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Worldwide phenomenon 'iCarly' out streams 'WandaVision'. Why/Surprised?


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I was told Paramount+ will be the next Quibi but numbers don't lie.

  1. Firefly Lane – 10 episodes, 1.288B minutes of viewing
  2. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel – 4 eps., 1.286B min.
  3. The Sinner – 24 eps., 1,229B min.
  4. Criminal Minds – 302 eps., 948M min.
  5. iCarly – 60 eps., 883M min.
  6. Grey’s Anatomy – 366 eps., 867M min.
  7. Heartland – 156 eps., 637M min.
  8. Schitt’s Creek – 80 eps., 635M min.
  9. Outlander – 55 eps., 611M min.
  10. WandaVision – 6 eps., 596M min.


With the mixed-to-negative reception for the 'WandaVision' finale, is this any indication of superhero fatigue? should the Mouse cut their losses and put up 'Black Widow' on Disney+ for free despite concerns about the dying genre?

Will the 'iCarly' reboot hype allow the up and coming streaming platform to serve longevity?  :vanessa:

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