesting."

"Bah, fine, but as long as whatever is there doesn't try to eat us," Laneld said.

"I never believed in the supernatural myself...but after what we saw, it would change the world forever," Nathan said to himself again, and they came to a sandy pit with a strange blue glowing spaceship.

"What is that?" asked Zelleo as he looked toward it.

"It looks like a...UFO?!" Laneld panicked.

"I don't know, but I suggest we just back away..." Nathan said.

Out of the blue glow came a creature...but it was no ordinary creature. It was an alien! She was a blue sentient of some sort.

"Don't probe me!" Laneld yelled, running away.

They all began to run for it, until the mysterious creature stopped them with a psychic wave of water.

"Stop...do not fear me, people," the mysterious person said.

"I'm scared..." Laneld said.

"Get lost alien scum!" Dash yelled, as he jumped up and tried to hit her, but she threw him aside.

"Stop! Just let me...ugh, explain myself!" The Blue Sentient said, as she collapsed to the ground.

"Who are you?" asked Nathan.

"My name is Darsun. I came from an ancient civilization known as Blue Sentients. We were an ancient race of aliens that lived on a planet named Senato. But...our entire civilization was wiped out.."

"If this is real...interesting," Zelleo said.

"So...are you done with with this bunch of nonsense, because I have better things to do!" said Laneld.

"I can assure you this is all real," she said.

"Okay, this is just odd. A ship crashes to the ocean and you come out and say all of this nonsense," said Dash.

"Guys, hold on...remember that psychic wave she launched at us?" Nathan said. "Maybe she could be alien."

"I am from this ancient civilization...I don't care if you don't believe me. My civilization was well wiped out...but..." She hesitated.

"What is it?" asked Nora.

"I can't say...but let's say since you five found me...I have a special surprise for you. I'd rather let you get used to me first."

"This is a great tradition we Sentients give to nobel people like you," she said. "You have five have a great bond between each other, I can sense it in your auras.." She explained.

"Yes, we've been friends for years," Nathan said.

"What is it? More nonsense?" asked Laneld.

Just then, the area flashed white. They appeared inside of the old military base...but it was no longer old! It was now all new, with tons of odd technology, some not known to man.

"What the?" asked Nora.

"Look at your suits," she said.

"Sweet Neptune...these are awesome!" said Dash as he gripped his yellow suit.

They were all given unique ranger like outfits, with spacial equipment. Nathan had a red suit, Zelleo had blue, Dash had yellow, Nora had green, and Laneld had purple.

"I am still confused," said Nathan. "What did you do to the old military base?"

"Well, I simply used some of my magic to rev this place up!" Darsun said. "We need a base."

"I heard this base belonged to an oceanic government agency, but it hasn't been used in so long, so I doubt we'll be noticed," Nora said.

"Well, whatever is going on, I like it," Dash said.

"Okay, I believe that you are from an ancient civilization," said Laneld as he gripped his suit.

"Well, you'll see," Darsun said.

Laneld fainted as Dash and Zelleo grabbed him.

"You see....you are now a part of a group of five who protects their land. This tradition originated from my civilization. We were trained to fight enemies and stop evil doers from the galaxy the planet Senato was in, and our Blue Sentients were based off of water," she said. "What would you like to name yourselves?"

"How about the Undersea Force?" Laneld suggested.

"That has a nice rhyme to it," Nora said.

"Awesome, except there isn't much crime in Bikini Bottom," said Nathan.

"Think again," she said. "The crime you may face is..far-out at best."

"What crime is there?" asked Nathan.

"Well....let's say some people might be after me, but it is best if you not know who just yet, I don't want to cram everything down your throats," Darsun replied. "I come from a powerful planet..or once powerful planet anyways, filled with dangers that are after me."

"Hold on, I am still writing notes of all of this," said Nora.

She showed them to their rooms. They all went in them, touring around the base.

"Wow, this happened all so quickly. But why choose us?" asked Zelleo.

"It's a gift she said," Nora said. "We're special."

Darsun said," Be prepared, tomorrow we start our first drill."

They went into their rooms, chatting about how exciting it was to be on this team.

Darsun then knew she had to restore peace and find answers. How could she train these five? Would they be fit for this? She had to restore her civilization, but would these five be the key?

To Be Continued...


Area Debuts: Undersea Force Base, Bikini Bottom Desert

Character Debuts: Darsun, Nathan, Zelleo, Dash, Nora and Laneld

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Storm Racers Season 1


1. The Force Assembles (Part 1)


2. The Force Assembles (Part 2)


The episode opens to the Chum Bucket, with Plankton working on something.


"Finally! My new robots are complete!" Plankton said. He turned the switch on. Unlike my old ones, these will be better and badder than ever!"


Plankton had tons of weird robots lined up everywhere, and we see one particular robot, its name was Cymtrax. Crymtrax had blue eyes and blue energy around him, a steel head and was more unique than any other robot there.


"I also have henchmen for you too, lovely robot!" said Plankton as he revealed he had constructed an army of thousands of robots.


"And why was I never told about any of this, Plankton?" asked Karen, annoyed when she saw the robots.


"I had been secretly working on these for a few days, I found them in the Bikini Bottom dump, scattered everywhere. They will not only invade the Krusty Krab, but the whole ocean!" said Plankton.


"You found them in a dump? Gross," Karen said.


"I dunno how they got there, they aren't like any robots I've ever seen before, but whatever can help me rule the world can do!" Plankton laughed.


The robots had different designs such as...


There was Cymtrax, the head leader of the "Rark" as we would call the robot gang.


Then there was Krumb, a dumb-witted assistant of Cymtrax who was big and had a drill like hand.


There were normal Blue Rark, such as ones with wings, lasers on their shoulders. They didn't have Admiral like base plates on them unlike Cymtrax and Krumb, which is how you can tell the difference.


All the robots began to turn on, and they began to tear up the Chum Bucket.


"FINALLY RESTORED!" Cymtrax yelled. "But where are we? This seems like a holding cell..."


"Free at least!" Krumb yelled.


The robots began to wreck havoc throughout the Chum Bucket.


"HEY...OBEY ME!" Plankton yelled, but the Rark stepped on him.


"Fool, this is my army!" Cymtrax laughed at him. "You will not keep us captive anymore. Now I can get revenge on Darsun for doing this to us, and preventing my goals!"


"Note to self: Never trust robots you picked out of the garbage," said Plankton before he was stepped on again by a Rark grunt.


"PLANNKTON!" Karen yelled, as she was smashed to the ground.


"Alright my army, we can finally do whatever we want!" said Cymtrax. The robots cheered. "It's time to revive our empire and Senato. But first, let's explore this setting.."


The Blue Rarks escaped the Chum Bucket off into their vehicles that they made appear by pressing their chest plates, Krumb had a drill vehicle of some sort and Cymtrax had a larger limo version of the grunt vehicles. They began to flee into Bikini Bottom, but Cymtax blasted a laser at the Chum Bucket as they drove off, and left it in ruins.


We then cut to the Undersea Force Base.


"So miss Darsun, why did you pick us?" asked Nathan. "It can't be just because we were the first people you saw."


"That is true. You see...you five are the chosen ones," she said.


Laneld fainted again.


"I knew I was special, but I didn't think I'd be that special," Dash said.


"Care to elaborate?" Zelleo asked, completely confused.


"An ancient prophecy on my planet before the civilization stated that one day, 5 Sentients would become a part of the Blue Sentient 5. A member of passion (Nora), a noble leader (Nathan), a stubborn but cooperative member (Laneld), a member with strength (Dash) and one with strength and intelligence (Zelleo). Together, the five formed the Blue Sentient 5. They were took down once my civilization collapsed though.."


"Holy smokes, this is interesting. So, we are all chosen ones?" said Nathan.


"I guess so. You five resembled them in an image in my mind," she said. "I just feel you are the ones that can save me."


"So, a question for you: Why aren't you freaked out by us being fish?" Dash asked.


"I guess I've seen so many strange things in my galaxy, that talking fish are not a surprise, haha," Darsun said. "A better question for you all is: Why aren't you scared of me?"


"Well...that's a good question. I guess you just speak to us," Nathan said.


"How can you breath underwater?" Zelleo asked.


"Well, Blue Sentients represent water, so I can inhabit the settings of this ocean to fit in," Darsun said. "It's more complicated that it looks. It requires lots of magic."


"What was the planet you came from again? Senate or something?" asked Nora.


"The planet is a barren wasteland now, but it was called Sentato. This planet is far beyond your galaxy. It was peaceful until two powerful groups took over, one of which is destroyed now," Darsun explained.


"Who were they?" Dash asked.


Just then, the radar went off.


"We'll discuss later," Darsun said.




"This is your first mission! Good luck!" she said. They all got into their boats raised on stages. There were five pathways. They each got into their own and went off.


They came out of the bunker and were driving off throughout the desert into Bikini Bottom.


"Woo hoo hoo!" said Dash as he performed stunts on his fast bike. He then turned it into a spinning blade.


"Awesome! This is so cool! I don't even have my boating license yet!" he said.


"Don't get too overconfident," Nora said.


They raced into the streets, and fish gazed at them.


Laneld looked at his radio scanner and said, "We're here."


Each boat drove through the huge alley way one at a time. They came to a dead end.


"Okay, this has to be a glitch..." Laneld said.


"Maybe it's busted?" asked Zelleo.


"No, Darsun would have said something!" he said.


"Strange fish creatures detected..." said a voice.


"What the?" asked Nora.


Just then, a Rark hopped down and transformed into his robot car.


"Organic specimens, halt in the name of the Rark," the robot said.


"Robots that can talk and transform into cars? Now I've seen everything!" said Nathan. "Move in!"


Laneld fired a purple sound blast from sides of the front of his boat.


"Awesome!" he said as it destroyed the robot into a thousand pieces.




Nathan got out and smashed its head.


"Wait...didn't it say there was more?" he said.


Just then, more Rarks came down.


"SURRENDER ORGANIC FISH WARRIORS!" said the bots. Nathan then kicked on in the stomach and punched the other one. Dash came by and sliced them in half.


"KEEP IT DOWN YOU FELLOWS!" said an old fish from the top of the apartment.


A couple of more robots came down from the roof and attacked with laser guns and swords.


Zelleo then began to run them over with his boat. Nathan revealed his engine was a chainsaw and it sliced through some of the Blue Rarks.


"Excellent work guys!" said Nathan. "Is that all you guys got?" asked Nathan.


"RETREAT!" yelled Krumb. Remaining robots on the roof transformed into their robot cars and raced off of it and into the streets and away.


"Well, that takes care of that," said Dash. "Who were they anyways?"


"I think that one we first saw said to "halt in the name of the Rark"," said Nora.


"We should report this back to Darsun," said Nathan. They raced back to the base one by one.


"So...there was a robot gang named the Rark?" asked Darsun, with a small surprise on her face.


"It seems so. They had this big commander guy with drill like hands," said Nathan.


"Hmm...I will do a full investigation. I have been sensing mysterious things going around the ocean lately. Get some good night sleep, because I will introduce something out of this world, as I would say, tomorrow..." she said. "Also, great work."


"Can't wait!" said Dash.


They all went to bed, and we see Darsun uploading files to a computer of Sentient data.


"I can't believe it, they're back..." Darsun said to herself. "But for now, I need to rest, I've been through too much."


Meanwhile, we see Cymtrax with Krumb and two other robots behind the destroyed Chum Bucket.


"The organics were too powerful..." said Krumb. "They seemed to be using Sentient technology...what if Darsun is back, sir?"


"It can't be...no matter. This is just the beginning," Cymtrax said.


"What is our next objective?"asked a Rark grunt.


"It is too soon to attack...let's retreat back to Senato for now," Cymtrax said. "There we will plot our next move...I will not let more people get in the way of our goals. Senato will rise again."


"Yes sir!" The Blue Rark grunts all said, as they headed out through Bikini Bottom, and entered a strange portal.



Character Debuts: Blue Rark, Cymtrax and Krumb.

Something BIG will happen in the next episode that will become the main plot.

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Just as I promised.

Storm Racers Season 1

1. The Force Assembles (Part 1)

2. The Force Assembled (Part 2)

3. One Way Back:

"Everyone, please report to the central base," said Darsun.

Everyone woke up, got on their uniforms and got to the main hub.

"So, what is this special announcement?" asked Nathan.

She held up a glowing key of some sort.

"Well, I'll be! Treasure!" said Laneld.

"What is this you are all wondering? It is a Universe Key!" Darsun said.

"What?" they all asked.

"There are types of universes around us, which I call Zones. This is a key that each contains at the end, or hidden somewhere in it."

"It's all interesting, but what does it unlock? The freedom of your civilization?" asked Dash.

"Yes, they will help restore my planet." Darsun replied.

She then opened up a huge tube with slots. She put the one she showed them in a slot.

"Whoa!" said Nathan.

"So, are these zones dangerous?" asked Zelleo.

"Some, but let's hope an easy one appears for beginners," she said.

She scanned her computer.

"A vortex will appear somewhere in Bikini Bottom or another part of the Ocean, and will take you to that specific zone." She explained.

"Alright! We're ready to go!" said Nathan after some minutes of fixing their boats.

"Vortex appearing near our base! Undersea Force, go!" They all zoomed down their ramps and out into the desert.

They drove fast and saw the blue vortex Darsun was talking about.

She appeared on screens in their boats.

"Whoa! You can do that too?" said Dash on his bike.

"Yes, now each of you enter into the zone! It won't hurt a bit."

They all drove in. They entered into some mountain zone. The sky was red and it was very sandy.

"How do we breathe here?" asked Nathan.

"Zones from my galaxy can also break the laws of physics," said Darsun through the screen.

"Where is the key?" asked Nora as she drove her green jeep boat.

"Perhaps in a rock?" Zelleo said, pointing to a strange one.

She crushed into a huge rock with her wheel claw.

"Woo hoo!" she said.

"You'll find it, just keep smashing," said Darsun.

Dash flew up on his bike and sliced open a floating rock. Nothing inside.

Laneld launched a sonic boom from his boat, but it didn't effect the rocks.

"Oh come on!" Laneld yelled.

While they enjoyed smashing rocks, someone began watching over them...

"He he he," said the figure. He was a crab and jumped into a red vehicle with a role cage made of bones.

"I will not fail Lord Argoron!" said the crab. He jumped down on his boat and attacked with spears.

"What the?" said Laneld as he dodged the spear and shot a sonic wave.

"Gwah!" said the crab.

"Who in Neptune's name are you?" asked Nathan.

"Who are you, is what I should be asking! You won't get the Universe Key!" said the crab.

Dash flew down and sliced open his car.

"Gwaaahhaa!" the crab creature yelled, as he made a giant stinger shoot out from the back of his vehicle and attack Dash, but he dodged.

"That's some odd weaponry," Zelleo said, as he fired a laser from his boat mobile at the crab's car, and he went flying.

"Gah...those symbols, and those vehicles...could it be who I think it is?!" The crab asked, shocked.

"Look pal, I don't know who you are or what you are babbling about, but you better leave us alone!" Dash yelled, as his boat bike went flying, and he hopped off it.

He then punched the alien crab creature right in the face, as he hopped back onto his bike.

"You got to admit, that was pretty awesome," Nora said.

"I don't know who you are, but you aren't like any crab I've seen in Bikini Bottom!" Zelleo said, as he rammed into his vehicle.

Laneld blasted another sonic wave at him, and his vehicle smashed right into a mountain side.

"Ugh...this is not the last you'll see of the Vandalators!" The alien crab yelled.

"Get back here! Why did you attack us?!" yelled Nathan as he opened up his motor on his boat mobile with the saw. He began to chase him down.

