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Total Drama Treasure Tour

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A new (tv.com style) Lit series from yours truly. Chris reunites 18 contestants old and new that have either performed poorly or have been dormant from the spotlight for a while,for a chance to win one million dollars in a series of challenges that requires for them to live the life of pirates, sailing across the sea to explore several different islands on a quest to retrieve certain artifacts for the host.

Planned premiere date: February 21st, 2021

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1. Of Millions and Motley Crews

The episode opens with the host, Chris McLean, live in front of a shipyard in Vancouver, Canada, alongside Chef Hatchet, as they were donned in pirate-themed attire. Chris announces that he has some things new and special planned for his newest season of Total Drama. With Camp Wawanakwa still demolished from the fracking incident in the All-Stars finale, and while Pahkitew Island had remained stable, Chris points out that using the latter as the set for the new season had to be backed out after the whole incident where it became susceptible to self-destruction had generated a plentiful amount of complaints from parents. As a compromise, Chris decided that he’s starting out fresh once more, but since he doesn’t feel like introducing another newer cast of teens so soon, he’s bringing back eighteen contestants and he’s setting them up to do some ‘island-shopping’ for him in a seafaring treasure hunting adventure, before then ensuring that each one he’s chosen will be brimming with danger as per his usual standards, right here on “Total! Drama! Treasure Tour!”

Chris announces that his assigned cast will be introduced in pairs of three, starting off with six returning contestants that have been around since the first season. Shortly afterwards, a bus stops near the dockyard to drop off the six teens, with the klutzy jock, named Tyler, being the first to step off only to then fall flat on the ground. Justin, the heartthrob, steps off to help Tyler back up. The inseparable best friend duo Katie and Sadie are next to be revealed amongst the returning contestants, expressing their excitement in coming back with their collective “EEEEEE!” The competitive and short-tempered Eva stoically steps off before the last of the first pair, Trent, who Chris describes as Gwen’s former and number nine-obsessed love interest. He is shown with his usual guitar strapped to his back.

The six returning first generation contestants meet up with Chris, as he shows to them the next bus reveals the second pair, revealing the five returning contestants from Revenge of the Island that they’ll be getting to know. The supernatural and incredibly polite devotee of Mother Earth, Dawn, is the first to be introduced amongst the returning second generation contestants. Followed by her is the cadet coming back straight from fashion school, Brick. He expresses himself with his usual salute as he steps off. Brick then coughs from the overpowering scent of hairspray, coming from the next contestant to step off: the brash and deep-tanned Anne Maria. The silent genius, B, comes out next. Chris jokingly refers to him by his full first name, Beverly, and so B responds by exchanging an annoyed look at the host. Staci, the teller of tall tales regarding her family, is the last of the Revenge cast to be revealed as part of the new season, and with her hair grown back. Naturally, she brags about how her great-great-great step-uncle Samuel was the one who invented buses.

A third bus arrives afterwards carrying the third and last pair of returning contestants for Chris to introduce the others to. He then acknowledges that it’s his largest pair yet, with seven returning from the very previous season. Beardo is the first of the bunch to be introduced as part of the new season’s cast. Being the human soundboard himself, Beardo vocalizes intro music as his way of welcoming himself. Collective groans from the other teens from inside the bus would then be heard as the next contestant stepped off, revealing the fairytale princess and songstress, Ella, who was apparently accompanied with a group of animals. The next returning contestant is revealed by way of being pushed out from the bus, Sammy, the good cheerleader twin, who Chris jokingly refers to as “Samey.” Sammy corrects Chris about her name before the one who pushed her out of the bus reveals herself, Amy, the evil twin in the same cheerleader getup. Next up was the LARPer, Leonard, who expresses himself in his usual wizard-like manner. Topher, proclaimed by Chris as Total Drama’s resident Chris McLean super fan, was next to come out of his bus. Topher, of course, announces his return in the manner akin to the host’s. Rodney, the hopeless romantic farmer boy, is the last of the return contestants to be revealed and already falls head over heels towards one of the contestants familiar to him, Amy. The evil twin, of course, is annoyed by Rodney’s disposition, telling him to back off while her sister Sammy scoffs.

