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Here's our summer teams event: The SBC Grand Prix! This is a racing and Boating School themed event. The Krusty Krew, Chum Buddies and Solos will face off in a high stakes race to see who will reign victorious for the month. The event will start July 12th and conclude July 31st. Here's a rundown of what games to expect during the month.

  • Jackbox: Every Monday night during the event, a Jackbox game will be held, hosted by dman!
  • Weekly Surprises: Every Tuesday night during the event, a surprise, one-off game will be held!
  • The Boating Derby: Every Wednesday night during the event, we'll be holding a roleplaying game where users will compete in a demolition derby and race hybrid. Sign up for it now if you wish by stating your boatmobile's name.
  • Kahoot: Every Thursday night during the event, the first ever SBC Kahoot games will be held, hosted through GoLive on Discord! This will serve as our trivia replacement from now on. You better study up on your knowledge or Mrs. Puff will not be happy!
  • Cards Against Humanity: Every Friday night during the event, a CAH will be held, hosted on a new website: Picture Cards Online, via @sbl's suggestion. The Xyzzy clones we've tried are no longer in good condition, so we felt it was time to move on from those.
  • SpongeBob Pictionary: Every Saturday night during the event, Pictionary will count for this event. One of the games will be Boating School themed.
  • Among Us: Every Saturday night after Pictionary, Among Us returns for the event!
  • Wiki Write-Offs: On both Sunday nights during the event, compete in a high-stakes wiki race!
  • SpongeBob Whodunnit? - Episode 19: Whodunnit returns for the 19th edition, where you must figure out who stole all of the boatmobile racers' tires!
  • Tire Hunt: For this event's scavenger hunt, you will track down the missing tires from the Whodunnit.
  • iFish Contest: Dress up your iFish in the best race attire you can buy. We'll have plenty of new boatmobile racing related items courtesy of @Aquatic Konquest and sbl!
  • Minigame - Mile Racer: In this minigame, see how many miles you can reach with your boatmobiles. Whichever team has the most overall miles accumulated by the end of the month wins the point.

Which team will make it to the finish line first? I'm already on the edge of my seat in anticipation! If you want to sign up for the Krew or Buddies, please do so here or on Discord. Reminder that it's okay if you can't attend every single game, but making it to a few will be appreciated by your team members.


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