As he sliced the back of his vehicle, the crab escaped through a vortex like the one the crew entered in. Before Nathan could get into it, the portal vanished.

"Did he want the universe key too?" asked Laneld.

"I don't know...but what is this Vandalator stuff he mentioned? Seems weird..." Nathan said.

"I have no idea what is going on, but he is definitely some sentient alien crab creature," Zelleo said, reading his scanners in his blue moat mobile. "His DNA is nothing like ours."

Just them, we see a brown Universe Key in the mountain the crab smashed into!

"Grab it!" said Nora.

Nathan made a shock pulse appear and grab it into his boat.

"We got it!" They all yelled.

Nathan made a vortex appeared and they went back home. When they got back, Nathan handed Darsun the key and she put it in a slot.

"Great work, you did excellent! But this is strange...first a robot attack and now a crab attack? I must do some more researching." Darsun said.

"Maybe the crab and those robots work together?" suggested Dash.

"They said something about "The Vandalators", what is that nonsense?" Nora asked.

This shocked Darsun a bit.

"Hmm...get some rest for now," Darsun said, a bit worried.

The crew members began to talk to each other.

"As cool as this is...is anybody a bit weirded out?" Nora asked.

"A little, yes. I mean, a Blue Sentient crashes into our ocean, and now we have to help save her planet? Then we get killer robots out of nowhere and an alien crab. I wonder if Darsun is hiding something from us..." Nathan said.

"She seems nice, so I doubt she will. Plus, remember she just got blasted into another galaxy and crashed into the ocean. I'd be hazy if I were you too," Zelleo said.

"I guess...well, good night, guys," Nathan said, and they all headed into their rooms for rest.


We learn about Zones and Universe Keys.

Area Debuts: Mountain Zone

Character Debuts: Crab Creature (Natcher)

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Storm Racers Season 1

1. The Force Assembles (Part 1)

2. The Force Assembled (Part 2)

3. One Way Back

4. The Vandalators

Everyone woke up by the sound of a loud alarm at the base.

"GAH! Can't you make that thing quieter?!" Laneld asked, trying to get more sleep.

"A Portal has been spotted! Head out team!" said Darsun.

Everyone hopped into their boats and raced off. They found the portal in the Kelp Forest and headed into it.

"I hope this doesn't become a daily thing, because it is already tiresome," moaned Laneld.

"Bah, lighten up," said Dash.

They began racing through a Steel Platform Zone.

"Guys, I am picking up an unusual enemy from my scanner...and it isn't just one! There are three of them!" said Nathan.

"Everyone, stand down!" They did so.

Three odd vehicles came into view from the steel bridge across and they began to come across. They were angry sentient sea creatures, like the crab creature from the previous episode.

"Uhh Nathan...if you are going to do something, do it NOW!" said Laneld.

The three appeared in front of them.

"We are the Vandalators! Halt!" said a shark creature.

"Who are you clowns?" asked Nora.

"I should properly introduce ourselves: I am Argoron!" he said.

"And I'm Natcher!" said the crab, who was seen in the previous episode.

"You!" said Zelleo, as he was ready to crush him.

"Now now now...is that anyway to greet us?" teased Argoron.

"And last but not least, I am Crink!" said him, he resembles an Anglerfish.

"Alright, that is a nice introduction, but who are you clowns? I am seriously five seconds away from destroying all of your vehicles!" said Nathan.

"We're the Vandalators!" said all three.

"I see you fish creatures have similar attributes to ours..." Argoron said.

"Too bad they ain't anywhere near as awesome as us!" Crink laughed.

Darsun appeared on everyone's screens. "Oh no, it is them!" she said.

"Who?" asked Nathan.

"The Vandalators, I see you just met them. They were from a secure part of my planet, they often caused trouble by wrecking it up and stealing things, such as Universe Keys. That is most likely why they are in this Zone. Now they are also on the hunt for me..." Darsun explained.

"Were they the cause of your planet's downfall?" asked Nora.

"No, but another great power..." Darsun said and she then turned the screen off.

"Alright, look: Only one of us is getting this Zone's key, got that? And it'll be us!" said Argoron.

"But there is three of you and five of us!" said Zelleo.

"There are no strengths in greater numbers," said Crink.

"Correct, Crink!" said Argoron. His vehicle represented a steel shark. He launched harpoons at their vehicles. Zelleo's giant boat slammed into the three's boats, causing the steel bridge to start to shake.

"You idiot, you've doomed us all!" yelled Argoron.

"It is your fault for attacking us!" argued back Nora.

The bridge began to fall apart due to Zelleo's boats massive weight.

Argoron then launched missiles out while escaping to the other side. All five quickly zoomed across as the bridge behind them collapsed.

"Foolish sub-species...we will still get the key!" he yelled as his crew raced off.

"What a wild adventure...first robots and now crooks!" yelled Dash as he started chasing after them in his bike.

"No, stand down," said Nathan. "We need to counter them at the right moment!"

They began racing. Nora's green vehicle began to smash on the steel platforms with the tire claws.

"Stop! You might break it!" said Zelleo.

"Sorry, this is what I do when I get a temper," Nora said.

They carefully raced across the platforms.

"Why is this Zone so...bland? All it is steel platforms," said Laneld.

"Did you really need to criticize it?" asked Nora.

"Bah, whatever!" he said.

Just then, Dash saw something glowing beneath the platforms.

"We're never going to find this key...this Zone has nothing in it!" said a panicked Laneld.

"Calm down, I think I found something!" Dash said as he sliced open the steel platform beneath him. There a grey Universe Key laid on a steel surface below surrounded by iron walls.

"Nora, we will need your vehicle's strength!" said Nathan. "By the way, we really need to give our vehicles names soon, it will make orders easier."

She did as so and smashed open the Iron walls with her green boat's hard tire claws. She attracted the key using an electric pulse to her vechile.

"I got it!" she said. They noticed two ramps leading up back above and went to them, busting open the steel platforms above. But then...there the Vandalators await!

"Well done sub-species! You got the key for us!" said Argoron.

"First off, stop calling us that. And second, it is ours, shark head!" said Nora as she attacked their vechiles with her boat, but Natcher unleashed spike crab claws from his boat.

"Gah, it hurts!" she said.

Laneld unleashed a sonic boom on them, knocking them away.

"Quite powerful," said Crink. He growled at them and launched spike balls at them. Nathan dodged and sliced up his motor, cutting through his boat.

Just then, a portal appeared due to the key.

"A Storm Field!" said Crink.

"A what?" asked Nathan.

"The name of the portals!" he said.

"Didn't know, but thanks!" he said as he escaped through it with the others.

"GAHH NO! Next time, fools..." said Argoron.

They were back at base.

"I know the Vandalators wouldn't stop. They still hop Zones to this day." Darsun explained.

She put the key with the other two.

"So, the robots and Vandalators eh...I assume they wiped out your planet," Nathan said.

"Sort of, they invaded Senato after a while - the robot race is called the Rark. I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys, my memory has been fuzzy due to my universe travel, I didn't want to scare you guys, and I also wanted to make sure it was the Rark, but now that the Vandalators have shown up too..I now know it is them," Darsun said. "Their goal is to get all of the Universe keys and use them for evil."

"Interesting...alien robots and sea animals," Nathan said. "You sure have a diverse planet population."

"Do they work together?" Zelleo asked.

"No, the exact opposite. They both hate each other, and have often fought for control of Senato before I escaped," Darsun said.

"Well, it's fine - we'll be sure to kick their butts!" Dash said, with his fists together.

"Another exciting day!" Nora said.

"You guys should deserve a reward soon." Darsun said.

"Finally! How about some pizza?" asked Laneld.

"Haha...no." Darsun said, and they all laughed.



Area Debuts: Steel Platform Zone

Character Debuts: Argoron, Natcher and Crink

The portals are called "Storm Fields".

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Storm Racers Season 1

1. The Force Assembles (Part 1)

2. The Force Assembled (Part 2)

3. One Way Back

4. The Vandalators

5. Muck Zone:

"Hey Darsun, can we name our vehicles?" asked Nathan.

"Eh, sure." Darsun replied. "It wouldn't hurt."

"Finally! I am going to name mine...the Splitvire!" said Nate.

"Seriously?" said Zelleo. "Well, I am naming mine the Crusher!" he said proudly.

"Bah, I can do better! Mine shall be named...THE SONICWAVE!" Laneld said.

"Oh please, mine will be named....the Grangler!" said Nora.

"Since I fail at creativity, I'll name my bike the Slashwind." Dash said.

"Not bad names," said Darsun," but we have a portal opening at 2 o' clock!"

"Don't you mean Storm Field? That is what those creeps called it," said Nora.

"Yeah, but I thought portal would be easier for you to say," said Darsun.

"Are you suggesting we're dumb?" said Nora.

"Oh no no no! Now get on it!" she demanded.

They raced out through the tunnels and into the desert. The Storm Field appeared and they all went through it. They ended up into a Swamp Zone.

"Gah, I hate swamps!" said Laneld.

"Stop complaining," said Nora. Just then, the Vandalators appeared.

"You clowns again!" said Nathan, as he revealed the Splitvire's chopper in the engine.

"You humiliated us, so we want revenge!" said Argoron. He pulled out an electric whip and grabbed Dash with it and the Slashwind.

"Hey, let go!" said Dash as he tried to break free.

"So we'll capture one of your teammates!" said Argoron.

"Why are you doing this?" asked Nora.

"Revenge! We will find Darsun, whether to you like it or not! It will get worse once we find Earth and scout the ocean!" he said.

"So, you captured Dash?" asked Nathan.

"Of course! For a bit of an exchange...I'll give you your friend back once you give me the Universe Key, since you five are excellent at finding them." Argoron said as Natcher and Crink laughed. They all fled.

"Help!" said Dash as he was dragged along with them.

"We'll rescue you Dash! Now, we need to find the key first," said Nathan.

"You're not kidding, you are really going to trade the key for Dash?" asked Laneld.

"No, you think I'd be that stupid?" he said. "I have got a little surprise for them.."

We see the Vandalators and Dash at an area of the Swamp Zone with a quicksand pit. Dash was hung on a tree branch in a cage. The Slashwind was at the ground at the bottom.

"You're going to drop me in quicksand?!" panicked Dash.

"If your friends dare pull anything, then yes, sub-species," said Natcher.

"Oh well, I know they'll rescue me!" Dash said confidently, but a bit worried.

"This is some pretty high-tech junk you got here, partner...mind telling me who gave it to ya?" Crink asked.

"Yo momma," Dash smirked.

"Why you little.." Crink growled, but Argoron restrained him.

"Don't harm him, we need him for the gambit," Argoron smile

We see the other four racing through the trees. Just then, a giant creature appeared that kind of looked like an alien eel.

"Gah!" said Laneld as he launched a sonic boom at it. It had no affect.

Nathan used the Splitvire to slice it in two.

Just then, a swarm of them appeared.

"Fishpaste!" yelled Zelleo. He used the Crusher to ram into a few. They growled and shocked them. They quickly escaped and came to another part of the swamp.

"Tick-tock," said Argoron. "If your friends don't hurry up, we'll also drop you."

Dash began to panic.

"This is hopeless! This place is probably filled with lots of monsters and who knows whats," Nora said.

"The Universe Key!" said Zelleo as he saw it in a patch of quicksand on a rock.

Laneld tried to grab it with the electric wave, but a bunch of alien crabs appeared. They had spiky claws and smashed his vehicle.

He used the Sonicwave to put a terrifying screech sound out. It scared the crabs away.

"I didn't want to do it...but they forced me to!" said Laneld.

"My ears...they are ringing," said Zelleo. They grabbed the key and looked around for Dash.

They came to the clearing after some scuffling around and saw Dash hanging from the tree in the cage.

"We have the key, now let Dash go," said Laneld.

"Fine sub-species," said Natcher. He snapped the rope of the cage with his claw and Argoron threw him over to the Undersea Force's side. He grabbed the Slashwind.

"Oh thank goodness you guys came, I was about to be dropped into quicksand!" he said.

"We would rescue any of our crew," said Nate.

"Now give us the key!" demanded Crink.

"Yeah...you guys are really stupid for not asking for the key first," said Nathan as he sliced through their vehicles.

Argoron growled and launched spike balls at them. All five raced through the forest, only to come back to the tribe of eels. They started hissing, until Laneld used the key to escape through the Storm Field.

The Vandalators came to the tribe.

"We lost them for the second time in a row! What is going on!?" panicked Crink. But before the others could respond, the eels started growling and began to hiss sparks. The eel who Nathan sliced in half rose back up and regenerated its wounds.

"...Roar?" said Agoron, trying to scare the eels off. We then hear the three scream as the scene cuts to an aerial view of the Swamp Zone.

We see the Undersea Force back at the base.

"You did it again!" said Darsun as she took the key from them.

"Those punks sure are dumb," said Nora.

"Do not underestimate them, though," said Darsun. "They can be powerful and vicious."

"Now, let's rate whose vehicle has the best name!" said Laneld. "Which would be mine of course!"

"I'd say Dash's," said Nathan.

"What?!" Laneld said. "How can you not appreciate the Sonicwave?!"

"Sorry bud, but mine has more pizzazz," Dash said, and they all laughed at Laneld as he sobbed.



Character Debuts: Alien Eels

Area Debuts: Swamp Zone.

The 5 vehicles get names:

Laneld's = Sonicwave

Nathan's = Splitvire

Zelleo's = Crusher

Nora's = Grangler

Dash's = Slashwind

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Storm Racers Season 1

1. The Force Assembles (Part 1)

2. The Force Assembled (Part 2)

3. One Way Back

4. The Vandalators

5. Muck Zone

6. Gameball

We cut back to what happened to Plankton and Karen after the explosion (from episode 2).

"Ugh...those robots were sure angry," said Plankton as he lifted himself out from rubble.

"Where did you find those robot parts anyways?" asked Karen.

"Uhh..I found them at some waste yard. Didn't think they were going to do this," said Plankton.

"Well, you better clean this mess up because I'm not helping you!" said an obviously annoyed Karen.

We go back to the Undersea Force's base.

"Storm Field appearing!" said Darsun. "Gear up!"

They all went out into the desert and into the storm field quickly.

They ended up in some stadium zone. The key was right there in the middle of what appeared to be a soccer field. It was white and black, like a soccer ball.

"Oh how easy!" said Laneld. He used his electric force to grab the Universe Key, but it failed.

"What?!" said Laneld.

"So..how are we supposed to get it..if we can't get it?" asked Zelleo.

Just then, a portal appeared. The Rark entered in.

"Surrender organics!" said Cymtrax. "I knew we would meet again."

"You clowns again! I was wondering when you would come back. But don't bother explaining, Darsun has told us everything about you," Nathan said.

"You mean...you are in league with Darsun?" asked Cymtrax.

"Yeah, and I sense you are a bad guy!" Nathan said.

"We are the Rark. We were destroyed however," said Krumb. "Until a little green guy brought us back to life!" he said. "Now we revive rest of our army!"

"We are not evil...you are the evil ones to get in our way!" Cymtrax yelled.

"Yeah yeah, I've heard that one before," Nathan said back.

"Spread more lies if you want, but we aren't falling for them!" Dash yelled.

"Alright bucket of bolts, just tell us: how do we get this key?" asked Laneld.

"You have to fight us in a game of Universe Soccer!" said Cymtrax.

"...You're kidding, right?" asked Dash. "I should just slice you guys into scrap-metal with the Slashwind!"

"Well, that is the only way you organics can get this key! NOW BATTLE!" demanded Cymtrax. He, Krumb and three other Blue Rarks went to their side.

"Five on five is fair," said Nora. "But they'll probably cheat.."