Chef then unveils the feral Ezekiel for Chris to announce that he’s made one last addition to the contestants for the season. The eighteen contestants are scared by this until Chris reveals that he was joking and Chef then proceeds to throw the then-formerly excited and feral teen overboard within an area that is infested with sharks to demonstrate what happens if they were to be eliminated this season, as unlike the past seasons, they’ll be saying goodbye to the life of being a camper and will instead experience the life of pirates out in sea looking for treasure he’s set down in several different islands. Leonard points out that the theme of the season would also explain as to why Chris and Chef are dressed the way that they are, leading up to Eva to crack a joke by questioning if they’ll be dressed as ridiculous as them. Chris resents the small joke, then reassuring that it’s likely that they will be subject to competing in the same fashion before explaining why he’s selected the lot for the new season.

Chris says that he was originally going for another All-Stars approach, but due to a combination of negative feedback with the first one, most of the contestants feeling too burnt out from Total Drama to compete, some of the contestants being unavailable due to do them being already pre-occupied, like Noah and Owen for example, and a certain number of past contestants still being reported missing since the fart balloons incident in the All-Stars finale, Chris decided that he would do somewhat of a “No-Stars season” and narrowed down his selection to his worst-performing contestants to date. Before Trent and Justin could assert the host’s statement about their performance quality, Chris adds by saying that because he needed a couple more first generation and male spots for his cast, he chose two of the four Drama Brothers to be reunited for this season, for they haven’t been in the competition since the second season and because he felt that it would boost the ratings if they were to come back, alongside two fan favorites he acknowledges in “Samey” and Dawn. Sammy is pleasantly astonished by how Chris addresses that she is a fan favorite, which angers Amy. Chris then advises for the bad twin not to get the boot early on, reminding her that she’s become one of the most-hated contestants after last season. Amy gives an even more aggravated look before Tyler raises his hand, indicating a question that he desires for the host to answer. Being made aware of the fact that his girlfriend Lindsay was inside of the balloons, Tyler demands Chris to tell him where she is and if she’s okay. Chris assures Tyler that Lindsay is fine since he’s had a group of drones examine the current situations of the missing cast members. However, he then says that he’s not sure where exactly they’ve landed and suggests that each of the contestants that he was unable to rescue after the destruction of Camp Wawanakwa may have settled in one of the treasured islands.

Chris follows the eighteen contestants further towards the shipyard where two vessels are placed, telling them that they will be separated in crews of two along with a respective ship to sail. Their main objective is to retrieve one particular artifact that he’s placed within a certain island that he requires for them to navigate through. He further states that they will be using a map and compass to help ferry them to the specified destination. He then informs the eighteen contestants that if the ship were to somehow become damaged, they will have to rebuild it themselves, and if the important navigation tools were to be lost, they will not receive a replacement. The elimination ceremonies will be settled within the losing team’s ship and the one person who does not receive a gold doubloon will have to walk to plank and get thrown overboard. Chris also acknowledges that since the contestants will be taking on the role of pirates, they have the opportunity to rob a team’s chances of winning a challenge by way of attacking and raiding the opposing ship to steal the artifact of the challenge for their respective team. Because Chris figured that the challenges would be too difficult for his cast to handle, he has at least allowed for each of the returning competitors to bring one thing that wouldn’t be considered too much of an advantage. Justin appears to be the only one of the bunch to not have brought any particular object, proclaiming that his own good looks is the one thing that he needs to help him win the season, and that doesn’t need any extra help when he’s made it far before in the second season.

Chris goes on to say that each crew isn’t complete without a captain, and so the first part of the first challenge will determine what each crew will consist of, and which of the two lucky contestants will be assigned as team captains. He then goes on to say that as usual, the teams will be merged later on and the remaining two contestants will compete for the ultimate prize of one million dollars. Before he could explain what the first challenge would be like, Chris is interrupted by the arrival of a limousine where two figures stepped into the scene. Chris is greeted by Blaineley and her lawyer who introduces himself as “Maaaaa….Manfred Businessman.”  Chris says to Chef that he’s not buying into this but he will play along anyways so he’ll know what she wants. Blaineley says to the host that she would like to have a spot in the season since she had a short-run as a contestant in the third season, which would make her eligible. After Chris informs her that the cast is full, Blaineley retorts by saying that he will have to deal with her lawyer if he refuses. Manfred backs up his client by warning Chris of the “EVIL” consequences that he’ll face. Before Manfred could say any more, Blaineley stops him, quietly reminding him that he is to stay in-character before turning to face Chris again to say that she can and will take legal action. Chris, feeling annoyed rather than threatened by Blaineley, decides to give her an extra spot before letting her know that she won’t be able to take over his job as host as he long as he’s around, and that the same applies for Topher, who then responds by saying that he’s learned his lesson.

