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The Triangle and Square that formed the house

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I awoke one brisk summer night in a cold sweat, thinking about this duo. They are instantly recognizable by their distinctive spin and sparkly, enduring charisma, and this is why the people love them so. But is this all the world will ever know of them? For many around the globe they are nothing but tools for their own amusement⁠—no one thinks to ask about why they spin, or what sacrifices they made to crawl their way to the top, or what kind of relationship they pursue when the cameras cease to roll. Hasn't anyone thought to look?


When combined, the square and triangle form one unique shape, and yet it seems they are always referred to as different entities rather than one. The great Greek mathematician Euclid described complex manners of constructing this shape, called a pentagon, in his master work Elements. And yet the emphasis lies on combining the separate polygons into one. Why is this?

I believe the square and the triangle are worshipped precisely because of what they represent: they may be weak and unremarkable on their own, but combined, they form such a beautiful shape in the pixels of the TV screen, standing proud and tall next to the similarly 3D house and bird. Perhaps this is something we can all learn from.

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