"We don't know much about the Rark, aside from the fact they were from Darsun's planet." Zelleo said.

"Why is every villain we encounter after Darsun?" asked Laneld. "Why can't they be after...oh I don't know, my boat!"

"Since you can never pay attention, it is because Darsun is the last of her kind," Nora explained.

"So is this just like normal Soccer?" asked Nathan.

"Quite yes it is...the key will unlock and allow you to swipe it when whichever team gets 6 points first? Got it, organics?" asked Cymtrax.

"Stop calling us that, you are about as annoying as the Vandalators," said Nora.

They each got to their sides. Nathan and Cymtrax were in the center. Laneld and Krumb were goalies. Nora and Zelleo were right field and left field along with 2 random robots. Another random robot and Dash were guards.

"Ready...set...BATTLE!" yelled Cymtrax. He bumped into the key and drove across the large field with robots by his side.

"By the way, no weapons! Just bashing!" said Cymtrax.

Nathan screeched against his vehicle, while Nora grabbed the key.

"Noo!! Stop!" said Krumb as he drove out of the goal. He tried to attack Nora with his drill, but missed and slammed into a robot, nearly destroying it.

Nora shot it into the net and The Undersea Force got a goal. The floating scoreboard's points changed:


Team 1 (Rark) : 0

Team 2 (Undersea Force) : 1

"KRUMB!" yelled Cymtrax. "Stay in the goal, not out!"

"Sorry sir," said Krumb.

"No matter, we still have a chance.." Cymtrax


The key went back into the middle of the field. They went off and Nathan grabbed the key again. He bounced it off to Nora who swept past the robots and bashed into them. Cymtrax slammed into her.

"Noo!" she yelled as the key went flying near Zelleo. He deflected it away, but a robot slammed it right between the bottom of the Crusher into the goal.

"Great work!" said Cymtrax. The score was now 1-1.

"Don't worry guys, there are still 5 points left," said Nathan.

They got back into their positions. Nathan got the key again, and bounced it to Laneld, who shot it across the field and it sliced off a robot's head, but Krumb deflected it.

"Time out! My soldier is damaged!" said an annoyed Cymtrax.

Cymtrax got out and repaired him and went back into his vehicle.

"Take your time champ, we're in no rush," Nora said sarcastically.

"Resume!" Cymtrax yelled when he finished.

Krumb bounced it off to a robot who shot it at Dash.

"Laneld!" yelled Dash as he deflected it right at him. He shot into Krumb's goal.

"Grawh!" yelled Cymtrax. We cut to the final match, the score was this:


Team 1 (Robots) : 5

Team 2 (Undersea Force) : 5

"Well, one point left sir...who will get it?" asked Krumb.

"Us of course! I have had a trick up my steel sleeve until now.." Cymtrax laughed.

They got back into their positions. Cymtrax grabbed the key and deflected it to a robot. He then activated a button in his hand. The robot activated laser guns in the front of his vehicle and shot the key with them at Dash.

"Hey, that's no fair!" Dash yelled.

"That's cheating! How did you de-activate the weapon block system?" asked Nathan.

"You didn't think I would cheat? I will do ANYTHING to restore my planet!" Cymtrax yelled. "You oragnic fish specimens can prevent me all you want, but I will not fall!"

"We're not the bad guys, pal!" Dash yelled, as he used the Slashwind to slice a Blue Rark vehicle's wheels off.

"Oh well, we don't need weapons to win!" said Nora, as she rammed a Blue Rark aside with the Grangler.

"Wait, we don't?" said Laneld.

"No we don't!" said Nathan as he slammed against Cymtrax and grabbed the key.

Cymtrax activated razor blades on his wheels and sliced through the field with them.

"How many weapons do you have?!" Zelleo asked, as he rammed into Cymtrax, and he went flying near the Splitvire.

"Take this!" Nathan yelled.

Laneld and Nathan cornered up on him and both bashed right into them with strong force, causing the key to go flying into the center of the field. Laneld grabbed it and blasted it up into the air. A Rark shot a laser at it, which deflected and destroyed him.

"Hah, eat that, robot brains!" Laneld yelled.

"Must...retrieve key!" a Blue Rark said (the one who had his wheels sliced off by Dash), and he tried to make his vehicle move, but the wheels were damaged.

"Moving in to aid," another Blue Rark said.

"No, you fools!" Cymtrax yelled to the grunts, but it was too late.

"Let's try again!" Laneld yelled, as he blasted the key up again, and they blasted it, but it deflected and they were destroyed.

"STOP!" yelled Cymtrax. He chased after Laneld and bashed into the back of his boat, but Laneld shot it straight at Krumb's goal and it went in.

"Score one for the boys back home!" Laneld yelled.

"NOOOOOO!" yelled Cymtrax.

Nathan swiped the key after they won.

"That is what happens when you cheat!" he yelled as he escaped through the Storm Field and it closed on them. Cymtrax shot a laser blast but it missed when the portal closed.

"We will meet again organics..." Cymtrax said. "Krumb, I'm going to need your assistance.."

"Yes, Lord Cymtrax," Krumb said.

We go back to the base. Nathan gave Darsun the key.

"I see..the Rark have struck again. I told you who they were before, but I'll explain more. They have overrun the remains of Senato with the Vandalators. Someone obviously rebuilt them after their remains were blown up and scattered throughout space, which I did. They must have landed into the ocean and someone found them. But good job anyways." Darsun explained.

"So, who did rebuild them?" asked Laneld.

"And why?" Dash added.

"That...I don't know." Darsun said.

"Oh jeez...another mystery for us," Zelleo sighed.

Everybody began pondering.



The Rark return, and we learn more of their past.

We learn about Universe Soccer.

Area Debuts: Stadium Zone

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Storm Racers Season 1

1. The Force Assembles (Part 1)

2. The Force Assembled (Part 2)

3. One Way Back

4. The Vandalators

5. Muck Zone

6. Gameball

7. Krumb, My Man

We see the Undersea Force driving through a Bouncing Ball Zone. It was basically a long mysterious road, with chemical balls were bouncing everywhere.

"Watch out, these balls will hurt if you are hit by one of them!" warned Zelleo.

Laneld launched a sonic boom on a giant ball that was about to hit him. The ball then exploded smog everywhere.

"Whew, that was a close one!" he said.

"Yeah, and you got smog all over the area!" Nora said, trying to see through it.

Just them, a Storm Field opened which had the Rark in it.

"Stop organics! The key is ours!" said Cymtrax.

We see the Universe Key glowing from inside a giant ball.

"Get that ball, Dash! While the others and I will hold off Cymtrax and his goons," said Nathan as he sliced open two Rark.

"Stop them, Krumb!" said Cymtrax. Krumb used the Axdrill to ram into Nora. She almost fell off the platform, but she grabbed a hold of him with the Grangler.

Dash zoomed up with his bike and sliced open the ball, getting the key.

"I got it!" he said. He made a Storm Field appear, while Nathan jumped up and sliced open the top of Cymtrax's vehicle.

"Gwahh!" he yelled as the top of his vehicle was sparking in flames.

The Undersea Force escaped through the Storm Field.

"Ugh, two losses from the organics in a row. I must have miscalculated.." Cymtrax said.

"Now what boss?" asked Krumb.

"Now Krumb, it is time to launch my master plan...they have humiliated me enough. Krumb, like I said before, I will need your assistance for this one.."

"Yes boss!" he said as he saluted.

"Perfect..." Cymtrax laughed.

We see the Undersea Force back at the base.

"Great job guys, we have 5 keys now," Darsun said.

"Will it take long to get them all?" asked Laneld.

"If we all work together, not at all!" Darsun reassured.

We then hear the alarm system say," Unexpected visitor detected...Unexpected visitor detected.."

"Laneld, did you order pizza again?" asked Nathan.

"No! I swear!" Laneld replied.

"Then...who is it?" Darsun asked. She went to the entrance of the base through the elevator.

"Hello organic, Lord Cymtrax has kicked me out of his empire," said Krumb who was at the entrance.

"Krumb! Go away!" Darsun said as she called the Undersea Force.

"No, please. I good now!" Krumb said.

"Well, he does look beat up and all..." Nora said.

"Yes, Lord Cymtrax uh, took my Axdrill and destroyed it. He then kicked me out into sludge waste.." said Krumb as he was very sad.

"Hmm...I suppose it sounds believable," Darsun said.

"I'll let you in this base, but one false move and your gone. Got it bucket of bolts?" asked Nathan.

"Oh yes, I would never do something bad like that!" Krumb reassured.

"Well, you have in the past three times we encountered you..." Zelleo said.

"But that before I was kicked out!" he said.

"Alright, fine." Zelleo said. "But I don't know...it could just be how suspicious I am of everything.."

"So, can I be your servant?" asked Krumb.

"Whoa, slow down there my man," said Laneld.

"Wait a minute...how did you even get to Earth and the ocean, for that matter?" asked Nora.

"Lord Cymtrax blast me through Storm Field right a split second after you left for my failure," he said.

"You poor thing, we'll give you a home." Nora said.

"Thank..thank you," he said as he went to the lower ground with their vehicles.

"Alright, now it's been a long day, so we are going to bed," said Nathan as he went into his room.

"Yes, sleep mode is very important for relaxation!" said Krumb. He then went to "sleep mode".

"Robots I'd tell you," said Laneld as he went into his room.

Krumb then later woke up from the sound of Cymtrax calling him through a headphone on his head.

"Krumb, can you hear me?" asked Cymtrax.

"Yes, Lord Cymtrax. I successfully enter Undersea Force base. They believed it all," Krumb replied to him

"Perfect, now rob their Universe Keys, if you have found them yet." Cymtrax said through the headphone.

"No, I have not found keys yet, but I will steal when found," Krumb replied.

"Good, good. Just keep acting nice to them and do whatever it is they say," Cymtrax said.

"Do whatever it is they say...." he said as he went back to sleep mode.

Everybody woke up the next morning.

"Hello Undersea Force, what would you like me to do?" asked Krumb.

"Uhh, what?" asked Nora.

"What would you like me to get you? Aren't I servant of yours?" he asked.

"Um, no-"

"Why yes you are! Now, please get me a Dr. Kelp Deluxe soda, please," Laneld said as he cut Nathan off.

"Laneld, what are you doing? We can't use him as our own personal butler," said Nathan.

"Yes Sir Laneld!" said Krumb. He then came back with a pack of Dr. Kelp from the fridge.

"Those were mine..." Zelleo said.

Laneld pigged out on them and drank them one by one.

"Anything else I can get for you?" asked Krumb.

"Sure, I'll have a Krabby Patty please!" he then said.

"Scanning for..."Krabby Patty"...." Krumb said. We then see him go up the elevator and out.

"Um...where is he going?" asked Nathan.

Moments later, Krumb came back with a fresh Krabby Patty and handed it to Laneld.

"How delicious! Top notch, my servant!" Laneld said.

"I got it from Krusty Krab," said Krumb.

"Still perfect!" he said as he finished it.

"Krumb...like Laneld..."

We then see Krumb a few hours later looking for the keys, when Cymtrax calls him.

"Krumb, it has been a day. Have you found the keys yet?" asked Cymtrax.

"No, I-" Just then, he pressed a button on a grey metal box which made the key tower appear with the 5 keys the Undersea Force has so far.

"-found it!" Krumb said.

"Perfect! Now swipe them all," Cymtrax said.

Krumb then tried to swipe the keys, but something resisted him not to. He fell to the ground in sleep mode.

"Krumb? Krumb? Krumb!!" said Cymtrax as he turned off the radio.

We see Nathan walk in and see Krumb on the floor.

"The key tower is open...looks like our "robo friend" tried to rob us," said Nathan.

"I knew it!" said Zelleo.

"I couldn't believe it, we must make a plan," Darsun said.

"No, he wouldn't do this! My servant..." Laneld said.

"Oh please, you don't need a personal servant. You are so self-centered," Nora said.

"Self-centered?! Am not!" he said.

"I do have an idea, but it requires some cardboard and paint," Nathan said. "And Laneld, you will have to help us. Krumb might listen to you."

"Alright fine, but I will miss my personal servant.."

Hours later, we see Krumb meet with Laneld.

"Krumb, I want you to steal the Universe Keys hidden in that tower!" Laneld demanded.

"You really want me to steal keys?" He asked.

"Oh yes, I am really an undercover agent for the Rark!" He lied.

"Why didn't you say so Sir Laneld? Will do!" Krumb said as he opened the key tower. He then noticed the tower was filled with fake cardboard keys.

"How did you get keys so quickly?" asked Krumb.

"You know those little peers of mine, who knows what they can do," he said. Krumb began to swipe the fake keys and he put them into a bag. He closed the tower.

"Alright now, come with me!" he said. They went outside and Laneld got into the Sonicwave. We then see Krumb had the Axdrill hidden outside the whole time and he got in it. They raced through the desert.

"Alright, why we racing?" asked Krumb, that was until he saw the Undersea Force. The 5 cornered him.

"Stop with our keys, you mad robot!" said Nora as she smashed the Grangler into the surface. Krumb was angry and he drove the Axdrill at her, but she dodged and smashed the Axdrill.

"Grr, so you caught me! I did try to steal your keys and I succeeded!" He said as he took out the bag of fake keys.

"Too bad those are fake keys!" Laneld said as he launched a sonic wave at him, knocking the bag out of his drill hand and the cardboard keys went flying everywhere.

"Noo!" he said as he drove the Axdrill into a rocky wall. He began to smash rocks at them which hit their vehicles.

"Okay, now this hurts!" said Laneld. "He is getting rock dust all over my paint!" he said as he launched another wave at him. He drove the Axdrill at Laneld.

"Laneld, no!" said Nathan.

But Krumb stopped as he almost drilled into his window shield.

"Cannot...do it. Krumb...like Laneld," said Krumb as he got out. He let Laneld go. Laneld raced away.

"He let me go..." said Laneld to the team at the base.

"Haha, he likes you," teased Nora.

"Leave me alone! He was my servant!" Laneld replied.

"Oh well, at least we learned the Rark have a soft spot after all," said Darsun as she put the real five keys back into their slots and closed the tower.

We then cut to a destroyed planet out in Darsun's galaxy, which was Senato. It was very destroyed, all dirty, and just a barren wasteland. We then see a high-tech side of Senato, and it was blue and gray with machinery everywhere, which was the Rark Fortress. We cut inside to a control tower there, which had Cymtrax, Krumb, and some Blue Rarks.

"KRUMB?! What happened?! My plan...FAILED! Impossible!" Cymtrax said as he ripped off a Rark's head in rage. He tossed it to the ground.

"I sorry, sir. They set me up with fake Universe Keys." Krumb replied.

"Grr...I expected this from them," Cymtrax said.

"Yes, they very tricky.." Krumb sighed.

"Also, I did hear you were fighting them from the radio, what happened to that purple one you were about to destroy?" asked Cymtrax.

"He got away. He very fast," Krumb lied.

"Hmm..looks like I'll need to upgrade the Rark to go faster now. I can't believe this failed. Maybe this upgrade will make them cower in fear..." Cymtrax presumed.

We then see Krumb sigh, knowing he had lied to his real master, and the fact the upgraded Rark could bring pain to Laneld.



We learn Krumb's vehicle is called the Axdrill.

Area Debuts: Bouncing Ball Zone, Senato (officially), and Blue Rark Fortress

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Storm Racers Season 1

1. The Force Assembles (Part 1)

2. The Force Assembled (Part 2)

3. One Way Back

4. The Vandalators

5. Muck Zone

6. Gameball

7. Krumb, My Man

8. Deep Thunder

We see the Vandalators on Senato in a jungle. There were others Vandals in the jungle of different species, consisting of: Alien Crabs like Natcher, Alien Anglerfish like Crink, Alien Sharks like Argoron, and Alien Stingrays.