Due to the last-minute change for his cast, Chris informs the now-nineteen contestants that he now has to change his plans for the first challenge. He won’t form teams until one person is weeded out. He adds that he isn’t too bothered by this change since he has been meaning to see how well (or how bad) the contestants handle themselves on their own. For the first challenge, Chris instructs for the contestants to retrieve two artifacts. The two contestants that come back with the items will be assigned as team captains and therefore will be automatically safe from tonight’s elimination. He then adds that the contestants are allowed to perform in groups. Chris continues on to say that the island that they will be transported to will be the island that remained intact from the Camp Wawanakwa flood: Boney Island. Topher points out that since they’re all in Vancouver and Boney Island is all the way in Muskoka, they would be required to sail across there in a circle. Chris mentions to the cast that the first time that they’ll be sailing will be through his and Chef’s own ship anyways, as it’s also shown to be stationed beside the shipyard. He then adds that the ship’s cabin can be used if [the competitors] want to confess anything before reaching their destination.

*Confessional Cams*

Topher is the first contestant to be shown filmed by the confessional cam, who talks about how after being outfoxed by the host last session, he’s going to be more focused on trying to win the millions and he will have to snag his chance of becoming a team captain, as well as to have a mind as sharp as Chris if he’s going to win. He adds by revealing the item that he brought, his megaphone, so as to show that he intends to hold a strong competitive spirit for this season.

Dawn is the next contestant shown in front of the confessional cam, and she expresses how she’s become more determined to return the game after hearing about how much of a fan favorite she’s become after her early elimination in her previous season. She goes on to say that if she were to stay in the game, she would have to make the others feel more comfortable around her, and demonstrates that point by taking out a deck of her Tarot cards. She then acknowledges while she had been prone to conveying negative predictions and readings in her last season, she intends to elicit positive messages with the other contestants this time around with her card readings.

Blaineley is shown next in front of the cabin cam, and boasts about how she’ll be able to obtain the millions with a scheme she currently has in mind, further stating that as long as she has the wristwatch to tell her “the time she’ll be able to outsmart Chris when I have the chance to,” she will have the whole season within her grasp, all while denying that it’s also because it’s to keep her cover intact.

Shown next is Amy, who says that if she’s in danger of receiving an early elimination due how very disliked she is, she’s going to have to prove herself as a reliable and strong competitor to ensure that she’ll stay for long by taking the title of a captain for herself. She also points out that she would have to get rid of her sister “Samey,” but not before enacting her revenge for what she did to her last season, showing to the camera what she describes as just a souvenir from last season that she snuck in for this season: a fruit smoothie made from Pahkitew’s poisonous manchineel fruit in a container.

Sammy is shown in front of the cam afterwards, whereas she talks about how if she and her evil sister are going to be competing in another season, she’s going to have to try and get rid of Amy, knowing full well that she’s out to get her after her revenge on her last season. She goes on to say that she’s also determined to win the challenge and become captain so that she can prove that she’s no doormat. To show how prepared she is for Amy to enact revenge on her, Sammy shows the camera a kit filled with medical supplies, saying to the camera that you’d never know if your evil sister will try to break your arms, break your legs, crack your ribs, electrocute you, or poison you. Catching the last thing she said, Sammy then nervously tells the camera to forget about that part.

Tyler is then shown on the cam, who expresses his determination to get far into the season to impress his girlfriend, Lindsay, and as well as to find her, wherever she could be. Being made aware of how unlucky and accident-prone he can tend to be, he shows the camera a set of protective sports gear, such as knee pads and a boxing helmet, saying that if he has to make it far, he has to make sure that he’ll have to play the game as safe as possible.

