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SBC's Top Fifty BEST EPISODES EVER... this year (2021)


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10. "We've been smeckledorfed!"

Pin on Spongebob

Nasty Patty - 202 points

14 of 30 lists. Highest Ranking: #3 - @hippythehippo & @kev

2019 Ranking: #15 (+5)

Season 3, written by Paul Tibbitt, Kaz, & Mark O'Hare

Plot: SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs create a tainted Krabby Patty.

This is definitely one of the darkest episodes of SpongeBob. The mood is set right away with it being a daaaark and stormy night... until it's not, of course, and the scene shifts to a perfectly normal day at the Krusty Krab. Yeah, I'm happy to see this episode get the attention it deserves. I think this is its first time ever placing in a Top 10. It combines the incredibly gruesome story of SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs killing a man with great humour and character moments to make it palatable. I love the ever-growing uneasiness of the episode as the police appear to be hotter on SpongeBob and Krabs' trail. I love the increasingly flimsy excuses and staged conversations used to delay that suspicion. And I love the poor health inspector, who has to get knocked around like ten times in this episode. Remember, budding restaurants! If you want to pass a health inspection but aren't sure how, just maim the health inspector until he provides you with a passing grade! Yes, they are all idiots, aren't they? Wouldn't have it any other way.




9. "It's the apocalypse! Office products falling from the sky!"

SpongeBob SquarePants" Have You Seen This Snail? (TV Episode 2005) - IMDb

Have You Seen This Snail? - 222 points

14 of 30 lists. Highest Ranking: #2 - @Less_SpongeBob & @CakeCup

2019 Ranking: #14 (+5)

Season 4, written by Aaron Springer and Paul Tibbitt

Plot: Gary runs away when Spongebob neglects to feed him.

Ah, yes. Another staple episode on this list, if not in the Top 10, then at least the Top 20. What is there left to say about Have You Seen This Snail? It's an episode well worth its runtime as Gary runs away and we get to see just how much SpongeBob loves and cares for his pet. He moves heaven and earth to try to get Gary to come back home as he realizes the huge mistake he made. It's a heartbreaking journey best summed up by that image above. We get to see what Gary's journey is like as well, as he nearly gets overstuffed by his temporary new owner, adding a bit more action and urgency to the plot. It's a classic episode, one of the best Season 4 has to offer. It has enough emotion and laughs to make for an always thoughtful sitting.



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Nasty Patty made my list. It's one of the darkest episodes of the show for good. The athmopshere and the overall tone make it a really haunting episode to watch. I love seeing SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs think they murdered the health inspector and they try their best to cover it. It's such a comedy gold episode.

Have You Seen This Snail also made my list. One of the most emotional episodes of the show. I love that SpongeBob cares about his snail and wants to get him back. Gary's absense is totally understandable since SpongeBob treated him like shit but you also see how much he misses his old owner. The old lady was so creepy that I was worried for Gary. The jokes are also good with Patrick being the standout here. I'm glad it made high on the list.

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8. "SpongeBob, it's not camping if you're ten feet from your house."

10 Best SpongeBob SquarepPants Episodes – Page 8

Squid Gets Mauled - 223 points

13 of 30 lists. 1 #1 vote - @Clappy

2019 Ranking: #8 (=)

Season 3, written by Jay Lender, Sam Henderson, and Merriwether Williams

Plot: SpongeBob and Patrick go camping on the front lawn, much to Squidward's dismay.

Well, I've already talked about late Season 3 episodes that get retconned into being Not That Good because of what came afterwards. This is probably the most infamous example of them all, because of dreaded Squidward Abuse. Squid Abuse has to be the most overused, hackneyed criticism of the show. Yes, maybe some episodes go a bit over the top. But if you really think about it, so what? Squidward is typically the antagonist of this children's cartoon series. He is going to be the butt of most jokes and the recipient of most pain. Now, if you want to argue whether certain episodes are funny or not, then we can get talking. But hating an episode solely for "Squidward abuse" is like hating an episode for SpongeBob Happiness. Maybe you just don't like the show anymore? That's fine! Go find something else to do.

