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SBC's Top Fifty BEST EPISODES EVER... this year (2021)

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10. "We've been smeckledorfed!"

Pin on Spongebob

Nasty Patty - 202 points

14 of 30 lists. Highest Ranking: #3 - @hippythehippo & @kev

2019 Ranking: #15 (+5)

Season 3, written by Paul Tibbitt, Kaz, & Mark O'Hare

Plot: SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs create a tainted Krabby Patty.

This is definitely one of the darkest episodes of SpongeBob. The mood is set right away with it being a daaaark and stormy night... until it's not, of course, and the scene shifts to a perfectly normal day at the Krusty Krab. Yeah, I'm happy to see this episode get the attention it deserves. I think this is its first time ever placing in a Top 10. It combines the incredibly gruesome story of SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs killing a man with great humour and character moments to make it palatable. I love the ever-growing uneasiness of the episode as the police appear to be hotter on SpongeBob and Krabs' trail. I love the increasingly flimsy excuses and staged conversations used to delay that suspicion. And I love the poor health inspector, who has to get knocked around like ten times in this episode. Remember, budding restaurants! If you want to pass a health inspection but aren't sure how, just maim the health inspector until he provides you with a passing grade! Yes, they are all idiots, aren't they? Wouldn't have it any other way.




9. "It's the apocalypse! Office products falling from the sky!"

SpongeBob SquarePants" Have You Seen This Snail? (TV Episode 2005) - IMDb

Have You Seen This Snail? - 222 points

14 of 30 lists. Highest Ranking: #2 - @Less_SpongeBob & @CakeCup

2019 Ranking: #14 (+5)

Season 4, written by Aaron Springer and Paul Tibbitt

Plot: Gary runs away when Spongebob neglects to feed him.

Ah, yes. Another staple episode on this list, if not in the Top 10, then at least the Top 20. What is there left to say about Have You Seen This Snail? It's an episode well worth its runtime as Gary runs away and we get to see just how much SpongeBob loves and cares for his pet. He moves heaven and earth to try to get Gary to come back home as he realizes the huge mistake he made. It's a heartbreaking journey best summed up by that image above. We get to see what Gary's journey is like as well, as he nearly gets overstuffed by his temporary new owner, adding a bit more action and urgency to the plot. It's a classic episode, one of the best Season 4 has to offer. It has enough emotion and laughs to make for an always thoughtful sitting.



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