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Congratulations, Krusty Krew!

Jjs Goodman

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March Madness 2021 reaches its conclusion, after an intense, and yet also too fast, month. The Krusty Krew is victorious with a 25 point blowout for their second March Madness! The Krew have received a very special sneak peek at something for their grand prize. Better luck in the summer, Chum Buddies. 

Here's the event MVP listings:

Krusty Krew:

1.) @dmandagiraffe with 16 wins! ?

2.) @Aquatic Konquest with 5 wins

3.) @sbl with 4 wins

Chum Buddies:

1.) @The Helpful Mexican with 5 wins! ?

2.) @spongebob sucks lmao & @WhoBob  with 3 wins


1.) @OWM & @SpongeOddFan with 2 wins! ?

Here is which team won the most individual games:

  • Jackbox: Solos (3/5 wins)
  • Weekly Surprises: Krusty Krew (3/5 wins)
  • Fry Cook Games X: Krusty Krew (dman) (3/4 wins)
  • Weekly Quizzes: Krusty Krew and Chum Buddies (2/4 wins each)
  • Arcade Tournaments: Krusty Krew and Solos (2/4 wins each)
  • Cards Against Humanity: Krusty Krew and Solos (2/4 wins each)
  • Pictionary: Chum Buddies (2/4 wins)
  • Among Us: Krusty Krew and Chum Buddies (2/4 wins each)
  • Wiki Write-Offs: Krusty Krew (4/4 wins)
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Chum Buddies (2 hunters)

I'll see the teams again this July for our summer event, which will be racing themed! 

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