"Here comes Lord Argoron!" said an anglerfish Vandalator.

"Thank you, thank you," bowed Argoron.

"Should we tell them about the Undersea Force?" asked Crink

"Not now, no." Argoron replied. "I don't want everybody going after them and interfering with us," he said.

"Speaking of plans, come into this hut. I have a brand new invention that can help us find Earth!" said Natcher.

"This better have more success than the past inventions of yours," Argoron warned.

"Oh this will!" Natcher replied as he pulled out a machine.

"Alright, well, what does it do?" asked a confused Crink.

"This machine will launch a rope out of it that will go into the Storm Field once the Undersea Force opens it. It will jam it and leave it open for us!" Natcher explained.

"Excellent Natchie!" said Crink as he pushed him.

"Don't call me that!" said Natcher as he began to pinch him with his claws.

"Stop fighting you two!" warned Argoron. "Now then...we will seek our prey tonight with this new invention..." smiled Argoron.

"Oh yes, my great Argoron! I am sure you could make an invention as amazing as this," Natcher said.

"Oh yes, both of us are the brains of this group," said Argoron.

"Pardon me?" said Crink.

"Move out Vandalators!" said Argoron as the three got out of the hut and raced away.

We see the Undersea Force in a Factory Zone.

"All of this steam from the machines is a bit deadly to fish..." Nora warned.

"Just keep the windshields up and we'll be fine," said Nathan.

"I have a bike..." Dash said.

"Keep your helmet on then," said Nathan.

They raced through the pathway, looking at the machines.

"Alright, so where is the Universe Key?" asked Dash as he was flying low.

"I see something glowing from inside that structure with the three giant pipes," said Dash.

They headed toward it, trying to avoid the large blasts of smoke. They saw the Universe Key on the middle pipe.

"Oh of course it has to be in the spot we can't reach!" said Laneld.

"But I can!" said Dash as he flew up, tightening his helmet. He flew up and grabbed the key with the electric pulse, flying back down. He coughed hard.

"Ah, thank goodness that is over. Never I had smelled so much smoke before..." Dash coughed again. Just then, a Storm Field appeared with the Vandalators.

"You again! Long time, no see.." Nathan said.

"Hello sub-species. It has been a while. Open the Storm Field please for us," said Argoron.

"Alright you are up to something!" said Nathan.

"Just open it!" said Argoron.

"If you insist," said Dash as he blasted it in the air and made the portal open. All 5 raced into it, and Natcher launched his machine's rope through the portal. It stayed open.

"Great job Natcher!" said Argoron. "Now, go through the portal!"

The three went into it and came out on Earth.

"Yes....at long last....we've found....Earth?" Argoron said confused. They were on a cliff in the desert.

"Natcher...your machine made us teleport to ANOTHER Zone!? What happened!?" said Argoron.

"Wow you guys really are stupid, because this is Ea-" Nathan kept Laneld's mouth shut.

"Guys, they think this is a Zone...play along," said Nathan as he whispered to the five.

"This is impossible...the machine must have been taken to Earth since that is where those five always end up!" said Natcher.

"Wait a minute....an ocean sky....we ARE on Earth! And in the ocean!" said Argoron.

"And that grey building over there must be their base!" said Crink.

"Drat!" Laneld said as he launched a wave at the three, which busted Natcher's machine and closed the Storm Field.

"You little brat...YOU BROKE MY MACHINE!" yelled Natcher as he rammed into Laneld, trying to push him off the cliff.

"Take this!" said Nora as she smashed Natcher's boat. The machine began to explode and a part of it went flying into the ocean sky.

"...I spent weeks building that," cried Natcher. Just then, the sky rumbled as they heard an explosion.

It started raining.

"The machine's explosion broke the sky and made a rain shower!" said Nathan.

"So, now what?" asked Nora.

Just then, we heard thunder.

"So, we caused a thunderstorm? So what?" asked Laneld. It began to strike lightning wild in Bikini Bottom.

"We caused a WILD thunderstorm!" said Nathan. "We have to destroy that machine!"

"Not if we have anything to say about! Vandalators, strike them down!" said Argoron as the three charged at the Undersea Force.

Nathan made the Splitvire's motor open up and he sliced Argoron's vehicle.

"You fool! You damaged a fine piece of my vehicle!" said Argoron.

"Yeah, a fine piece of evil!" said Nathan as he attacked him again. A lightning bolt came charging in their area and split the cliff open.

More lightning bolts attacked the town. We see the machine floating in the sky, trapped in clouds.

"I'll go destroy it!" said Dash as he flew up.

"Dash no!" warned Nathan.

"Too late, your friend has took himself right into the eye of the storm!" laughed Crink as he charged at Nathan, but he used the Splitvire's saw to slice open the front of Crink's boat.

Dash zoomed up with the Dashwind, and dodged wild lightning bolts.

"Be careful Dash!" warned Nora as she smashed open Natcher's vehicle, causing him to hit a rock.

"That was close!" he said. He saw the busted machine part. He ripped open the Slashwind and sliced it into a thousand pieces, causing it to go falling to the desert.

"Yes, I did it!" he said. The rain stopped and the storm started to clear up.

A final lightning bolt hit the three Vandals, damaging their vehicles greatly.

"Take that suckers!" said Laneld.

"Never mess with nature or us!" said Nora.

"Alright Vandals...RETREAT!" said Argoron as the three tried running away in their damaged vehicles. Just then, their three vehicles fell off the cliff.

"I'll be grateful and open a portal for them," said Nathan as he shot the key down, opening a Storm Field for them as they went flying through it. Nathan flew down and grabbed the key.

"Well, everything is back to normal now," said Nora. "But Dash...were you insane?! You could have been killed by a lightning bolt!"

"Well, I didn't die. Besides, I had to stop the storm." Dash said.

"Well, you did good Dash," said Nathan. "But we have to be more careful....the Vandalators had found Earth, and almost got into our base! They could have kidnapped Darsun if it wasn't for Dash's bravery."

"Very true, but it was still a bit insane," Nora said.

"Well, we are all safe, so be grateful for that." Zelleo said.

"Speaking of safe, are the people in Bikini Bottom okay?" asked Nathan.

"According to my calculations, yes. Not many areas were damaged too badly," Zelleo said.

"Those punks better not mess with us again, or I swear.." Dash said.

"They are getting annoying, but hopefully they take the hint to leave us alone,"

"I'm up for a meal at the Krusty Krab now, anyone else?" Laneld asked.

"Sure, I'm starving!" Nora said, and they all headed there.

We then see the Krusty Krab in rubble.

"Uh...I thought you said everything was okay, brainiac?" Dash asked to Zelleo.

"To be fair, I did say "some areas", I'm not a psychic," Zelleo said.

"I hate storms.." Mr. Krabs cried. "All me customers gone, and the restaurant in ruin!"

"So...I guess we're not going to be able to purchase any meals today?" Nathan asked.

"Nope, the restaurant got hit badly by that storm, and it could take weeks to repair," Squidward said.

"Squidward...this can't be true! Please tell me this is all some sick dream!" SpongeBob cried.

"Nope," Squidward smiled.

SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs both began to sob.

"Uh...we'll be on our way now," the Undersea Force all said, heading back to the base, and the episode ended.



Area Debuts: Vandalator Jungles and Factory Zone

Character Debuts: Vandalator Grunts

Absent: Darsun (mentioned though)

We see the Vandalators are still living on the remains of Senato, along with the Rark.

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Storm Racers Season 1

1. The Force Assembles (Part 1)

2. The Force Assembled (Part 2)

3. One Way Back

4. The Vandalators

5. Muck Zone

6. Gameball

7. Krumb, My Man

8. Deep Thunder

9. Frozen Tracks

We open to the Undersea Force base in the Bikini Bottom desert.

"Everyone, I have some upsetting news," Darsun announced. "Wake up please."

"What is it?" asked Nathan, who came out of his room.

"Well, now that you've met both the Rark and Vandalators, you know they are rivals. We cannot let either of the groups get back to Earth, or their war will spread here," she explained.

"Oh my," Nora said.

"Don't worry, we won't let either of them touch Earth or Bikini Bottom," Nathan said.

"If either of them lays one finger on our world, they're gonna get it," Dash said.

"Now then, a Storm Field is appearing! But before you go, I have to upgrade your vehicles to be ice resistant, as this is an Ice Zone." Darsun explained.

"Ugh, I hate the cold," Dash moaned.

She finished upgrading, and also upgraded their suits, and headed out. The Storm Field appeared in the cliffside and they all went through it.

They arrived in the Ice Zone. It was filled with snow, icy mountains, and a small blizzard.

"G-geez, it's fr-freezing here! The temperature would at least be 35 degrees Celsius on Earth," Zelleo said.

"It's not that bad, the suit upgrade helped," Dash said.

"I have a friend who would like it here," Nathan said, as it snowed on their vehicles.

Just then, a flock of Rark came chasing toward them.

"And it looks we have Rark at 12 o clock, let's slice and dice!" Nathan said.

We see Cymtrax and Krumb on an icy ridge.

"Krumb, the Undersea Force will never leave me alone!" he growled.

"Maybe we can cause avalanche that destroys them?" Krumb said.

"Wow Krumb, for once, that's a pretty good idea. But how?" Cymtrax asked.

All of the Rark were defeated. Cymtrax and Krumb jumped off the ledge and raced away in their vehicles.

"Get after them! Now!" Nathan said.

"Well, I can't, the Grangler's wheels keep sliding!" Nora said.

"Oh well, we won't need to stop," Dash said. They all chased after them.

As Cymtrax and Krumb were racing, a giant yeti-like creature jumped in front of them.

"Noo...it's an Icecorlaxe," Cymtrax said.

"A what?" asked Laneld as everybody else was near them.

"One of the many interesting creatures that appear in Zones," Cymtrax said.

"It appears to be a young one," Nora said.

"How can you tell?" Zelleo asked.

"I have a sense for it with my hunter skills, now Cymtrax, leave it alone!" Nora said.

"A young one...the parents are probably looking for it." Nathan said.

"Interesting....I could study it for research," Cymtrax said.

"What?" asked a suspicious Nathan.

Before anyone could do anything, Cymtrax had his Blue Rark grunts tie it in ropes.

"You are sick, I can't believe you'd kidnap a young...uh, monster thing!" Laneld said as he launched a sonic wave at them.

"You don't understand! I do not want to hurt it," Cymtrax explained. "I don't want the Vandalators getting it either."

"You are a monster! Seperating a baby from its family.." Nathan said as he began to fight with Cymtrax's vehicle.

"Ugh, you fools will never understand!" Cymtrax said as the gang of Rarks began to pull it away.

Cymtrax got away and was leading the Rark flock away with the Icecorlaxe.

"We have to stop them!" Dash said.

"No, don't go jumping into action just yet, we need to think of a plan," Nathan said.

"And where is the Universe Key?" asked Laneld.

"I guess we'll have to look for it as we stop Cymtrax, now let's go!" Nathan said.

As they went through the icy pathway, they kept slipping and sliding.

"Gah, I can't get the Sonicwave to stand still!" Laneld said as he launched sonic blasts everywhere.

"Watch it! Or you'll cause an-"

Just then, the snow on the icy cliffs began to fall off and into the path.

"-avalanche..." Dash said as he raced away.

"Undersea Force, GO!" Nathan said as they quickly escaped the path, being crushed with snow behind them.

They got out and saw the path covered in snow.

They began to stare at Laneld.

"Give me a break!" Laneld complained. "The Sonicwave isn't used to ice."

"Whatever, let's go!" Zelleo said.


"There's the Universe Key, sir!" A Rark said.

We see a frozen Universe Key across an icy bridge on a lone icy platform.

"Now, what if the Icecorlaxes causes the bridge to break?" Krumb asked.

"I didn't think of that, but I think we'll be safe, and if not, oh well," Cymtrax said.

They slowly went across the icy bridge, which began to crumble a bit.

"Very carefully..." Cymtrax said.

We see Nathan and gang arrive.

"Freeze right there!" Nathan said.

"Too late organics!" Cymtrax yelled. "The Universe Key is very close to our control and we have the Icecorlaxes in the net," he said.

"Well, we will stop you!" Dash said as he zoomed up and sliced off two of the ropes, and sliced open the two Rark, causing them to explode.

"Fools! You'll harm the creature too!" Cymtrax yelled, as the creature began to slip down the bridge.

"Gragh, hold on!" Cymtrax said.

"Alright gang, take out those Rark holding it!" Nathan said. "Just don't hurt the Icecorlaxes!"

Nathan jumped up with the Splitvire and sliced open three Rarks and caused the three wires to snap, making the Icecorlaxes slip down even more. Zelleo used the Crusher to smash open the remaining ones, and all of the ropes snapped, and it fell down to the start of the bridge.

"NOOO!" Cymtrax yelled.

"We can still get the Universe Key!" Krumb said.

"And you just lost two things in a day Cymtrax!" Nathan said as he snagged the Universe Key, and returned down, racing by them.

The Icecorlaxes was better, and it rose up on his four feet and growled at Cymtrax.

"Uh oh." Cymtrax said.

It charged at them, and stomped very hard on the icy bridge, causing it to shatter. It jumped off quickly. Cymtrax and Krumb fell to the trench below.

"NOOOOO!" Cymtrax yelled as we heard them falling.

The creature growled something, which the gang assumed meant "Thanks for the help."

It began to ran off throughout the Ice Zone, and we see it appear in a cave with its parents. The young Icecorlaxe was playing with Cymtrax and Krumb as toys, which they grabbed out of the trench.

"Graaaaaahhh!" Cymtrax yelled. "Let me go!"

Krumb used his drill arm to smash through the young one's hand, and it growled. They both managed to run away from the cave, with the angry growls of the creatures behind them.

"Sir, now what?" Krumb asked.

"I think it's time for our special upgrade.." Cymtrax smiled, and they headed out through the Ice Zone.

We then see the Undersea Force back at the base, and they told everything to Darsun. They also gave her the key.

"Thank you again. What a fascinating story, the creatures of my world are very interesting," Darsun said.

"Indeed...hopefully we find more one day. They are so strange, yet I want to study more of them," Zelleo said.

"Maybe one day you can open a zoo with them, genius," Dash laughed.

"Oh be quiet," Zelleo said, laughing back, and punched him a bit, but Dash punched back.

"You wanna go?!" Dash asked, and they began to tussle, with everyone laughing, as the episode ended.



Character Debuts: Icecorlaxes (Son, Father and Mother)

Area Debuts: Ice Zone

The vehicles in this episode were upgraded to be more ice resistant.

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NOTE: This was a joke short that OMJ dared me to do and is NOT canon to the plot.


Short 1. Skodwarde's Adventure

One day, Skodwarde was driving his god powered boat through Bikini Bottom, when suddenly he took a wrong turn and ended up in the Bikini Bottom desert.

"Yo, what's this place?" Skodwarde said to himself as he found the Undersea Force base.

He opened the doors, and activated the alarm.


Skodwarde then got ambushed by Darsun and gang.

"Who are you?" Darsun asked.

"Better say now, or we WILL use force!" Nathan said.

"Yo yo yo, calm down," Skodwarde said.


"I will not!" Laneld said.


"You better shut the ::dolphin noise:: up before I invade your dreams and shove my giant ::dolphin noise:: up your ::dolphin noise::, you pieces of ::dolphin noise::" Skodwarde said as he let out profanities, which have been censored in this show due to its rating.

"Watch that foul language!" Laneld complained.

"We are sorry, we thought you were a Vandal or Rark," Nathan apologized.