God, sorry. It's just... this episode gets criticized as the harbinger of Squidward abuse because of the final scene in which he gets attacked repeatedly by the sea bear. And thus, it's frequently ruffled a few feathers here as we get into revisionist criticism of Season 3's latter episodes. But... it still frequently appears in the Top 10, so it must be doing something right, right? Of course it is. It's funny as hell. But let's address the "Squidward abuse" first. Firstly, Squidward gets himself into this situation through repeated actions, such as taking SpongeBob's innocent comment to heart and spending time with them outside in the first place, and not heeding their warnings about sea bears. You see, if he took their advice to begin with and didn't flout it, he wouldn't have gotten into that mess. Second, the scene is just plain funny. Classic line after classic line here. "I should have warned you about crawling!" "Pretend to be somebody else!" "That was an oval!" Why are you getting angry at a farce for being a farce?

I'm sorry this write-up has turned into an angry defense of this episode rather than a celebration. It's just that the narratives around these episodes have gotten so ridiculous to a point, and I admit I got sucked in too at some points. But we gotta draw the line here. Squid Gets Ma-... er, Camping Episode is hilarious and fun, and has a good storyline with a classic SpongeBob song. And if you don't like it, well, have fun inside!




7. "I can't believe anybody would celebrate a holiday where a jolly prowler breaks into your house and leaves gifts."

SpongeBob SquarePants" Christmas Who? (TV Episode 2000) - IMDb

Christmas Who? - 240 points

14 of 30 lists. 1 #1 vote - @OWM

2019 Ranking: #4 (-3)

Season 2, written by Walt Dohrn, Paul Tibbitt, and Doug Lawrence

Plot: SpongeBob spreads the joy of Christmas to everyone in Bikini Bottom.

This is not only my favourite Christmas episode of SpongeBob and my favourite SpongeBob special, it's also one of my favourite Christmas specials, period. That's how special this episode is. SpongeBob is the perfect ambassador of Christmas to Bikini Bottom; I can't think of anyone more suited for the job. His relentless optimism and hope make him the prime candidate, and it makes the episode all the more heartbreaking when Santa doesn't show and Squidward gets proven right. And of course, as in all the great Christmas specials, evil Squidward has a change of heart when he sees SpongeBob's gift and decides to make it up to him. Awww. This has everything you could possibly need in a Christmas special. A great song, in fact the greatest song of the series, don't at me, a healthy dose of Christmas cheer, snow, a heartwarming and magical ending, and Patchy the Pirate, of course! I could totally get this being someone's favourite episode ever - it's that good, and it actually was my favourite for a year. This is the episode that always gets me in that Christmas spirit through its optimism and sweet character moments. As magical as a genie!



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Have You Seen This Snail and Christmas Who were on my list in the top 10.

Have You Seen This Snail is a really sad episode and it has one of the best plots for that reason. The Grandma being a snail killer was also a very interesting twist. It also still manages to be really funny though. I slept on this episode for sure, I didn't even have it close to my list two years ago

Christmas Who was all the way in my top 5, it does the christmas atmosphere very well, has a very good song, and is really funny the entire time. The characters are also great here, I love how Squidward feels bad for Spongebob and ends up pretending to be Santa to make him happy, and then ends up selling all his belongings to the town in the process.

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The Camping Episode didn't make my list but it is still a very funny episode. I love the dynamic between SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward. The jokes hit and the twist and turns are amazing. Squidward totally got what he deserved here.

Christmas Who is probably forever in my top 10. It's such a joyful special that warms my heart. This is one of the best things Squidward has ever done. Giving up all of his stuff to make SpongeBob happy. What a great episode. My favorite special ever.

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6. "That's it! Squidward, this ship belongs to the Red Baron!"


Shanghaied - 249 points

14 of 30 lists. 1 #1 vote - @hippythehippo

2019 Ranking: #6 (=)

Season 2, written by Aaron Springer, C.H. Greenblatt, and Merriwether Williams

Plot: SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward board The Flying Dutchman's ship.

