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Best Simpsons Episodes List

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This was an idea I've had on Carottecord for awhile now, but I do know that there's a decent amount of SBCers who are familiar with The Simpsons, so I figured I could let others participate in it as well. Basically this will work like with the best SB eps list, but for The Simpsons instead. Whether it will be a top 50, or a top 25, depends on how many lists I get and how low the threshold is. This is so we can account for any potential outliers, like, I don't want a situation where a bunch of episodes only have one person who submitted them.

1.) Rank your top 25 Simpsons episodes just like we did for SpongeBob
2.) Who Shot Mr. Burns will only be counted as one episode, so instead of having parts 1 and 2 on your list separately, just combine the two as "Who Shot Mr. Burns" as you think as a whole.
3.) Deadline will be August 27th, but this can change if anyone needs more time.
4.) Submit your lists to me via Discord dm to me (Honest Slug), or you can message me on SBC itself.

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