"It's alright my boy, even though I have no idea what those are, wanna check out mah boat moves?" Skodwarde asked.

"Sure!" Nora said.

And so they did. Skodwarde blinded their eyes with his god powered boat, by using the powers for stunts.

Just then, a Storm Field appeared, and the Vandalators appeared.

"Oh no!" Nathan panicked.

"Who are these mother::dolphin noise::ers?" Skodwarde asked.


"Who are you, creature?" Argoron asked.

"I am Skodwarde, from the famed Spin-Off on SBC, made by Old Man Jenkins," Skodwarde said proudly.

"I don't care, because this will be your final hour of fame," Argoron laughed as he pulled out a spear.

"You must be those Vandalators things those guys mentioned, and I ain't scared of ::dolphin noise::!" Skodwarde said.


"This guy is nuts," Zelleo said.

Skodwarde blew Natcher and Crink away with his god power blasts.

"What was that, magic?!" Natcher wondered as he got blasted into a rock.


Skodwarde eventually unleashed his kung fu moves and beat all three up, leaving them on the ground.


"Dude, awesome!" Dash said.


"I beat ya punks with something I'd like to call awesomeness," Skodwarde laughed to the three.

"How did he beat us, with magic?" Crink wondered.

"Not magic...awesomeness," Argoron said.


Skodwarde used his god powers and sent all three of them through a portal, sending them through the Fly of Despair.

"This dude is....awesome," Nora said.

And from that day on, Skodwarde became an associate member of the Undersea Force.

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Storm Racers Season 1

1. The Force Assembles (Part 1)

2. The Force Assembled (Part 2)

3. One Way Back

4. The Vandalators

5. Muck Zone

6. Gameball

7. Krumb, My Man

8. Deep Thunder

9. Frozen Tracks

10. Robot Rampage

We see Cymtrax on Senato with his Rark army. He was in the mechanical tower with Krumb, looking out at his Rark army. All the Blue Rarks were lined up.

"Attention all Rark...it is time for some long needed upgrades to your programming. Darsun may have disabled us and blasted us off into space once, but ever since that strange green underwater specimen found us and rebuilt us, my goal is to revive this empire and revive Senato," Cymtrax said. "But first...we must get rid of some pests in our goals, and I have the perfect upgrade for it."

Krumb sighed when hearing this, knowing Laneld is in danger.

The Rark cheered.

"You will be faster...stronger...and brighter. We will take down the Undersea Force and then the Vandalators!" Cymtrax commanded.

"Even I get upgraded?" Krumb asked regrettably.

"Yes, now help me put these chips in all of their systems!" Cymtrax demanded.

Meanwhile, we see the Undersea Force in a Destroyed City Zone.

"Alright guys, let's grab the Universe Key and shut down this Zone!" Nathan said.

"Hold on guys, I got a massive reading of Rark on my radar," Zelleo said.

A portal appeared with Cymtrax and an army of Rark.

"Hello organics, prepare for your doom!" Cymtrax laughed.

"Oh please, we've taken you before, what will make this different?" Nora asked.

Cymtrax snapped his robotic fingers.

A bunch of Rark began to attack then, and they were too fast.

"These must be upgraded, because I can't hit one of them!" Laneld said. "STAND STILL!"

"Cymtrax must have upgraded his Rark units, as these ones are much more advanced from the past ones we have fought," Zelleo commented.

"Well, I'll try to slice and dice 'em," Dash said, as he flew up and tried to grind open a car, but failed.

"What?! Impossible, I couldn't slice open the steel!" Dash panicked.

Nathan ripped open his chainsaw and tried to attack the Slyius (Cymtrax's car), but failed and the Splitvire went smashing into an old statue.

"Ugh..." Nathan groaned as he tried to regain his stance.

"Now Undersea Force, you have faced the wrath of Rark 2.0," Cymtrax laughed.

"Zelleo, use your intelligence to try to hack one!" Nathan commanded.

Zelleo launched a rope from the Crusher and grabbed a Rark, but quickly threw it off.

"These things are too fast!" Zelleo said.

A bunch of them quickly attacked Zelleo's vehicle, knocking him over.

"HELP!" Zelleo yelled.

Laneld made a sonic wave which blasted him back up.

"Thanks Laneld, but how will we defeat them?" Zelleo asked.

"I don't know team, we might get defeated for once," Nathan sighed.

"Don't say that, we have to hit them harder!" Nora yelled as she used the Grangler to smash open one, but the steel was too hard for her.

"Great, now I lost reverse," Nora said.

"I lost breaks, but I don't need to stop in this situation," Dash said as he flew up, but was hit hard by Krumb.

"Well, now I lost everything..." Dash said.

"So did I!" Laneld panicked as his boat started steaming.

Zelleo smashed his way through a gang of them, but they cornered him and took off the top of his vehicle with the weapons.

"Well...I lost basically everything I needed to defeat them," Zelleo said.

Nathan tried to slice one open with his chainsaw on the Spitvire, but it got jammed in the Rark's vehicle.

"What the? There's just no way!" Nathan yelled as he tried to slice harder, but Cymtrax knocked him out of the way.

"Undersea Force, surrender before you die," Cymtrax laughed. "Like my original creator told me once...never trust simple machines."

"Well, I bet your creator had a lot more brains than you!" Nora said as she tried to attack him, but he blasted her away with a shock blast from Slyius.

"Now, where is the Universe Key?" Cymtrax asked.

Just then, they all saw a brown Universe Key at the top of a destroyed building.

"Grab it! I can't climb with my damaged claws," Nora said.

Nathan raced up, did a backflip and snagged the key with an electric pulse.

"Nice try Cymtrax, even with your powerful army I still got the key," Nathan said, but he was then attacked by a bunch of Rark.

He tried to rip through them, but one of the grabbed the key from it.

"Hey, get back here!" Nathan yelled.

The Rark then gave the key to Cymtrax and he laughed.

"At long last Undersea Force...I win," Cymtrax said.

"I'll pulverize you, bucket head!" Dash yelled.

"Finish them, sir," a Rark said.

"My chainsaw is broken from trying to grind through those Rark," Nathan said.

"We're doomed!" Laneld said.

Cymtrax began to power-up an electric charge, but a portal appeared.

"What is this sorcery?" Cymtrax asked.

A giant white tank vehicle began to launch missiles at the Rark, destroying them.

"Who dares interrupt me in my moment of triumph??!" Cymtrax roared.

The giant white vehicle crushed the Rark, and snagged the Universe Key from the Sylius.

"WHAT??! IMPOSSIBLE!" Cymtrax yelled.

Darsun was driving the vehicle.

"Everyone, meet the Vobi 4.0," Darsun said.

"You saved us!" Nora yelled.

"But what is that giant vehicle? It's so...fascinating," Zelleo said.

"What is that monster vehicle?" Laneld asked.

"It is the Vobi 4.0 or Vobias Communication Center, an ultimate vehicle the Sentients made on Senato," Darsun explained.

"We definitely owe you one for this!" Laneld said.

"Well, we can't thank you enough, but those Rark are about to kill us!" Nathan panicked.

She opened up a door in the back of the Vobi 4.0.

"Get in!" Darsun yelled.

The five vehicles quickly went up the ramp and into it, and Darsun closed the giant doors. She continued to destroy Rark.

"This baby is sweet!" Laneld yelled as he pressed a button, which blew up a bunch of old buildings.

"Laneld, be careful, the Vobi is more complex then your Sentient vehicles," Darsun said.

There were six seats in the control room, and everyone took a seat.

"So Darsun decided to bring in the Vobi...next time, Undersea Force, you will not be saved so quickly," Cymtrax said as the portal closed.

They were back at the base.

"Just wondering, but do the Rark and Vandalators see Storm Fields too on Senato?" Nora asked.

"Yes, Storm Fields occur on Earth and Senato," Darsun explained. "They are so unstable they can just pop up anywhere."

"I guess the two planets have a connection," Nathan said.

"It is one of the wonders of the world," Zelleo said.

"However, this is not over, as you could have been destroyed if I hadn't seen what was going on the screen and rescued you," Darsun said. "You know what this means?

"I think it is time for some vehicle upgrades to our own," Nathan answered.

"Agreed, but it is time you get some rest. You are in no condition to fight the new Rarks right now," Darsun said.

"If they weren't upgraded I could have pounded them to shreds!" Dash yelled.

"Don't worry, we can beat them, we just need the upgrades," Zelleo said.

They all understood, and went to their rooms.



Cymtrax's vehicle is named the Slyius.

We get the first mention of Cymtrax's creator.

Vehicle Debuts: Vobi 4.0 (Vobias Communication Center)

Character Debuts: Rark 2.0

Area Debuts: Destroyed City Zone

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11. Treasure Hunt

We see Nathan got out of his room, late at night. He seemed upset about his failure. Darsun then approached him.

"You guys should rest, you had a rough battle," Darsun said.

"I know, but we failed. It angers me...we lost," Nathan said.

"You did not lose. Failure allows you to improve upon your mistakes," Darsun said.

"You're right, but when will the vehicles be ready?" Nathan asked.

"Right now, I have the upgrades prepared," Darsun said.

She tapped a button on a screen, and a bunch of tools began to repair the vehicles.


We cut to Senato, and to the Vandal's part of the planet. We see Argoron talking to an unfamiliar vandal.

"Do you wish to side with me in combat, old friend?" Argoron asked the vandal.

"Yes, why not?" The Vandal replied, revealing himself to be a stingray like vandal. His name was Straus.

Straus's vehicle was called the "Stinger" and it was grey. It had a tail on the back that looked like a stingray tail that could shock you.

"You will be a fine addition to my team. The Undersea Force have been a pain...and I need more heavy metal to defeat them", Argoron said as he hopped into his vehicle, which is called the SharkSlammer.

"Lord Argoron, a Storm Field is opening!" Natcher said as he hopped into the Scalab.

"Who's this?" Crink asked, referring to Straus as he hopped into the Chomper Slaughter.

"An old friend who I asked to join our gang. Now, let's move out!" Argoron declared.

We cut back to the Undersea Force base.

"Your vehicles are finished upgrading," Darsun said.

"Sweet," Nora said.

"There isn't much of a difference though, but they are more powerful now," Darsun said.

"Sweet, I can already feel the energy flowing," Nathan said. "Thanks a lot."

"You are welcome, as I would do anything for the team, but a Storm Field is appearing," Darsun said.

The five vehicles rolled out.

"The Crusher feels a lot faster too!" Zelleo said.

The five then raced into the portal, and came to a Tropical Island Zone.

"This place sure is hot. I could use this place for a future vacation," Laneld said.

Just then, the Vanadalators appeared.

"Stop right there sub-species!" Argoron yelled as threw a spear at a tree.

"...Or not!" Laneld panicked.

"Wait a minute, who is that grey vandal?" Nora asked, referring to Straus.

"Must be a new member of his gang. New or not, we can still take them down!" Nathan yelled.

The vehicles classed, but Straus shocked Nathan's vehicle.

"Gwah!" Nathan yelled as he began to spin out of control. He then ripped open the blade in the Splitvire and slashes Straus' vehicle, but he deflected the attack back.

Nora then crushed Natcher, and threw his vehicle at Straus, but he dodged.

"This guy is tough!" Nora said.

"Yes, Straus is a nobel warrior and old friend of mine," Argoron said. "Alright, we've wasted enough time, let's go find the Universe Key!"

The four Vandalators headed out.

"Great, how are we supposed to find the Universe Key? This island is huge!" Nora said.

"Wait a minute...if it is a island...maybe there is buried treasure! The Universe Key could be the treasure," Zelleo said.

"That's actually not a far-fetched idea," Nathan said. "Scan the area!"

"My tracker is pointing north," Zelleo then replied.

"What are we, pirates now?" Laneld groaned as they went north.

As they rolled through the jungle, a gang of eels from Episode 5 appeared. They growled.

"These things again! What are these alien eels called?" Nathan asked.

"My tracker says they are called "Electriosis Eels". They can be very grumpy and angry if they are disturbed or if someone trespasses into their territory," Zelleo explained.

"Yeah, we saw from the Swamp Zone the other day, now let's take them out!" Nathan said as he ripped open his blade, and sliced one of the eels.

The eel regenerated itself.

"Oh yeah..I forgot they could do that.." Nathan said.

"Don't worry boss, I got this," Dash said as he used the Slashwind to fly up and slash one of the eels. Its wounds healed however.

"Is there anything that can stop these things?" Nora asked.

"Well, they are electric...so let's use mud to attack them!" Zelleo said.

"But...there is no mud here," Nora said.

"Okay, I don't feel like wasting my time here, let's go!" Nathan yelled as he pressed a button that made smoke appear.

"Okay, that's new," Laneld said as they raced north. The smoke cleared up and the eels were confused.

We see the Vanadalators at an area with a bunch of red X's.

"Okay...the Universe Key is buried under one of these," Argoron said.

"....while the others have traps or bombs," Straus said, checking his scanner.

"So..which one is the right one?" Crink asked.

"My scanner isn't picking up the key's signal, probably because it is underground," Straus said.

"Well, it looks like we'll have to do this the hard way," Argoron said.

Crink then dug up an X and it was revealed to be a bomb, which exploded.

"Ugh..." Crink said as he collapsed.

The Undersea Force then appeared.

"Stop right there!" Nora said.

"You're too late, sub-species! The Universe Key is under one of these X's, and you'll never get it in time," Argoron laughed.

Natcher began to dig up some X's, and got attacked by spears and bombs.

"Okay gang, roll out! Dodge any traps!" Nathan commanded.

Dash dug up an X, but a bomb appeared, and he sliced it in half.

Nora dug up a spot with the Grangler's hand, but it was a spear trap, and she smashed it.

After a while of fighting and digging, there was one X left.

"Well...we've came to a draw, but only one of us will get the Universe Key," Argoron laughed as he and Straus headed for it.

Nathan and Dash quickly dashed up, and fought off the two, while Dash quickly dug up the spot. The Universe Key then popped up, and it resembled a treasure chest. Dash quickly grabbed it, and he sliced open Straus' vehicle, and he went flying off onto another X which they missed. It was dug up due to the tires of the Stinger, and a bomb appeared.

"Oh no..." The Vandals yelled.

"RUN!" Argoron yelled.

The bomb went off, while the Undersea Force quickly escaped.

Straus got back up, and was smoking.

Just then, the Electriosis Eels appeared, and were angrier than ever.

"Uh...captain..." Natcher cried.

"What is it Natcher?" Argoron said. He turned around.

The eels growled and approached them slowly.

"Oh my..." Argoron said, nervously. "Not again!"

"Bah, don't be scared of these worms," Crink laughed.

But as soon as he said that, one let out a huge electrifying hiss at them, and the episode ends with them running through the jungles of the Tropical Island Zone.



Character Debuts: Straus, Electriosis Eels (appeared in Episode 5 but weren't named until now)

Area Debuts: Tropical Island Zone

The UF's vehicles are upgraded.

The Vandals' vehicles are named:

Argoron = SharkSlammer

Straus = Stinger

Natcher = Scalab

Crink = Chomper Slaughter

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I know I said I was retiring, but I shall still continue:

12. Computer Trapped

We see the gang racing through a Cyber Highway Zone.

"Alright, let's get that key and get out of this place!" Nathan yelled.

"I'll get it before you this time, organics!" Cymtrax yelled as his Rark 2.0 army stormed the zone.

"Watch out guys, remember how badly they beat us last time!" Nathan yelled as he chopped some in half.

They then saw the Universe Key on a cyber bridge above them.

"SEIZE THE KEY!" Cymtrax yelled as they went up for it.

"Stop them!" Nora said as she chased after them.

She smashed some of the Rark, and Zelleo ran some over.