The Flying Dutchman is such an exciting character, and after his first arrival in "Scaredy Pants", it seemed only natural we should eventually dedicate an episode to exploring his ship. SpongeBob and Patrick definitely bring the laughs throughout with their constant annoyance of Squidward and the Dutchman alike. And the atmosphere of the Dutchman's ship is so cool and creepy; I love how everything glows in that green, ghostly light like he does. Another notable thing about this episode is that it has three separate endings, each of which are hilarious in their own way. The one that gets commonly shown is the SpongeBob ending, but my favourite is the simplicity and stupidity of Squidward's ending. An action-packed, fun episode that frequently finds its place in the Top 10, and for good reason. It earns every minute of its elongated screentime.





5. "Two giant paint bubbles!"

SpongeBob SquarePants" Wet Painters/Krusty Krab Training Video (TV Episode  2002) - IMDb

Wet Painters - 259 points

15 of 30 lists. 1 #1 vote - @kev

2019 Ranking: #9 (+4)

Season 3, written by C.H. Greenblatt, Kaz, and Mark O'Hare

Plot: SpongeBob and Patrick paint the inside of Mr. Krabs' house.

A lot of great episodes of SpongeBob curiously take place in one location. This one has SpongeBob and Patrick almost entirely confined to Mr. Krabs' house, which is the best setting for probably the tensest, most stress-filled episode of SpongeBob ever written. In a good way! And funny, too! I love how the stakes are simultaneously so ridiculous and so high, due to Mr. Krabs' seemingly impossible demands. Every minute of this episode is exciting, from when they first try to open the paint cans, to the slow attempts to actually painting the house, to the eventual paint on the dollar and how they can get rid of it before Krabs comes home, lest their rear ends be mounted on his fireplace. Of course, Mr. Krabs reveals he was just messing with them at the end, but he gets his just deserts. This episode has a ton of laughs and memorable moments. It gets a lot of mileage out of this frankly ridiculous storyline. But that's what makes kid's cartoons so great, right? Making a whole lot of something out of a whole lot of nothing. SpongeBob and Patrick carry this episode to the very end, and Mr. Krabs is there to add that extra level of tension. Fantastic stuff.



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4 hours ago, WinterArcanine said:

I swear 90% of the list is like "these episodes are great, they deserve to be this high! it didn't make my list though"

I'm sure everyone else can relate

I know what you mean. "The Camping Episode" and "Pranks A Lot" definitely made my list, and I'm surprised that "Pranks A Lot" ACTUALLY climbed up HIGHER on the Honorable Mentions. Could've sworn it was higher, but that's neither here nor there. In any case, I can't wait to see which episodes make it to the top of the list. Enough said, true believers!

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4. "Remember, no employee wants to be a Squidward!"

odotedotirrub, spongebobaesthetic: Text stills in Spongebob...

Krusty Krab Training Video - 266 points

14 of 30 lists. 3 #1 votes - @Less_SpongeBob, @CDCB, & @JCM

2019 Ranking: #5 (+1)

Season 3, written by Aaron Springer, C.H. Greenblatt, and Kent Osborne

Plot: An instructional video takes us through the ins and outs of the Krusty Krab.

Man, what can you even say about "Krusty Krab Training Video" at this point? Easily the most creative and innovative episode the show has ever done. It's also hilarious from start to finish - a delight whenever it comes on the screen. I really admire the writers for taking such an offbeat concept when it comes to the show and running with it. There has never been an episode even remotely close to "Krusty Krab Training Video" (except "Boat Smarts" but that one sucks) and there probably will never be. It is impossible to replicate the magic that this episode produces. Everything is perfect, but what really ties it all together is the tone of the narrator as he delivers his deadpan lines. Hilarious stuff. Ace performance the whole way through. Everyone knows how great this episode is, that's why it always appears high on these lists. Just go back and watch it again if you're unconvinced. It is a masterpiece.




3. "You rub it on your skin, and it makes you live forever!"

