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Here's our first event of 2021!


(Credit to @Aquatic Konquest for the logo and to @WhoBob for coining the event's name)

As the name suggests, this will be a cute event focusing on SpongeBob pets and animals in general. This will also act as an appropriate tie-in to American release of Sponge on the Run. The event will begin February 12th and conclude on February 27th. This will be a nice, wholesome relaxed lil' breather event for you all to dig your paws into. Here's a schedule of what activities to expect...

  • Stop What You Are Doing: The 34th SWYAD will occur during this event, with the theme of animals. You can choose to be whatever kind of animal or animal character you want. You can reserve names in this thread or on Discord.
  • The Great Pet Race: Enter your pets into this fast paced roleplaying game! May the best pet win! 
  • Arcade Tournaments: Thanks to JCM's work, we have found a way to keep our game page's functionality even after flash's death! There will be a game tournament every Friday night during the event at 7pm EST.
  • SBC Music Parties: Every Friday night after the Arcade Tournaments, we will be holding a music party right on OWM's cytube! Come and relax with your pets.
  • SpongeBob Pictionary: Every Saturday night during the event, Pictionary will have a game. One of them will be SpongeBob pets themed and another will be about drawing every animal in the world! Who will be up to the challenges?
  • Animovie Screenings: Every Saturday night during the event, after Pictionary, OWM will host screenings on Discord. The schedule goes: February 13th: Madagascar, February 20th: Secret Life of Pets, and February 27th: a block of SpongeBob pet themed episodes.
  • Animal Photoshopping Contest: Use your creative talents to doctor up funny and charming animal photos in this contest!
  • Animal Trivia Quiz: Test your knowledge of animals in an insightful quiz!
  • Cards Against Humanity: Play in a CAH game every Sunday during the event, with a brand new SBC pack!
  • Minigames: There will be a few minigames for you to rack up doubloons, delicious animal snacks and toys from!

There will also be two brand new skins to accompany the event, and 8 brand new iFish items (designed by sbl and Cha) for you to purchase. February is a time of love, and for this year's, we're letting you share that love for animals all over. Hopefully the animals you bring to play will be true pets and not pests. And I'm sure we've attracted a lot of furries' attention.  

SWYAD Reservations:

Sbl —> Rocky

WhoBob —> Lucky

SpongeKid —> That Excited Snellie

Dman —> Flower Shop Counter Doggie

SOF —> Webby

4Ever —> Hong Kong Phooey

OMJ —> Crash Bandicoot

Jjs —> Puffy Fluffy

Cha --> Hedgehog

Katniss --> Marshal

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