The perspective then changes to Leonard, who feels thrilled about the challenge of being made into a team captain so that he could then put his tabletop board game set, Cubicles & Creatures, to good use. Now directing his words towards Sugar, who he knows didn’t return for the season, tells the camera that he’s returned to impress her.

Katie and Sadie appear in front of the confessional cam next, both unable to contain their excitement over returning for a new season after so long and then talk about how they both plan to be in the finale together. They then also say that if they ever end up being separated this season, they will at least have a respective framed picture of each other for the likely outcome, so that they’ll feel like that they never left each other’s side.

Shown in front of the cam next was Staci, whose face appeared to be green from seasickness, and says that it was a good thing that her great-great-great-great grandmother Catherine invented barf bags.

Rodney also then reveals that he suffers from seasickness and that he brought a bottle of bicarbonate soda, as it was a natural remedy for his seasickness that his dad had used for him. He then says that in returning for another season, he would be able to confess his feelings to one of the girlfriends he’s made last season and be able to find the right words to say this time, referring to Amy.

Beardo is now seen in front of the cabin camera and, despite his reputation as the human soundboard, speaks by confessing to the camera about how he intends not to make the same mistake he made last season and participate for once, as well as to overcome his shyness. He reveals to have brought a portable turntable with one of his records attached, explaining that he’ll use it to try and express himself.

The cabin cam then shows Eva, who talks about how determined she is to win today’s challenge and become a team captain, so that she could use her skills as a team player to win the millions after having her chances cut short in the very first season. She then acknowledges that the only challenge that she’ll be facing is that she would have to control her anger, before then showing that she’s equipped herself with her MP3 player containing a playlist with the most calming form of audio she knows – death metal music.

Trent appears in front of the camera next, as he talks about how he wishes he could put behind the mistakes that cost his chances of winning in the last season he participated while he’s been brought back for a new season. He makes a promise to himself that he will try not to get himself hurt like he did numerous times before, or get up caught up with his number nine obsession, or throw challenges for anyone. He also hopes that the other competitors that he meets will appreciate his music, referring to his guitar.

The last confessional cam clip shows Ella, who says that she’s being forced inside by Chris after he told her that if she were to do any singing, she needs to do it where he cannot hear it, as well as that even though the new season has Tour in the title, it doesn’t have a musical element. Despite this, Ella still remains her optimistic self and talks about how she hopes that the other contestants that she meets would appreciate her singing. She also hopes that she’ll make new animal friends while out at sea as she reveals to have brought a whale whistle.

*End of confessionals*

Chris and Chef’s ship then arrives at its destination. Afterwards, Chef announces to the nineteen contestants to hustle over to Boney Island or that they’ll have to be thrown overboard. With all nineteen contestants assembled by the Boney Island shore, Chris instructs to them that the treasure that they need to retrieve is a pair of pirate crowns made from bones. He goes on to say that the artifacts should be hidden inside a cavern or within the Fun Zone and warns the competitors of the mutants that lurk within the island, as they’ve made it their home since after the fourth season. He also warns them about zombie Ezekiel if they’re so unlucky to run into him, as he’s also made the island his home.

With the challenge already going underway, Chris and Chef take off with their ship, leaving the contestants behind until it’s done. With both Eva and Topher deciding to take on the challenge alone, the rest of the contestants try to find someone to form a group with. Being good friends with each other and as well as being half of the Drama Brothers, Justin and Trent decide to team up. Being the two inseparable best friends that they are, Katie and Sadie pair themselves up. To give herself an easy advantage, Amy asks for two particular contestants that she believes to be the weakest links to form a team with her, those two being Leonard and Rodney. Amy takes advantage of Rodney’s lovestruck personality and gets him on her side by lying to him that he will win a date with her if he helps her win the challenge. Sammy observes this with disgust while struggling to find one or more willing partners. Blaineley, who refers to Sammy as “Samey” to her annoyance, offers to be on her side. Despite not fully trusting the older contestant, Sammy responds by telling her to get her name right and that she’ll allow for her help as long as she doesn’t plan on double-crossing her. Blaineley then appears in a confessional clip where she says that she intends to have “Samey” on her side during the challenge, knowing how much of a doormat she is and so plans to betray her once as she’s close to her victory.