Chocolate - Chocolate With Nuts - YouTube

Chocolate with Nuts - 328 points

21 of 30 lists. 3 #1 votes - @NegiSpongie, @SpongeOddFan, & @dmandagiraffe

2019 Ranking: #3 (=)

Season 3, written by Paul Tibbitt, Kaz, Kent Osborne, and Merriwether Williams

Plot: SpongeBob and Patrick sell chocolate bars.

The Top 4 is pretty predictable at this point, with beloved episodes making their rounds again. So here's "Chocolate with Nuts", an episode that feels like one of two permanent fan favourites. And it's hard not to see why when you re-watch the episode and see just how many funny moments they were able to squeeze into this premise. Helping SpongeBob and Patrick out along the way are the various townsfolk they meet door to door, particularly Tom, the shady salesman, and Mary and her mother, but everyone seems to get at least one great moment. Memorable one-liners like "BACK UP JACK" from Incidental 37B keeps the episode going. I love the determined nature of SpongeBob as he tries in vain to find ways to sell candy bars. Finally, "It's my only night to be fancy!" is one of the funniest and saddest Squidward lines ever. It's just enjoyable throughout, a real crowd pleaser with a sweet tooth.



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Shanghied isn't on my list but I really like it. It's an episode that uses the most with its long runtime. Flying Dutchman finally gets his own episode and he really shines here. I love him trying to cope with SpongeBob and Patrick's presence. Their tactics to scare people are so pathetic to Dutchman, it's so funny. SpongeBob and Patrick are amazing here. They are so goofy when Dutchman is all serious. It makes for a good comedy. Squidward's presence is also great with him insulting Dutchman's ship and him being thrown into a void. The episode is filled with great comedy and story. Patchy segments are also great here. So yeah.

Wet Painters is #4 on my list and i think it's the funniest episode the show has ever offered. Every joke in here works like a charm. SpongeBob and Patrick's attempts to not make a mess in the house are comedy gold and them trying to get rid of one mess they have created makes it even better. Mr. Krabs was amazing with him messing with SpongeBob and Patrick and eventually getting his karma at the end. Such a good episode.

KKTV and CWN will probably never make my list due to the fact that I'm a bit tired of them but I cannot deny both are fantastic episodes.

KKTV is ambitious and creative. The mockumentary style is so charming and makes for a great comedy. The narrator is very fun and hilarious here with him talking to the characters and criticizing them. My favorite bit is ofc Squidward and Patrick moment which is one of the funniest bits in the entire show. Plankton's presence is also comedically well done. I really adore it and I cannot complain its impact on the show.

CWN will always be on top 3 because lets face it. It's one of the funniest episodes of the show. Its use of gags and punchlines work out so well. It's a simple plot that accomplishes a lot. SpongeBob and Patrick dynamic here is a standout with their attempts to sell some chocolate. How they have learned to trick people into buying them makes it for a good comedy and it shows that there are always scammers out there. The episode may have worn out its welcome for me but I'll always love it and appreciate it.

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2. "I gotta drum up a marching band fast! Drum... ha ha... band humor."

SpongeBob SquarePants Makes Appearance At Super Bowl Half Time Show -  LADbible

Band Geeks - 331 points

20 of 30 lists. Highest Ranking: #2 - @4EverGreen, @NegiSpongie, @SpongeOddFan, and @dmandagiraffe

2019 Ranking: #1 (-1)

Season 2, written by C.H. Greenblatt, Aaron Springer, and Merriwether Williams

Plot: Squidward starts up a marching band to perform at the Bubble Bowl.

The other episode which seems it's been a fan favourite ever since its inception. And you know what? I can't blame anybody for it. This is a damn good episode no matter how you look at it, and it has quite possibly the most endearing and enduring moment of SpongeBob ever. Squidward finally wins. I've talked before about how Squidward abuse is a common form of discourse when discussing the series, and may be missing the point of the series entirely, which is that Squidward's job, generally, is to get crapped on. But no matter where you fall on the debate, you can't deny that it's great to see Squidward win as well, especially in such spectacular fashion with an epic song. People were mad that SpongeBob, and Stephen Hillenburg, didn't get as much of a shout-out during Super Bowl 2019 as some people apparently felt they were owed. Honestly, I think people just wanted to hear the "Band Geeks" song. You can't really blame 'em.

