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WhoBob's Astonishing Tales


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Here it is. My next project. So what is WhoBob's Astonishing Tales? Well, basically this is my way of telling one time stories, whether they are original or a tv show/movie fanfic. 

Hold on a minute? Wasn't that exactly what 4ever was doing?

Well, yes but I honestly didn't know that existed before I came up with this. And I think anyone can do these tales if they wanna come up with short tales they wanna tell. So I won't mind if others try this out too. So strap yourselfs in and get ready for my tales. First tale is gonna be something I have been meaning to tell and It's gonna be about some boss who has been hiding something deep inside in him this whole time and he is a goofy boss. And he stars in a tv show. So I'll let you guys guess who that is. Coming soon.

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