"I see you have upgraded your vehicles....but are you prepared for this?" Cymtrax yelled as he fired some missiles at the bridge, causing Nora to fall.

"HELP!" Nora yelled, but she managed to grab onto the bridge beneath.

"I'll stop them!" Zelleo said. He chased after them, shocking some Rark.

"Hmm....this organic seems intelligent. Perhaps I could use him for some purposes," Cymtrax said.

The Rark ambushed Zelleo, and split his boat into two. Zelleo fell out.

"Guys, help!" Zelleo yelled, on the bridge.

"ZELLEO!" Nathan yelled as he chased after him, slicing through Rark.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Cymtrax kidnapped him, grabbed the key, and escaped.

"Great....we failed," Nora said as they towed Zelleo's broken vehicle back to Bikini Bottom, and at the base.

We see them back inside the base, upset.

"Don't worry, nobody is perfect. We Sentients believe that failure results into success later on," Darsun said.

"But...where is Zelleo? There's no way we will get there," Nathan said.

"Well....Sentients can forge a key to go to a certain place." Darsun said.

"Oh really? Then why can't you do that for every zone?" Laneld snapped.

"Well, I don't have the coordinates to make a key for them. I do have the coordinates for Senato however." Darsun said.

"Great!" Dash said.

Darsun made a key with her bare hands, and it was glowing dark blue.

"Just put this onto someone's vehicle, and blast at to open up the Storm Field." Darsun said. "Good luck!"

They did so, and ended up on Senato. Their boats suddenly turned more into car-forms.

Darsun appeared on Nathan's screen.

"You wouldn't know this until now, but when you go out of water, your vehicles automatically turn into cars - as this planet is clearly not underwater," Darsun explained. "The vehicles were originally cars but I modified them to fit your underwater needs."

"Ah, sweet!" Nora said. "This feels much cooler as a car."

"Dang....it's a shame how this place turned into a barren wasteland," Nora said, looking at the ruins.

"I know, but we have to rescue Zelleo," Nathan said.

"Wait..how can we breath here?" Nathan said.

"This galaxy was fit to meet every alien's needs, so it is compressed air - you'll notice that in the zones too," Darsun said.

We then cut to the Rark empire. We see Cymtrax in his tower, and at his central control room. Zelleo was tied to a chair.

"Now organic, you're going to tell me how to program this simulation," Cymtrax yelled as he slapped a keyboard and screen on Zelleo's lap.

"Uh...I don't know what this is for at all..." Zelleo said, very confused.

"It is a computer game, and I need you to test it for me," Cymtrax said.

"Okay....." Zelleo said as he began to play it.

Everything was fine at first. He was driving in a Rark vehicle. Little did he know, what he was doing was occurring in the real world. His movements made a real Rark vehicle move and do his every command!

"Mwa ha ha ha.....little does that organic know my true intentions with it. I'll get him to play it --- and destroy his friends with it!" Cymtrax laughed.

Zelleo continued controlling it, and made it shoot some relics. It drove out to the desert, where the Undersea Force were.

They spotted the Rark vehicle coming towards them.

"Looks like we've been spotted!" Nathan yelled. He attacked it, but it deflected his attack.

"Woah, this one's tough, must be some new guard bot..." Nathan said.

He sliced at it again, and it dodged his movements from Zelleo's control.

"I gotta admit, this game is not that bad. I WILL WIN!" Zelleo said as he began to go crazy with it. His enemies were the Undersea Force's boats, but little did he know.

"Alright, did Cymtrax upgrade to 3.0 already?" Laneld said, as he got hit by the vehicle.

"It looks the same as 2.0....but there is something different about it," Nathan said as he continued to dodge the vehicle's movements.

Zelleo began to fire up the laser cannon at them.

"Oh my...." Nora said in panic.

It fired a laser across the field, destroying some old ruins, and knocking Dash out of the air.

As Zelleo continued to destroy them without knowing, he then stopped.

"Wait a minute....there is something familiar about those enemies..." Zelleo said, getting suspicious.

"No, there is nothing at all. Destroy them!" Cymtrax said.

Zelleo took a closer look.

"You tricked me! You used me to destroy my friends with this game!" Zelleo said as he ripped it off, shutting down the vehicle that was attacking the Undersea Force.

"NO, OBEY YOUR MASTER!" Cymtrax yelled. Zelleo punched him in the face, ran down the tower, and hijacked a Rark's vehicle. He drove out of the fortress with it.

"Oh no, this one is done, BUT ANOTHER ONE IS COMING!" Laneld yelled in fear.

It approached closer.

"Get your lasers ready guys.." Nathan said.

Zelleo then popped out. Laneld fired a wave, but Zelleo dodged.

"Are you out of your mind!?" Zelleo yelled.

"ZELLEO!" Nathan yelled. "You escaped!"

"Yeah, that Rark you were fighting earlier was...me. Sorry guys, but Cymtrax tricked me into playing a game...and yeah," Zelleo said, sounding embarrassed.

"Don't worry, it was an honest mistake," Dash said.

"Oh yeah, and I have the key safe and sound!" Zelleo yelled, as he tossed it at Nathan.

"Great job Zell! You did good today, managing to escape without our help. It is time to go home." Nathan said.

"I'd be scared if I was in his shoes, but good job!" Laneld said.

They went home, by opening up the Storm Field.

"So, is my vehicle fine, guys?" Zelleo asked in the base.

"Yup, right here!" Laneld said, pointing to a dusty, beat up blue Crusher.

"Have fun with that piece of junk," Dash teased.

"...Yeah, I'll work on it." Zelleo said, smiling, and began to fix up the Crusher.


Area Debuts: Cyber Highway Zone

First time the Undersea Force goes to Senato, and we learn they can breath there due to special compressed air, this also applies to the zones.

It is revealed that the gang's vehicles turn into cars out of water.

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Could it be, jjs updates twice in a month? The answer is yes. In fact, there will be a premiere week this week, starting with...

13. The New Recruit

One day, Nathan and friends were racing through a Laser Field Zone.

"Alright guys, watch out for those lasers from the balls!" Nathan yelled as a bunch of lasers fired at them. He used the Splitvire to slice some in half.

"There's the key!" Nora yelled, pointing to the key on top of a giant laser ball.

"But there's Rark too!" Dash yelled, using the Slashwind to slice some incoming Rark vehicles.

"STOP THEM!" Cymtrax yelled, but the giant laser ball fired a laser at him.

Just then, in the midst of the fighting, a giant electro ball exploded at the giant laser ball!

"Um....who fired that?" Laneld asked, in confusion.

"Don't look at me, I have no idea either," Zelleo said, confused as well.

An unfamiliar vehicle came flying off the destroyed ball, and it grabbed the Universe Key.

"Look bud, I don't know whose side you are on, but that key is ours," Nathan said, getting out of the Splitvire.

"RARK, RETREAT!" Cymtrax said in panic.

The fish hopped out of the boat, which looked old and rusty. It had some odd device on the engine.

"Well, I don't know about that partner. You might be one of them Rarks," said the fish.

"So, you're against them too? We're the Undersea Force," Nathan said. "And you are?"

"Name's Kane," Kane replied. "Kane Boltmen. Been fighting these guys for a while."

"Do you know about the Vandals?" Nathan asked.

"Sure do pal. I'll guess I'll tell you my story, since you seem trustworthy....for now," Kane said.

"The Undersea Force is trustworthy," Nora said. 


"Whoa, that's some high-tech stuff on your boat," Zelleo said.

"Well, it all started one night a few months back....I was testing out this new boat you see. I had perfected a device to transport to places. My goal was to make an ultimate transporter. I decided to take it for a spin on the highway, and when I activated the transport, it teleported me to one of these Zones! I was confused, and I was then attacked by some Rark. They mentioned it was their time to get revenge on someone named Darsun, and I fought back with what I had: some tools I took along. I managed to steal some of their tech to build this electro ball launcher." Kane explained. "And that is how I've been fighting these guys and Vandals for months."

"So, I see you started around when we did. Darsun is who leads our force, and the Rark and Vandals want to take her down. She is the last blue Sentient." Nathan said.

"I see, poor gal. And a Blue Sentient? Well, I'll believe it when I see it. Anyways, this rust bucket is junk, but I still love it. The teleportation device is long gone though, since I used it to build the electro-launcher on the back of my boat." Kane said.

"You should join the Undersea Force," Nathan said.


"Great, now we'll have two brainiacs on the team," Dash said.


"Hey, I'm for it," Zelleo said.

"I'll consider it lad, but first I gotta take out a Rark control tower. They have been setting them up lately to try to reverse the effects of a Zone to make it easier to get the Universe Keys, but heh, I always them 'em down." Kane said.

"What's the big deal with them?" Dash asked.

"Well..disabling a Zone's effect will cause it to....be destroyed!" Kane said.

"Alright, we have to hurry!" Zelleo said.

We see Laneld fell asleep.

"Oh sorry, that story was boring me. Can we just get out of here already?" Laneld said, and Dash slapped him.


"Moron," Dash said.


"Ouch!" Laneld said.

"Not until we take down the Rark tower," Nathan said as he got into the Splitvire, and the others moved out.

They dodged some lasers, and saw a control tower being guarded by some odd flying machines.

"Alright, never saw those before," Nathan said.

"Those are Rark Scouters. They are one-eyed flying machines with blue eyes that they use to scout a Zone or area," Kane said. "Easy to take down though, just watch!"

Kane then drove up quickly, and fired electro balls at the scouters, causing them to implode.

"ERROR, INTRUDERS DETECTED!" A Rark said. Just then, it activated a jet pack on its back, and flew up. It fired lasers at them.

"What type of Rark is this?!" Laneld asked in panic.

"Just a normal one with a jet pack," Kane said as he fired an electro ball at it.


More came flying, and they took them down. Dash sliced some of the flying ones in half by flying up with the Slashwind.


Kane then blasted a bolt, but it missed a Rark Scouter. 


However, Zelleo flung his grappling hook out of the Crusher and grabbed the bolt. He then flung it at the Rark Scouter, destroying it.


"Nice job!" Kane said to Zelleo.


"No problem, techies got to stick together!" Zelleo said.

They drove inside the tower. Cymtrax was at the control station on a balcony, and he saw the Undersea Force.

"RARK, STOP THEM!" Cymtrax yelled. "Krumb, let's escape! In 50 seconds, this whole Zone will collapse!" Cymtrax laughed. "If the Rark cannot have these Zones, we will just destroy them.


"What if new fish destroys them?" Krumb asked.


"Ah yes, that annoying pest. I see he is a part of the Undersea Force now," Cymtrax said, annoyed. "Let the Rarks take care of them."


They then escaped into their vehicles.


"They're getting away!" Dash yelled.


"Let them go," Nathan said, and he then sliced some Rark in half, while everyone else attacked.


Some flying Blue Rarks and Rarks in vehicles attacked Nora, but she all smashed them aside, and grinded them up with the Grangler.


"These things get more annoying each time we see them," Nora said.

"30 seconds!" Laneld said as he fired a wave at the controls, which slightly damaged it.


"Good job!" Kane said. He fired electric balls at the Rark, and he then destroyed the controls.

"Alright guys, good job Kane! Now let's escape!" Nathan said as they all raced out of the exploding tower.


"This guy is alright so far," Nora smiled.

They then went back home.

"You all did good, especially you Kane." Darsun said.

"I am pleased to meet the last surviving Blue Sentient," Kane said as he bowed, and handed her the Laser Field Zone Key.

"After the hard work you did, you deserve to be an honorary member of the Undersea Force," Darsun said. Some tools came down, and transformed his vehicle into an orange hotrod. The electric ball launcher was still at the back, but in a better way. Kane had an orange suit.

"This is pretty cool," Kane said. "Thanks for letting me join, I'll do my best."


"Welcome to the team," Zelleo said, and they punched their fins together.


"Another tech wiz on the team, I just hope he's not all scientific speaking like Zelleo over here," Dash teased.


"Don't mind him, he's a tough guy," Zelleo said back.


"Keep talking," Dash smirked.


"I see you two get along well," Kane said sarcastically. 


"Like childhood friend, like knuckleheads," Dash said.

"Kane, you get to name your vehicle!" Nora said. "Want to name it?"

"Hmm, sure...I'll call it the Bolt Blaster." Kane said.

"Welcome to the team," Nathan replied.


"I think I'm going to like it here," Kane said smiling and the episode ended with an aerial view of the base in the desert.


Kane joins the Undersea Force!

Character Debuts: Kane and Rark Scouters

Vehicle Debuts: Bolt Blaster
Area Debuts: Laser Field Zone, Control Tower

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14. The Lone Ranger

We see the gang at the base.

"Also guys, I need to tell you something somewhat important. only five Sentient vehicles are allowed through a Storm Field at a time, so one of you will have to stay behind here." Darsun explained.

"Me!" Laneld said, as he sat down and watched TV.

"Knucklehead," Dash said to him.

"Hey, I need a break too," Laneld said.

"Wait, how come so many Rark and Vandals can come in the portal then?" Nora asked to Darsun.

"They were not made with Sentient technology, so they are immune. It's not a huge issue, as you can come in later in say, the Vobi, if I am able to make a key," Darsun said.

"Okay, that's settled. Let's roll out!" Nathan said.

"Laneld, since you are staying behind, you do have to help me with some things.." Darsun said a bit annoyed.

"Aw come on!" Laneld groaned.

We then see the Undersea Force in a Canyon Zone.

"Now, let's find that key and move out! We may be have 1 member sitting back, but that won't stop us now!" Nathan said.

Just then, the Vandalators appeared.

"Stop right there! The key is ours!" Argoron yelled. Crink, Natcher and Straus all attacked.

"Hmm...I see the sub-species have a new member," Natcher said, pointing to Kane.

"No matter, it is still five of them." Argoron said as he shot a spear at Kane, who dodges and shot an electric ball at them.

"This one is too poooowerful!" Natcher yelled as he went flying.

"Hmm, I have an idea.." Argoron said, as he turned around at Nathan.

"Umm...aren't you going after the key?" Nathan asked in confusion.

"Yes, AND you!" Argoron yelled as all four Vandals rammed into the Splitvire, and Nathan went smashing out of the cockpit, and landing onto the ground.

"Ugh.." Nathan said, getting up.

"Nathan's in trouble!" Dash yelled, reading his radar.

Straus shot a net at Nathan, capturing him.

"Your ours now," Straus smiled.

"Hey, let me go!" Nathan yelled. But it was too late. Straus dodged everyone, and quickly snagged the key, and opened the portal to Senato.

"Let's go!" Argoron said, laughing. All four went through, with Nathan being held hostage.

"Nathan!" Zelleo yelled.

It was too late, the portal closed.

"Great, we lost our leader!" Nora said, pounding her radar.

"Do not worry everyone, remember the key I made for Senato?" Darsun said, on screen.

"Oh yeah, but will Nathan be okay?" Nora asked.

"I hope so..." Darsun said, slightly worried.

We go to Senato, where Nathan wakes up, stuck to a pole in a jungle. Thousands of Vandalators were around him.

"Oh no...I see they're going to finish me off!" Nathan panicked, but he couldn't get free from the tight rope.

"You've been a pain in my plans for too long, fish!" Argoron yelled, as he lit a fire to the bottom of his pole.

"You're going to burn me alive?" Nathan said in panic.

"Good luck putting out the flames now!" Straus laughed.

"Now you will feel our pain. Move out!" Argoron said as they all left.

"Now I really wish the others were here.." Nathan said, trying to escape. The flames kept crawling up the pole.

He then remembered he had his sword in his pocket. He kicked it, up and sliced the ropes in half, just in time. The pole burned as he jumped off.

