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Here's the scavenger hunt for the SBC Grand Prix. Boatmobile tires have been stolen (as shown in this event's Whodunnit) and it's your job to retrieve them. Whoever finds all six will receive: 

  • 500 doubloons
  • Point for their team
  • Boatmobile collectable pin v8XMhjB.png

Here are hints for each tire:

1: This tire can be found in an episode where you’ll learn a lot of good boating tips. 

2: This tire can be found in a maniac’s questionnaire. 

3: This tire can be found with a boating teacher who has a strict rule of no eating in his classroom. 

4: This tire can be found in the latest edition of this film series.

5: This tire can be found in a DVD bin at this toy store. 

6: This tire can be found in this legendary beast’s profile. 

You can ask for me up to 2 additional hints per tire. You have until July 31st at 5:00pm EDT to find all six.









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