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iCarly revival serves acclaim while SpongeBob spinoffs are panned. Why?

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The iCarly revival is being SWARMED with acclaim on Twitter from its legendary trailer alone, which shows promise as one of the strongest revivals in television history. Meanwhile, Mein Kampf Koral is being eviscerated by audiences and the Fadtrick Star Show, which only has one teaser out, is being similar panned. WHY is SpongeBob, which is supposedly the biggest and most well-liked Nick show of all time, failing so hard at creating iconic spinoffs while iCarly does so with ease? Discuss.


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global phenomenon iCarly knew when to end


the benefit of no white-van schneider


there are more icarly episodes than sb in the itunes top 30 for a reason


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for starters, no one really has a personal attachment to some former, secluded big name television producer who is obsessed with feet, and he's not dead, so you don't see any elitist crybabies preaching that the new iCarly revival is "ruining his vision"

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I can think of three differences, actually.

  1.  The Creator
    • I think this is the biggest difference between the iCarly reboot getting acclaimed and the SpongeBob Spin-Offs getting sent down to hatedom hell. There is a Huge Difference between Lord Royal Highness God Emperor Stephen Hillenberg and Dan Schneider. Dan Schneider, imo, had an attitude of "what I am doing is a business, and I need to come up with more and more things in order to not drown and die." He pretty much had a stranglehold on any Nickcom from 2007 to around 2016-ish, with Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat, Game Shakers, and Henry Danger all coming right off the heels of each other, and the quality progressively going down with each passing year. Stephen however was known for one thing, and one thing only: SpongeBob. That's it. Maybe also for his work on Rocko's Modern Life, and his short films The Green Beret, Wormholes, and Hollywood Blvd, USA, but when you mention his name, I guarantee you that 99.99998% of the time, that little yellow asshole is the first thing that pops into someone's head when you say his name. Plus, Cartoonists from the Late 80s onward not named John K. are known for being pretty chill people, and really only making one or two shows a decade. Joe Murray is a good example, there's an average of about 9.5 years between the making of his three shows (Rocko's Modern Life, Camp Lazlo, and Let's Go Luna), and Steve is no exception. I mean, from what people have said about him, he was pretty much that one chill guy you'd run into at Myrtle Beach and have a nice chat about seagulls for 5 minutes, weither you knew him or not. Plus, he famously said that he really didn't want his show to be a cash cow franchise, while Dan Schneider probably didn't care either way, probably too busy kissing feet, I suppose. 
  2. How They are Being Spun-Off/Rebooted.
    •  Another reason, actually ties into what the last point hinted at, SpongeBob is Nickelodeon's paycheck man, no matter what happens to him, he will always be there paying for the lights, the broadcast equipment, and the ViacomCBS head executive's 33rd yacht. So, naturally, with everybody being forced to live in a Capitalistic System, Nickelodeon, and in turn Viacom, would want more money. And, guess what certain studio is making bank off spinning off certain characters into their own movies for a certain superhero brand. Yea, Nickelodeon is basically applying the Marvel method to the little square asswipe in hopes that it'll pay for a Lamborghini for the VCBS Head Exec.'s grandson who is also only 7. Naturally, the iCarly reboot is also for money, but there, it's not really a "Spin-Off", it's more of a Continuation of the iCarly story. Right down to the returning Characters. And, of course, Nickelodeon did attempt to pull the Marvel Method on Schneider's shows once. Sam & Cat, however, was a huge flop, Critically, ratings-wise, and just for the cast as a whole, with Ariana Grande (whose music is a guilty pleasure of mine) wanting to focus on her music career and Jenette McCurdy dealing with mental and family issues which led to her retiring from acting and going into more of a Director's role. Nick, naturally horrified by what happened, decided that it'd be best if the Schneider-verse never got the Marvel treatment ever again.
  3.  The Audiences
    •  SpongeBob is for 10-year-olds. That's not an insult, that is how it is marketed. Sadly, like it or not, to the Executive's minds, when they're not shopping for Diamond Rings from Uranus, cartoons are for young kids, and young kids only. They don't care if adults like it, if it get's enough kids in the 6-12 demographic to shut up for a half hour while they blast McDonald's and Super Fat Bacon Treats ads down the kid's Obesity-Prone mouths, then it's good enough for them. Of course, this comes around to the greed thing, if they made like 10 different spin-offs of SpongeBob, then that's 10 different shows to show to kids that they don't have to put any effort in. And they can just ram that down the kid's mouths until they, according to the executives, right after eating gold-plated caviar, "grow out of cartoons." Not even caring other than a few extra nostalgia dollars, that adults watch too. Meanwhile, iCarly appealed to tweens and teens, and the kids in the show kind of grew up with the audience. Voices getting deeper and them growing taller and stuff. That's the thing with live action, you cannot stop people from growing old the way you can with a cartoon, so, with the main audience of iCarly in their twenties, as well as the kids in iCarly being in their twenties, it's inevitable that the cast will be dealing with more adult topics and being able to say adult words like Dammit and Moist. It's not a cynical "eh who cares, kids'll watch anything, they'll grow out of it" like some reboots are, they could've redid the entire thing with younger and more British actors and used the same scripts, à la Days Like These, a forgotten spin-off of That 70's Show made for the UK, but it looked like actual time and care was placed in it, and people can respect that.

And that's my theory on it. I dunno if I articulated my thoughts well enough, and I know there are holes in my logic which is appropriate for the spongebob server, but keep in mind, I'm just spitballing here. If you have any hot takes about this, please hesitate to yell at me. Alright, see y'all. Peace. 

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