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For the SBC Grand Prix, here's an iFish contest. The theme is to dress your fish up in any sports/racing-esque attire. The judges will be me, OWM and Patty. We have quite a selection of items to choose from during this event.


1.) In order to submit an iFish, you will need to use our current system, which you can either request in that thread (but you must make it clear you are submitting for this contest) here, or DM to me/Patty privately, whichever you prefer. 
2.) Once you post it, you cannot change it. So be 100% sure before posting.

-1,000 doubloons
-A point for your team on the scoreboard

You have until July 30th to submit an iFish, and we will pick the winner on the same day.


SOF: sofgrandprix.png

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