But this episode is so much more than one song, and one moment. It's chock-full of great character moments and jokes by bringing the whole town together to unite toward one goal. I love all the various ways townsfolk of every shape and size contribute to the band (the Plankton harmonica joke is still a classic). This is an episode which feels epic; it could easily be a season or even series finale. It's not hard to see how it's resonated so well with people, even after all this time. Fantastic. Sweet victory indeed.




1. "You had to kill him. The boy cries ya a sweater of tears... and ya kill him. How are you gonna live with yourself?"

Spongebob Squarepants - Pie Bomb - YouTube

Dying for Pie - 363 points

22 of 30 lists. 4 #1 votes - @Wumbo, @Katniss, @ForgottenOne, & @Bob Carotte

2019 Ranking: #2 (+1)

Season 2, written by Aaron Springer, C.H. Greenblatt, and Merriwether Williams

Plot: Squidward accidentally gifts SpongeBob a bomb shaped like a pie.

Well, it took a decade, but at long last the CORRECT #1 episode takes its throne! "Dying for Pie" has been my favourite episode for quite some time now, and I've gushed about it so many times it's difficult to find new things to say about it. This is the greatest Squidward/SpongeBob story in existence. It's funny, heartwarming, tragic, and exciting. Squidward's shown that he really does have a heart underneath it all, but this is the episode where he really shows off how much he can care. The pie as a representation of Squidward's callousness on Employee Brotherhood day is great. I love Mr. Krabs' reaction to its explosion and when SpongeBob has allegedly eaten it. This is also an episode with a ton of great faces, much like "Just One Bite". You may have seen this image before:

Spongebob dying for pie quotes Dying for pie tumblr |  Dogtrainingobedienceschool.com

"Dying for Pie" is the perfect blend of heart and humour, and always will be. It manages to be one of the funniest and one of the most touching episodes at the same time, which is very difficult to do! But the writers know when to get laughs, and when to slow things down to let the mood of the plot sink in. This is an episode where our favourite yellow friend might die. Of course he won't, but that doesn't mean we can't treat the situation with gravitas where needed. And of course, when you get to the big reveal - SpongeBob doesn't explode - it leads to the funniest moment of the show, with great banter between Squidward and SpongeBob. I marvel at the wit in the "explosion" debate, particularly when Squidward "explodes" at SpongeBob and SpongeBob commends him on it. Man, I've said enough about this episode over the years. I'm just happy it's finally reached that coveted #1 position, and I'm happy to have hosted the Top 50 list once again. Until next time!



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It certainly doesn't surprise me to see that "Band Geeks" managed to make it to the #2 slot, but what surprises me, is that it did so, with it's highest ranking being four number 2 picks, including mine! Well, it's definitely been a wild ride (Wish that I had been less busy so that I could ENJOY more of it), but it will be interesting to see how the list changes next time. Enough said, true believers!

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Band Geeks will always be one of my favorite episodes ever. Not just because Squidward wins and there is an epic song climax at the end. It's because Squidward really tried his best to accomplish something and he had a hard time with it because everyone was busy sucking at it. Then SpongeBob came along and reminded us why we should care about this and why this matters to Squidward. Squidward's speech about his shattered hope was gut punching as a kid but SpongeBob's speech later on gave me a lot of hope that people can accomplish great dreams. The episode is near perfect because the story is highly emotional and character study is marvelous. Idc if it's overrated or not. It deserves the hype. 

Dying for Pie is my #3. What can I say that hasn't already been said? SpongeBob/Squidward dynamic is at its highest. The tension between the two is magnificent and sad. You truly feel Squidward gives a shit about his friend dying. I love when Squidward cares about SpongeBob even if he doesn't wanna admit it. It may not be my all-time favorite but the episode's #1 on the list is well deserved af, especially after countless cwn and band geeks wins. I happily accept this as the highest episode of the show and I'll forever love it.

Thank you so much for your contributions wumbo and thanks for everyone who participated in this list. It was a wild ride. Until next time!

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