Brick tries asking Eva into forming a team with him. He is immediately taken aback the moment he experiences Eva’s anger issues. Eva responds to Brick’s offer by telling him that she doesn’t like being touched and that she can do the challenge by herself. Brick then appears in a confessional clip where he expresses concern about being on the same team as Eva due to how much her behavior reminds him of his former teammate, Jo. He goes further on to say that even though he’s returned to Total Drama after being given a break from fashion school, he is still a cadet a heart and hopes to win the challenge to show his strength as a dependable team caption, before then showing the lucky dog tags he’s brought for the season. Brick’s perspective returns to Boney Island where he offers Tyler to assist him in the challenge, seeing his passion for sportsmanship and his motivation to find his girlfriend as an advantage. Tyler, donned in knee pads, a pillow worn like a bulletproof vest, and an umpire’s helmet is surprised by Brick’s compliments. Tyler responds by saying to him that he has his doubts of being a competent team captain due to being so accident-prone that he brought protective gear. Brick then reassures to him that he does have the determination of a team captain, let alone a team player by letting him know that his concern about Lindsay are mutual towards his feelings on Jo, further saying that even though he and she did not cooperate, he does feel worried about her since he hasn’t heard back from her since she lost on the All-Stars season. Brick then adds to Tyler that if he’s feeling unlucky, he’s brought his personal good luck charm for the game. Realizing his mutual support, Tyler agrees with team up with Brick for the challenge.

Ella and Dawn easily befriend each other after realizing they share their love towards animals in common, as well as because of Ella being impressed by Dawn’s ability to speak to animals after hearing her converse with one of the mutant animals about where she could find the two crowns made of bones. Afterwards, they agree to ally in finding the treasure. Meanwhile, Sammy is still trying to find a third member of her group since her sister is being accompanied by three and she’s also in need of a more trustworthy ally. Sammy eventually discovers that Beardo is struggling to form a group due to most of the others not being amused by his sound effects. Seeing Beardo’s talent as valuable, Sammy asks him to be on her group alongside Blaineley. Blaineley, of course, makes fun of her choice due to the fact that Beardo was the first contestant eliminated in the previous season, before Sammy asserts that his skill would be useful for helping find the treasure. As Beardo accepts Sammy’s offer, Sammy asks if he could speak a trigger word if he detects anything dangerous on their path. Beardo repeats Sammy’s phrase “trigger word,” her voice included, as a suggestion. Although astonished by the fact that Beardo can accurately imitate voices of other contestants, Sammy tells Beardo that it will do just fine.

B, Anne Maria, and Staci are the only ones now struggling to find an ally. Knowing the situation, B realizes that he’s left with no choice than to ally with them. He examines his blueprints for protective armor from the mutants, and then offers the two to join forces by showing them the armor he’s built. B, not being able talk, tries to use it to convince the other two to side with him. Anne Maria takes his offer, thinking that he’s asking for her help to get the treasure. Staci accepts as well before going on a tangent about how her great-great-great-great grandfather Jonathan invented protective battle armor. B rolls his eyes as to indicate that he’s aware that this is the only team-up that he gets to work with.

As each of the contestants has finished making their preparations, they could hear growls and other wildlife sounds emitting from the island, there then making most of the contestants feel intimidated. With the show running out of time to continue, Chris and Chef are shown inside their ship examining the contestants at Boney Island before signaling the end of the episode. After leaving the audience with some burning questions, Chris directs to the viewers that they’ll find out what will happen on the next episode of “Total! Drama! Treasure Tour!”


Each returning contestant has been mentioned to have been allowed to bring at least one item (or one assemblage of a certain item) with them for the season, and this is what the following had brought with them:

Amy: A poisonous fruit smoothie
Anne Maria: A whole season's worth of hairspray
B: Blueprints
Beardo: His turntable
Blaineley: Wristwatch
Brick: His lucky dog tags
Dawn: Tarot cards
Ella: Whale whistle
Eva: Her MP3 player
Justin: None; His good looks
Katie: A picture of Sadie
Leonard: Tabletop role-playing game kit
Rodney: Bicarbonate soda
Sadie: A picture of Katie
Sammy: Medical kit
Staci: Barf bags
Topher: His megaphone
Trent: His guitar
Tyler: Protective sports gear

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