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WhoBob's 5000th Post Ever!!! (Fuck, why?)


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Here we go people! This is my 5000th post on SBC. I have made it this far. Will I ever crack 10000th?

It's so good to see this forum is still kicking and well along with members old and new having a blast time. We have gone through tough times but we have made it together, thanks to all of us being a giant family.

I don't wanna get too emotional about this (my 10th year anniversary hasn't arrived yet, saving tears for that!) but I really am glad to be a part of this community and made some friends along the way thanks to a yellow kitchen sponge. 

So what shall I do for this milestone? Do I make an art? Or do I make a story? Or do I act like a clown in front of SBC as always? Do I cry about Chris Evans and Destiel ship like I already do on twitter? Do I need to get my shit together? Idk, your choice! Either way, this is my 5000th post. Enjoy.


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