"That was close, and it shows I shouldn't mess with these guys. But now...how to I escape Senato? I'm obviously in the Vandal jungle.." Nathan said, walking around.

Just then, a swarm of odd flying wasp like creatures came by. Nathan dodged.

"This place has some odd creatures to.." Nathan said, as he backed up, and bumped into a creature with four arms, and razor teeth. It had green spots.

"Yeah...RUN!" Nathan said, as he jumped away from it, and it sliced the trees down. Just then, a log came flying out of nowhere, and slammed the monster in the face. It fell to the ground.

"Hmm...it seems like they have also set traps up everywhere." Nathan said.

The monster got back up and growled again, as it picked up a tree and threw it at Nathan, and he tripped.

"Easy there big guy!" Nathan yelled.

Just then, the monster stepped on a sand tile, which made spears shoot out from the trees. Somehow, Nathan managed to slice them all in half with his sword, as the monster ran away from them.

"It's a miracle I made it this far," Nathan said to himself. He quickly ran out of the jungle, and saw a crowd of Vandals around him.

"Prepare to meet your doom, leader!" Argoron laughed. "You didn't think we know you'd escape?"

Just then, a bunch of Rarks came and began attacking the Vandals.

"Great, now I have to survive these goons too!" Nathan yelled.

"Argoron! We have a war still!" Cymtrax yelled. "Surrender your land, I will restore my home back!"

"Never!" Argoron yelled, and his Vandals began attacking Cymtrax. "I will fight to the death than surrender to you idiotic machines!"

"Oh right, bucket head and shark face are at war - maybe this will give me a good time to get away.." Nathan said, but he got caught by Straus.

"Hehe..you are not going anywhere," Straus said, grabbing him tightly.

Nathan then kicked Straus in the stomach though and got free.

We then saw some flying Blue Rarks land down with their jetpacks and began firing lasers at the trees and Vandals, as Nathan began slicing some in half with his sword and punched some Vandals.

"Man, sometimes I wish I did have a crew..it's not easy being a lone ranger!" Nathan yelled, as he kicked down some more walking Blue Rarks.

Just then, the Vobi came storming in through a portal, and fired missiles everywhere, blowing up the Rarks and Vandals.

"Darsun..." Argoron growled. "RETREAT!"

"Gah, we almost destroyed their leader!" Crunk said angry.

"We wil finish this another time!" Cymtrax yelled, fleeing back to the machinery side of Senato with his Blue Rark army.

In the midst of the running, Nathan spotted Argoron drop the Canyon Zone key, and he quickly grabbed it.

Missiles scorched the forest and land, causing many Vandalators and Rarks to flee, and some Rarks were blown up.

"Gah, fall back!" Cymtrax yelled, and his army retreated to the Rark Empire.

Nathan then saw the Undersea Force in the Vobi, and he was relieved.

"Thank goodness you guys came...I was nearly their dinner!" Nathan said as he got on. "But I was able to work alone, as scary as it was."

"It must have been difficult, but I am glad you are okay, Nathan," Kane said.

"Yup, be glad we still had that Senato key. And the Splitvire is still fine." Nora said.

"Thanks guys, we truly are one great team." Nathan said. "I also got the key for the Canyon Zone!"

"Great!" Zelleo said.

"Someone's a born survivor," Dash said. "If it was me in that position, I'd beat up all of those Rark and Vandal punks."

"Yeah, it wasn't easy being on my own...but I managed to pull through without you guys," Nathan said.

"How many keys do we even have now?" asked.

"About twelve or so," Darsun replied happily.

"Also, from now on I call staying at base!" Laneld said.

"Sure, just be sure the Vandals don't hunt you down." Nathan joked.

"Hey now, I have the skills of a true survivor!" Laneld boasted.

Nora then poked him and he flinced like a coward.

"Haha, try surviving a jungle with traps, aquatic aliens, and robots for a day," Nathan said, and they all laughed as the Vobi opened a portal back to Bikini Bottom, and arrived at the desert base, as the episode ended.



Character Debuts: Wasp Creatures, Monster Creature

Area Debuts: Canyon Zone

First time a team member gets separated from the rest of the gang.

From now on, one crew member will have to stay behind at base. Laneld stayed behind for this episode, though was later shown in the Vobi.

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15. Driver Down

We see the Undersea Force racing through a Moving Platform Zone. They were in a weird sky area, and a bunch platforms consisting of rocks or steel were moving everywhere.

"This is weird, it's like these were chunks once a part of something.." Zelleo said, reading his scanners.

"Very curious indeed.." Kane said.

"Watch out guys, these platforms move fast!" Nathan yelled as he zoomed onto one.

Just then, we saw the Vandalators appear, hopping across the platforms.

"Natcher, do you have the special potion ready?" Argoron whispered.

"Yes sir," Natcher chuckled.

"I don't care who you give it to, just blast it to someone!" Argoron said.

"Perhaps blast it to the leader," Straus suggested.

"Maybe, but we'll see...until then, CHARGE!" Argoron yelled, as they hopped onto platforms.

"Ugh, these are a pain to jump onto to, and I don't need these goons in the way!" Laneld yelled, as he hopped onto one, and blasted a sonic wave at Crink.

"Gwah!" Crink yelled, and he went sliding to Kane, who blasted a bolt at him, and he went falling to another platform beneath.

"Luckily I can fly, punks!" Dash yelled as he flew up to where the key was.

"Don't let the sub-species reach the key!" Argoron yelled as he shot spears at Dash.

"It's no use, he's got flying skills!" Straus said.

"Don't worry, I'll spring the surprise now on him!" Natcher said.

As Dash snagged the key, Natcher pulled out a jar of purple poison, and he blasted it from the Scalab's tail at the back to him, and it hit him.

"What the heck..what is this stuff...I can't see?!" Dash said as he got tired, as he fell out of the sky, and the Slashwind and him crashed onto a platform, as the key went flying to the platform the Vandals were on.

"NOOO! DASH!" The Undersea Force all yelled as Nathan zoomed up the platform Dash landed on.

"VICTORY!" Argoron laughed. "Thank you Natcher."

"No fair, they cheated!" Laneld said.

"Heh, one of your potions was actually successful," Crink said.

"Shut up, we won!" Natcher laughed, as he rammed the Scalab into the Chomper Slaughter.

"Let's go you two," Straus said, as they opened a portal with the key and escaped.

"No, they're gone!" Zelleo said, firing a laser, but it missed.

"Let them go, we have other things to worry about," Kane sighed, looking at the unconscious Dash.

Dash was asleep and knocked out.

"Ugh, let's move back to base," Nathan said.

Dash was at the base, and he was being scanned by Darsun.

"Oh my, it looks like Natcher infected him with a deadly toxin," Darsun sighed.

"Will be he be okay?" Nora asked, worried.

"There is a cure..." Darsun said, looking up research. "It is the Polyfix Flower, located in the deepest jungles of Senato," Darsun said. She gave them the key to Senato.

"Thanks, we'll be back as soon as possible," Nathan said.

"You may want to hurry...there may not be much time," Darsun said, worried.

"Oh jeez...if he dies, I'm going to pulverize those freaks!" Nora said.

"Don't say that, he could have hope.." Zelleo said.

"But that's still just..hope," Laneld said.

"Hopefully the flower should not be too hard to obtain," Kane said.

"It's going to be okay Dash, we'll save you," Nathan said.

The five got into their vehicles and raced off.

"While they're gone, I'll try to help you," Darsun said, looking at Dash, who was still knocked out. "It's going to be okay, my guardian."

"I'm detecting the flower 50 meters west!" Zelleo said, pointing to his radar.

"I'll warn you guys, the last time I was here, it was pretty deadly, so watch out," Nathan said as they drove off into the Vandal jungles.

Just then, the creature from the previous episode that attacked Nathan was growling, hiding in the bushes.

"It's a shame what this planet has came to be..since I heard such great things about it," Kane said.

Just then, the creature attacked!

"I know that thing, it attacked me when I was stuck here!" Nathan said as he drove at it.

"It's a Growloxious!" Zelleo yelled.

"Dangerous and violent creatures." Kane added as he blasted bolts at it.

It then picked up a rock and threw it at Nathan, which blasted him into a tree.

"Yeah, I think this one remembers me well.." Nathan said, in panic. He got stuck in some mud, but he managed to get out.

Just then, a net came down, which trapped the creature. Kane had blasted an electric field net at it.

"That'll keep it contained for a while, but not much." Kane said, as he told everybody to quickly jet.

The creature tried slicing through the shocks, but it hurt it.

"Alright, we're getting closer," Zelleo said. Just then, a bunch of spears began to stick out of the trees.

"WATCH OUT!" Nate yelled as the spears shot out, and he dodged.

"Well, thank goodness you knew about that..." Nora said as a spear nearly shot at her roll cage.

They then came out into a clearing, where two giant logs nearly hit Laneld.

"Gwah, I hate this planet!!" Laneld said as he went flying a bit.

Just then, they saw a swarm of Waspits.

"Uh oh, watch out for those....those are the alien versions of wasps, and even deadlier.." Zelleo warned.

"Oh please, I'm not afraid of them!" Laneld said, as he drove off, with a Waspit on the back of the Sonicwave.

"I HATE THIS PLANET!!!" Laneld yelled as he we heard a swarm attack him.

Meanwhile, we cut back to Bikini Bottom...

Darsun said," Stay here, I'll get you a drink."

"Sure.." Dash said, barely muttering the words.

She went into her cloak and went to the Krusty Krab, and entered.

"I'd like a drink," Darsun said to Squidward.

"What kind, cloaked one?" Squidward asked.

"Uh...Dr. Kelp?" Darsun said, confused, reading the menu.

"SpongeBob, one Dr. Kelp!!" Squidward yelled. He served one up.

"I put extra love into this one!" SpongeBob chuckled.

"That'll be 15 dollars," Squidward said.

"Um....do you accept blue glows as cash?" Darsun asked.

"Yeah, in 20 years!" Squidward snapped back. "Pay up or get out."

Mr. Krabs came out.

"Is someone refusing to pay?!" Mr. Krabs said.

Darsun then escaped.

"Grr, filthy street bandits, I've been speckledorfed!" Mr. Krabs yelled. "Oh well, I don't need her money anyways!"

Darsun returned back to base with the Dr. Kelp. She gave it to Dash.

"Ugh...thanks," Dash said, trying to drink it.

"Oh no...we're running out of time," Darsun panicked. "Hurry.."

The Undersea Force arrived at a cave with the flowers.

"There it is!" Nathan yelled as he got out, picked one up, and went back into his vehicle.

Just then, the vandals ambushed them.

"Oh great, you annoying pests again!" Laneld said, firing sonic blasts at them, but they dodged, and hit the cave walls, causing it to shake a bit.

"Be careful with that, Laneld!" Zelleo said.

"Heh, did you REALLY think we didn't plan on you coming here?" Argoron laughed.

"And next time, don't leave that monster in the net!" Straus laughed.

"Of course! Don't you think I knew about the cure?" Natcher laughed.

"Wait a minute...what did you fools do with that monster?" Argoron asked.

"Oh, I snapped open the net's electric effect with a spell," Natcher said.

"You idiot! Do you have any idea what you've done?!" Argoron asked, panic. We heard some loud roaring from a hoard of creatures.

"Smooth move, guys," Nora said to them.

A pack of Growloxious's attacked the cave, and sliced it open.

"Let's get out of here!" Nathan yelled as he and the other four escaped the collapsing cavern.

"Wait, we still need to get the Zone key Natcher stole!" Zelleo said.

"I'll handle it," Nora said, and she smashed the Scalab, and began grabbing it with her wheel claw.

"Where's the key, alien crab freak?" Nora asked to him.

"L-let me go, I won't tell!" Natcher said.

"I guess I can just squish you then, since our friend could die!" Nora said.

"Fine, take it!" Natcher said, holding it out.

"Thank you," Nora said, and she grabbed it, and dropped the Scalab to the ground, as it raced out of the cave.

Straus attacked the Growloxious's and got out with the others in the Stinger.

"That was close, they are deadly beasts," Straus said.

"Natcher, where's the key?!" Argoron asked, annoyed.

"Uh...I lost it to the sub-species," Natcher said, scared. "She was vicious!"

"You fool, gah...I'm so mad I could.." Argoron said, but just then...

One appeared behind the four, and roared.

"Oh no...not again! AAAAAAH!" Argoron yelled as he and the other four Vandals quickly ran away.

"I can't believe we failed!" Natcher cried. "My potion did work, but they beat us!"

"What do you mean "we"? Your the one who broke the net with the stupid creature," Crink said, ramming into him, as they kept fighting, and pulled their vehicles over.

"I feel like I'm the father of two five year olds," Straus said.

"Tell me about it," Argoron sighed.

"That'll show those cowards!" Nora said from the distance.

The Growloxious then approached the Undersea Force and was calm.

"I guess it knows we are against them," Zelleo said. It let them leave.

"Thank goodness, I just want to get off this planet!" Laneld said.

They returned to base with the flower, and quickly gave it to Darsun. Nora then put the key she grabbed from Natcher into the tower.

"Thank you Nora, and now, let's hope this works to save Dash..." Darsun said grimly. She mixed a potion, and gave it to Dash. He was silent.

"Oh no...we're too late..." Nora said.

"It can't be...Dash.." Laneld said.

"No, I won't let him die!" Nathan said.

They all stood there silently, as Dash was still knocked out.

Dash then jumped up with excitement.

"Heh, I'm back guys!" Dash yelled. "And I feel better then ever!"

"Oh thank goodness!" They all said.

"Glad you're back, Dash," Nathan said, shaking his fin.

"Don't worry, if those punks ever try to poison me again, I'll pound 'em into the ground," Dash said.

"It's amazing how such flora on Senato can cure him," Zelleo said.

"Yes, a fascinating planet, isn't it?" Darsun said.

"Well, it looks like another happy ending," Laneld said. "But one question: what's with that buzzing sound?"

Just then, a Waspit came flying out of the back of the Sonicslash and chased Laneld out of the base.

"That's it, I'm never going back to Senato!" Laneld yelled as he got stung.

"Well, time for us to get another flower," Nathan sighed as he got back into his vehicle, but everyone laughed.



Character Debuts: Growloxious and Waspbits (both appeared in previous episode but were unnamed)

Area Debuts: Polyfix Flower Cave and Moving Platform Zone

First time the bad guys get the key before the Undersea Force, although they re-obtained the key later in the episode.

Nora stayed behind at the base for the first mission, and Dash stayed behind at the base for the second mission due to his infection.

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16. Zone Runners

We see the Undersea Force racing through a Desert Zone. The vandals ambushed them. But they had a NEW member with them!

"Prove yourself worthy, Shadowclaw," Argoron said to the new member. "You are a part of my tribe, and I expect great things from you."

Shadowclaw growled. He was a black alien shark, with red eyes, and long fins that resembled claws.

"Trust me, he is quite a fierce one," Straus promised.

"Be sure to stick to the plan.." Argoron laughed, whispering to Crink, Natcher, and Straus.

"Got it boss," the three whispered back.

"Is that a new Vandal member?" Nora asked, referring to Shadowclaw.

"Appears so, but take him down!" Nathan said.

"New or old, he's getting a whooping either way!" Dash said.

"Gah, this sand throughout the desert is a pain!" Laneld yelled, racing through it.

Shadowclaw's Shadow Slammer made a giant dark pulse noise, and even Laneld's sonic waves weren't enough to beat it.

"My scanners say the key near some abandoned station!" Zelleo said as they headed toward it.

Argoron attacked them with missiles, but the Undersea Force made it to an abandoned lab. They got out of their vehicles and entered it. It was a very beat down lab, as if it had been destroyed beforehand.

