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Stop What You Are Doing: Meme Edition!


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Why? Because it's time for the first Stop What You Are Doing (SWYAD) of 2021! It's also the first on Jellyfish 14, so it's even more fancy than it already is.


Hey! sbl here. For those unaware, a SWYAD on SBC is where users change their usernames and avatars to fit a specific theme. It's all for fun—and it's free!

Now, what's the theme this time? If you didn't read the title of this thread properly, it's memes! Internet memes! You've got classic memes, dank memes, obscure memes, reaction memes, video memes...the list just goes on and on and on. There's a wide variety, so be creative when you choose!

During the SWAYD, we'll have an SBC Music party and raffle! You'll be able to rock to some meme-y tunes and win some...meme-rific (I have no idea what to type anymore to make this special) prizes! Details for both will be coming soon.

From May 1st to May 8th, you will be the meme of your choosing. You can reserve a meme by posting in the topic. Your reservation will then be added to the list below in this post!

Some members may recognize that in 2010, there already was a Meme Edition for Stop What You Are Doing. And yes, that is true. No, we haven't run out of ideas yet. We're simply doing it again after about a decade for new members! :)


So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your meme by posting below.

You have until May 1st (the start of the event) to reserve, though if you miss the date, you can still tag along and join in!

See ya!


As stated, reservations made will be posted in this list, hidden by a spoiler.



sbl → Spunchbop

jjs → Keanu Reeves

WhoBob → LET ME IN

Salmon → Shark Pog

Katniss → Agatha Harkness

Steel → Frying the Coke

Fred → George Costanza with a Baseball Bat

SpongeKid → My Leg

Cha → michael

4EverGreen → 4EverGreen Remembers

OWM → trollf face

JCM → Ugandan Knuckles

Bob Carotte → Big Chungus



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On 4/29/2021 at 8:14 PM, ITS THE NUTSHACK said:


what did you say, you're going down on my nuts

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