"This place is a dump," Dash said.

"Hm...I wonder if someone was here once?" Nora asked.

"I don't know, but it is giving me the creeps!" Laneld said.

They then saw the key hidden in a drawer.

Dash then found a diary near the key, and a page was bookmarked. He read it. However, it was burned badly, so he tried his best.

A dark day this is.. I must protect what is right...but the red ones are coming.

"That's all...I guess the poor guy perished before he could finish," Zelleo said.

"What red ones?" Nora asked.

"I don't know, but something tells me I don't want to know. In other words, I don't know." Laneld said.

"Whatever it is, I've got a bad feeling about it.." Dash said, as he kept the diary.

"Well let's get out of here before the Vandals arriv-" Nora said, but just then...

The Vandals arrived, and blew up the station (or what remained of it) with a shadow blast from the Shadow Slammer.

"..Never mind," Nora said back, dodging a falling piece of metal.

"Haha, we're here!" Crink laughed, as the Undersea Force got out of the rubble of the lab, and headed to their vehicles.

"Argoron!" Nathan yelled.

Shadowclaw threw a dark wave from the Shadow Slammer at the Splitvire, and it knocked it aside.

"Ugh, who is this guy?" Nathan asked, as he rammed into him back.

"Hello friends! I see you met Shadowclaw!" Argoron said.

"And we've invented a new device that will keep the portal open forever!" Natcher laughed. He made it blast a beam, and it showed Senato. "I've worked out some bugs from my previous one."

"We'll be off now with that key!" Argoron laughed.

Laneld blasted a beam at the Shadow Slammer, and Shadowclaw fought back with a dark blast. Nathan deflected it, and it destroyed Natcher's machine.

"NOOO!" Natcher yelled.

The explosion of the machine caused a shock throughout the desert, and the static had shocked Argoron.

"Gaaaah!" Argoron yelled.

"Oh no, master!" Natcher said. "I'm sorry!"

Argoron then fell to the ground, in pain.

"It's...okay," Argoron said, starting to smile.

"You just got shocked in your alien gills, and you are smiling..?" Zelleo asked.

Just then though, the electricity from the destroyed machine reacted with the key Dash grabbed earlier, and it opened a portal.

"What's going on?!" Laneld asked.

Nathan, Laneld, Nora, Zelleo, Natcher, Crink, and Straus were sucked into the portal in their vehicles, although Natcher dropped a potion before he disappeared. Argoron, Dash, and Shadowclaw were left behind.

"What the heck just happened?! What did you do with them?!" Dash asked.

"It was a mistake...but blame HIM!" Argoron yelled, pointing to Shadowclaw. He then picked up the potion Natcher dropped.

"Huh? What's going on? I made a mistake!" Shadowclaw snapped back.

"You destroyed both of our chances of getting home!" Argoron yelled as he turned him to stone using the potion. His body fell to the sandy ground, in stone.

"Harsh," Dash said. "And I thought I had a temper."

"Sometimes you must punish your own," Argoron said.

"What's the big deal?" Dash asked. "It was just an accident."

"I wanted to get rid of him. Between you and me, he always had something against me on Senato," Argoron said.

"I see. All for revenge, eh?" Dash asked.

"Yes, all for revenge...though this part was not planned," Argoron said. "Gah!"

"What is it?" Dash asked.

"My shocked gills from earlier are starting to bleed a bit," Argoron said.

"I'll help," Dash said, as he put a metal object in place of it to help it heal.

"Thank you sub-species...perhaps you are not that bad," Argoron said. "But why are you being so nice to me? We almost killed you yesterday with that potion."

"I still hate you for that bub, but you are the only one to work with here," Dash said.

"Well...that's a start," Argoron said. "Perhaps, this is not that bad. We may be from different sides, but for now, let us form a temporary truce, okay?"

"Deal." Dash said. "But any false moves, and your goose is cooked."

"I swear," Argoron said. "But I think we can make a nice truce for now."

Dash and Argoron walked throughout the Desert Zone, trying to think of a way to escape.

Back on Senato, we see the Undersea Force clashing with Straus, Natcher, Crink, and some Vandal grunts that came out of the jungles.

"There's more of these goons?!" Laneld asked, firing sonic blasts at Crab, Stingray, and Anglerfish grunts.

"What did you do with Dash!?" Nathan asked, as he jumped out of the Splitvire, and confronted Straus in front of the Stinger, with his red sword pointed at him.

"It's all a part of the plan!" Straus laughed.

"What plan!?" Nathan asked, as he jumped on top, and pointed the sword to Straus' neck.

"Easy there Nathan," Nora said to him.

"She's right, if you finish me, your friend could be finished too.." Straus smiled.

"Fine," Nathan said, jumping back into the Splitvire. "But if anything happens to him, I will hurt you!"

"What he said," Zelleo said.

Just then, the Vobi arrived through a portal, and fired missiles at the fighting, making the Vandalators retreat into the jungles.

"Darsun, you got my distress signal!" Nora yelled.

"Yes, now get on!" Darsun said, and they loaded their vehicles into it.

"Dash is trapped, we found an odd diary, an odd lab, and the Vandalators have a new member!" Laneld said.

"Slow down, buddy," Nora said.

"Diary? Lab? Show me this diary you found, if you have it," Darsun said.

"Thankfully Dash gave it to me before he got stuck," Zelleo said, handing it to her.

"Right now, I can barely read...any of it, it is too badly burned. I'll have to investigate it in the future, we have to save Dash for right now," Darsun said.

"Let's hurry, Dash may not have much time...again," Nathan said.

"Saving Dash for the second time in a row, that guy needs to stop getting into trouble," Nora said.

Using the key, they went into the Desert Zone, and drove through the zone.

"We're coming, Dash," Nathan said in his seat.

Argoron and Dash were talking in front of the laboratory

"Well, I was the most fiercest warrior....hunting for food and life, it is what we Vandals had to do.." Argoron said.

"Well, I was trained by a fierce warrior, and I respect him. His name was Master Towaius." Dash said.

"We have some things in common it seems," Argoron said, starting to laugh and smile. "But I'm afraid we must still continue to fight!"

"What's going on, bub? Is this a trick..?" Dash asked.

Argoron then pointed a spear at him.

"Such a shame...this was a fun act while it lasted," Argoron said, beginning to laugh.

"Alright punk, start talking, or I'll beat the words out of ya!" Dash yelled.

"Fine, I'll explain. I planned on Shadowclaw breaking the machine, and he was just a random Vandal I asked to join, he was nothing special. Natcher also purposely dropped the potion, so I could stone Shadow. The SharkSlammer isn't broken, either. My crew members were all on it, except for poor Shadow. I knew he had been plotting things against me in private, so I wanted to get rid of him. I just wanted to get to finish one of you off with this whole plan, and you were the lucky one," Argoron laughed. "Fitting considering you were lucky enough to survive the death potion last time, but your friends rescued you. This time, they aren't here to save you!"

"Ugh...I can't believe this," Dash said. "But I will give you credit to come up with such a trick. You're still going down though."

Argoron then called the SharkSlammer, and began attacking Dash, as he dodged the spears being shot out of the SharkSlammer.

He then punched Argoron right in the face, and tripped him to the ground. Dash then picked up a spear from the ground and pointed it at Argoron.

"Please...have mercy!" Argoron pleaded.

"Mercy, eh? Let's see...you tried poisoning me the death, and then set up an idiotic scheme just to kill me again." Dash said.

Just then, the Vobi appeared in the distance.

Dash then threw the spear to the ground.

"You got lucky, bub," Dash said, as he drove away in the Slashwind to the Vobi.

"Bah, this is not over! We will meet again!" Argoron yelled from the distance, driving away in the SharkSlammer, as he opened a portal back to Senato.

"Dash, you're alive...agan!" Laneld yelled.

"What was with Argoron? Did he hurt you?" Zelleo asked. "If so, he'll get what is coming to him!"

"It's a long story," Dash smiled. "I'm just glad to be back."

Back at the base, Dash explained everything to them.

"In the end though, I spared the poor sap...but had you guys not came, he could've been finished," Dash smirked.

"AWESOME!" Laneld yelled.

"I can't believe he set up such a scheme like that," Nora said.

"What a convoluted plan, but your bravery in it was spectacular," Kane said.

"Don't worry, none of us saw it coming." Nathan said. "But I am curious about all this diary stuff, who wrote it?"

"I am still having a tough time reading it...but it seems like it may have been written by a Blue Sentient," Darsun said, analyzing the text.

"I wonder what secrets it could hold?" Zelleo asked.

"Time will tell.." Nathan said, looking up at the ocean sea.



Character Debut: Shadowclaw (but is turned to stone by Argoron), Master Towaius (mentioned)

Area Debuts: Desert Zone, Laboratory

Kane stays behind at the base.

The gang finds an odd diary.

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17. Swarm

We see the Undersea Force in a Hive Zone.

"Watch out guys, I'm getting huge detections of Waspbits!" Nathan said with Laneld, Nora, Kane and Dash.

"Ugh, I HATE those!" Laneld said, referring to what he suffered in Episode 15.

We then see the Vandals in a field near the giant hive.

"Hmm...I'm detecting a powerful energy source inside the hive." Natcher said, referring to his scanner.

"Well, go and fetch it!" Argoron commanded. Natcher drove away in the Scalab.

"Also, take this," Straus said, giving him a radio box. "Just to keep in contact."

"He better not fail me.." Argoron said.

We see the Undersea Force on a bridge to the hive. A swarm of Waspbits then flew out.

"Watch out guys!" Nathan yelled as he did a 360, and sliced some of the wasps.

"UGH, GET THEM OFF!" Laneld yelled as the wasps swarmed all over the Sonicwave, and he managed to launch a wave to get them off.

We see an opening in the hive, which Natcher goes into.

"Guys, hold off these wasps, I'll go after Natch!" Nathan yelled as he flew up the collapsing bridge, and into the tunnel.

"Ugh, what are you doing here?!" Natcher said, surprised. He then attacked Nathan with poison stings.

Nathan dodged, and sliced them all open, and a purple smoke filled the air.

"That stinks!" Nathan said.

"Haha, now you've seen my true power!" Natch said as he laughed.

Just then, the Waspbits began to seal the tunnel opening with a metal solid.

"What is going on?!" Nora yelled. "Can you hear us?"

"The wasps sealed off the entrance, I guess for repairs." Nathan said.

"No duh, now we're stuck!" Natcher said, snapping his claws at him.

"Well, you better think of something, because we can't hold these wasps off for much longer.." Kane said, blasting some of them.

"Sub-species, I hate to say it, but we may have to work together to get the key," Natcher said. "Although, my IQ is much higher than yours!"

"Alright, fine...but first false move, and you're done crab brain!" Nathan said as he pulled out his sword at him. "Besides, aquatic creatures have to stick together...even evil alien ones."

"Oh, I promise!" Natcher said. He then pulled out a potion that made them invisible to the wasps.

"Wow, that's a power, Argoron doesn't have that, does he?" Nathan asked.

"No, which is why he thinks lower of me...luckily I have an advantage that he doesn't!" Natcher said. "Anyways, stay close to me to remain invisible."

They then drove through the tunnels, invisible to the eyes of the wasps.

Meanwhile, outside, the gang are dealing with the wasps, with the Vandals involved.

"UGH, NATCH!" Argoron yelled, as he began to slam the small radio phone.

"The buzzing in the hive is probably interfering with the interception," Straus said, as he attacked Dash's bike.

Dash then began to attack the wasps.

"It is too hard to navigate, first I'm swarmed by bugs and now Vandals!!" Dash yelled as he flew out of the sky.

"Natch, DO YOU READ?!" Argoron yelled, as he smashed the mic against the ground.

We then see Nathan and Natch in the mother's nest.

We see an egg coming out of a factory machine, revealing a wasp in it.

"Psst, I see the key!" Nathan said, referring to the glowing object in the power core.

"I got this," Natch said. He managed to stealthy steal the glowing green key.

"Good job Natch, now let's get out of here!" Nathan said.

Just then, the Queen Waspbit appeared, and it was HUGE! It stared at Nathan.

"Uhh...Natch?" Nathan said, to see that Natch was gone, and he was no longer invisible.

"HAHA! Thank you sub-specimen for making me realize that I should be Vandal Warlord, not Argoron! I have much more mystic powers than him, and now that I have this key, I will overthrow him!!" Natch laughed, holding it up, racing through the tunnel.

The queen attacked Nathan, and he managed to escape. The queen then sent about 10 smaller wasps after Nathan.

"When I get my fins on that crab-eyed, double-crossing.." Nathan muttered, dodging the wasps.

We see Natcher in a higher level, and found another exit.

"Yes, my chance for freedom, and a new era!" Natcher said.

He then flew into the tunnel, but got jammed. The Scalab was too big to fit through it.

"Ohh...." Natcher groaned, hanging off the hive edge.

Meanwhile, outside...

"Guys, I think I know how we can bust down the steel wall!" Nora said.

"How?" Nathan asked, hearing her message.

"The Vobi!" Nora said.

"But how? I mean, how will you guys get there and back?" Nathan asked.

"Not to worry!" Darsun said, on screen. "The Storm Field is going to open again!"

Within minutes, the Vobi appeared through the portal.

"Woo hoo!" Dash cheered.

Laneld was nearly about to throw up from the wasps, and then he was loaded into the Vobi.

"I have just the thing!" Darsun said. She launched a missile at the steel wall, and it successfully destroyed it.

"Yes, I'm outta here!" Nathan said, as he flew out.

The explosion made Natcher fall off the ledge, and where the Vandals where. His vehicle was still stuck though.

"There you are, crab brain!" Argoron said, taking the key from Natcher.

"Nope, I am the new Vandal Warlord!" Natcher yelled, stealing the key back.

Just then, the Scalab came falling out, and landed on Natcher, and the key went flying out.

"Alright then," Straus said, taking the key.

"No time for your games Natch, the wasps are moving in fast, and we got the key!" Argoron said.

"Wait a minute....I know why the queen is angry. Taking the key was what POWERED the hive!" Zelleo said, doing the math.

"But we need the key...what can we replace it with?" Nora asked.

Darsun then noticed a storage of Charge Blaster Pods.

"Oh, these have 10 times more power than the key does." Darsun said. "I say we do a little trade with Argoron.."

The Vobi backed up into the Vandals' position.

"Hey, move it!" Argoron said, launching spears.

Nathan came launching out, and managed to snag the key.

"NOOO!" Argoron yelled.

He then threw the Charge Blaster at Argoron, and Nathan got back into the Vobi, which opened the Storm Field home.

"Ugh....so close..." Argoron said, as he jumped at the sealed portal.

"I was ALMOST Vandal Warlord!" Natcher sighed.

Argoron then threw the Blaster Pod at Natcher's claws out of confusion.

"Well, I guess this will do!" Natcher laughed.

Just then, the queen came, annoyed. However, it sensed the Charge Blaster's power, and was pleased.

A swarm of wasps then flew in at the Vandals.

"GAAAAAAH!" Natcher yelled, fleeing off the screen.

Back at the base, we see everyone in solitude.

"Well Laneld, are you recovered?" Darsun asked.

"Yes, hopefully I never see one of those ugly things again," Laneld said relieved.

"Also, good job mini-leading Nora, you deserved it," Nathan said.

"Thanks, I guess it was nice training," Nora said.

We then see a wasp peep out of the Sonicwave.

It then hovered over Laneld.

"EEEEEEEK!" Laneld yelled as he went running around, screaming like a little girl, while everybody else laughed.



Character Debuts: Waspbit Queen

Area Debuts: Hive Zone

Zelleo stays behind (although is later shown in the Vobi)

First time another Vandal tries to overthrow Argoron.

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